SHAAN & AASTHA FF ~ (ShaNoor&Shakhi Pt 4) Updated (Pg 4) Aug 11th

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Hello Folks! As promised, I am here with an FF on Shaan and his Noor. It ll be posted in parts every week. I have taken few creative liberties and changed things to make it more beautiful for the readers. My FF tries to retain the characters just as they are portrayed in the show and not make any kind of changes in the way they behave and speak. I hope all of you enjoy this rollercoaster of emotions and have a great experience. Happy Reading.

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Part 1: Reminiscence…

Somewhere in the 1990s…

The wind whispered with drops of rain filling them. The day had been beautiful and the sky was like a dome of plasma-blue. The clouds looked like airy anvils drifting under the gleaming disc of sun. SIAC’s building stood tall, arising from the ground with pride as if they wanted to reach the skies piercing through the fluffy clouds. A bunch of newly admitted girls and boys entered the campus through its magnificent entrance, jibber-jabbering among themselves. They passed through the cheerful basketball court located towards the right side of the campus, where final year boys dipped in their own sweat mixed with raindrops, shot the ball into the basket one after the other. There was one name repeatedly being heard among the audience and that was of Shaan’s. The students cheered the tall, incredibly handsome and well-built Shaan sabharwal, who was pouncing high to win a point for his team. The new faces stood with inquisitiveness and witnessed the match. Few girls started gushing about the hunky player among the group of boys. Shaan’s team was clearly leading and he ran errands in the court passing the ball to his mates. On the spur of the moment, he ceased at the edge of the court staring at one alluring face, standing among the small crowd, completely dazed at the view. One of his team mate passed the ball towards Shaan who didn’t give heed to it, rather busy gazing at someone in the crowd. The ball was taken away by the opposite, who shot directly into the basket, gaining a point for their team. Shaan’s friend was miffed at his behaviour and threw the ball hard towards him. Shaan was standing as if he had lost his senses and the ball hit him so hard that his suddenly weakened legs slipped due to the love drops of water on the floor and he fell on the ground with a thud. The countenance at which he was gazing at guffawed uncontrollably looking at the sight on the ground. He heard the honey laughter and gazed more lovingly at her face. She had a long blackhair left liberally to fly through the wind. Black eyes, pink lips and of course the gorgeous face adorned with bewitching smile and sprinkled with rain drops, swayed his heart away. He literally ‘fell’ in love. It was Aastha Kashyap, a newly admitted student of the college. One of her friend alerted her and asked her to control her laughter as players were their seniors. Aastha held her smile back but there was still a glint of smile on her face which Shaan’s eyes didn’t miss to see. He got up and stood straight, rubbing his wethands to his jersey. He got back to the game with his attention still on the maiden standing among the girls. Their team played well and won the game with the last shoot of ball from Shaan himself. His team lifted him up, cheered their captain whose eyes were locked with the lady love. Aastha moved her sight as she understood that he was constantly gazing at her. She feared thinking whether he took offense when she boisterously laughed at him in front of everyone. She and her friends immediately left the place and walked into their classroom leaving Shaan behind, who tried hard to get a glimpse of her.

Shaan’s bosom buddy understood that he was up to something. As all of them dispersed after the match, he went to Shaan and shoved him teasingly.

Kya chal raha hai? He asked..

Kya chal raha hai matlab? Maine kya kiya? Shaan replied faking innocence..

Haan! Haan! Sab dekh raha hu mein.. kaun hai woh ladki? His friend asked.

Arey wahi toh jaanna hai, ki kaun hai woh ladki.. Shaan said impulsively.

Ohhh! Toh Shaan Sabharwal ko pyar hogya hai.. Love at first sight… kyu? He teased..

Shaan grinned and recalled the moment Aastha laughed looking at him, making his heart flutter.

Accha ek baat bata.. Aaj se pehle kitni saari ladkiyon ne tumhe propose kiya hai.. par tumhe unmese koi bhi pasand nahi aayi thi.. Aur aaj tumhe achanak ek anjaan ladki se pyar kaise hogya?? Tumne sirf dekha hai usse, naam tak nahi jaante ho uski.. Phir? His friend asked

Chup hojao.. Pyar hone keliye naam jaanna zaroori nahi hota..Yeh sab tum nahi samjhoge.. Ab jao.. mujhe kaam hai.. Shaan replied

Arey! Mein bhi rukhunga tumhare saat.. dekhu toh sahi ki tum kya baat karoge usse.. His friend teased..

Shaan shrugged off his words and went to the restroom to change. He wore his blue skinny jeans and a white T shirt and walked out making every girl drool over his looks. He stood leaning over his bike, waiting for Aastha’s class to get over. The bell rang and the flock of students walked out of the classroom. Shaan’s eyes started hunting for her in the crowd, but before he could discover her, Aastha saw him standing near the parking lot and panicked.

A: Mujhe daatne keliye ab tak yahi par khade hai kya? She whispered in one of her friend’s ears.

She tried to flee away in between the mass but a six feet figure blocked her way. He couldn’t forget her pink salwar kameez and of course her face was etched in his heart. She stopped with a jolt and looked at him with a pinch of fear in her eyes.

A: ah! I… I.. I am really sorry… mujhe aapko dekh kar aise hasna nahi chahiye tha.. woh bhi sabke samne.. I really didn’t mean it.. She said holding his sight in between words.

Shaan felt ecstatic standing in front of her and having the closest view of her demeanour.

S: tumhara naam kya hai? He asked unable to take his eyes off her.

A: Aastha! Aastha Kashyap… She said in her softest voice.

S: Aastha.. ! Nice name..(He said grinning)  Aastha.. ek baat batao.. tum bachpan se hi itni khubsurat ho ya mujhe milne ke baad hui ho? He asked impetuously..

Aastha took a moment to fathom what he asked.

A: ji! Mein kuch samjhi nahi..

S: Ah! Kuch nahi.. actually! U don’t have to be sorry..mujhe bikul bura nahi laga.. in fact.. mein yaha tumhe compliment dene aaya hu..U have a gorgeous smile.. He said uninhibited.

Aastha looked away, unknowing how to react.

S: Ah! Tum yahi chandigarh mein rehti ho?

A: nahi.. mein Kapurthala se hu.. yaha hostel mein rehti hu..

S: Oh! Good.. Campus accha laga? Koi problem toh nahi?

A: ji nahi.. everything’s fine.. thank you..

S: Mein apna naam batana hi bhool gaya.. mera naam..

A: Jaanti hu.. Shaan! Sab aapka naam chilla rahe the toh sunliya tha maine..

His name was never articulated as huskily and musically as she did. He felt like listening to his name again and again from her.

S: phirse kaho..

A: (confused) Shaan! Yahi hai na aapka naam?

S: yeah.. He said beaming at her. His friend who was witnessing the scene from a certain distance barged in.

Yes! Inka naam.. Shaan Sa.. (Shaan gave a deadly look asking his friend to swallow his last words and not reveal his surname) Ah! Shaan!Sirf Shaan hai.. His friend said.

A: Mein chalti hu.. bye!

S: ah! Agar kisi cheez ki zaroorat hai toh tum mujhe bata sakti ho.. don’t hesitate.. He assured her..

Thank you bhaiyya! Came a reply from one of Aastha’sfriend.. Shaan got anxious thinking Aastha might also bro-zone him.

S: Listen.. mein kisi ka bhaiyya nahi hu.. tum log mujhe mere naam se bulao.. got it?? He said instantly

Her friend nodded and Aastha left the place greeting him with a formal smile. Shaan looked at his friend’s gang and warned all of them to not to reveal his surname to anyone, especially to Aastha until he himself confesses and his friends agreed.

That night was very deep, the beautiful moon was swimming in the sky. Shaan tried hard to fetch some sleep but alas, the luxurious comfort of his room failed to draw him towards them making him insomniac. That laughter alarmed his mind and heart, knocking his eye door again and again. He couldn’t wait to catch her glimpse again the next day. His heart was pouring out songs of love. He quickly grabbed his diary and spilled the ink of words on it expressing his deepest feelings.

It’s because of you, a dream is born! It’s because of you, my heart has started dancing to the tunes of love. At night, you haunt me like fever, is it right on your part? You have drove me crazy with your beauty and behave so gullibly. To this magic, to this obsession, a charm has occurred because of you. Wherever I go, I can only hear the acclaim of your serene beauty. A doubt has engulfed me regarding what your fleeting glance is trying to convey. I have received a silent loving invitation from you no doubt…  

He fell asleep holding her thoughts close to his heart. The next few days flew in watching her, every time she walked out of the class. Whenever she tucked her wisps of hair playing on her cheeks behind her ear, hefell for her all over again. She would just glance at him or wave her hand merrily whenever she passed through his sight. The college had planned a fresher’s day party come talents day and all the new buds were asked to showcase their talent. Aastha and her girls’ gang prepped up for a dance performance. Shaan secretly had a peek of her everyday practice sessions in the auditorium. But one day, Aastha caught him red handed.

A: aapko dance pasand hai?

S: Ah! Haan! I mean.. mein toh bass aise hi dekh raha tha..

A: toh aap andar baitkar aaram se dekhiye na.. yaha khade rehkar kyu?

S: (astonished) tumhe koi problem nahi hoga?

A: problem? Problem kyu hoga? Aap andar chaliye.. waha baitkar humara dance dekh sakte hai.. She said relieving his nerves.

Shaan was on cloud nine and he instantly agreed to accompany her inside. His friends too tried to follow him inside.

S: (to aastha) tum andar jao.. mein aata hu.. (Aastha walked in.) (to his friends) tum log kaha jaa rahe ho?

Arey! Hum bhi dekhenge dance.. One of his friend replied.

S: usne sirf mujhe bulaya hai.. tum sabko nahi.. He said strictly.

Shaan! Tum apni ladki ko dekhlo, hum dusri ladkiyon ko dekhlenge.. hume andar jaane do yaar.. They said and barged inside the auditorium. Shaan sat in the first row and took a closer look at his lady love. She smiled at him in between the steps making his heart flutter. The talents day event was conducted sumptuously and Shaan recorded the entire dance video of Aastha to re-watch it again and again. He complimented her after the performance and she thanked him back modestly.

The upcoming day, as usual Shaan waited for Aastha to step out of her class as he had planned a coffee date with her. To his annoyance, a guy accompanied Aastha outside her classroom, he was all smiles and had his eyes stuck on her. Shaan couldn’t condone his behaviour. He asked a guy passing by about Aastha’s new found friend’s name and he informed Shaan that the guy’s name was Sharath.

S: Hey! Sharath! Yaha aao. Shaan called out loudly. Sharath had no idea about this six feet personage. He innocently walked towards him. Shaan hung his hand around the guy’s shoulder in a friendly manner and waved his hand at Aastha. By keeping smile intact on his face, he started his inquiry session, so that Aastha doesn’t doubt him.

S: kya baatein horahi thi waha par?

Sha: kuch nahi sir! Woh.. Aastha ko meri notes chahiye tha..bass usi ke bare mein..

S: Bass? Par tum toh bohot has has ke baat kar rahe the..dekha maine.. Meri baat suno.. apne kaam se kaam rakho.. mein usse apna notes dedunga..

Sha: Sir! Woh mujhse bohot closely baat karti hai.. mein kaise avoid kar paunga?

S: Woh kutte, billi, raste pe jaate hue gaay aur bhaison se bhi isi tarah se baat karti hai.. Woh un janwaron ka ya tumhara badappan nahi..yeh uska badappan hai.. ab chalo niklo..

He said and shooed him off. Aastha sauntered towards Shaan and halted in front of him.

A: aap Sharath ko jaante hai?

S: haan! Bohot acche se.. Woh keh raha tha ki tumhe kuch notes chahiye tha.. Kaunsa notes?

A: haan! Economics ka notes..

S: theek hai.. kal mein tumhe apni saari notes laakar dedunga.. phirse usse matt poocho.. He said authoritatively.

A: par kyu?

S: jab mein apna saara notes tumhe de raha hu toh usse poochne ki kya zaroorat hai? Mein jaanta hu tum bohot acchi aur bright student ho.. isliye help kar raha hu..

A: thank you so much..

S: coffee peyogi?

Aastha thought for a moment and agreed. Both of them walked together for the first time. They reached the canteen and settled in the corner. Shaan ordered coffee for both of them and started a random conversation.

A: aap kaha rehte hai?

S: kyu? Mere ghar aana chahti ho?

A: nahi.. maine bass yuhi pooch liya..

S: rehta hu kayi.. time aane par bata dunga tumhe..

He said smirking and Aastha didn’t dig the matter further. He gazed at her when she sipped her coffee with some real grace. The coffee foam lingering on her lips obstructed the full view of those folds of flesh. They were inviting his fingers to wipe them off her lips and have its naked view. Before he could leave a breath, her tongue swayed away the foam from her lips and took them inside. He looked away before he could lose all his senses then and there. They finished savouring their coffee within few minutes while not much sound came out from their voice boxes. Aastha didn’t allow Shaan to pay for her as that’s how she was. It was a worthy date, Shaan felt. The next day, Shaan brought all his notes, reference books and gave it to Aastha, so that she doesn’t have to ask anyone else for it. Aastha was impressed with his demeanour and thanked him repeatedly for his concern. Shaan accompanied her everywhere including the library, canteen, weekend outings etc. He helped her in studying as well and their friendship grew stronger as days passed. Every little thing about her was driving Shaan crazy.

A farewell party was organized for the final year students at the end of academic year. Shaan was dressed in a neatly pressed suit, shined shoes and perfectly rolled up sleeves. His eyes were awaiting for the maiden who had promised to wear a sari for the night. She entered the hall wearing an ocean blue saree with minimal make up and jewellery. Her flying hair knots made Shaan dizzy and intoxicated with her beauty. She waved her hand, but he was solost that he forgot to wave his hand back. She walked to him and shook him, bringing him out of his senses.

A: shaan! Tum theek ho? She asked. She had started addressing him in singular form after his insistence and their growing friendship.

S: ah! Yeah.. I am fine.. Tum bohot khubsurat lag rahi ho..He said

A: thank you.. tum bhi acche lag rahe ho.. she said

Shaan had lost it. Her beautiful eyes decorated with kohl, her sensuous waistline exposed through the translucent sari, her striking lips, her alluring charm made him insane. He felt as if he missed such a beauty for so long and his heart was laying in her hands provoking his feelings, tempting him, troubling him badly. Both his eye lids had transformed into lips, savouring all of her. There was an unanticipated silence in the hall, as Tej Sabharwal entered in with few guests. He called out for Shaan to introduce him to the guests. Shaan had no choice left but to go to his elder brother. Aastha looked at him wondering why he was called. As Shaan stood beside his brother, Tej proudly introduced him as ‘Shaan Sabharwal’, his younger brother to the guests. Aastha was flabbergasted as she never knew that he was a ‘Sabharwal’ till then. She felt gypped and left the hall immediately avoiding eye contact with everyone else. Shaan’s eyes were on her and he fathomed that she was hurt for being kept in dark. He excused himself and followed her.

S: aastha! Rukho.. kaha jaa rahi ho.. He said as he followed her footsteps.

Aastha didn’t stop, she ran through the empty corridor,being deaf to his call. Shaan ran and held her hand, immobilizing her. Hebarricaded her way and held her shoulders.

S: kaha jaa rahi ho?

A: meri marzi mein kahi bhi jaungi.. aap kaun hote hai mujhe rokhne wale?

S: Aastha! Mein jaanta hu ki tum naraz ho.. but trust me..meri baat chipane ki peeche ek wajah tha..

A: mujhe aapse kuch nahi sunna hai Mr Shaan sabharwal.. let me go.. she said

S: nahi.. mein tumhe jaane nahi de sakta.. because…. I Love You… He confessed looking deep into her eyes.. Aastha was benumbed. She looked away with disbelief.

S: kuch toh bolo Aastha..I..I.. I am really sorry.. mujhe tumhe itni badi baat aise achanak nahi batana chahiye tha.. par mere paas aur koi option hi nahi hai.. kitna kuch plan kiya tha maine tumhe propose karne ke baare mein.. sab bikhar gaya… huh! Anyways.. shayad aisa hi bolna likha tha..Trust me.. I really love you Aastha… Jis din tum mujhe basketball court pe dekhhar hasi thi, usi waqt se mein tumse pyar karne laga tha.. par mein nahi chahta tha ki tum mere bare mein kuch bhi jaano.. kyuki agar tumhe bata chal gaya hota ki mein Sabharwal institute ke owner ka beta hu, toh tum mere saat aisa nahi rehti jaise itni din rahi ho.. isliye maine chupaya tha.. aur koi bhi galat irada nahi tha..

A: mein tumse pyar nahi karti..  aur haan! Let me make it very clear.. mein yaha pyar karne nahi aayi hu.. mein yaha padne aayi hu.. apna career banane aayi hu.. so pls.. in sab mein mujhe involve matt karo..

S: come on Aastha! Tum apne aap se jhoot bol rahi ho.. mein jaanta hu tum bhi mujhe chahti ho.. dikhta hai tumhari aankhon mein… usse maanne mein kaisi takleef?

A: nahi Shaan! Mein tumse pyar nahi karti matlab nahi karti.. tum apna feelings mujhpar matt thopo.. mein tumhe ek bohot accha dost maanti hu.. bass..

S: dost!? Really aastha? Agar mein sirf dost hu tumhareliye,toh tumhe mera poora naam jaankar itna bura kyu lag raha hai? Kyuki jis insaan ko tum chahti ho, us insaan ne tumse bohot bada sach chupaya… isliye..

A: Shaan! Tum kuch bhi soch rahe ho.. aisa kuch bhi nahi hai.. meri raaste se hato.. mujhe jaana hai..

S: theek hai.. agar tum ziddi ho toh mein bhi hu.. Par mein tumhe iss mamle mein force kabhi nahi karunga.. yeh tumhari marzi hai..

He said and made space for her to walk away.. Aastha didn’t make any eye contact with him and just ran away from the empty space towards the hostel.. Shaan didn’t expect her rejection. He was prepared to convince her but she outrightly rejected his love which made him despondent. Aastha went to the hostel and locked herself in the room. She had mixed feelings regarding whatever happened a few minutes back. She pondered over her statements which she made in front of Shaan. Everything looked clouded and unclear. She sighed& decided to maintain distance from him the next day onwards. She took off her sari and at the same time recalled his praises. She shrugged it off and lied on the bed. Those three magical words started lingering in her ear drums when she tried to invite sleep. She tossed and turned but there was no trace of slumber. Her friends returned to the room and asked her about the happenings, for which she clearly denied answering. It was a long night for both, Shaan& Aastha.

The next day, when she walked out of the class, her eyes involuntarily travelled to the spot where Shaan used to wait for her. For her bewilderment, the six feet charming figure was missing. She shunned it and got engaged in other chores. This recurred every passing day, and that started affecting her seriously. He had disappeared from the college, from her sight. She didn’t know where he lived, she didn’t know his telephone number and that made her situation even more terrible. She had started missing him unknowingly in every place she visited. Everything felt imperfect and deficient. There was a silent ache in her heart which was unbearable. She knew he was somewhere on earth, but still couldn’t meet him, look into his eyes and explain how badly she wanted him at that point of time. She felt his presence beside her whenever she sat for studying and sometimes it made her laugh, sometimes made her taste her own tears. The more she avoided his thoughts, the more it popped up in her mind torturing her and making her existence miserable.

After almost more than 20 days, while she walked in the corridors, she found Shaan chewing the fat, standing with his friends’ gang. She would have thrown all her books at him if he was standing anywhere near her, but after inhaling a deep breath, she strolled towards him. Shaan noticed that her face had lost all its charm and had become love sick.

S: Hi! Kaisi ho? He asked formally looking at her.

Aastha’s voice choked..

A: mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi.. meri saat chaloge?

S: ah! Okay.. par kaha?

A: kahi bhi.. jaha koi nahi hoga.. She said boldly.

Shaan gulped out of apprehension. He sat on his bike and waited for her to sit behind him. Aastha sat behind him and held his shoulder. Shaan drove a few distance away from the college to a no man’s land and stopped. Aastha got down and walked a little away from him. Shaan followed her.

S: ab kaha jaa rahi ho? Batao kya baat karni thi tumhe?

Aastha had bottled up her umpteen emotions for long time now and all of them erupted out at once. She ran towards him and started banging him with her books and her bag.

S: aastha! Kya kar rahi ho? Lag raha hai mujhe.. kya kiya maine? He asked trying to escape from her cuts.

A: kya kiya? Yeh baat mujhse pooch rahe ho? Kaha the tum itne din? Haan? Kaha the? She asked indignantly.

S: woh.. mein ghar par tha.. aur kaha?

A: stop acting innocent shaan! Mein sab jaanti hu.. tum jaanboochkar gayab hue the na.. mujhe sabak sikhana chahte the.. mujhe tadpana chahte the.. isliye.. and congrats! Aap kamiyab rahe hai isse poora karnemein.. kyuki yeh sab hua mere saat.. mein pad nahi paa rahi hu, so nahi paa rahi hu, kuch nahi kar paa rahi hu.. sab tumhare waje se..

She confronted him & sobbed.. he tried to console her but she shooed his hands.

S: kya kehna chahti ho Aastha?

Aastha sprang and embosomed him tightly, compacting their bodies and heart.

A: I Love You!!! I really do… yahi sunna chahte the na tum..

She divulged and plunged him back.

A: keh diya maine.. khush? Ab Jao..

She said, but Shaan tugged her waist and kissed her forehead.

S: haan! Yahi sunna chahta tha mein..

He said looking into her hazel eyes.

A: isliye tumne pachheez din tadpaya mujhe.. hai na?

S: I am sorry.. But I Love You.. I love you.. Aasthaaa… (He shrieked, his voice touched the sky.) tumhara chehra kitna utar gaya hai.. ab dekho. Mujhe dekhne ke baad woh noor phirse wapas aagaya.. aur yeh noor ab iss chehre ko chodkar kayi nahi jayega.. actually mein soch raha tha ki aaj ke baad mein tumhe Noor kehke bulaunga..

A: Noor!? Aisa Kyu? She asked with her twinkling eyes.

S: kyuki tumhare chehre par ek alag si noor hai, aur usse dekh kar hi toh mein pyar mein pad gaya tha.. isse bhi zyada important yeh hai ki, yeh noor tabhi dikhta hai jab mein tumhare samne hota hu..

He said lovingly which made her face turn crimson red. Aftera while, he dropped her back to the hostel.

S: Noor! Ab aaram se pad lena.. mein tumhe pareshan nahi karunga..

He said and drove back home. Days flew like those impatient pigeons…. Shaan finished his under graduation and joined Masters while at the same time, Aastha finished her first year exams and entered the second year of college. They had become extremely attached to each other by then and couldn’t leaveeach other even for a while. Shaan used to slouch into the girls hostel sometimes to spend some quality time with his Noor. They enjoyed their secret night outings and weekend pass time. Library was their favourite space. They used to get lost in between those old book shelves and romance each other. Aastha had carved their name on one of the wooden book shelf, but Shaan complained about her handwriting every time. Aastha even took Shaan to Kapurthala to introduce him to her parents as just her friend. Shaan tried to build impression in front of them making Aastha laugh. Aastha finished her graduation and took a teacher’s job in the same college. Shaan was now the professor as well as the board member in the same college. Once, while they sat in the library with their hands entangled below the table, Shaan’s brother, Alok, who never knew about their relationship witnessed the whole scene. The immediate thing he did was to complain about the same to his elder brother Tej. Tej summoned Shaan and enquired about his love affair & Shaan confessed and declared that he wanted to marry Aastha no matter what. Tej rebuked and disagreed. Shaan was firm as he couldn’t even think of any other girl in his life. Devi, Shaan’s sister in law, who was an extremely manipulative woman, asked Shaan to bring Aastha to Sabharwal house against her husband’s wish. Shaan convinced Aastha and took her to the Sabharwal house. Devi scanned her from topto bottom and made a wrong notion in her mind that Aastha was a very naïve girl who could be easily controlled. She instantly agreed and convinced Tej for their marriage. But as per their family rules, Aastha had to quit her job if she really wanted to get married to Shaan. Aastha was pushed into a dilemma as she had to choose between her love and her career. At that point of youth in which she was, she felt choosing her love was better than choosing her career as she couldn’t even think of parting ways with Shaan. That was how much she loved him. Shaan didn’t force her though, but obviously wanted her to choose him instead of her career. He proposed her once again for marriage in a dreamyway and she asked if he was sure to have her as his partner for life. Shaan was head over heels in love with her and he tried to assure her by kissing. Aastha stopped him and asked him to wait until they got married. Shaan held her hand and questioned her..

S: Yeh hawaa ne tumhe chua hai, aur yeh zameen bhi.. toh mera tumhe choona galat kaise hosakta hai? He asked

A: mein hawa mein se saans leti hu, aur zameen par chalti hu.. par tumhara aisi kaunsi khasiyat hai?

S: iss roshni ne tumhe chua hai, baarish ke boondo ne bhi..Mere saat yeh bhedbhaav kyu?

A: roshni ne mujhe raah dikhai hai aur baarish ki boond ne meri pyaas bhujayi hai.. tumhari tulna unse kaise ki jaa sakti hai?

S: Woh sab toh tab tak rahenge jab tak tum zinda rahogi..par mein tumhari marne ke baad bhi saat rahunga.. Noor! Agar tum nahi milogi toh meri zindagi bekar hai.. I was born for your sake..

He acknowledged her presence in his life and Aastha blessed him with a kiss on his forehead. Shaan convinced Aastha’s parents who were more than happy to get her married to Shaan. Their marriage was one lavish wedding with so many guests blessing the couple. It was Shaan’s dream come true moment when finally Aastha was in his room wearing the heavily worked pink bridal lehenga, waiting for her charmer. He locked the door and walked towards his bride who had covered her face with her translucent veil. He lifted it up her face to have a look at his Noor. For a moment, he felt was she even real, as everything seemed to be like a dream which would vanish as soon as he woke up. Aastha looked at his longing eyes which reflected his strong desires to have her for himself. He dropped her Ghunghat on the ground and exposed her serenity to his eyes.

S: Noor! Tum jaanna chahti ho ki mein woh pachheez din kaise guzara tha tumhe dekhe bina? He asked with his heavy voice to which Aastha nodded. He opened his wardrobe and took out her photos which he had secretly clicked and showed it to her. He also brought his handicam and showed her dance video which he repeatedly watched.

S: yeh sab hi mujhe zinda rakha tha Noor! He said looking at her clouded eyes. Aastha inferred the depth of love he had for her and enveloped him in her warm embrace. Shaan kissed her exposed shoulder, passing chills down her spine. He took her in his arms and laid her on the bed. Their private space was intoxicated with candles and roses, benumbing his senses. His artistic fingers commenced to reduce the heaviness on her body by dragging out the jewellery, which were covering her wonders, one after the other. A poet was born in him, as he got exposed to her secrets one after the other.

S: Meri aankhon ne samandar ki tarah intezaar kiya hai, mere sapne nadi ki tarah beh rahe hai, woh sapne meri aankhon tak pohunch gaye hai, aur mere chahat ko manzil mil gayi,jaise samandar ke godh mein nadi baitkar ek hojata hai…. Tumhare andar samaa jaane keliye mujhse alag hokar, meri jaan tumhari oar jaa rahi hai… mujhe darr hai ki kya hoga agar mein tumhare hoton ko chot pohunchaadu.. tumhari baahein meri un chahaton ke liye bistar hai Noor, chalo ek galti karte hai, mujhe manzoori dedo..  

Noor! He whispered when he took off the last piece of jewel. She was drowned in the ocean of aesthetic lines. A lightening wave passed through her body when his palm caressed her waist and a strange but enthralling feeling filled his heart with sexual love for her. He encircled her in his arms as if he would never let her free and dipped his lips into her folds of flesh. He pulled the dori of her blouse while savouring her lips and ran his palm on her bare back. Aastha shivered under him while he started exploring her vividly. She was so sensitive he felt, as she became passive when he hugged her tight. He suspected that if he left her free, she would faint in his arms literally. He asked her about that and she said she doesn’t know what happens to her when he touch her in any way. He observed her red turned face and peeping eyes as she mumbled his name. Foreplay started and he bombarded her with kisses all over her body. That night took away their virginity to their next birth. He could see the pain as well as feel of love and satisfaction in her eyes. A feeling of submission, surrender, love, trust, could be easily read from her countenance. Shaan felt so lucky to have had her in his life as it’s rare to find that deepness of love what she did to him. Silence spoke millions of words as these lovers clashed their bodies together to create an unpredictable, yet impressive reaction of love. Her breath lingered in his ears, when he closed his eye doors & fell on his side of the bed. Aastha felt overwhelmed after becoming aware of the fact that human body was capable of creating some distinctive noises, smells and sights without the feeling of disgust. She rolled and clung to the crook of his neck. He held her close to his heart and drowsed off with a satisfied smile. This passionate encounter was followed by many more intimate nights.

Aastha had almost adjusted to the norms of Sabharwal house but it didn’t take much time for her to realize Devi and her husband’s shrewd behaviour towards the daughter in laws of the house. She never complained about it to Shaan as he made every moment in the house, a happy memory. Aastha conceived within five months of her marriage which was a matter of huge celebration in the house as Tej and Devi didn’t have kids. After all, she was giving birth to the heir of Sabharwal family. Gayatri, Alok’s wife and Aastha gelled up well as their thoughts matched, which irked Devi. Aastha could clearly see the envy in Devi’s eyes when she got to know about Aastha’s pregnancy. Aastha never asked about why they didn’t have kids of their own for so long, as it was evident that there was definitely some issue. After nine months of wait and patience, Shaurya was born to the family. He quickly became everyone’s favourite and Aastha’s entire life clock rotated around him and Shaan. He was the apple of her eyes, who kept her engaged all the time. Four years passed in a flash until a tragedy stroke this adorable family. Aastha was forced to part her ways with her son & husband who looked numb and failed to support her at the moment of need. Shaan became an alcoholic after losing his Noor for the sake of his family. He blamed himself repeatedly for not stopping her when she left the house. Aastha had turned herself into a rock and clogged all her emotions in her heart. It was like as if a sudden tide swept and took away all the happiness from their life. 

Twenty five years later….

Both of them sat in the balcony of Aastha’s house in Kapurthala, sipping their evening tea. Their past just flashed in front of their eyes like a lightening, and left them bare handed. They were sitting as if they were two pieces of a broken mirror that could never be joined again.

S: lagta hai jaise.. kal ki hi baat hai jab maine tumhe pehli baar dekha tha..

A: maine uss waqt kabhi nahi socha tha ki hum dono ki kahani iss tarah khatam hoga..

S: maine tumhe paccheez din tadpaya tha, jiskeliye tumne mujhe pachheez saal tadpayi… Hai na Noor? He asked..

To be continued…  

Please do not forget to share your views which are of great value. i believe you people enjoyed reading it. 

thank you.

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Posted: 2 years ago

That was awesome,  pls do continue it , eagerly waiting for the new part ,would shakhi be part of the ff???

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by anjali9996

That was awesome,  pls do continue it , eagerly waiting for the new part ,would shakhi be part of the ff???

Yes! But main focus will be on Shaan ans Aastha.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Would love to hear a detailed feedback

Posted: 2 years ago

Enjoyed reading this. You have very good grip on the language and you expressed the emotions beautifully. I always wanted Shaan and Aastha story to be dealt with in more detail. Now your FF will fulfill my adhoora wish.smiley9 

Posted: 2 years ago

Mindblowing amazing I am I  love with this couple 

U r amazing 

Posted: 2 years ago

😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤Awsome, you have written it so nicely as if we have gone through their entire journey, but one request we want our shakhi also in the story as second lead at least, will wait eagerly for the next update 

Posted: 2 years ago

So beautiful and painful

Posted: 2 years ago

Awesome ff..... beautifully written..I just loved it can't wait to read the next part.. beautifully portrayed the past story of shaan and aastha

Deepa Parab Shaan Khalid Siddiqui Karanvir Sharma Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 

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