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I might ask for a tag but I will make do with thissmiley44

Well, the wife is always more. So if my husband is Strange so obviously his wife's gonna be Stranger. Get that? Strange, stranger? *Silence ensues*

*Awkwardly chuckles incoherently saying that none match her sense of humour coz she is Strangesmiley16

Okay, I think I sound really stupid right now so let's go into the introduction part of mine which I must tell is kinda big coz...umm...I am a narcissist. You gotta deal with that *Shrugs*

Who the fudge is this woman?

Heya buddies and curiosity filled people, my full name is Alexandria Jennifer Wilson {Add Strange too coz well Stephen Strange is married to me in some Idga fudge worldsmiley14}

I am 25 biologically but let us face it I am still an annoying 13-year-old person who has mood swings worse than anyone couldsmiley34

I started my non-existent career in PSing {Without using PS, lol!} in 2019

I am still an amateur but who am I kidding, even beginners are better than me

I am still a student so I usually won't update this gallery all the time but then I will break the update so that the thread doesn't get lock {What a genius I am right?}

In all honesty, you ain't getting anyone as amazing as me so you should be happy to actually have met me

Well, I am pretty chilled about sharing stuff except if they are precious nicknames and siggies which I make for special people or it is my favourite Milk bear so yeah don't use them except if you are either my Partner or my Wifey or my Gossip Partner

What do I make?

Except for plans of sadism? Oops, that wasn't to be said in public but never mind. I can make siggies, I have made VMs but I don't coz my laptop is a baby which cannot take the pressure which video editing software gives it. I can also do some really simple tags so yeah that's it.

Non-animated siggies only!

My favourites

Jennifer Winget, Marvel especially Dr Strange/Black Widow and now Scarlet Witch

What software do I use?

I used to use Picsart when I started and then for some time I used to use PS CS5

GIMP, Krita, PhotoscapeX

And at times Photoshop Elements for colouring

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About Copyright 

I have had a lot of issues with coming with copyright and finally settled for one



Now Idk if it is but some siggies might have Alexia in it too when I was confused about having a copyright

And also do not cut, crop or do whatever the hell you wish to do with my creation. It's mine and I won't like anyone trying to do anything with my stuff! Except when you have multiple siggies and want to make a slideshow I will be okay with that but no cropping my copyright or cutting my siggies. 

My babies aren't meant to be played with!

Request Rules

Well, I usually won't take requests. And if I am taking then I will only take requests from people I know and am comfortable with coz then I know how to go about it. Considering I am still an amateur I won't take up many reqs. 

If you have been active on this thread then maybe I would?

But remember if you are requesting something then tell me-

1} Which pictures to use? {I would obviously prefer HQ pictures coz with bad quality pictures the siggie looks horrifying}

2} The colour scheme. Warm or cool, dark or bright 

3} Do NOT ask me for animated siggies. Trust me when I say I won't be able to make it coz I don't have PS with me right now...I won't be able to make animated siggies until and unless I get a substitute to PS

So don't ask me for animated siggies. You will be rejected


You can suggest me to make siggies on anything I would give a try. So yeah do go ahead and go crazy with suggestions I would say

In the end, C'est la vie.


PS: Oh by the way Sherlock is still bored so you might wanna be cautious

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PM System

The first PM which is obviously the inaugural PM will go to all of my buddies on my PM list.

But from the next update onwards I will be sending PMs only to those people who like this post

Do not like this post if you don't want me spamming your inbox

Like this, if you want a PM though

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A lot of siggie makers inspired me to better my PSing skills but there are some special ones

Shruti(Wistfulness): I first came on IF and became a member of an AT whose admin was Shruti. And damn I can't tell you how amazing this lady is with PSing. I loved how amazing all her creations looked. She has always been one of those graphicers I look up to. Just look at how amazingly she does it. It is flawless.

Grey/Kriti{Grey-licious}: Kriti was also part of the same AT and made so many beautiful creations that I couldn't help but be in awe of her skills. Her style has always been elegant and subtle to me. And damn it looked so drool-worthy I would have a hard time complimenting her work

Oppo{Opsora2090}: She always says she makes weird edits but she makes amazing stuff too. Some of which did help me in trying my hand at PSing. And what I like about Oppo is her confidence. She won't care much about who would say what and post her creation. So yeah her confidence is my favourite!

Shiri{Serpensortia}: Just look at her banners. Tell me if you can stop admiring them. She is so damn great at the craft and her title area is freaking proof of it. Love how you do stuff Shiri Behen <3

Appy/Mentor{Koeli}: I have always seen her make siggies and tags and I haven't said this but I always fall in love with her PSing whenever I see them. How can someone be so perfect is beyond me. She is just so perfect at PSing. I am always surprised pleasantly by her creations.

Leenaa: OMG...I can't fathom how she does those graphics and all. Like those gifs? How do you do that lady? And you know how sweet she is? She is so damn helpful all the time. I remember I had one stupid doubt and she didn't ever judge me. She is so damn helpful <3

And there are so many other siggie makers whom I look up to and get inspired by like Proteeti, Sam/Chana, MsDevil, Sandy. They are just so good at graphicing 


There have been a lot of people who motivated me when I started graphicing. Always being encouraging. And it includes a lot of people, Soni Behen, Partner, Rashi, Wifey{Neha}, Shera, Hinna etc.

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Many of the people have already seen this stuff coz I never had a shop hence 

It is just old stuff which I love a lot

Jennifer Winget/Draco Malfoy/Binoy{Barrister Babu}/Vansh Raisinghania/Tom Marvolo Riddle/Aditya Hooda/Rudhita

I will update all my old stuff and then obviously show new ones so yeah...bear with me

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congrats Lexi

this one is my fav 

Posted: 5 months ago

Congrats on the gallery Lexismiley41 so glad u opened itsmiley41 i love the background u gave n so sweet of u to tell abt ppl who r ur inspirations. They all are great makers just like usmiley31

Love all the creations u posted, esp Slytherine n jenny n immj2 versionsmiley42 love the quotes u used. Kuddos. 

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