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Posted: 1 months ago


"What are you doing here?" Peggy asked Howard as he entered the dimly lighted room and sat on the long table right in front of her. 

"Even I can ask that Peggy. What are you doing here?" Howard countered intrigued at the presence of his good friend.

"I asked you first Stark! I would prefer an answer and not another question." Came her sharp reply.

"I was called asking me to come here."

"Who called you?"

"It was me! I am the one who has asked you both to come here." A voice interrupted their conversation. A woman in a black suit walking towards the table.

"You both must have heard about Strategic War Operations Research Development Establishment a.k.a S.W.O.R.D.E?" She questioned. 

"The organization which works on the international level researching about intergalactic operations?" Peggy asked.

"Exactly. S.W.O.R.D works on the international level with science and technology being much more advanced.  And today we need S.H.I.E.L.D's help." The woman explained.

"But why does S.W.O.R.D.E needs our help?" Howard curiously asked. 

"For many years there has been some strange things happening in the space. The research was slow but now we have gotten to know what exactly is the issue. Just like the earth, there are some other planets that have inhabitants but now due to an invasion, those planets will be wiped off. An alien called Thanos will wreak havoc everywhere. For now, it looks like things aren't bad enough. But some years hence no one knows what might happen. And hence we need your help." 

"Wait, how do you know he is going to wreak havoc and all. What are you even saying?" Howard mocked.

"Ever heard of the TVOT Machine?" A nonchalant question came in.

"I do remember hearing that S.W.O.R.D.E was working on that machine and had succeeded but nothing other than that." Peggy answered.

"TVOT Machine also called as The Viewer Of Tomorrow Machine. A machine that can show us the future. It was one of the most confidential of all the operations, researches and inventions of S.W.O.R.D.E which was only revealed to the SSR and now the S.H.I.E.L.D. After years of research and development, we finally have succeeded in making it. Though the whole future cannot be still seen we can still see the bits and pieces of it. And one of that piece shows us the destructions by this alien called Thanos. The destruction on earth wiping away half its population this is slaughter!"

It was hard for both Howard and Peggy to process all the information. TVOT, Thanos, seeing the future it sounded like fiction rather than truth.

"Who are you though?" Peggy asked scrutinizing the woman carefully.

"I am the director of S.W.O.R.D.E. Also known as Agent D.W."  The woman said as she held up her ID for them to see. She was definitely the director of S.W.O.R.D.E and her ID did say she was Agent D.W. "I prefer you both calling me the same."

"This sounds fictitious. Being able to see the future and this alien invasion. Sounds more like a science-fiction movie being played out." Howard remarked.

 "I agree S.W.O.R.D.E is an actual organization which works meticulously over science but this is just unbelievable."

"Before the super-serum which was given to Steve Rogers was successful many thought it sounded fictitious but it wasn't. Howard Stark until and unless science doesn't prove anything we see it fictitious but it never means that it cannot be the truth some years from now." Agent D.W stated.

"If we agree that this is going to be the truth and lend you help. Why do you need it? And for what reason? Because clearly, S.W.O.R.D.E is much more advanced than S.H.I.E.L.D." Peggy asked feeling slightly upset hearing about Steve.

"Because S.H.I.E.L.D has something which S.W.O.R.D.E needs."


"The Tesseract."

The Game

~ It is simple! You just need to find the Tesseract

~ It is a total of 5 rounds you need to play {Not more than 4 days for each}

~ Rounds can range from sheep to riddles to anti-sheep etc.

~ None of which will require you to know editing or writing

~ Each round you will be given points and yes there is an elimination

~ Everyone who gets full points each round will get a clue about something

~ You do not need any MCU knowledge! It is only the story and theme but the game doesn't need you to know anything about it.

Tag Credits- metacrisis {Proteeti}

Game credits- Thug {For sheep}, MLM {For riddles}

Huge thanks to Mani for supporting me even though she knows how crazy I am

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Round 1

“You might want to blast on the people guarding the Tesseract here.” Agent DW mocked as three of them looked at the empty place where once the Tesseract was kept.

The older woman was annoyed that they had kept such bad security for such an important item. But as she had to work with them she didn't insult them more than they could handle.

“What should we do now? I already have given them an earful Agent DW. I don't think shouting might help us in this situation.” Howard retorted back.

“Fair enough. But now the next thing is to try to find clues so that we can get some leads about who has stolen it and why.” Agent DW suggested.

“Why should we even help you?” Howard exasperatedly asked.

“Shut up Howard. She is the director of S.W.O.R.D.E and they even work for the betterment of our world. If she is saying that this is necessary then I don't see why we shouldn't help them.” Peggy scolded her good friend.

Howard huffed but said nothing as Agent DW rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Suddenly something caught Peggy’s eye and she bent down to emerge with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Wow, the robbers have left a letter for us? How thoughtful!” Howard exclaimed sarcastically.

Peggy sighed, “Just stop Howard. Let us read this. Might be of some help?”

“All of these are written in riddles. How are we going to be able to decipher this?” Peggy asked confusedly.

“I know someone who can help us.” Agent DW spoke up.


“Agent Player!”


Hello, there dear S.W.O.R.D.E Agents!

The first round commences now

~I will PM all of you 5 riddles and you obviously need to answer them!

~Easy I presume!

~But listen to some instructions

~Each riddle will fetch you 2 points

~If you wish you get two free hints for this round and an additional hint will cost you a half-point

~One hint for everyone- The riddles are related to games {IF and non-IF included}

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“So as per these riddles, there is a clue in S.H.I.E.L.D HQ.” Agent Player explained to the three. 

Howard was still wary but as Peggy had given him her infamous angry stare he had kept mum and agreed to whatever the women said.

“So HQ it is.” Peggy said as the four of them left the place to rush back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Head Quarters.

As they reached the place the security personnel was standing near the gate with a letter in his hand. Howard took the letter from the man and quickly scanned through it.

“What does it say, Howard?” Peggy asked as the other two people looked on curiously.

“Remember to think alike, peculiarity is what I dislike.” Howard read out loud

“What? What does that even mean?” Agent Player asked.

“There’s also something written in small font at the bottom.” Howard said, “Margaret Carter’s Office will lead you further.”

“The next stop is your office then Agent Carter.” Agent DW drawled out.”Might as well lead the way.”

Peggy who was slightly baffled and also wary of what might have happened there nodded as she led the way to her office. And unfortunately, her fears came true as she saw her whole office in tatters. 

“This looks bad.” Agent Player whispered to Agent DW. 

“The letter says to look for similar stuff. What does that even mean?” Agent Player asked now their question being directed towards Peggy. 

“Does it look like I know?” Peggy retorted back as she started clearing her office.

 While she started to clear the floor of the papers she got a peculiar looking card which she was sure she had not kept in her office.

 “This card, I don't know how this came here.” Peggy explained to the three people apart from her in her office. 

“So maybe this is kept strategically. Maybe we need to find other cards similar to it. See, it has a code in it.” Agent DW said as she pointed at the letters written on the card. 

“Search what’s common!”

Round 2

Welcome back Agent Player(s)

Now it's all about finding the common

And obviously playing the game which revolves around common

That is Sheep!

Rules are simple

You will be PMed 10 questions

You need to answer them but you need to make sure that you are the most common

If the majority of the people write the answer which you write then you get a point

But if not then you get only goals {Goals= no. participants who wrote that answer}

Like for example:

Choose an HW actress

Out of 15 participants

7 vote for Scarlett Johannson

6 vote for Elizabeth Olsen

2 vote for Angelina Jolie

1 vote for Jennifer Lopez

So the ones who said Scarlett will get a point and 7 goals

And others are only going to get goals

Deadline is 28th May 20.00 PM IST

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“Okay, so all these common cards together have something written on them. By joining them I got a sentence.” Peggy explained. 

“What is the sentence?” Agent Player asked curiously.

 “Look inside the office of Stark. Cards with a unique mark. Remember similarity is depreciated but the peculiarity is appreciated.” Peggy read out loud. 

“So, it says my cabin? What is this robber and our offices? And how did they even come here? The security definitely needs a good scolding for this.” Howard said as the three women nonchalantly looked at him.

 “If you don't want me to punch you Howard then I suggest you lead us to your cabin.” Peggy threatened Howard as Agent Player silently snickered. Glaring menacingly at Agent Player Howard led the women towards his cabin. By this time all the four were on edge with what was happening around them Agent DW sighed tiredly as she saw another messed up cabin. 

“Are you this messy all the time?” Agent DW questioned. 

“No! I don't mess up my cabin. And half the stuff isn't even mine. See these tags scattered here? All are the same. This all stuff is placed by someone else.” Howard tried to make them understand as Agent Player nodded,

 “I guess he is right Mam, the letters in the cards said to look for the peculiarity and Mr Stark’s whole office is littered with similar-looking stuff so maybe we do have to look for what unique.”

Round 3

You gotta be unique here aka this is the Anti-Sheep Round {I defo need another name for this game...suggestions for the same will be welcomed!}

So, I will give you some questions and after each question is a list.

Your answer to that question should come from that list only!

And try to be unique

If you are the only one who answers that answer you get a point

But if you aren't the only one then you don't get a point and get goals according to how many people didn't write that answer

Let's say 6 people play it with the question of coffee

And 3 write Espresso

2 write Americano

1 writes Cappuccino

The one who wrote Cappuccino wins with 1 point and 6 goals

While others get goals according to how many not writing that same answer

Espresso {6-3=3 goals}

Americano ( 6-2=4 goals)

The deadline is 4th of June 12 PM IST

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“Separated the unique ones. Now what to do?” Peggy asked no one in particular.

 “There might be some words or something. Check carefully, Ms Carter. Just like how the previous clues were there.” Agent Player suggested. 

Peggy hence once again took a look and this time with extreme scrutiny. Each unique one of the group of similar items had a small sentence engraved in them. 

“You were right, there are some sentences written on them,” Peggy replied. 

“What do they say?” Howard asked this time.

 “Something about finding me...I can't see it properly. The font is extremely small and also the lighting is poor.” Peggy explained. 

That prompted Howard to switch on the table lamp on his desk as Peggy held up the item in her hand under it.

 “Find me with the given clue. Red white and the last colour blue. I am always in front. This is the treasure hunt.”

Round 4

Okay, happy to see you guys come till here. Now after a terrifying round this one is quite easy I would say

You have a treasure hunt to play

I will send you 5 clues about 5 threads all over IF

You need to send me the link to that particular thread

How will you know it's that thread?

On the first page of that said thread, in one of the posts, there will be this picture

4 points for each right answer. And each hint costs 1 point.

The deadline for this round is the 10th of June 12 PM IST

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Round 5

"Play a game, it's not the same. Mix everything up. All that in the cup." Agent Player read out loud.

 "Now what the hell is this? I am tired with all the running around we have done." Howard said he tried hard to not yawn. 

"I agree with Mr Stark. It's past midnight and even then we haven't gotten anything in our hands except some puzzles and all. I think all of us need a break." Player said. "I am sorry Agent Player but you guys cannot take a break. At least after I am here." A new voice said. Hearing the new voice the four people turned towards its direction. 

"Agent, you here?" Agent DW asked slightly surprised seeing her most efficient spy standing there with a smirk on her face.

 "Director Mam, the Tesseract has been found." "The Tesseract has been found? Where? And who did it?" Agent Player asked. 

"I did it."

 "You did it, Mam? But you weren't even here." Agent Player said.

 "It was me who kept all these puzzles and treasure hunt for you all. I did think of giving the Tesseract to Director DW but then no fun in that, right? Hence I thought why not make you guys do some work. Looks like you definitely had some great fun." All the four glared at the smiling woman but ignoring it she continued, "Now that I am here, I do know where the Tesseract is but you ain't getting it. Not until you guys do something more." 

"Now what? We have done riddles, treasure hunt, some common matching some uniqueness finding." Peggy asked tiredly. 

"You guys have done a lot so why not just up the game. Mix everything and give you. So here comes the last task."

Last Round

Now the main round is Grouped Sheep which I am gonna say Sheep 2.0 {Amekha credited for the name}

I have divided you all into 3 groups with 4 people in each group

I will send you a google form with questions {Dont worry no emails to be given obviously}

You cannot ask the people with whom you are grouped that what they are going to answer

Its gonna be individual but remember you need an answer thinking what the other three will write

If all the 4 will write the same answer then you get 2 points, if 3 will write it then those 3 will get 1 point

If 2 write the same answer then half a point for each 

The Extra Round

This is a mixture of Riddles, Treasure Hunt and Anti-Sheep

All the participants are given 3 riddles/puzzles, 3 Anti-Sheep Questions, 3 treasure hunt questions

Each riddle/puzzle carries 2 points

Each Anti-Sheep carries 1 point

Each Treasure Hunt carries 3 points

You need to search Captain America's Shield

Note: This will count in your final scores so you might not want to skip this

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