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Raghav shut his laptop after finally compiling his entire office work. He eyed the invitation for the entreprenuer award function that kept lying on his table since 3 days. He was gonna get an award for Jayati Jwellers but like everytime he wasn't interested because awards never mattered to him. He was actually thinking of skipping the function but realised how important such events were for his business.

Farhad knocked on his door as he entered holding the final file for his Anna to sign for the evening.

"Anna bass yeh bill bacha hai aajke liye." he handed Raghav the file.

"Han ruk farhad bass yeh drawer lock kardun." he picked the keys to get the final work done for the day.

"Anna aap event main jaoge na?" Farhad asked as soon as his eyes fell on the invitation kept on the table.

"Jana toh padega na Farhad, tum jaanta hai ki yeh sab event hamara brand ki publicity ke liye kitna important hai." Raghav replied signing off the bill and giving it back to Farhad.

"Han toh aap abhi tak idhar kya kar rahe hai. ghar jaiye ready hona hoga aapko." Farhas spoke.

"Farhad yeh sab faltu ka time waste hai. Tum itna excited mat ho. " Raghav picked his coat as he dashed out of the office to head back home.

Pallavi, Amma and Keerti were busy adorning the different designs of sarees that Pallavi had decided for the client.

"Yeh toh bahut sundar hai Pallavi. Tum mera liye bhi aisa banayega?" Amma complimented Pallavi.

"Ofcourse Amma. Yeh bhi koi kehne ki baat hai. Main kal hi Krishna se kehkar material mangati hoon." Pallavi smiled as she explained the details to the other two ladies.

Raghav walked in to a loud chatter amaong the ladies and he smiled watching his house go from being dead to alive since the last few months when Pallavi walked into it bringing along the colors in this house. Pallavi was explaining the designs but stopped as soon as she saw Raghav at the entrance.

'Are Raghav tum aa gaye woh bhi itni jaldi?" Pallavi asked.

"Chalo achcha hai aaj yeh hamara saath dinner toh karega." Amma spoke.

"Nahin Amma woh mereko abhi ek business event main jaana hai. Main bas ready hone aaya hai." he replied with an apologetic smile.

"Amma rehne do, mera bhai na bahut busy insaan hai." Keerti joked making Pallavi giggle.

"Aisa kuch nahin hai, yeh bass ek useless sa event hai aur jana important hai." Raghav retorted back.

"Are koi useless event nahin hai Amma yeh." Farhad jumped in the conversation as soon as he walked in.

"Achcha aisa hai kya Farhad." Pallavi asked.

"Yeh bass faltu bol raha hai Saree ka dukaan" Raghav interwined only to be shown a palm by his wife, the only women who could ever shut him up.

"Han bhabhi. Aaj Anna ko business man of the year ka award mil raha hai aur Anna hai ki isko enjoy hi nahin kar rahe hai." Farhad vomited the truth to his vahini as always making Raghav gritt his teeth. Vahini ka chamcha.

"Sach Raghav" Pallavi asked being surpirsed.

"Han woh har saal milta hai mereko." He replied in a non-chalant way.

'Oh my god Raghav congratulations" Pallavi clapped her hands in excitement as Amma and Keerti too joined her in their own mini celebration as Raghav admired the clan. He had never experienced anyone get so excited for any of his achivements, he had always been alone in such events of his life.

"Raghav aaj toh bahut bada din hai. Ruko main phirni banata hai tumhaare liye. Kuch meetha khayega toh din aur bhi shubh ho jayega." amma wiped her happy tears as she went in the kitchen.

"Wow Raghav tumne toh kamaal hi kardiya. Ab toh main thaath se kahungi ki main Business man of the year raghav Rao ki behen hoon." Keerti spoke making Pallavi laugh.

"Are woh sab toh theek hai par tumhe jana kab hai?" Pallavi asked.

"Event toh 8 baje ka hai." he replied handling her the invitation.

"Western theme party hai. Tumne kapde decide kare?" she asked raising her brows in tension.

"Select kya karna hai Saree ka dukaan, koi bhi suit pehenlega main." he shrugged.

"Dimaag theek hai tumhara, itna bada event hai. Aise kuch bhi pehenkar kaise jaa sakte ho." Pallavi scolded.

"Pallavi theek keh rahi hai Raghav. Itna important din hai tumhari life ka, kuch achcha pehenna chahiye na." Keerti supported her bhabhi.

"Par main toh hamesha aise hi jata hai." Raghav replied in confusion.

"Ofoo tab hum nhin the na. Tum na Ghamandi rao ekdum veda manus ho. Chalo ab tumhare kapde decide karte hai." she dragged him by his hand up the stairs, "Keerti Farhad aao help karwao." she added as the duo followed her.

In seconds Raghav's room looked like a war zone with clothes all spread out on the bed anf the floor. Pallavi and Keerti rummaged through the various choices as Farhad held them up high for them to have a better view.

"Nahin nahin yeh blue wala suit toh bahut purana hai." Keerti commented.

"Yeh color toh bahut outdated sa hai." Pallavi rejected the other one.

"Are tumlog itna serious kyun ho raha hai. Ek normal sa event hi toh hai." Raghav spoke but zipped his mouth as soon as he got a death glare from his wife. Currently he was forced to sit on the chair by his wife as she ran marathon in the house.

"Par pallavi-' he tried again.

"Chup ek dum chup Ghamandi Rao. Kaise don ho tum ek dhang ka suit nahin hai tumhaare paas." She taunted him as she held a shirt in her hand but rejected it the next moment.

"Pallavi hume idhar toh kuch nahin milen wala." Keerti huffed in concern.

"Tum log isko abhi tak tayyar nahin kara." Amma walked in.

"Kahan Amma yeh Ghamandi Rao ke paas kuch hai hi nahin." Pallavi complained.

'bhabhi main market se kuch le aaun?" Farhad suggested.

"Utna time nahin hai Farhad." Pallavi replied.

"Tum log faltu main baat badha raha hai." Raghav got up as he stood beside Amma.

"Chup, tumhe kisine ijazat nahin di hai bolne ki." Pallavi pointed his finger at him scolding him but the very next moment smiled as a realisation dawned upon her.

"Mil gaya." she shouted scarign everyone.

"Kya mil gaya Pallavi." Keerti asked.

"Ruko main bass 5 mins main aati hoon." Pallavi ran to her room and soon came back after 5 minutes with a bag in her hand.

"Yeh sahi rahega." She made him stand still as she handed the bag to Farhad.

"Yeh kya hai?" Asked raghav.

"Are yeh woh tumne Nawab ka order dilwaya tha na toh bas ek thank you gift laai thi. Dena hi bhul gayi." Pallavi slapped her forehead and pulled out a crisp Wine colored suit for him with a white shirt.

"Wow Pallavi yeh toh bahut achcha hai." Keerti complimented.

"Saree ka dukaan iska koi zarurat-" Raghav tried to refuse her for the gift.

'Ab yeh mat kehna ki zarurat nahin thi. Aur bina awaaz kare jo hum bole woh karo. Samazla." Pallavi ordered him as she looked at the other for help.

Soon Raghav was pushed into the washroom for an outfit change and later as he got out everyone got into their business, as Farhad and Keerti picked the matching shoes for him. Amma did his sleeves and the cufflings while his dear wife took upon her the work to gel his perfect hairs. he adorned how mcuh everyone was excited for him, the Raghav Rao who once had nobody in his life to share his happiness with him, now had a small happily than was happy for him than he was. That wanted this once bland night of his life to be colorful for him. A family that was proud of him.

Yaadon ki baraat nikli hai aaj dil ke dware

Dil ke dware

Sapnon ki shehnai beete dinon ko pukare

Dil ke dware

Ho chhedo tarane milan ke pyare pyare

Sang hamare

Amma touched his cheeks as she blessed him all the happiness in the world and gushed how handsome her son looked. His Amma.

Badle na apna yeh aalam kabhi

Jeewan mein bichhdenge na hum kabhi

Badle na apna yeh aalam kabhi

Jeewan mein bichhdenge na hum kabhi

Keerti showed him the shoes she picked for him through the mirror as she told his how amazing he looked. His sister.

Yoon hi jaoge aakhir kahan hoke hamare

Yaadon ki baarat nikli hai aaj dil ke dware

He then looked at the centre of his universe, his Saree ka dukaan as she spoke non-stop about how he wasn't taking good care of his hairs and what hairstyle would look better on him. His wife.

10 minutes into the whole fiasco and now he stood admiring the work that his famiyl did on him.

"Kitna achcha lag raha hai tum." Amma fed him a spponful of phirni, "venkateshwara tumko har khushi de." she put a kala teeka behind his ear.

"Anna ab chale?" Farhad asked.

"Han." he replied.

"Are kahan ruko aise jaoge tum." Pallavi stopped him.

"ab kya hua Pallavi." he asked.

"yeh button kholkar jaoge tum. Raghav tum kisiki supari lene nahin jaa raho murder ki, ek business event main jaa rahe ho. Ruko." she came back grabbing a tie from the bag.

"Tie aur main. Nakko." he nodded his head in a no.

"Tum phir bole." She shushed him as she stood infron of him closing his buttons and then sliding the tie around his neck. The proximity was killing him and it was taking all his strength to not pull her by her waist and get lost into her eyes but damn the others that stood here eyeing them like it was a Karan Johar movie.

"Dekha ab bilkul sahi hai." she clapped at her finest work of cladding him like a gentleman, "Ab lag rahe ho na tum Pallavi Rao ke husband Raghav Rao." she spoke in pride.

"Achcha ho gaya ab tumhara. Chal Farhad." he smiled at her cute anctics.

"Are ruko." she stopped him again.

"Ab kya hua Saree ka dukaan?" he stopped facing her.

"Akele kidhar chale hum bhi toh jayenge tumhara saath." she replied as the three women stood infront of him a line.

"Tum sab mere saath jayega?" he pointed to them and then him.

"Han ofcourse jayenge. Yhe tumhari Amma hai, yeh tumhari behen aur main tumhari biwi hoon. Haq banta hai hamara. Aur kitna maza ayega na jab sab tumhare liye taaliyan bajayenge aur hum bilkul pride se sabke beech baithkar tumhe award lete dekhenge." she spoke in excitement.

"Han toh hum bhi bas ready hokar aate hai." Keerti ran as Amma accompanied her.

"Anna main neeche wait karta hoon." Farhad went away too.

"Tum idhar kya kar rahe ho tum bhi jao mujhe ready hona hai." Pallavi pushed him otu as she tried closing the door but he stopped her.

"Kya hua?" she asked in confusion.

"Thank you" he replied with a soft smile as she lightly slapped his forehead before going back to change for the evening.

Raghav stood with the most brightest smile ever as he realised that now he had the family that he always wanted. This time he wasn't alone and from now onwards he'll never be.

Waiting for feedback now since you guys liked my light hearted write ups so much.

Posted: 3 days ago

I so want this scene onscreen but looking at the scenario right now....it seems difficultsmiley13

But nonetheless you have given me something to dream....and I loved itsmiley31

Posted: 3 days ago


So cutesmiley42

When you are updating next??

Edited by xxStrangerxx - 2 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

Beautiful smiley42Raghav deserves all the love, care and affection smiley27 hopefully we will see this on screen smiley9

Posted: 3 days ago

This is so so so soooo sweet yrsmiley27

I was smiling throughout... happiness becomes ten folds when you have your family around to share.

I loved thissmiley42

Posted: 3 days ago

I really like this drabble. Again a scene reversal from female to male character, getting ready with help of family as usally shown on tv.smiley20

Posted: 2 days ago

Beautifully written.

Posted: 2 days ago

So sweet ! 

Seems like the CVs have considered our ideas & do fan service.. hopefully we get a scene like this in the future smiley9

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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