RaghVi OS: Horror Movie

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Posted: 3 days ago

RaghVi : Horror Movie

Another OS on our RaghVi. 

Hope you like it and enjoy.

It was Kirti's birthday. She wanted it to be simple and spend her time with her family.

( Kirti is kinda sweet in my story so 😂)

While Amma surprised her with a cool tattoo, her bhabhi baked a delicious chocolate cake and her bhaiya gifted her a beautiful necklace. Kirti planned a movie night with everyone. Raghav wasn't a big fan of watching movies but now that he is not alone like always. He decided to watch with them. Afterall, his Amma and sister are back to him. And his wife. Pallavi. Suddenly his world became bigger. The three most important women in his wife are with him. He is trying everything to make them happy and enjoy these family moments. 

Kirti decided to pick a movie while Raghav dimmed the lights as per her wish. Pallavi was in the kitchen getting some popcorn. Finally, the Rao family settles down to watch 'The Conjuring'. 

Kirti and Amma occupying a sofa while Pallavi sat beside Raghav. 

Pallavi had no idea what this movie was about. 

She just found a family which she can call her own. Raghav was trying everything to unite her with her family. While Pallavi was slowly falling for him unknown to the fact that she was making her own place in his heart.

Few minutes into the movie, Pallavi realised it's a horror movie. She is super scared of horror movies. She has been scared of dark and ghosts all her life. She slowly moved towards her husband unknowingly as the movie progressed. She tried her best not to scream every time a ghost appeared on the screen. Pallavi was too busy clutching and hiding behind a pillow unknown to his staring who was extremely amused by her antics. It didn't take a second for him to guess she was terrified.

Now that Pallavi was actually sitting close to him, he wanted to play a little prank. After all, Raghav Rao never leaves a chance to pull his wifey's legs. Very slowly, he put his arm behind her on the couch and tapped her shoulder which was away from him. Pallavi jumped on her place and immediately snuggled into his neck wrapping her arms around his waist. Raghav chuckled and wrapped his arm around her. 

Pallavi slowly looked up from his neck to meet his gaze which had a mischievous glint and his smirk didn't go unnoticed by her. Raghav was too busy staring at his pretty wife who was in red nightwear which was making her look innocent and sexy at the same time. 

Amma and Kirti are busy watching the movie to notice these love birds.A scream from the screen disturbed the busy couple who returned to their original position. Pallavi realising it was his prank hit his arm while he pretended to be hurt.

Pallavi was back in her room after the movie ended, cursing herself for watching a horror movie late at night. She was really scared to sleep. She kept pacing in her room trying to stay awake but she was feeling very tired today after all the work she had done for the small birthday party. She tried sleeping after switching off the lights but the dark shadows and those scary ghost scenes didn't let her sleep. Everything in her room scared her, the cupboard, the bed, the curtains. Back at home, everytime she watches a horror movie, she cuddles with her Aai and sleeps. But now, it didn't feel right to barge into Kirti and Amma's room. They might even find it silly that she is scared of horror movies. That's it. She cannot sleep here in this room. 

She was standing in front of her ghamandi husband's room. She thought maybe he was awake drinking coffee and doing some work. She decided to spend some time with him to shoo her sleep away. It was their habit to spend some time and bond over coffee when they couldn't sleep  

She turned the knob of his door to find his room in darkness with only the moon light coming from the window. 

P: Wah! Ye ghamandi rao ko aaj hi jaldi sona tha.Kissi kam ka nahi hai yeh. 

She noticed him sleeping peacefully wrapped in his blankets. 

For a second, she stood there admiring his calm face who knew that the don of Hyderabad sleeps like a baby at night. A smile crept on her face thinking about him. 

Pallavi notices the space beside him inviting her. It looked so cozy here, she was too tired to keep awake now. She stood beside his bed contemplating whether she should sleep here or not.

P: Should I sleep here? But mein aur Raghav ke saath? Ek hi bed pe? Anyway he is sleeping, he won't even get up now, so let me sleep here and I will leave before he wakes up in the morning.

P: Haa yeh sahi hai. Waise bhi I can't sleep in my room. It's too scary. He wouldn't even know that when I came and when I left.

Happy about her idea, she got in the bed and wrapped his blanket around herself too. But the scary thoughts didn't leave her mind, snuggling closer to him and wrapping her arm around his waist, she slept too tired to think of what she was doing or the aftermath. 

Raghav smiled with his eyes closed as soon as she wrapped her arms around him. He was trying so hard to act like he was sleeping from the time she entered the room and nearly stopped himself from laughing while listening to her self-talks.

Raghav opened his eyes after he was sure she slept hugging him. 

R(in mind) : acha lagta hai saree ka dukaan, when you find comfort and solace in me. when you trust me to protect you. I will never do anything to break that trust. 

R:Goodnight saree ka dukaan.

P:Goodnight ghamandi rao.

For a second, he stilled thinking she was awake but her soft breaths indicated that she was fast asleep. 

R: neend mein bhi mere baare mein soch raha hai. 

Raghav Rao slept peacefully finding another reason to tease her tomorrow. 

(Please ignore if any mistakes found.

Do not copy

This work is purely fictional and mine)

Edited by pinacolada - 3 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

This is such a cute and funny OS smiley42smiley42. I wish you could have continued it till the next morning. 

Keep writing more such cute Raghvi stories smiley27

when you find comfort and solace in me. when you trust me to protect you. I will never do anything to break that trust. "  This dialogue was my most favourite. I loved how you portrayed many deep feelings in such a short sentence smiley32

Edited by Amnnaa - 3 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by Amnnaa

This is such a cute and funny OS smiley42smiley42. I wish you could have continued it till the next morning. 

Keep writing more such cute Raghvi stories smiley27


thank you 😁

Posted: 3 days ago

It wonderful and on the same time funny and sweet smiley27smiley31

Posted: 3 days ago

Please do continue if possible 

Posted: 3 days ago

Such a cute and funny os loved it.. 

Posted: 3 days ago

Fun take and lovely OSsmiley36smiley20

Posted: 3 days ago

Amazing ❤️

Pls do continue it 😘

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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