The bare back pt 4 continued : fatejo os

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Posted: 3 days ago


Alarm rang, fateh could barely open his sleepy eyes

Looked around the room, he was alone

Tejo was in the kitchen helping gurpreet prepare breakfast for everyone

The cold tap running , he closed his eyes trying to feel its freshness

The tune started playing 

Tip tip barsa pani

Pani ney aag legayi

He saw the pool but this time he was sitting all alone by the pool, no sight of jasmine 

Direction bhool geyi hai kiya

His morning showers always go along with his pool hallucination but amusingly  after a long time jasmin was absent this morning

He closed his eyes once more, still no sight of her

Perhaps gprs mey gadbad ho geyi

He was not disappointed at all

In fact for the first time he felt good 

Suddenly his thoughts went to tejo

He quickly dressed up , blue denim jeans and black t shirt

His eyes wandering at the breakfast table munching aloo ka parotha

Moments later she came out of the kitchen

He was disapointed, she was wearing her old salwar kemez

He asked sweetly to cover his frustration

Tejo ji apney vo kapdey nehin peheney jo main laya tha

She didnt answer

Gurpreet replied instead

Uski marzi tujhey kya tu usko betaye ga kya pehen na kya nehin

He was finding it difficult to swallow

Kya socha tha yaar

Dada and dadi were in gurdwara

To thank baba ji for their successful mission 

Tejo was serving breakfast , he woke up from his seat saying he had enough 

Went to the porch and sat down enjoying the sun rise

Dadi said to dada as they enteted the front gate

Why is he looking sad

As they walked into the living room both of them were annoyed seeing tejo dressed in her old attire

Sara kiye derai pey pani ferdiya

Dadis got intelligent bheja

She went to tejos room and removed all her old clothes

Hide them in her secret place so she will have no option but to wear fatehs choice

After dinner tejo went to change to her nite suit and realised that only the 20 salwar kemez were there

Fateh was out with kushbeer for some important matter

Dadi and gurpreet went over to visit gurpreets uncle

Even mahi was not to be seen anywhere

She asked dada who was reading a newspaper in his room

He told her to sit down and then went on explaining that after marriage a girl must wear new clothes gifted by her in laws. Its virk khandan tradition

So all her old clothes were removed and given away

 Old clothes bring bad omen

Dada was a fabulous actor and a great liar as well. There was no such tradition

Fateh walked into his room , she was fast aslerp . 

Back to bed, no more couch

Lying next to her he was looking at her innocent face

Marjaniye suit pehen leti toh kitna acha hota

He was thinking how do i influence her to wear my choice

Little did he know that his wishes were to be fulfilled by the sun rise

Thanks to dadi

He closed his eyes , that beautiful scene pops out

He sighed to his desires and surrenders to his sleep finally


Dook !

Something drop on the floor and he woke up 

A photo frame fell from the bedside

Tejo was standing in front of the dressing mirror struggling with the dor again


He screamed in silence

And jumped out of his bed 

Finally !

He walked slowly towards her enjoying the view upfront

The very much missed bare back

More flesh seen compared to the earlier one which was dadis choice

This one was more wider in diametres or centimetres or anything u can say 

He made sure he got the biggest measurements of all

The light soft skin and the curves

Marjavan gudh kahkey

He was right behind but she didnt ask his help

Volunteer karleta hun .he thought to himself

The sense to touch and feel her overpowered everything else,  

The tune played

Bare back tera machley dil mera 

He was just inches away when the door opened and mahi came in

Lao bhabhi main help kardeti hun

He frowned

Ageyi bhabhi ki chamchi kawab mey haddi

Iski toh,,,,

Bhai apko papa bula rehey hain niche, jaldi taiyaar ho jao

She said while helping her sister in law

Frustrasted he took his towel and went into the shower

He closed his eyes as usual hallucinating jasmin and him sitting at the poolside

Surprisingly he saw tejo instead

Arey yeh kaisey ageyi

Shadi key mandap mey bethgeyi

Ab pool mey bhi bhetgeyi

He was confused

Dressed in plain white shirt and black jeans he rushed down to meet his dad who had planned an outing for him and tejo to a bird park


Finally dua kabul ho geyi 

All alone with her 

Bird ko kisney dekhna kuch aur dekunga aur karunga bhi

The tune played

Bare back tera mechey dil mera

He was delighted and was ready to leave when kushbeer said

Pehley nashta to kar lo

He thought to himself again 

 papa this is not my  breakfast

My treat will be later

Kushbeer was puzzled

Is he my son 

This is the changed fateh

Tejo covered his favourite dish with her dupatta 

Only bits seen

He thought never mind

Kuch kuch to dikhta hai chele ga

As they were about to leave tejo offered mahi to come along 

Fateh was annoyed

Kyon kawab mey hadhi ko bich mey laa rehin hai

Mahi was happy 

Tejo sat at the back 

Mahi was about to sit with her when fateh told her to seat in front

Mahi said mey bhabhi key sath pichey beth jati hun

He frowned 

Arey kambakt samjha kar tere bhai ko teri bhabhi ki zerurat hai 

The tune played 

Bare back  tera mechkey dill mera 

Without wasting time he rushed to seat at the back before mahi could and ushered her to sit in front

She was puzzled with his behaviour

Front seat has always  been his favourite

Little did she know that her bhabhi bare back was his new choice

Dada and dadi were smiling, it was their plan once again

Dada told khusbeer they are newly married

Plan an outing for them to spend  some qualiry time together

Tejo was enjoying the view as the innova was driven through the outskirts on their way to the bird park,

At first he was seated in his place pretending to enjoy his side of the view

As he noticed her lack of attention towards him he slowly started to move inch by inch closer

The tune played

Aag leg rehi hai dhuan sa uth ta hai

Tu nehi jane dil kiska jal ta hai 

Kiska jal ta hai

He moved till he was close enough .

She was still not paying attention 

He put his arm behind her

Pushing himsrlf a litle closer

His arm sliding a litle towards her back

Desires were burning

The need was so strong 

The evil touch conspires again 

He moved his fingers touching the soft fabric of her pink dupatta

She didnt notice and was mesmerised with the view outside her winfow

His fingers move closer to her dor and finally touching the glowing skin

Aha kitna soft hai

Kaunsa lotion leghati hogi

She was not aware

He moved closer

He could feel her breath 

Deep nside he was rooting for her and wanted to take her into his arms

Just hold her

Feel her heat

Temperatures were rising 

Sufdenly he hugged her tightly

Putting his arms around her

Tejo was taken by surprise

Before she could say anything he blurted out pretending he was scared

Tejoji meri seat key niche cockroach hai

Pretending to hug her in fear

She tried to pull herself

Kahan hai coacroach

Tejo ji myjhey bahut dar leg reha hai

He held her tighter

Feeling her warnness

His fingers .moving on her bare back as though he is nervous

Ferling the touch and down to her waist pulling her closer

He is a greater actor than his grandparents

Runs in their genes

It took her great force to push him away

Hatjao kahan hai cockroach

Yahan wahan yahan wahan he was making all sorts of excuses with his arms around her 

Mahi was screaming afraid of cockroach

The driver stopped the car

To br continued


Posted: 3 days ago

Oh god! This OS holds such a weird attraction to me,  it's become one of my guilty pleasures. Fateh is such a PERVERT in this onesmiley36

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by I_StanStrongFLs

Oh god! This OS holds such a weird attraction to me,  it's become one of my guilty pleasures. Fateh is such a PERVERT in this onesmiley36

Tq for reading

Pervert will be a little harsher

Lets put it flirting with wife

After all hes got the rights isnt he

Posted: 3 days ago


Imma comment later on this onesmiley37

Lemme laugh firstsmiley37smiley37

Posted: 2 days ago
Originally posted by Aniash

Tq for reading

Pervert will be a little harsher

Lets put it flirting with wife

After all hes got the rights isnt he

Wish puri ho gey

Hes drunk dancing with her tomorrow episode



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