Milk Moon, GauRa & Soulful Love

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Posted: 3 days ago

Well, keeping aside all that transpired in between, a factor that doesn't change is the beauty of Gaura. Their scenes are dewy and delicate, radiant and divine. There’s always a hint of surreal charm and delicate transparency. Their touches are soft, conform to their inner light. It’s as if the communion of the mighty moon with the depths of night. 

The scene shot in May’s Supermoon, which was, by the way, an eclipse night too! Rightfully symbolic, the eclipsed emotions of conflict, regret were indeed elucidated through every frame and in the end, Gaumbi emerged as bright as the May Moon! 

The full moon is called the "flower moon" in May because it's when flowers blossom across parts of North America. 

Various peoples around the world have given special names to the full moons throughout the year, a simple way of recognizing the passage of time.

May's full moon is known as the Milk moon in English, the Flower moon in Algonquian, Buddha Poornima in Hindi, and Vesak Poya in the Sinhala Buddhist tradition.

It's also known as Mother’s Moon or Milk Moon (Pretty much Symbolic, isn't it? ) Well, on a funny note, I wonder what DIVINE baby will be born out this Saintly Gaura Consummation smiley36

The beauty of this shot! It's as if the entire world is conspiring to make Gaura come to each other again! 



She looks frozen in time. Surreal! It reminded me of the times Dhara -the woman is lost in various roles of the family. 

She walks in beauty, like the night 

Of cloudless climes and starry skies; 

And all that’s best of dark and bright 

Meet in her aspect and her eyes; 

Thus mellowed to that tender light 

Which heaven to gaudy day denies. 

-Lord Byron 


One shade the more, one ray the less, 

Had half impaired the nameless grace 

Which waves in every raven tress, 

Or softly lightens o’er her face; 

Where thoughts serenely sweet express, 

How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

Lord Byron


And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, 

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, 

The smiles that win, the tints that glow, 

But tell of days in goodness spent, 

A mind at peace with all below, 

A heart whose love is innocent!

Lord Byron 


Okay, there's no poetry in this one. This smile gives me naughty vibes! It's like Yahoo! Aaj action mileage! 

You know, this image reminds me of Dhara’s hypocrisy of burdening the couples with the family drama. Ten years into the marriage, but still Gaumbi is like an aromatic bliss in her life. No matter how hard the day must be, Gaumbi manages to wrap the comfort of silk around her tired body. And, look at the newly weds, all they got is lecturing and crying. I wonder what could have been their state in case Dhara actually let the couples find their way to love? 



"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."

–Emily Brontë


This frame has my Heart. I cannot explain how much this tugs my heart. 

In love there are two things– bodies and words."

–Joyce Carol Oates


This is powerful! The hint of melancholy is profound in Dhara! She has barely recovered from her break-down earlier in the afternoon; sudden romance and comfort have still not seeped into her heart and eyes. The tragedy of life when it becomes too severe despite having several ways to opt-out of it! 


Magical and just too magical. The idea of making love under the benign gaze of the stars. 


The divine baby making bed smiley36


No matter how dire the circumstances are, Gautam will always hold her. 


Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold."

–Zelda Fitzgerald




They look like a vision in silver moonlight. Radiating, scintillating beauty and eyes are full of emotions! Sigh! Gaumbi and his Nasheeli ankhein smiley43smiley36

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."

–Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


"I love her and it is the beginning of everything."

–F. Scott Fitzger

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

—Lao Tzu


Well, Gaumbi looks so ready for his SR smiley39

P.S- I loved every second of the scene had it not been for baby-making. I really would have appreciated a meaningful conversation about where it all went wrong! But, do I complain when I get this dream vision Gaumbi smiley36smiley43smiley37

Chip in folks! 

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Posted: 3 days ago

Wow this is so beautiful! smiley27

You’ve made me speechless 

Posted: 3 days ago

thank you for making a post about this scene because I thought it was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking

the background, the shots, their tune, and the ending with the song chand safarish was ethereal 

I have said this time to time that GauRa's subtle passion, their care, their romance, their need, their touches - everything is so minimalist yet unmatched

just a few days ago I was hoping for a GauRa scene that I wouldn't skip through and this was it - this scene reminded me of why I fell in love with them in the first place and reminded me how beautiful love can actually be

the scene's background reminded me a bit of the scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai when rahul and Anjali talk for the first time after meeting again, and how beautiful the night was and how the scenery enhanced everything - the same was for this scene and all I could grip onto was nostalgia 

coupled with an old yet gold song, this scene was an absolutely visual treat

the whistling of the song was perfect, as they gazed at the moon and each other - I couldn't think of a better song selection

in each shot you can see the pain and regret in her eyes (phenomenal job on Shiny's part) and you can see his understanding as well

I like how you pointed out the hypocrisy - gaumbi and her had let their relationship bloom into something so beautiful and pure with time and effort - if only she had given the same chance to the others

I hope to see a moment between her, Shiva, and Krish where she apologizes for her actions because this GauRa scene has made me fida about them again and I want to love them and appreciate them as much as I did before smiley42

for me --> one of the best romantic, simple, and calming scenes I have seen

Posted: 3 days ago

I would really love to see your Reading List/GoodReads account if you have one. 😁 You seem to find the perfect lines for the images/ 

Wonderful post- lovely poetry and quotes

Posted: 3 days ago

some parallels smiley9 to match the beauty, innocence, understanding, simplicity of srk-kajol is truly insane to me , the situations are completely different yet I get the same calming and sweet feeling






Posted: 3 days ago

This was the only scene from the last two-three episode that I went back to watch 🤍 it was poetic, magical and oh so comforting! 

As for the visuals, it was simply gorgeous!! The shot from above, the lighting and even the outfits. Everything was so perfect! This reminds me of the early days of the haveli. This was perhaps the most gorgeously shot scene from entire month ❤️ Why can’t they cast this spell more often?

I kept everything aside and watched my AU GauRa! I laughed at Gaumbi’s naughty face, smiled at the comforting passion these two share and sighed at Gaumbi in white with those eyes.

I love the effort he puts into taking away her sorrow. This time, I believe she needs more but just the thought of making her feel so special! Just his arms around her scream comfort! These two share excellent chemistry 🔥 

Instead of baby making, I would have loved to see them share a glass of wine & some chocolates🥂 All while staring at the moon, Gaumbi giving Dhara his infamous cuddle 🤍 I wish Dhara would let the newly weds be and enjoy what she has because not everyone is so lucky! Let them create their own moments in their own way! Let them discover their own story and not become an afterthought in the tale of Gaumbi & Dhara. I think she would find a lot of peace if she did that. Excellent post as usual!! 

Posted: 3 days ago

I really hope this divine and holy union doesn’t lead to a baby... it’s just too early for that track... let Babuji enjoy some more smiley36 I’m sure he was a few experiments up his sleeve smiley37 abhi bhi jawaani ka josh baaki hain smiley37

Posted: 2 days ago

I was continuing with the beauty of the scene. As I have said earlier, I needed to mute the cringe dialogues to appreciate the show's standout. Gaura does have a SRK-Kajol vibe smiley27


Gaumbi in his complaints mode! Your pati made so much effort, and you want other people! 


You can see the melancholy of Dhara. She is still under trauma! 

And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct.



Oh, I love this shot! 

The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.

Tahereh Mafi,


To hear never-heard sounds, 
To see never-seen colors and shapes, 
To try to understand the imperceptible 
Power pervading the world; 
To fly and find pure ethereal substances 
That are not of matter 
But of that invisible soul pervading reality. 
To hear another soul and to whisper to another soul; 
To be a lantern in the darkness 
Or an umbrella in a stormy day; 
To feel much more than know. 
To be the eyes of an eagle, slope of a mountain; 
To be a wave understanding the influence of the moon; 
To be a tree and read the memory of the leaves; 
To be an insignificant pedestrian on the streets 
Of crazy cities watching, watching, and watching. 
To be a smile on the face of a woman 
And shine in her memory 
As a moment saved without planning.

Dejan Stojanovic


Everyone needs a Gaumbi. This scene WIt was like magic—the ethereal sense of old-school romance. I loved the lighting and the colour palette too. Sphere Origins truly knows how to shoot things like a movie. It takes me back to Gulaal days; it was the first show to be shot on an HD camera with great visuals. Someone gives a big hug to the DOP smiley31

And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct.



“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” — J.R.R. Tolkien


The curtains fluttered, and they just are so much in comfort with each other. 

. "Always remember we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon." — Maxine Lee


"Drag me to the moon, to catch a star and seize its brilliance as I'm swept up in amorphous dust." — Bradley Chicho

P.S-All that baby-making talks was so weird smiley37smiley37smiley37

Pandya Store 

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