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Posted: 3 days ago

Hello Everyone... Returning Back To IF after ages 😄

And this is my first post in this forum ..


I saw that all the post's that I have shared yesterday are already posted here ...😝 I had written the experience on the sets also got posted but still wants to share here ..coz their is no other place where I can post it in one go 🤣🤣



Iam not at all good when it comes to share the personal things coz I want them to store  in my memory forever...but I got so many requests to share the details...It was a good experience to meet them in person..when I reached the hotel they guided me to the place where the shoot was going on...they all were shooting in one room (Raghav , pallavi,Amma ,Kirti, Farhad,sunny) the scene was very long...I could just hear the voices as not allowed to go inside...after almost 1 hour they all got free ..both Sai and Shivangi walked out ..and my first reaction was ..ohh my god how beautiful they look in real ... they were in hurry it was 1.30 pm and they had to come live ... shivangi entered the room and Sai saw me standing...I just smiled and told him that we came to meet you...he was surprised for a moment but he said like they have to go live now ..I said no problem..I will wait ..(I saw that live post after I left home ..I thought I made a mistake I should have come some other day but again thought it wouldn't have been that special if it was some other day all the wait was worth waiting...They came out Sai knew I was waiting so he directly came to me and started talking..I just told him about the group and congratulated him for 100 Episodes..he thanked us for coming..asked if I wanted to take some pics.. shivangi came out so I said I want to take pics with both .. shivangi walked towards us with her sweet smile (she was just looking like a doll) and she has the same reaction...she was so happy that we came.  We took pictures..than I handed them the gifts which I took..and the card which was made by my daughter..they loved the card..sai was laughing reading his own dilouges..he said like Tazbu bhi Likha hai..( I actually thought of taking water melon for them 🙈) I also took a home made sweet dish ..hope they have tasted it later .. Sad thing the cake which we had ordered didn't reached them on time..they said it's okay..later I told shivangi she looks more beautiful with her hairs open and without gajra..she was like seriously even I don't like that but it's because of Sandip sir..she hit on Sai shoulder and said..look they aren't liking it..I took their autograph and recorded a short video mssg ..they were getting late for lunch and I didn't felt like holding them back for more time.. I told them that I came along with my husband who got angry and went down because I didn't planned anything and came just like that without knowing their schedule..both said where is he.. they both wanted to thank him..they came down along with us to the lobby...I just said sai that even I have one Ghamandi Rao in my life who likes throwing tantrums ...They met him and took hubby didn't knew anything about the show or their popularity..he had a chat with sai & shivangi for few minutes..he complimented that they are taking Telugu language to a national level..Sai was happy to hear that..we shot that Ardham Ayinda didn't shot well in 2 takes .Sai made her rehearse it ..and they shot it perfectly and than we left the started raining as soon as we left the hotel ..😍

Posted: 3 days ago

Thank you soo muccchhh for sharing this and the pictures as well smiley27smiley27

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by Mysterie_girl

Thank you soo muccchhh for sharing this and the pictures as well smiley27smiley27


Posted: 3 days ago

That's so cool smiley27 Ahhh it's so smiley27smiley27 to hear ur experience and saw those pics you shared thank you so much smiley31

Posted: 3 days ago

Thank you for sharing and taking so much efforts  and for representing us (fandom) and making it special for them and ussmiley27smiley31

Posted: 3 days ago

aww that sounds awesome! They seem like really down to earth people. So glad you told Shivangi about the gajra.. I have been cribbing about it fo so longsmiley36 Hope they take the feedback and get rid of it permanently. 

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Posted: 3 days ago

Thankyou so muchsmiley31

Posted: 3 days ago
Originally posted by DivineDarkness

That's so cool smiley27 Ahhh it's so smiley27smiley27 to hear ur experience and saw those pics you shared thank you so much smiley31

Welcome dear pleasure to share it smiley31 (I missed using this emo) 🤣

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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