Of Pakoras and Chutney- 12 June Update

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Posted: 3 days ago

Fateh is munching on pakoras and happily praising them. He thinks his mother made them and asks if she saw master chef and tried new recipe.

His grandfather and Tejo are looking at him gorging the food. He comes and says that Tejo made them. Fateh stops eating and says they aren't that nice. He goes away but Tejo follows.

Asks him what is his problem?

He tries to avoid her. She says last night he scolded Jasmine for her and today he is acting rudely again. He says it was important to scold Jasmine because she spoke wrong. Tejo reminds him that he too blamed her the day before. 

Nok jhok.

They leave.

Grandmother and Mahi eating and praising pakoras. Grandmother tells that they will all go to Vaishnodevi. Fateh refuses. Tejo too refuses and goes. Grandfather is happy with that. Says that they will all go and leave Fatejo alone. He even tells Gurpreet to give leave to the maid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mahi hugs him calling him Love Guru.

NimPreet' s constipated face.

Doorbell rings. Tejo opens the door to see Jasmine standing there. She looks at her imploringly and asks if she is here for the last night.

Jasmine brushes past her calling for Fateh. NimPreet, Grandparents and Mahi come there. She asks about Fateh and says her passport is with him. Tejo tries to manage the situation and asks her to wait; that she will get it.

Tejo directly goes inside the bathroom. Poor Fateh was bathing; he panics and hides. Nok jhok between them. She opens his wardrobe. He asks what she wants. She says her lipstick is there. Annoyed, he asks for his clothes. She hands it to him and by the time she finds the passport, he is dressed and ready. He spies the passport in her hands which she tries to hide unsuccessfully. 

He finds out Jasso is there.

He goes downstairs and hands it to her saying they are now over. Jasso says everything was ove between them the marriage day, just a connection had remained (passport) that too is over.

Fateh is furious.

He stops her and calls her his Saali. Tells her that she cannot leave without having something. She came to her sister's sasural the first time. Drags her to the dining table and serves her pakoras with chutney. 

He brings Tejo and holds her in front of Jasmine. He tells Jasso that Tejo made this tasty pakoras. He praises Tejo and keeps on holding her. 

Tejo is enraged and uncomfortable.

Jasso frankly ignores his drama and tells him that it doesn't matter to her. She doesn't really care about him or his wife and goes away.

Tejo too leaves him.

Gurpreet rebukes him about serving food to the girl who broke his heart.

Jasso contemplates as she goes outside. She keeps on repeating that Fateh still loves her. She had seen teb madness in his eyes. But she keeps on having repeated flashbacks of him holding Tejo πŸ˜ͺ

She gets uneasy 

Episode ends

Posted: 3 days ago

Thanks for the update, Niki! smiley31

Fateh is back to square 1.. he’s either trying to scold Tejo smiley18 or trying to make Jas jealous by being with Tejo smiley8

Jas has definitely on her way on becoming a vamp or if makers have other plans, they might show JasFa romance and reunite them smiley29

Posted: 3 days ago

Thanks for the update nikkismiley31

Well i just love senior male virks, they are adorablesmiley42

And i am not liking the fact that fateh is trying to make jasmine jealous and using tejo for it.. But we knew this was bound to happen.. 

Jasmine is definitely going to be a villian in fatejo's story which hasn't even begun yet.. 

Posted: 2 days ago

What's the precap?

Any TV viewer?

Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by mistofshadows

What's the precap?

Any TV viewer?

TV par to nahi dekha but abhi insta par dekha...

Drunk Fateh, Tejo has his bottle of alcohol and he's dancing around with her (probably trying to take the bottle from her) and I guess he probably might be seeing Jasmin in Tejo again but I don't know.

Scene cuts to Jasmin with her usual Fateh mera hai, Tejo to kya kisi ladki ko nahi apna sakta... and so on.


Posted: 2 days ago

super excited for Monday 

Posted: 2 days ago

I am waiting for Tejo to clobber him someday.


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