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Hi guys ! Back with another OS on our Shivi . This is a very poor attempt at writing . I have been so distracted with work , babysitting my nephew and ghar ka kaam I hope you'll understand what I have written  .I really wanted to write something so here goes nothing 🙈 Hope you guys like it . Constructive criticism is always welcome ❤️ Please ignore grammatical errors and typos .

~Tujhse hai Raabta ~

Raavi had reached her room and was trying to change into her comfy nightwear but was finding it difficult to as the wounds on her back were hurting her badly . She had managed to change her salwar pants successfully but the kurti was being a pain .

She was looking in the mirror and trying to lift her kurti and she had almost lifted it a little upto her stomach when Shiva walked in and saw her and turned immediately . He hadn't missed looking at Raavis back which had some serious bruises . He closed his eyes in pain . He did try protecting her but his weight plus the weight of the pillars were a lot for his phoolkumari to take .  He needed to calm down and treat her wounds immediately he thought .

Raavi left her kurta loose the minute she saw Shiva through the mirror . 

Raavi : Sorry woh main change karne ki koshish kar rahi thi .

Shiva : Ae mami ki behen ki beti , tujhe paile bhi bola hai change karte waqt lock lagaya kar.Lock naam ki cheez na iss haveli mein hai . Chahe kitni bhi purani ho. Main tho theek hoon lekin koi aur gusta tho ?

Raavi smiled and blushed registering what he had said he had indeed accepted her as his partner. He still hadn't turned so she got time to compose her expressions

Raavi : Ae Bandar abhi tu turn ho sakta hai . Aur haan dhyaan rakhungi aage se .

Shiva saw that she was still in her previous kurti.

Shiva : Tune tho kapde badle hi nahi ?

Raavi : Haan woh jab hum aaye tey tho Rishita ne change karne mein madat ki thi .Abhi sab so gaye honge tho maine socha khud try karungi .

Shiva : Main dekh kar aoon kya koi jaag raha hai tho ?

Raavi : Nahi nahi main issi mein so jaungi . Itni kuch problem nahi hai .

Shiva : Sun main madat kar deta hoon . Pehle hi tere peet pe kaafi chote hai aur usme ye uncomfortable kapde pehnke sona theek nahi rahega .Main aankhein band rakhunga pakka .

Raavi : Tujhe kaise pata ki mere peet pe chot lagi hai ? 

Shiva : Ae akal ki dushman abhi aate waqt dekha na teri peet issiliye tho turn hua .

Raavi : Shiva tu na kabhi nahi badlega . 

She huffed  .

Shiva : Badalna chahta bhi nahi samjhi . Bola na tujhe main jaisa hoon waisa hoon.

She thought to herself that she didn't even want to change him at all . Maybe just understand him better . There were so many things she had to explore to know him better . She was so focussed during their childhood on dev , she had never seen all of Shiva . He always used to irritate her but with his family he was a total different human being .

Shiva : Help kar doon ?

Raavi didn't know what to say , yes they were husband and wife but this is something she didn't know whether she should agree to as yet or no . Yes they had been literally against each other's skin when they were under the debris but this was different . She nodded because she had full faith in Shiva, after today everything was crystal clear to her that he had never abandoned her and he would never do so  . He had done nothing to break her trust . She realised her idiot of a husband had always been nothing but a gentleman be it during the kidnapping when he closed his eyes while he lifted her pallu , or looking away while wiping the foam of her face when they fell in bathtub and the two times when he turned immediately when he saw her almost changing .

Shiva came towards her not knowing how he should be doing this . He needed time to compose his mind and just do it in such a way that she was in no way uncomfortable so he said first he will change his clothes and come. 

Shiva : Ek minute rukh main pehle change karta hoon .

He picked one vest for himself and raavi turned but peeked at his back while he was changing and saw that he himself had some bruises also .

Raavi : Oi chattan Pandya tujhe bhi lagi hai na peet pe . Aaja idhar main ointment lagati hoon.

Shiva : Tu jaak rahi thi ?

Raavi : Nahi... Woh main .. woh ..

Noticing that he had made her awkward he changed the topic .

Shiva : Ae phoolkumari pehle tujhe kapde nahi badalne ?

Raavi : Badalne hai lekin pehle ye kar deti hoon 

Both were very conscious about the fact that he would have to change her clothes . Raavi wanted to delay it while Shiva just wanted to get over with it so that even he could pursue applying ointment to her wounds . 

Before Shiva would argue Raavi thought of getting him to agree by just using the sympathy card for his own sake .

Raavi : Dekh Shiva waise bhi hum dono thak gaye hai, tho please request kar rahi hoon . Ek baar main ointment laga doon phir tu mujhe help karna theek hai ?

Looking at her tired face , Shiva got worried and thought today is definitely not the day to argue with her.

Shiva : Theek hai theek hai . Jaldi jaldi laga lekin .

Raavi lifted his vest and her hands shivered , yes she had seen Shiva's body before twice but she thought of keeping her discomfort aside as she had to make his pain go away . She started applying the ointment while blowing softly on his wounds the way she did with his burnt hand . She felt a tingling sensation in her heart and every part of her as she applied the ointment as her fingers grazed over his skin. She berated her heart for going there and tried to distract her thoughts.She mentally made a self note that this guy was indeed accident prone . She thought to herself that she will protect him and train him to not get hurt so often as it hurt her way more then she could imagine  . 

Shiva felt his heart beat faster as he felt her touch against his back , he didn't know what was happening to him and tried to think of something else .He made a mental note to stay safe and keep this phoolkumari safe . He could hear her anguish when she was applying ointment , she felt his pain more . This girl was always ready to forget all her pains when her people were hurt . Wait a minute does that mean I considered myself as hers? He avoided the thought .She had literally been through so much in this week and somewhere his family and him were responsible for it and she was yet so caring and loving towards every member of her family . She made him so proud , didn't he always want some one like this ? Woh joh uske parivaar ko jode Roke , woh joh usse aur uske parivaar ko samjhe aur unki utni hi care kare jitna woh karta hai.He smiled thinking that he had an eternity to spend with his chipkali , it had scared him when she was in that state today but now he felt so relieved as he felt her fingers drumming away and her soft breath blowing on his skin .

Shiva : Ae chipkali , bas ho gaya ! 

He couldn't take this sweet torture more on his back . Yes he never knew that this mami ki behen ki beti could ignite anything but anger in him but if this is how she would keep touching him he didn't know if he would have any sort of control . Yes no girl in Somnath could get any reaction out of hum but anger and this lady his wife had managed to get unbearable fear , care and now she was getting his body excited .

Raavi nodded and went to washroom to wash her hands . She felt her cheeks go red the way be glared after mentioning she should stop and she also tried to control her feelings .

Shiva meanwhile removed a new change of clothes for her which he knew would be comfortable and waited till she came out .

Raavi:Main nikaal leti Shiva. Tune takleef kyun ki?

Shiva : Dekh tujhe aaram ki zaroorat hai samjhi so time waste nahi karna chahta tha.

He closed his eyes and moved towards her . Raavi felt her breath hitch and she held Shiva's shoulder . Shiva himself was breathless as he could feel her breath against his neck . He gently lifted her kurta whilst keeping his eyes shut . His hands had lightly touched her skin and it sent a tingling feeling across every inch of his skin . Yes he had held her many times but this felt different , had he started getting attracted to this mami ki behen ki beti ? Stop thinking rubbish his mind told him . 

Raavi herself felt her heart would jump out if she didn't get a hold of it . She was so afraid that her heart would give away what she was currently feeling . She felt a electric current through her when his hands briefly toucher her skin . They both were so used to each other's proximity but still this felt like an alien feeling .

He helped her get into her comfortable outfit as quickly as possible trying to avoid touching her as much as possible . He didn't know how he would avoid touching her when he had to apply ointment . He opened his after he was done dressing her 

Shiva : Ho gaya . Sun teri peet pe kaafi gaav hai main ointment laga deta hoon .

Raavi : Nahi main theek hoon .Uski koi zaroorat nahi hai .

Shiva : Ae chipkali tujhe meri baat ko kaatne ki aadat ho gayi hai aisa nahi lagta tujhe ?

Raavi : To tu hi tho bola tha zindagi bar ladna hai mujhe tujhse 

Shiva remembered when she was slipping away. The same fear flashed on his face . Raavi was surprised at the way his face looked . He looked so defeated , did he actually not want to fight with her his entire life or was he scared to lose her . She wished it was latter .

Shiva : Agli baar agar kuch bhi galat hota hai tho promise kar meri baat manegi ! Tu aise time pe na sahi cheez kabhi nahi karti hai . Tu tho hai hi tubelight sahi rasta bol raha tha lekin sunna nahi tha tujhe .

She felt relieved it wasn't that he didn't want to spend rest of his life with her infact he was scared he wouldn't have her in his life . When had their equation changed so much .

Shiva : Abhi pet pe let jaa main ointment lagata hoon . Main aankhein band kar dunga . 

He was scared to make her uncomfortable once again after their brief touch and she thought  he must be thinking she didn't trust him .

Raavi : Shiva ! Mujhe tujhpe poora barosa hai . Aankhein band karne ki zaroorat nahi hai.

He had changed her clothes while closing his eyes and she knew she could trust him . He was the one she felt safe with then how couldn't she trust him with this .

Just now he was all turned on while touching her and now he couldn't even think about it looking at her bruises . It hurt him that he couldn't protect her from this , he had told her sometime back that it wasn't going to be easy for her if dhara bhabhi beat her . He had told her she wouldn't be able to endure the pain and here she was enduring god knows how much pain . To top it she had walked upto ma and requested for Dhara bhabhi to ma , performed a puja , cooked for her . Her phoolkumari was so strong . He wanted to just hug her and not let her go . He hissed and blew air as he applied ointment . She winced everytime his hand toucher her . She was trying to control the plethora of emotions she felt  one was the excitement about Shiva touching her , she felt blissful with his touch even though there was slight pain due to bruises but with his touch they barely were noticeable. She loved the way he touched her . She really need to move her mind out of gutter she thought .

Keeping his gaze down he said he was done .

Shiva : Ho gaya 

Raavi saw a broken Shiva , she didn't know what to interpret . Here she felt so good about his touch and his face showed a totally different emotion .

She tilted his head slightly on top and saw a tear drop falling .

Raavi : SHIVA ! Kya hua tujhe dard ho raha hai kya ? Batana ! Tu ro kyun raha hai ..

He hugged her lightly as if she was delicate doll who would get crushed if he applied pressure . Raavi hugged him back not understanding what had made him so hurt .

Raavi : Shiva ! Kya hua batana ! Mujhe sach mein darr lag raha . Tu theek hai na ?

Shiva : Gadhedi abhi tu mere baare mein soch rahi . Tujhe itna laga hai ! Main tujhe sahi se bacha nahi paaya . Tujhe kuch hota tho main marr.

She held her hand on his mouth and realised what she did and moved her hand away .

Raavi wasnt used to seeing this side of Shiva . She thought of lightening the mood .

Raavi : Oi Chattan Pandya ! Tujhe kya laga sirf tu strong hai ?

Dekh agar tu Chattan Pandya hai na tho main teri biwi hoon . Main Mrs. Chattan Pandya hoon . Tujhse bhi zyaada strong . Samjhe.

Aur dekh Jo hua woh humare haath mein nahi tha budhu . Mujhe akal ke dushman kehta hai , aur khud aisi baat karta hai . 

Dekh hum sab uss musibat se bahar nikle . Sab theek hai . Tu na be wajah tension mat le .

Shiva : Main humesha teri iffazat karunga 

Raavi : Main bhi teri iffazat karungi 

He chuckled at the thought .

Shiva : Mrs. Chattan Pandya bolke koi strong nahi ban jaata .

Raavi : Tu na mujhe humesha se underestimate karta hai . Waise to tu ye bhi bolta tha ki tu mujhe kabhi accept nahi karega . Main tere hisse mein nahi aati Ab tho saari cheeze accept bhi kiya . Aur main tere hisse mein bhi aayi .

So teri baat kabhi bhi sahi nahi nikalti samjha . 

Shiva was flabbergasted how she held onto his every word .In his mind he hoped she was right and she would always be strong .

Raavi : Abhi soneka irada hai ? Ya goorte rahega ? Jaanti hoon Somnath ki sabse khoobsurat ladki hoon lekin uska matlab ye nahi ki tu bas dekhte reh jaye .

Shiva : Ae mami ki behen ki beti . Tu na sirf chipkaliyo ki beauty queen hai samjhi .

They both glared at each other and turned . Lightly smiling at how their conversation turned 360° .They knew they would always be this way fighting but being there for each other in tough times . She had loved how the chapters of their life was filling . He was waiting to explore his life with her .

They had finally started their journey of love taking baby steps .


~The End~

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This was soo cutee❤️❤️

The way shiva said...Mai to thk Hu ,koi aur bhi aa Sakta hai...hayee possessive hubby vibes 🤭🤭

He cried looking at her bruises🤧🤧

Their high😍😍

Kalash aisa Kuch show Mai dekhne mil jaye🥺🥺

Plzzz write more ❤️❤️

Posted: 8 days ago
Originally posted by Pixiepadhi

This was soo cutee❤️❤️

The way shiva said...Mai to thk Hu ,koi aur bhi aa Sakta hai...hayee possessive hubby vibes 🤭🤭

He cried looking at her bruises🤧🤧

Their high😍😍

Kalash aisa Kuch show Mai dekhne mil jaye🥺🥺

Plzzz write more ❤️❤️

Thank you so much smiley31 Will definitely try smiley10

Posted: 8 days ago

So sweet!!!

Their relationship is progressing smiley42 They have haq on each other, Mr and Mrs Chattan Pandya smiley27

Loved it smiley27

Posted: 8 days ago
Originally posted by ananyakhetarpal

So sweet!!!

Their relationship is progressing smiley42 They have haq on each other, Mr and Mrs Chattan Pandya smiley27

Loved it smiley27

Thank you so much smiley31

Posted: 8 days ago


That was such a sweet and adorable moment between these twosmiley42smiley42

ShiVi were so adorable and reading about them taking a step towards each other, together for their relationship was beautiful and very enjoyable!

I loved this OSsmiley9

Posted: 8 days ago

Aww this is amazing.smiley27

Shivi are so adorable and I really loved the changing dynamics between them. Them, taking care of each other and tending each other's wounds.....and on top of that, emotional convo, what can be more blissful for Shivi... smiley42

Do write more...

Reading this beautiful OS left me craving for more.....

Posted: 8 days ago


So sweet piece. 

Loved it❤

Pandya Store 

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