Dard ki Daastaan

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Posted: 3 days ago

Hi everyone,

Today's episode was an emotional one. But somehow I am liking Krishna Raosmiley36 lekin ek baat batao...HYD me sirf Rao's rehete hai kya?....baki surnames kya vacation pe haismiley36

Chalo let's begin

Patni gets shy and embarrassed on getting caught by Pati while Pati is busy admiring her (Meanwhile IF: Let's enjoy the BGMsmiley42). Pati comes inside and calls her Mr. Raghav Rao while she runs away leaving behind a laughing Pati (Kitna cute tha ye scenesmiley36). Pati turns to Amma and asks about new Raghav Rao while Amma asks him not to scold her (Arey Amma aap apne bete ko kabhi samajh hi ni paayi .... Aapko lagta hai vo jaa ke Pallavi ko daantega...shakal dekhiye uski he loved her Raghav Rao get upsmiley37).

Amma says she wanted to say sorry for the necklace robbery so Patni was helping her (Haa ye sahi hai. Pehle rulao ganda wala phir sorry bolosmiley7but chalo kamsekam sorry to bolismiley20). Pati asks her not to say sorry but forgive him for the past (Humko pata tha....ye Amma ko maafi ni mangne dega....khud maafi ke liye girgirayegasmiley13). Pati says time heals everything but for him time has just passed (This line broke my heartsmiley19). 

Amma turns away saying she doesn't know if she can forgive him because she wants to forget that day and erase it from their lives (I agree Pati aur beta khoya hai isne isiliye pain is evident but Raghav atleast ek mauka to deserve karta hai na.smiley13). She hesitates accepting his request badly while Pati goes away crying which is witnesses by Patni (Hesitation hi sahi ...kamsekam ek chiz clear hai....she too is dying to hold him in her arms.smiley13). 

BWA returns home and scolds Kaka and Amrutha for irritating her (Bhai ab Raghav Pallavi ke liye jo marzi kare .... Tum compare ni kar sakti Pallavi se khud kosmiley36). Amma asks Nanand to say sorry to Pati but she refuses (Isko na phone me ghus ke maarne ka mann kiya humkosmiley7). Amma proposes her friend's son for marriage to her but she says she denies yet Amma asks her to meet once (Ye Amma na marriage bureau khol le sahi chalega inka ....smiley37 but ab musibat aane wali hai in the form of Sunny). 

Pati is swimming and Patni waits for him by the poolside (Ab nazdeekiyan badhne lagi hai....full wifey mode me wait kar rahismiley37). Pati wears his robe and sits with Patni (Koi bolega inki nayi nayi shaadi hui haismiley37 they look like 5-6 years old married couple enjoying their time smiley37). Pati asks her if she again wants to jump into the pool attracting her attention to him (Shaitaan kahin ka....jaisi dekha Biwi kahi aur khoyi hui hai ekdum se dhyaan kheechasmiley37). 

Pati hands her orange juice and asks her not to mimic him as she is a bad actress which irks her much to his satisfaction (Ye sach me bohot shaitaan haismiley37). Patni says she is a gold medalist in acting making Pati taunt her (smiley37smiley37smiley37). Pati agrees that he doesn't know to act but the things knows to do can pull them off the best (Haa ye sach haismiley20). 

Patni asks him to play a game with her to write 5 good qualities about self and if it is proven right then loser would follow winner's order (Bas jaal bich gaya hai....ateet ke panne khulne wale haismiley37). Pati denies initially but gets provoked by Patni and ends up playing (Kaise bacche jaisa taaka jhaanki kar raha tha likhte waqtsmiley37). Time's up and Patni asks him to read out the qualities (smiley16). 

Pati says his first best quality is being a good kisser (Jharu scene ka hint hai ye ... Likh ke le lo....ye pakka purani club ki ladkiyon ke topic pe hi pitegasmiley37). Patni says this can't be a judging point as she hasn't seen it (Indirectly kya bolna chahti ho behen....kiss chahiyesmiley37). Pati moves forward to prove that point when Patni says he is disqualified (Ye dono ..... Hum kya bole ab....my dear married people .... Ye scene aap logo ke saath kabhi hua hai kya....arranged marriage walon speciallysmiley36...humse to interpret ni kiya jayegasmiley9). 

Pati complains but Patni starts listing down his good qualities (Dekha .... Pallavi bhi ab humari zubaan bolne lagi haismiley36.....wait😳.... Ye sab to hum bole the jab we were discussing Raghav's relationship values 2 weeks back...infact last week bhi....😳😳). Pati is lost in her and says no one has said so many nice things about him ever (Emotionalsmiley19). Patni says since he lost he has to follow her and Pati says he not only lost the game but has lost his everything to her (Ab ye ladka 2 baar indirectly confess kar chuka hai....teesra baar bhi agar ye ni samjhi na....smiley44vaise ye samajhti hai...she got his point clearlysmiley36). 

Patni asks him about his past and he gets horrified that she too will misunderstand him but Patni assures him her trust (Pallavi trusts him with everything now it seems 🤔🤔). Pati says he never shared it with anyone but will share with her today and Patni thanks him for trusting her (Kuch zyada hi jaldi ni maan gaya ye batane kosmiley3). 

Pati gives example of coin and relates it to his condition. He then narrates about his past and Patni is shocked to know about his brother (Toy 🚆🚆🚆smiley42). Pati says how poor they were and about his father's poor health condition (Pallavi ne jo uska haath thama na...smiley42 vaise she reassured him thrice in this scene...ek starting me where she asked him to trust her ... Then when he was about to begin and she again touched him saying I am there silently and finally she held his tightened fists to calm him down smiley32smiley42). Patni tells about Krishna Rao and Patni is in tears looking at his pain (Ye Krishna Rao bada villain lagta hai .... And Pallavi feels his pain.... that in itself is a great progress in their marriage.smiley42). 

Precap: Vo Keerthi hai....Sunny se milke aa rahi haismiley37


Comment karo sab chup chap se..smiley36



Posted: 3 days ago

yaa...Reddy's r like..main kya karoonsmiley36

Posted: 3 days ago

Emotional episode 😭mast analysis ❤️love nd lots of love 💖

Posted: 3 days ago

Loved the analysis. 

Yes we all know it's Kirti smiley36. Abhi inka showdown hone waala Hai smiley36

Posted: 3 days ago

Raghav was an emotional wreck in today’s episode. My heart went out for him.

Emotional episode

However the 5 things in raghavs list I am thinking if kissing was first wat about the rest

ur kiss analysis jadu wala part I agree with u. 

Posted: 3 days ago

smiley31smiley32always a treat reading ur bak bak ..

same pinch we both share topic name today --zuban is extra in my topic title

raghu wants attention so he taunts his wife to get attention ..

pool scene he just distracted her thats all .

about kiss topic he had that in his system the bedroom scene were he caught her antics his expression was that he wanted to hold her and kiss her ...

he just vent it out about the kiss and losing himself to her he has fallen totally in love with her ..he keeps throwing arrows wishing that she will catch it and shy one day ..

but pallu gets it but ignores that topic because she has weirdest hubby which cant be trusted that to in love matter the day he gets enough and vent it out that he loves her till then she will ignore love talks ..

raghu giving her enough space i bet one day she too will feel love with in and both will confess together 

we are not in a hurry smiley36..

krishna rao maybe related to him maybe chacha etc ..

but actor playing i like him ..

did u see how cruel he was the way he held kid raghu omg raghu might have got terrified ..

amma and kirti lost case they need to exit raghvi are enough ...

broom ka boom and paper might be something else either honeymoon tickets book kiya hoga amma ne and pallu might ask why raghu did so he taunts her accepts he booked tickets and so broom se boom smiley36

or because of kirti +sunny kandh pallu books a ticket to go back and raghu blackmails yet again pay me the money i lost for the sake to get u a project from nizam then leave he might add few more to stop her ..

well i think sunny might blame pallu for rejection and kirti might get wild on her ...

pallu tho gayi pati,nanand se panga bari hogasmiley36

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Posted: 3 days ago

I absolutely loved today's episode. The show is pacing out beautifully - the initial set up done and now after 100 episodes the next track has been set up to push the story in the higher gear. 

Raghav - one who never had anyone with him except for Farhad or maybe Harish is now finding his family through Pallavi. He enjoys teasing her, pulling her leg and enjoys the act of Pallu. It shows how much he wants to belong to the family - he wants to say these are my people. I have rights on them and they have on me. The emotional song - tandana taane and his talk with his mother. The whole sequence was beautiful and the actors were spot on with their emotions. Loved the single tear drop from Raghav's eyes. 

Pallu the girl who brings only happiness witness this tension. I admire Pallavi for the kind heart she really is. She was vowing revenge on RR when he forcibly married her but when she came to know that Amma kept that reason she understood RR and before leaving for Kolhapur she asked Amma to stay for RR's sake. She knew he married forcibly to get his mother and somewhere she forgave him for this because she saw how much he longed to have his mother back in his life. I really hope RR proposes marriage with all rituals with the family once they confess. Pallu deserves having happy memories of her marriage day. 

I loved the pool scene. RR in turmoil and takes his time destressing by swimming and Pallu thinking of how to broach the topic. The game was hilarious. RR wants to kiss and go to first base. I am sure he wouldn't touch her until the confession happens but he sure let's her know what she has become for him - His anchor, his support, his lifeline. 

The past seems to be complicated. Can't wait to see how the cards play out. 

I am a Maharastrian born and brought up in Andhra and I love this show as I hear telugu dialogues and Marathi ones in between. Ghar ki yaad aati hain. 

- Sharada

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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