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Posted: 6 days ago

Episode starts with vansh and riddhima sleeping cuddling each other . Vansh gets up first and realises riddhima is next to him so he picks her up and put her to sleep in her room .

Next day angre and vansh are having their brekafast and discussing abt gold deal that will reach mumbai soon . Vansh ask abt sniper to which angre says he has put his men at work . Riddhima comes and greet angre but ignore vansh 😬 Angre gets up and ask her to sit but riddhu like caring bhabhi ask him to finish his meal . Vansh is little annoyed . Riddhima tells angre that she saw some wierd dream that she got kidnapped . Vansh ke expression 🀣🀣🀣

Angre says bhabhi maine suna hai ki . Vansh interrupts and ask him stop believing superstition and  better talk abt busniess which we were discussing. Riddhima silently says to angre i will tell you later on . Sara comes and ask for cricket . Riddhima denies . Sara ask vansh but vansh is in shock , he is sweating . Angre ask lets play boss thoda refreshing o jaayega . Vansh is silent . Riddhima says to sara if he doesnt want to play why are you forcing him leave . Sara says vansh are you scared of lossing . Vansh leaves from there .

Ishani is shouting while moving  in corridor how vansh bhai can do this . She hears sia voice. . Sia is flirting with vyom but vyom giving no bhav . Instead in his mind vyom says kidr gle pdh gyi hai 🀣🀣. Vyom aks her to leave and when he will be free he will call her . Vyom leaves . Ishani scolds sia that her standard have gone so low that she is flirting with lonby manager . Sia is relaxed ki ishani ko kuch nhi bta chla . Ishani says to sia that she has lost her mind as she is flirting with some servant . 

Vansh enters that room again and same voice ask him to come . Riddhima is following vansh . Vansh starts playing piano . Vansh agian goes to corner from where voice was coming and voice says its feel good to see you . Riddhima knocks at door but leaves . Vansh goes to check 

Vansh comes from behind and shout at riddhima do not follow him . Riddhima ask him he was here then how come you came from behind . Vansh ask her to stop following him . Riddhima says she was not following but want to talk to him  Riddhu says maine tume room se nhi nikhala tha tum khud gye te and ab itni mehnat kyu kr rye o raat ko apne room main lekr jaate o and phir subah mere uthne se pehle muje chor aate o , you can sleep next to me , agr main sone ki acting tb kr skti hu then jb tum mere pass so rye hoge tb phi kr skti hu πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Vansh ask her to stop her day dreaming . Riddhima says ki agr tume meri khushboo se bta chl jaata hai them usko phi ehsas o jaata hai . Vansh leaves . Riddhu says pehle ziddhi tha ab jhootha phi 🀣

Waiter bring food for vyom and ask him to have and then his medicine madam ne bola hai . Vyom falls from chair . Riddhima ask waiter to leave . Riddhima ask vyom to eat then have medicine as his condition is not good . Vyom ask her to leave as he dont need any care from him . She should care abt her janwar husband who kill innocent  and then leaves . Riddhima ask him to eat . Vyom says last tym bol rya hu leave as he dont need her sympathy. Riddhima keeps food tray near him and ask him to eat for pihu and maduri and leaves . Vyom eat the food .

Riddhima is sitting near pool and crying remembering her marriage with vansh their moments. Vansh sees hee both stare at each other but vansh leave without saying anything . Vansh recieves a letter from riddhima side and riddhu too receives a letter from vansh side both get happy .

Vyom is remembering his wife and daughter and puts the last belongings in trunk and ask him to not get weak . Sia comes to meet him but he ask her to leave as it will be dangerous for her .

Riddhima and vansh arrive for their anniversary celebration. Cake in center both looking so royal and that male bgm . Both abt to kiss when riddhima ask him if he has taken first step then he should wish her . Vansh gets shocked and ask what first step . Riddhima says you send me that card , vansh says but you send it to me . Riddhu says i received first . Angre comes and says it was me . Riddhu gets happy . Angre says he wanted a small celebration for the couple who cant even stay away from each other . So he planed this all . Vansh shouts but angre says aj jo mrzi keh le aap but its small gesture for beautiful couple . 

Vansh shouts at angre . He says maine bola hai na mere kam main tang mt adaya kro but tum phir phi so get lost . Angre leaves . Riddhima ask vansh he didnt wish her she didnt feel bad , didnt send any letter its ok but in his ego he is not able to see love of angre and her . She questions him how heartless you can be and she leaves .

vansh says i have heart but you broke it . Vansh alter ego ask him sath main rehna phi nhi hai and alg reh nhi skte why cant you wish her go and wish . Vansh sees riddhima leaving . Vansh says to his ego how dare you . Vansh ka ego says partner you cant stay away from her yeh baat man lo

episode ends

Posted: 6 days ago

Vansh pagal ho raha hai aur kuch nai. smiley14

Stealing his wife from her room at night and carrying her back in the morningsmiley37Kaun karta hai aisa?smiley37

And I dunno why he was being a jerk to AngreπŸ˜’

He screamed at him just because he arranged for their wedding anniversary as a kind gesturesmiley24 

I understand his possessiveness but what happened dude? smiley24

Posted: 6 days ago

Nice update nav πŸ‘πŸ»

Posted: 6 days ago

Thanks for the written update. 

Even in today’s episode there was no mention of the either the black box or black mamba. I hope they address these two plots before ending. Do you guys think they will wind up these plots? 

Posted: 6 days ago

At this point, I would like to thank the Makers, Scriptwriters or whatever.

They tried their best to fulfill our wishes. I remember someone wanted to see VR playing the red piano for the last time. They couldn't bring that exact piano from Mumbai, but they at least showed him playing the same tune we wanted to see him play.

Coming to the episode, I have a strong feeling Vyom will die in the end.

Its his obsession guys. Isn't that what you wanted to see? The crazy possessiveness and obsession that VR won't care for even his loved ones. The only thing he will see is Riddhima.

And bout the promo, Vansh was not drunk but too tired and exhausted that he just fainted. 

Thank you for the update, Navsmiley31

Posted: 6 days ago

Thanks for the update

Nice update

Riddhu knew and was acting asleep it's so cute

There anniversary poor Angre had planned it but they didn't even wish each other

Posted: 6 days ago

Waise ye preacap tha kya??!

Etna possessive Vansh..... doesn't he know Angre?!

Yes Angre has always been in his limit but that simple hand holding striked such response from Vansh......bravo dude!!

Posted: 6 days ago

Thanks for the navdeep!! 

Morning scene was so cute to watch.. looks like vansh didnt want to get caught from riddhusmiley36..

Poor angre, he was just helping... vansh bi na..

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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