All that Happens, Happens for Good

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Posted: 6 days ago

Hi all, 

I have mostly been a silent reader of this forum but I just wanted to say, that when I found out the news about Immj2 ending, I felt like I could not function well for a bit. And then suddenly within a few hours, I came to terms with it. I was so surprised that I took it well without getting moody at all. Maybe cause the first time, colors wanted to pull of Immj2, I was super upset. I am forever grateful to Voot for allowing me to see Immj2 for another 96 episodes. It would have ended long time ago if it was not for Voot. 

Truthfully, the cast is as surprised as us that the show had to be rolled up in a day. But I guess artists know that their lives is like a vagabond, moving from one show to another. And if you ask me, I am sure a big showdown happened between the channels and producers cause usually channels are considerate and give a week or two time to close the show and this was overnight.Even when Ankit Siwach was asked, he said he will let us know when he knows. If you see, Mamta has been shush about the whole debacle despite being bombarded. 

I feel in love with Riansh and Rrahel. I really don't know who I love more between the two. But I know for sure, they will remain good friends and bump into each other at outings or parties. I hope to see some pictures of theirs sometimes and hoping that their nok jhok continues.  I am very optimistic about their pairing as I remember I used to watch Jamai Raja and Nia and Ravi were recasted again in Jamai 2.0. Divyanka and Karan Patel are coming back, Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar and the list goes on. I also will miss Angre (Zayn) , Aryan (Manasvi) but I am sure that they will always be Rrahuls brothers since they call him bhai and are very much attached to him. May God bless all their friendships and kiski buri nazar na lage. As for my dear Rahul, if only I can give him my condolences in person. He has lost his 3 family members but he still has that happy smile on his face. He did post a post on his IG a couple of months back about how you and me never die... We just become invisible. I guess he is taking things in his stride. Also, on the bright side the show ending allows him to mourn quietly. Sometimes keeping ourselves busy does not address the pain we have. We just keep burrying it and one day when it comes out, it just cripples us. The greatest discovery of Immj2 is obviously Rahul. He took so long to reach here after leaving his corporate job and I cannot be more happy for him. Now that he has rocked the TV industry, I hope he will smash it too. I am sure his mother will be blessing him from the other side and I pray May he have an amazing support system once he returns to Mumbai. 

Nevertheless, a special thank you to Mamta & Yash Patnaik, Shashwat (we did eat his head with our demands), Voot, Colors and all cast and crew for creating a memorable show. This show helped me when I was not happy with my job, when my boss used to scold me and the twitter tag became like my friend in solace. Cheers to a wonderful show and I am sure Riansh will return soon together on a new show but it might not be titled Immj2.... Might be some other name 😂😂 also, to the twitterati who pretends to be Dottu, Dotti, Dadi, VR... You guys are hilarious... And maybe I am not so affected by the closure of the show cause in this past one month, the show has really been draggy and boring....the wattapad stories have been far more interesting eveb though I have to wait long for the chapters. A special thank to my Wattapad writers for entertaining me. 

I will still say all well ends well. All that Happens, Happens for a reason and we may not see it now, but maybe we might see it in a few months time. 

Stay safe everyone ❤️

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Posted: 6 days ago

Hd tears reading ur post. Ys everything happens fr the good but I will never be able to forget rrahel or riansh. Thy were like a beautiful dream to me. Its said never gt attached to shows or characters but I never even realised wen i fell in love with them and its so difficult to say good bye 😪

Posted: 6 days ago

You don't need to say goodbye. They will be back soon enough. Stay optimistic cause the only thing we have in this world now is hope and there are other more pressing things like the virus spreading like wildfire, world hunger. Give thanks to the universe for a wonderful show and the universe will reply you multifold. 🌠

Posted: 6 days ago

Well said, I also don't want to say goodbye.

I really hardly badly need them to come back, I will miss VR mansion and riansh to the core, hoping from the moment they said that the show is going to end ,for there comeback 😢.

I don't know why, iam very much attached to this show😓❤

Please come back na

Posted: 6 days ago

I think the ending was well planned from before..Riya who played kiara told us that immj2 had a 4 month contract with voot..It was for a short period only..even helly told that in ott they knew they had to deliver limited episodes was first planned for 50 ep & then seeing the popularity they extended it to another 50...Actors can't reveal anything becoz they are bound by contract...And immj2 was a costly show & obviously budget issues..In ott max we can have 100 ep,,,but we should be thankful to MYP that immj2 being an ott show there was no need to go to goa & siliguri & spent huge amt of money & it could have ended during the lockdown but still she took the team to goa and siliguri..Some of us were kind of prepared that the show would go off air by 13th july


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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