Shivi drabble- we are home

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Posted: 4 days ago

Ohk guys we all are making a lot of predictions for the aftermath scene and waiting for some shivilicios moments😂😂.this is my small attempt or rather my wish to see this scene onscreen . So let me know how you guys feel about it.

                              We are home 

Shiva was physically and mentally exhausted after the happenings of the day . They all reached home safe and happy.everything was fine now, dhara bhabi was not going anywhere, the family was together, his chipkali was safe.But still he was feeling uneasy. Flashbacks of the event kept replaying in his mind. Seeing her unconscious like that had scared him. Yess..shiva pandya was scared. The last time he felt like this was when he had seen her hanging from the fan, when he had seen the noose, but atleast he was not helpless then...a part of him knew he will save her.he closed his eyes trying to block away those thoughts.

Raavi entered the room and saw that he had taken a bath and changed into a grey vest and black track pant. She knowingly came late so that he can clean up first.

Shiva saw her at the door. She looked pale and Tired. Even in this state, she had fought for her family, completed the Pooja with a smiling face. Where did his Phoolkumari get her strength from? The look of pride returned in his eyes.

" Jaake Naha le...dhara bhabi ne Kaha hai ki Woh hamara Khana kamre Mai hi bhej degi.shiva said.

She nodded.she was feeling conscious around him now that they were alone.she wanted to say so much.thank him, apologize to him but all she could do was nod.

Raavi entered the bathroom to see that the bathtub was filled with warm water, it smelled like her favourite lavender essential oil.she smiled.she needed this hot relaxing bath. She was happy after a long time. She was confused after their marriage.she had felt like a burden after the kidnapping fiasco, a burden shiva was forced to carry for life.they had  fought since childhood, but he had always shielded her from any actual harm.the Fact that he doesn't care whether she was alive or dead broke her heart.but today after a long time she felt at peace. She had seen the fear in his eyes when she was slowly losing her senses.she remembered his desparate attempts to keep her awake. She relaxed in the bathtub reminiscing those moments.

She came out , feeling a lot better to see that shiva had served food for both of them and was waiting.

She sat in the bed and they are silently without saying a word.

What was happening? They were never awkward, they never had any reservations. They were together and it was so silent, this was something new.

Shiva cleared the plates after they were done.

" Mai dho deti hoo ." Raavi said trying to take the plates.

" Tu Aram Kar..Mai Kar Lunga " shiva said sternly.

He knew she was hurt and tired.she needed to rest.

Raavi pulled the bottom of her salwar upto her knees and started to apply ointment on her bruises.

Shiva entered and saw her like that, she immediately lowered her bottom, and shiva turned away.

" Tu Aram se malham laga le...Mai bahar hu" he was about to go when raavi stopped him.

" Shiva ....idhar aa " raavi gestured on the bed beside her.

He was injured. Perhaps a lot more than her, but she knew he will never tend to his wounds.

He went and sat besides her giving her a questioning look.

" Apni ganji utar" she said mustering courage.

" AE mamikibehenkibeti ....tere Sar pe bhi chot Lagi hai kya? Yeh kya bol rahi hai? " Shiva said 

" Dekh shiva, Mai janti hi Tu chattan pandya hai.. par chot to tujhe bhi Lagi hai na, ab mujhse zyada behes mat Kar aur Apni ganji utar " she said authoritatively.

Shiva sighed and removed his vest and turned around.

She saw his back was filled with bruises.tears welled up in her eyes seeing those. He had taken the entire load on him to protect her.He is in so much pain, but wont even say a word.

She carefully applied the ointment on his back, making sure not to miss a single area. She was blowing on his back and was flinching.

Shiva felt her soft trembling hands on her back and took a deep breath.he could hear her expressions of pain and shook his head thinking

Aaj bhi mujhse zyada dard ise ho Raha hai.

Raavi was done with the wounds. 

" Dekh shiva...aaj Tu pura din Aram karega.kahin nahi jayega...tujhe Jo kaam hai mujhe bolna.samjha? " She said while arranging the cushions on his side of the bed.

" Tujhe aur kahin to nahi Lagi na?" Raavi asked checking him for any more bruises.

He just shook his head.

He was watching her in a trance. His heart filled to see such concern of her towards him. She was always a kind and empathetic person who couldn't see anyone in pain, but something was different today.she was acting different.she seemed like a wife.yes the sudden realisation gave him a strange satisfaction.she was his wife.

" Ghoor kya Raha hai? Sojaa...chal." she said nudging him gently and making him lie down.

" Tu comfortable hai na? Aur cushions Lau? " Raavi asked 

He just shook his head. 

She was about to go when shiva held her hands.

" Chot sirf mujhe Lagi hai? Tujhe nahi? Tu bhi Aram Kar" he said and gently pulled her to the bed.

She nodded and slept besides him, this time on the same side as him. 

So this is our much discussed oinment scene😂😂.

Posted: 4 days ago

And it’s beautiful 

Posted: 4 days ago

I like this version stays true to both their characters smiley42

Posted: 4 days ago

Wowww!! I wish u were the writer of  PS ! Actually our forum members should write PS instead of those stupid writers!!  You guys are the one keeping us sane!! Thank you to all the beautiful writers here! smiley27smiley42

Posted: 4 days ago

Wow this is so much better and makes sense and is true to their characters as well.

Posted: 4 days ago

This is so beautiful ❤️❤️

Show mein kaash aisa kuch mil jaye

Posted: 4 days ago

Nice, I wish they showed something like thissmiley42

Thanks for writing it

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