Pandya Phamily ANTI-CLIMAX!

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Posted: 6 days ago

Okay before we start, I am not going to lie. I am starting to lose interest because I don't know what kind of crack the writers are taking! smiley37 It's becoming harder for me to enjoy even the bad episodes!

I legit don't have a problem with the tracks except for maybe the Mahan Dhara track but the pace at which they solved like 4 issues in the house...within a day, it's too much and too soon after all the torture we endured before smiley11smiley21

The Rishita redemption ARC, Raavi/Shiva understanding, Dhara/SasuMaa reunion, Dev/Rishita reunion! etc. All brilliant ideas for something different on TV and they ruined it! smiley26


Good Points:

  • The end of our suffering or the start not sure smiley37


  • The Pooja scene was cute, Shiva touching Raavi's arm...smiley42smiley42
  • Shivi Dinner Scene was so cute!! smiley43 I love their we need the writers to give us bachpan ke flashbacks to kick off their journey of friendship!smiley42


  • SasuMaa threw Anita out of the phamily photo! smiley37


  • Photo-Op was actually cute! Now I understand why ShiVi looked like sheeeeeet! smiley37


  • Cheetah Dev and Rishimendra scene was actually cute for once and not forced! They are a very good on-screen couple!smiley27
  • GauRa scene! It was cute, slightly out of place but I do enjoy GauRa when they aren't beating up children! smiley37


  • When Gaumbi said, bohat se loog tera intazer ker rehe hain, I thought he meant him and Gaumbi junior....smiley37 


  • He said no one comes in this part of the haveli...wrong! KESAR IS HERE! smiley37smiley37


  • But I am hoping GauRa finish all types of sifarish today...instead THEY NEED TO START PLAYING HIDE THE ZUCCHINI! smiley37


Bad Points:

  • I was pretty bored by the episode today smiley37
  • Cheetah Dev being way too dramatic! The living line smiley37Everyone becoming Hare Kri...Dhara, Hare Dhara today! smiley37smiley11


  • MahaPursh Dhara slow-walking...I timed it! She got to the front in 4 minutes 24 seconds...she would have reached Hardik in 2026! smiley37


  • SasuMaa made excellent points! But she's still using abusive language! smiley37 


  • Gaumbi wanting to help Dhara pack....question if he loves her so much, why didn't he leave with her? smiley37


  • When SasuMaa said bharosa nahi hai, mein bhi chalti hoon...I had hope...But MahaPursh Dhara got all the credit...again! SasuMaa forgives MahaPursh Dhara easily  smiley11


  • *YKB 11.5 PLAYS!* smiley37I was on the subway and I was laughing whilst watching this! The Korean lady next to me thought I was crazy smiley37


  • Rishimendra saying sorry and calling Dhara saas! smiley37DID HELL FREEZE OVER TODAY? smiley37


  • Dinner was nice but like WHY DID THEY MAKE RAAVI COOK? The girl had a building drop on her! smiley37 Raavi trying to fatten Shiva up for the sacrif.....I mean she wants him to eat well! 


  • YAAR koi Anita-Toerag to kahein phenkh ke aao! smiley37 Her track makes no sense! smiley37 Anita-Toerag needs a chill-pill! smiley37 Bro she full-on psycho! I am not looking forward to this track because they already explored it when Dhara and Gautum got married and Anita came running back to him! smiley37


Precap: Another track that I don't think will make any sense at all!smiley37  But Pandya Store becoming a chain is a good idea! Mami having a keera up her ass as usual! smiley37


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Posted: 6 days ago

This is superhit smiley37smiley37smiley37

You rock the world with your posts smiley27

And, Hayeeee, you brought my Kesudaaaa! smiley43 I have been missing him since yesterday. Unfortunately, Gulaal is not on Hotstar. I wonder why would they not add it! smiley19

Posted: 6 days ago

This is sooo awesome 不不不不

Loved your gif歹歹

Raavi is a superwoman 不不. Everyone loves gaura minus the beating part 之. rishimendra不不.

Keep making these歹

Posted: 6 days ago

This one was a riot!不

Posted: 6 days ago


I loved hide the zucchini reference from avengers smiley37

shivi are smiley27

Anita and maamismiley7smiley35

hare dhara hare dharasmiley11smiley21smiley7

zootopia ka sloth walksmiley20smiley37

Iove the name rishimendrasmiley37


Posted: 6 days ago


I ship Dhara and Rishita 五不不

Theyre made for each other smiley42smiley37

Dhara will give her some Sanskar and Ri baby will reach Dhara self love smiley37 enough of sacrifices smiley29

Pandya Store 

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