RaghVi OS - And it starts *updated*

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Posted: 3 days ago

P - Hi Ragahv...


Is it? No. Keep quiet.


P - Raghav.... Hello??? Can u hear?


Should I? But if? No can't take that chance. Keep quiet.


P - Hello???? Anybody dere??


F - Pallavi Vahini.... here?? What a surprise.


Oh... Talk.


R - Saree ka dukaan... why are u blabbering for past hour. Still no improvement or what? I thought after 6 months some sanity would have come to u.


P - U Ghamandi Rao... don't comment on my blabbering. U also havn't lost ur attitude a bit. Thank god I don't have to take it up now.


R - What thank god??? U must be crying everyday to comeback. But court gave me my beloved freedom and I will protect it.


P - Crying to come back??? Dream on. Its the best thing to happen to me and don't waste my time now. I have come here to shop for Mansi's wedding jewellery. So I am ur customer. Talk with respect.


R - Oh Respect... At ur service madaam.


Pallavi chuckles.

R - Now u dream on saree ka dukaan. Raghav Rao don't take orders from anyone. Even from his ex-wife.


Turning to Farhad.

R - Farhad handle everything. I need to go for a meeting. So whatever this is handle it.


F - But anna there is no m...


P - Whatever this is??? How dare u Ghamandi Rao? I will b..


R - Oh Lecture ka dukaan... I do love seeing u irritated but work first. Farhad help her and cancel other meetings for today. I have some work to attend to.


F - Sure anna.


R - Bad day Saree ka dukaan.


P - Worst day Ghamandi Rao.


Ok. It was fine. Everything is fine.


Raghav steps out of the showroom and Pallavi turned to Farhad.

P - No improvement in him right. Still same idiot.


F - Yes Vahini. I hoped u would have...


P - Farhad... firstly I m not ur vahini. Secondly It was not my job. He forced me to marry him. Yes we became good friends while we were together but thats it. I told same thing to amma. Its was not my job. It never was. Oh yes... How's amma doing? Wasn't able to come to meet her after that day. And how's Keerthi?


F - Both are good Vahin... Sorry Pallavi Ji. Amma wanted to go for pilgrimage tour so she is gone for sometime. Yesterday only she told she has reached Haridwar and will be back soon. Keerthi also accompanied her.


P - Oh great... see I did atleast one favour to ur anna.

And my revenge wasn't completed. But its fine. I can cut some slack to Ghamandi Rao. He is not that bad. I pardoned him. The Great Pallavi Ra.. Sawant can do that.


Pallavi had a peaceful smile on her face. She was content.

F - Pallavi Ji... come I will show u jewellery.


P - Sure Farhad and one more thing. I missed some of my documents in RR mansion. So I will be coming in evening to pick those up. Inform ur arrogant anna.


F - Ok Pallavi Ji... I won't be there but will inform Reddy.


P - Sure.



P - Ghamandi Rao... I m here to take my documents. Farhad must have informed u. Don't start shouti..... Raghaaavvv.....

Pallavi shouted as she saw Raghav lying on the floor near the bed.


P - Raghav... Raghav...

She dashed to him and tried to tilt him as he was lying on his chest face down. She shook him while constantly shouting for house help. Trying to pull him out of corner. The tears flowing frivolously for her enemy/friend. She shouted for help as she wasn’t able to pull him and then heard a voice.


R - Saree ka dukaan... Y r u shouting? Let me do my work.


P - Raghav??? Work??? What work? And y r u lying on floor?


R - How will u get ur favorite pen from under the bed then u sherlock ki nani?


P - Pen?? U were conscious??? R u mad?? I was shouting like anything for past 5 minutes and u didn't uttered a word. I was worried sick. I thought u left m..


R - Yes that was really hilarious. Raghav my love.... Ragha...

He stopped.

P - Raghav??

R - Yes... Yes... Oh... and u were worried of me leaving u. I knew saree ka dukaan... U want to come back. But u can't. I love my freedom too much. Y r u here anyways?


P - U idiot. Now get up. And U didn't heard while I was shouting about my documents. I will take that from my... ur drawer. And come up now.


R - Oh... so today u wanna play wifey then. So come down and help me get my pen first. Its very expensive.


P - U.... veda manus..U nd ur expensive pen. Remain there with ur pen then. I m going and clean the damn room. Everything is on floor.


R - Bye wifey...


P - Idiot.

Pallavi banged the door on her way out.


Ok. Ok. Done.

His things were on the floor and so was he. His eyes loses strength to remain open with his stopping breath and he slipped into the realm of nothingness in pool of crimson.


Something died that day

But they said nothing was killed

No mourning  ,no cries

Nothing unusual  which truth defies

The smile is as big as always

The laugh is the real one

Still it wasn’t pondered

Never that laugh have the pure send off no one wondered

Shatters never shelter have known it for too long

Why that off doesn’t kept it to where it belong

But it ends ,was always meant to be

Something was lost which keeps the beats

It laughed a lot It preached

but don’t expect to be real Cause reality is screeched

Fakeness is what everyone wants

So that is what they get

It have to carry each and every ounce of Its regret

Surprised to see no one awestruck and That’s anyways good

cause that what It wanted as not they but It was a fool

Then again what would have surprised was never seen

As It knew something died that day

But everyone believed that nothing was killed



Edited by lateuser1234 - 2 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

Omg what hapoened at the end

Kinda of hanging😱😱😱

Love your OS💕🌟

Edited by Evarasha - 3 days ago
Posted: 3 days ago

Nooo😱😱. The ending was totally unpredictable. I read it thrice to make sure what I read was right. You portrayed so many emotions in a simple and kinda comical way.

This is a different intake on their separation track and guess what I loved it.

Please write more stories smiley31

Posted: 3 days ago

and handsome back with ossmiley42.. first of all your take on separationsmiley32smiley32 but the tragic end i was expecting from you heartless mansmiley19... but the dialogue delivery and sketch is damn perfect smiley27 

Carry on with such mini attacks to us only you can serve like thissmiley20

BTW hv you gone through appreciation thread or not tell me that first i tagged you 🦉

Posted: 3 days ago


And I realise now that this is an OS .....matlab yahi pe khatamsmiley3

It was cute but endingsmiley19

Loved itsmiley20

Posted: 3 days ago

That was an unpredictable ending and quite shocking especially the last line

and how did Pallavi not manage to see the blood while she was holding him---he hid his pain from Pallavi perfectly well behind the smile

Although I would love to read a continuation on what happened---do write it if you wish.

But this os was cute and your version of their life post separation is really good

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 

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