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Posted: 6 days ago

Please suggest some name


Virat was on his way back to home from Amravati.He was very eager to see his wife.He had missed her so much.And that had made him realize that he could never live without her.He had fallen very deeply in love with her.He had already told aai that he was on his way.But the thought  most was did she miss him.Has she even felt something for him...Only she knew about it and what ran in Sai's mind is something nobody knew about.

Ashwini was eager to see her son after so many days.She told him to inform Sai but he wanted to surprise her.She prayed to bappa to make her son realize his love for Sai and for Sai the same.She always prayed for Sai's happiness because after what she has gone through she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Ashwini (hugging Virat)-Kaisa hai godu ? Khana khya hai tune ?

Virat-Nai nai khaya hai.Aur mai bilkul theek hu.Ghar mai sab shaant hai na ? Patralekha ?

Ashwini-Nai sab theek hai..Tu chal pehle khana kha le phir ja Sai se milne.

Virat wanted to tell his aai of his feelings.She always prayed for both of them.She always was very happy with Sai and him being together.Sometimes he felt she loved Sai more.

Ashwini (making him eat)-Ye lo kha.Aab bol kya baat hai.Tu toh bada khush lag raha hai.(Teasing him)-Kai tujhe Sai se pyaar toh nai ho gaya.

Virat (stunned)-Aap ko kaise pata ?

Ashwini-Aai ko sab pata chal jata hai....

Virat-Mere akele ki feelings se kuch nai hota.Sai kya sochti hai woh bhi bahut zaroori hai.

Ashwini-Is baat pe mei dave se keh sakti hu ki woh bhi tujhse pyaar karti hai.Shyad batai nai par pyaar toh woh bhi karti hai.Virat mehnat bahut karni padegi tumhe.Woh itni jaldi kuch nai bataiyge.

Virat knew that already though.Sai almost kept her emotions packed like a suitcase maybe because of Jagtap.Because she had been through enough.Virat when went to room Sai was already asleep with her book on top of her.Virat removed the book and switched of the lights.Sai stirred she felt like it was Virat.But her sleep was too strong to get up and see.

When Sai woke up in the morning she saw Virat fast asleep and decided to talk to him once she is home in evening.She rushed through her work like hurricane.She was getting late for college.When he woke up he found Sai gone and Mohit told him she had went to college.Virat was disappointed that he couldnt meet her in the morning.Patralekha tried to talk to him once but he ignored her and went for breakfast.

This didnt go unnoticed by Bhavani.Something was there which she could put a finger on but Ashwini had.She first needed to talk to Virat and than Ashwini.She would never tolerate this.She knew Virat was in love with his Sai.But Patralekha.......

When Patralekha tried to serve to Virat..

Bhavani (sternly)-Patralekha Virat ko Ashwini dege tum baki sab ko do...Ashwini Sai kaha hai...Use nai karna hai nashta..

Ashwini (smiling)-Woh toh kab ki college chali gai..

Virat asked his mother if Sai had breakfast and Ashwini signed in a NO.Virat thought what to do about her.She doesnt eat proper breakfast and skips food in anger.He had to talk to her about it.She cant go on skipping breakfast.

When Sai returned she saw Virat on phone call and decided to freshen up first.She was so tired today.When she came out she saw coffee and food on table.She was confused maybe it was Virat sir's .

Virat (smiling and looking at Sai)-Ye tumhare hai Sai.Khana padega.

Sai-Aapki tabyet toh theek hai...Mai ye sab nai khane wali..

Virat-Tumne breakfast miss kiya tha.

Sai-Par maine lunch kiya tha.Aur waise bhi mai ye khao phir dinner karu raat ko padh bhi nai paogi..

Virat-kyu ?

Sai-Itna sab khane se neend aati hai Virat sir.

Virat-Tum gusse mai bhi khana nai khati ho.

Sai-Woh mere aur mere gusse ke beech hai.Gusse ke level par depend karta hai.Mai is waqt ye nai kha sakti.

Ashwini chuckled seeing them both.When both of them were there only than there was liveliness.

Ashwini-Arre tum dono kyu lad rahe ho.Virat maine tumse pehle hi kaha tha Sai is waqt kuch nai khayege.

Sai-Dekha aai ko pata hota hai.

Virat-Arre par aai..

Ashwini-Mai khila dogi usse roz ok.Aab ja kaku bula rahi hai.



Kaku-Patralkeha aur tumhare baare mei jaana chahti hu.Mai jaanti hu tumhari taraf se kuch nai hai...Par sach kya hai..

Virat-Theek hai mai aapko sab batata hu.

2)-Ashwini-Sawal ye hoga ki kya woh Samrat ko aur apne rishte ko insaaf de payege.

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Posted: 6 days ago

It's a really nice plot 

Would love to read more

Update soon !!!!!

Edited by Sanya01rhv - 6 days ago
Posted: 6 days ago

Beautiful update. Would love to read more.

Title for SS

1) Love's In The Air

2) My Heart Beats Only For You

3) Madly In Love

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Posted: 6 days ago

Amazing start to the story😍

Update soon ❤️

For the name, how about 

Boundless Love 

Posted: 6 days ago

Wow superb update smiley20smiley32smiley32

Finally Bhavani kaku ko apni fav bahurani per doubt hua smiley3

So our viru is in love with his baikosmiley42smiley42smiley43smiley42 but yeh confess lab karega

I don't samrat with this pagal woman ..

Thank u so much. 

Continue soon😍😍😍

Posted: 6 days ago

Loved it 

Aise time pai it's really soothing 🥺

I wish other writers also come up with their Stories Today 

It's total mess today 🥺😭😭

Update soon ❤️

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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