Analysis on waada confrontation - part 2

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Posted: 4 days ago

Hello everyone

This is the second part of my analysis on the waada confrontation. It based on the episode 213. 

It is a really really long post.

Can I please request not to bash any characters. I know some are upset with Sai and some with Virat. The whole purpose behind my post is to understand the position of both of them and what role has Pakhi played in creating differences between the two.

Let's continue from where I had stopped in the first part. Have copied a few dialogues from the 1st part to have some continuity. Don't want audience also to be reading it like how Virat entered the arena 🤣.

Pakhi revealed it to the family that Virat slept on the couch.

Sai got very very hurt thinking that she felt sorry for Virat whereas he was with Pakhi. 

When Sai had said that she wasn't even aware that Virat slept on the couch, Pakhi didn't let it go at all.

"Tumhe pata bhi kaise hoga, tumhe Virat ki paravah thodi na hai. Virat sir ki dekhbaal karne aayi hoon, aisa dekhbaal karogi tum uski? Usey aise couch par sulakar?"

She had exposed her real colour by saying that Pakhi keeps spying Virat's actions all the time. When a wife can be questioned by a 3rd person, why can't the 3rd person be questioned by a wife?

"Kamaal ki baat hai na Aai, ghar pe kisi ne unhe sofe pe sote hue nahi dekha, yahaan tak subah hone tak mujhe bhi nahi pata tha woh bahar hall mein so rahe hain, lekin aapko pata tha Pakhi didi, kyun?"

"Ya toh Virat sir ne khud aapko bulakar ye baat batayi yaa phir aap Virat sir par har waqt nazar rakthi hain"

Now Sai wanted answers. Pakhi poked a wounded wife. She poked Sai at a wrong time when Sai's emotions were running high.

"Jo kuch bhi hua aapko ek samajhdaar insan ki tarah ek pati patni ke niji mamle mein nahi bolna chahiye tha, usse door rehna chahiye tha. Lekin jab aapne bol hi diya, beech mein taang ada hi de hai na, poore parovaar ko bata dijiye ki kya karan hai ki aap baar baar Virat sir aur mere beech mein aa jathi hai"

How did it start?

We should first understand that whatever Sai spoke or asked her was as a result of Pakhi's own actions. It was not just a result of her provoking Sai that day, it has been a hurt, a wound that had always been within Sai, a wound that was always given to Sai by Pakhi that had burst out now as questions.

Sai was calm and kept staying quiet but Pakhi kept provoking her throughout. Pakhi had crossed lines many times in the past and every single counter argument of Sai or Virat or Ashwini against Pakhi kept going to drain. She kept getting more bold day by day and started to openly start wars with Sai when she got the support of Kaku and their gang. She always entered Sai and Virat's personal space without giving it a thought. 

How can this confrontation be of help?

If Sai doesn't stop Pakhi now, there is no stopping her. Even now, it is not going to but when her intentions are being questioned, whether people in the family agree to it or not, eventually they will also be forced to look at things from that perspective. Kaku and gang might be against Sai now, but that doesn't mean that will be the case always. I also feel that Kaku will think twice before sending Pakhi to check on this couple if they hear their quarrels. Pakhi will also be forced to think and do a few things so that she doesn't let the family think about her or suspect her in the same lines that Sai tried to make them think. 

My first reaction when the promo was out was, like let's watch it. I wanted Pakhi's truth to be brought out. But after watching episode 213, I started to feel should Sai even be questioning in front of all.

But after writing my analysis of episode 211 and 212, I was like who will not ask Pakhi, who will keep their mouth shut. There is no stopping Pakhi and Sai felt that this was the time that Pakhi needs to give answers to all her questions.

Some benefits out of this may be?

She wanted to question as in what authority does Pakhi keep interfering in the lives of her and Virat.

She felt that Pakhi should be put in the position that she rightly has to be in. She felt that Pakhi has to get the taste of her own medicine. 

Pakhi keeps questioning Sai's integrity, her morals, her care and concern for Virat, her motto, her agenda which doesn't even exist. Pakhi also alleges Sai of various things which she is not or hasn't done. 

Sai questions Pakhi in the room or answers her back has never helped so far. Sai asked Pakhi on the Mahashivratri day if she was bothered that she was feeding Virat. She also asked her a few questions in the hospital. The couple even asked why should Virat be her nominee. Sai even asked her if it was that important that she couldn't wait till the next day. Sai doesn't even know that Virat has no feelings for Pakhi and has told Pakhi the same too and even then Pakhi is troubling him. Sai doesn't even know that Pakhi is emotionally harassing him by calling him a cheat or by guilt tripping him. 

Whatever Sai is doing will in a way help to set some very clear boundaries to Pakhi who has to tread carefully in the future. 

Pakhi will now be made to think twice before entering their room in the night without knocking. She has to think before asking for favors like adding Virat as nominee. 

The family will also be made to think if Pakhi create issues when Virat would want to take Sai out with him. 

Whether they doubt Pakhi or not, they will keep quiet or shut Pakhi up so that Sai doesn't accuse her again. 

Pakhi will no longer be able to create issues if Virat would want to take Sai along if they have to go to Ladakh like in the past. 

How is it different now? 

None of Sai's questions were ever answered by Pakhi. Even Virat had asked her on the day he returned from hospital as why should she even feel insulted when he said Sai will stay back with him. No results to any of the questions.

So far, Sai has only seen Pakhi's feelings for Virat, this time she had heard her loud and clear, hence nothing is spoken out of just mere assumption or understanding or conclusion by Sai, it is spoken this time with facts in hand, spoken based on the truth that she heard herself. Pakhi just cannot deny or refuse Sai's claims and if she does, then she will have to back out and not run behind Virat again asking him how could he cheat her. 

Is Sai wrong in confronting Pakhi?

I had covered so many things that Pakhi did in my previous analysis, but I had missed out a very important thing, the hospital scenario. Pakhi refused to let Sai meet Virat, her husband who was shot, she refused to let Sai stay back in the hospital with her own wonded husband. What mercy should be shown on her before questioning her motives? When a person who is wrong does it with no fear, why should a person who is right not question them? Why should the person who is right think about the honour of the person who is wrong and that too when the person has never honoured her, forget honouring had only kept humiliating her? 

We have to go through it to judge a person's behavior or action. I am not sure how many Chavans are out there in real life, how many Paakhi's are there but if there are, people like only Sai can survive amidst them who has good values, principles. People like Karishma can also survive but how? By ganging up with whoever she can benefit from, by speaking behind the back, by using things for her own benefits. It takes me back to the time when Karishma had tried a few times to team up with Sai to learn how to control Kaku or how to do whatever Sai was doing. One was during the result time. Sai gave her a disapproving disgusting look because Sai didn't do things with agenda. She only responded with her athrangi ways to sort out a few issues that the family kept creating. Her agenda was not to overpower anyone or gain control of people, she only tried to use her antics to gain control of the situation created by people like Pakhi or Kaku &gang. 

So before looking at Sai's actions we need to see where all of these had come from. It is not mere provocation as I had already mentioned in my previous analysis, it is whatever that was built up within Sai that burst out this way. 

Episode 213

"Aap humesha Virat sir aur mere beech mein kyun aa jati hain? Kyunki iss poore ghar mein sirf aap hi hain jo Virat sir par har waqt nazar rakthi hai"

Straight shot allegation by Sai. As I had said she had poked a wounded sherni underestimating her potential. Sai wasn't going to back down, wasn't going to let go of it, not when Pakhi kept troubling her when all she was trying to do was leave to her college. 

Pakhi didn't see that coming especially in front of the family. 

"Tumhari himmat kaisi hui yeh baat karne? Mein Virat par nazar kyun rakhoongi" 

Sai looked at how Pakhi was telling lies blatantly. She looked at her asking her through eyes as don't you really know the answer to this question. Asking if she was not right. 

In general, when a person who speaks truth is tried to be proved as a liar, it won't go well with the person. If Pakhi tries to claim Sai's truths as false, if she tries to make Sai look wrong, things are bound to go out of hands.

Sonali comes to Pakhi's defense asking

"Patralekha pe aise ghatiya ilzaam lagane se pehle sharam nahi aati" 

They are all asking if Sai is not ashamed without knowing who is actually shameless. 

When Kaku claimed that Pakhi is a zimmedar and Samajhdaar bahu Sai's reaction was like, yeh aur samajdaar? 

 If she was samajdaar why would she even keep taunting Sai like this, why did she even reveal to the family that Virat slept on the couch? 

They accused that Sai create some or the other problem in the house always and was making issues in the morning and never gave a thought that Pakhi shouldn't have tried to poke Sai again and again? Hypocrites.

Last when Virat was with Sai, he only saw a caring wife who was concerned about him even when she was upset with him. He tried to talk to her but she wasn't in a mood to. This always happens in couples, when one wants to other won't feel like and when the other wants to, it doesn't happen. Virat was completely unaware of what had happened and he asked Sai as soon as he some tensed environment. 

He obviously has no clue about what was happening and Sai also wasn't willing to answer him because of what she heard from Pakhi about him being with Pakhi at the couch. She had felt sorry for him earlier but now thinks that they both had a chat again near the couch. 

When Sonali asked Virat why did he sleep in the living room, I first thought why did Virat even look at Sai. But it was just that he looked at Sai and then Pakhi because only those two knew that he slept on the couch. 

Pakhi even urged Virat to tell the family that he and Sai had a fight the previous night. 

"Aur apne kamre se pillow aur bedsheet lekar bahar aa gaye they"

Virat looked at Pakhi in anger but just doesn't know how it was revealed to the family members. 

Sai immediately caught that and said 

"Iska matlab mein galat nahi thi. Aap sach mein Virat sir par nazar rakthi hain tabhi toh aapko pata tha ki Virat sir kaise thakiya aur chadar ko lekar kamre se nikle the."

Virat was shocked at what he heard. Others have been hearing the conversation so far, they know the exchange of words between Sai and Pakhi but Virat was totally unaware of it. 

Virat's reaction to Sai's statement - Pakhi spies on Virat

"Sai yeh kya behude tarike se baat kar rahi ho tum? Kitni baar maine tumse kaha tha ki apne gussa aur apne zubaan par kaboo rakha karo"

It was a natural reaction from Virat because he didn't like what Sai spoke. I have already covered above as why was Sai doing it but Virat isn't aware of any of it. He hasn't ever thought that Sai was actually affected to this extent. 

I also think that this has come from the previous night conversation. He grew upset when Sai asked him about the waada, grew angry that Sai accused that he was the reason that Samrat left the house. He was already worried as what opinion Sai would have formed about him, what part or how much she would have heard when he and Pakhi were talking. He would have only thought that Sai is talking all these because she has misunderstood that she thinks he and Pakhi have feelings for each other. 

The truth is that Pakhi does keep eyeing Virat and Pakhi has even told him a couple of times but Virat doesn't believe that Pakhi probably is not able to imagine that Pakhi could be spying on him too. Even if he is aware of Pakhi's feelings, he has not entirely registered as to what extent Pakhi can go to. He only thinks that she is being crazy or stubborn by claiming that she loves him even when he has told that he has no feelings for her and that she should respect the marital status of both of them. 

Coming to the part where we always know that Virat is always ready to shout at Sai or correct Sai. What I have always understood is that Virat is older than Sai, he had taken her responsibility, she doesn't have anyone else other than him or Ashwini whom she trusts or follows, hence Virat has always taken liberty to correct her or guide her. His age, role and position in the relationship that they share I guess has always made him take more liberty in correcting Sai than anyone else. I think it comes naturally to him. He might be right in a few places but he cannot exercise such rights on her even when he is wrong or others are wrong. This is not a justification but my understanding as why he probably is this way. 

If we look at it, when Virat said the first sentence, it didn't even matter to Sai. She kept looking at Pakhi because she knows that he was somewhere right. Sai and Virat both have some understanding and to to be honest, when Sai speaks something or Virat speaks something, they understand the other's words or agrees or ignores or takes it casually too. 

Only when Virat said that she should control, did Sai even reply saying 

"Mujhe bhi koi mazaa nahi aa raha hai aisa bartaav karke"

Sai knows that Virat will correct her. She is frustrated with Pakhi and also gets frustrated when she has been noticing Virat correcting mostly her and not Pakhi. But today it wasn't any of that. She was just angry with Pakhi and upset with him.

"Agar mere saamne yeh sab hoga toh mein aapne aankhen band karke tassali nahi doongi ki sab theek hai kuch nahi ho raha" 

She eyed both Virat and Pakhi when she had said that because she thinks that they both share feelings for each other. 

Virat was shocked at what Sai was doing, he couldn't understand why she was reacting this way.  

Kaku then said that Sai's drama never gets ended. She even said that first she had sent him out of the room and now was fighting with him too.

Virat heard that and closed his eyes that they have misunderstood that Sai drove him out of the room. What would have anyone wanted? For him to open his mouth immediately to protest that Sai never sent him out of the room, he had walked out. Even if we don't stand up for ourselves, we stand up for others or try to defend others if we had done something.

Ashwini then tried to ask him what the issue was. She was quick in relatimg that there actually was a problem at the venue too.

Virat's response to Ashwini

When Virat said 

"Aai suljhaane ki koshish ki thi" 

Sai looked at him puzzled at what he was saying. In part 1 of the same analysis, I had covered about how Sai tried to talk to him about the waada and he had dismissed it saying she was talking bakwaas. He didn't know how to answer her questions at that time. The problem is that her question was as how she can stay back in the house if he has promised someone else, how can he break the promise. He just couldn't tell her that he has broken the promise and the promise no longer holds any significance in his life. She had started her questions by asking how important promises are to him, so he didn't know how to explain that this was a stupid promise that he had made. 

He has tied the knot of confusion and chaos in the life, he should then work on untying it as well. He is all clueless as how to clear the mess that he had created. 

"Pareshaani yeh hai ki isne pata nahi kya kya kahaaniyan bana li hai, kya kya galat faimiyan paal rakhi hai isne apne mann mein" 

"Jo pooch raha hoon uska jawaab nahi dena hai, maine bahut koshish ki Aai, kal se koshish kar raha hoon lekin ab mein thak gaya hoon ab mein koshish nahi kar saktha. "

It was a natural response to his mom. It was like he was answering his mom casually without understanding the gravity of the situation. I think it was a raja babu avatar that came comes out, where one can see how chaheetha too he would have been in this house. I feel that it was an equation that Ashwini and Virat share. He becomes a child with his mom. 

Sai was shocked when he started to tell that she has misunderstood because she has been under an impression that she knows the truth, she only knows half of the truth, not the complete picture which she is not aware of. 

What was bothering Virat?

His worry, fear, anxiousness had all come out as  frustration when he said that she might have cooked up some stories in her mind or has developed some misunderstanding. That was why he was even asking her from the beginning as what she had heard, how much she had heard. He didn't want her to imagine anything based on what she had heard, he didnt want her to form any wrong opinion about him from what Pakhi had spoken. 

Also, it is not like he won't try as he told his mom, it is a way when one says they give up especially when they are frustrated. 

He felt that Sai has assumed something and is talking or being angry without knowing the entire truth.

If she thinks that Pakhi has feelings for him, it is one sided, it was still okay but if she thinks that  Virat also reciprocated Pakhi's feelings, there are chances that all of Virat's actions towards Pakhi can get misunderstood or can be seen with a wrong notion and that is exactly what he doesn't want Sai to have. 

It makes a huge difference if she thinks Virat reciprocates Pakhi's feelings because that would mean that Sai won't be able to understand his feelings for her, even if she has understood that he should keep the promise given to Pakhi, it would mean that Sai would want to move away and not give a chance to their relationship, it would mean that Sai will stop him from making their relationship a real one. 

Also, all of these would also mean that Virat is okay and enjoying Pakhi's love for him, enjoying her attention or care towards him. It would become wrong in many levels and he doesn't want that kind of a misunderstanding between them.

Pakhi had spoken a lot of things near the pool and he too did tell her that all those doesn't make sense now, but if Sai had heard the entire conversation, she wouldn't be this upset. She could get upset only if she had heard a part of their conversation and he wanted to know so that he could clarify.  

What Virat should have always done is come clean with his past, share everything with Sai rather than asking her how much she heard or instead of telling her that she has misunderstood. Even now, he should be taking her away saying they should sort it in private and share about his past.  

Virat's expectations from Sai as a member of the family, not as his wife

The other thing that he told his mom 

"Lekin aap koshish kijiye, jaroor kijiye. Aur na aap thodi si akal bhi de dijiye aur samjhayiye isse ki ek parivaar mein kaise mil julkar raha jaatha hai" 

It was because he felt that Sai shouldn't be speaking that way with Pakhi since Pakhi is another family member, his brother's wife. Sai is Virat's wife and is related to the family, but when it becomes a family matter, every family have their own practice but ultimately the goal would be to be able to live together and to be able to face each other everyday since they all live under the same roof.Hence family members usually watch their talks or behavior but in family like CN, there has always been double standards. 

He didn't know what actually happened in this case but according to him, such talks will only increase bitterness in people and one should take care that they have an amicable relationship in a joint family. He has been following it and he feels that Sai should also learn a few things. 

Ironically when his Kaku or someone bad mouths his mom, he doesn't feel this way. I think it is because he has always seen his mom letting go of things, have also taught him to let go of it, he has learnt it from her and wants even Sai to follow the same.  He also probably is not aware that they have all been able to live amicably with each other only because his mom has been ignoring things. If Ashwini is not the way she is, ignoring atrocities, they wouldn't have been together. 

Well, to be honest, even Omi and Sonali have been letting go of things when Kaku scolds Mohit. This is exactly why one says that he is conditioned to live this way. He has been thinking that is the normal way of living. One need not be fighting for everything, but one also need not be bending all the time or taking all the blows from others which he is failing to understand. He is failing to see that not everything can be ignored. He might be a master in this but others need not follow suit. 

As I had already mentioned in part 1 of this analysis, it was Pakhi who kept poking Sai and Sai did maintain her calm which she had lost at the end. If Virat was in the same position, he might have made some face and left it or left the place, but what he doesn't understand is that what he faces is different from what Sai faces. 

Sai isn't a blood from this family, she is an unwanted, unwelcome daughter in law of the family, she is looked at as thorn by his friend who keeps treating her very badly, so the same cannnot be expected out of Sai. 

In fact it is because of him, his family, her days in this house that she has actually learnt a few thing, learnt how to stay calm many times. She has tried her best to behave properly with Pakhi ever since she returned to CN from her maayka. 

My problem was with Virat's expressions after he said that. It was a look of disappointment or look of unhappiness or look of disapproval with Sai's behavior/action. He is always able to express his displeasure with Sai but no one else and that is definitely a sign of worry. It should stop at some point. He should extend it to everyone and then it would make some sense, else he will be burdening only Sai with all his expectations.

If someone was watching the episode the first time, they will be with Virat when he got offended when Sai uttered the word "Himmat"

"Moh kyun mod liya Virat sir? Agar aapki galti nahi hai toh sabka samna karne ki himmat rakhiye" 

We have not just watched it once, have watched the next episode too where he could never show himmat. So, there is even no need for him ro get offended because he does lack it. 

Sai was already upset that morning. She got more upset due to the behavior of the elders and Pakhi as I had covered in the 1st part. She then became upset that Pakhi revealed that Virat slept on the couch to the family and used it to put her down in front of the family. Pakhi hit the right target and the family started to accuse Sai to have driven Virat out of the room when he wasnt even feeling well but that she slept in the room comfortably. Kaku had just said the same to Virat. Sai is so affected by these and is also upset that Virat wasn't even clarifying or telling that he had walked out of the room on his own. Instead, he was walking away. So she wanted him to answer. 

"Sabko lagta hai ki mein aapke saath galat kar rahi hoon. Lekin sabko asli kahaani nahi pata na, sabko batayiye ki yahaan kya hua tha. Aapka aur mera kal raath ko khagda kyun hua tha"

Virat didn't like Sai's questions, he doesn't approve of speaking those in the living room in front of everyone. That is understandable but shouldn't he be trying to understand that she is affected because these people are blaming her for what his foolishness to have slept on the couch?

 He is only focussing on her trying to bring the topic up. If he isn't comfortable, I think he should just try to put an end and suggest that they have a talk in their room. He should also be clarifying to his family members that he walked out on his own in anger. Why doesn't he think it is necessary to clarify? Sai is not overreacting. He knows about his family members, has seen how they talk to her, blame her or even taunt her, he just cannot turn his back or walk away. 

But her questions shocked Pakhi. She knows what happened in their room last night and she couldn't believe that Sai would ask Virat in front of everyone. When Pakhi isn't ready to face the consequences of her actions, why does she even do things which would lead to things like this? She better play games knowing ger opponent well next time 🤣.

"Sab mujhpar ilzzam laga rahe hain. Sabko bhi toh asliyat pata honi chahiye na"

If only Virat pays attention to what the problem is. Yes, Sai is affected ever since she saw them at the pool, but things got worse when the family members and Pakhi kept troubling her, taunting her when all she tried to do was leave the house, leave to college. 

Instead of Virat making faces that everyone has to know the truth, he should be looking at solving the other main issue so that they stop troubling her or blaming her for everything. 

He obviously wouldn't want to discuss about their fight in front of everyone because it is a very sensitive one and also involves Samrat. 

But when Pakhi tried to remove Sai's hand from Virat, when Sai yelled "bas", he looked at Sai in shock. He has never seen her reacting like that with Pakhi. He gave a glance to Pakhi and then at Sai. This is where he goes wrong. Pakhi has no shame, even after whatever Sai was speaking or asking her, she still had the audacity to come in between the husband and wife, no one from the  family too spoke. 

When will Virat stop Pakhi? Shouldn't he have said not to come in between them? He has told Shivani Bua, his mom too but could just not tell Pakhi? If he doesn't do it, Pakhi will only keep growing more bold. I felt that he should have stopped Pakhi before Sai did. All these looks like they want to show Virat how much Sai is affected. Virat seems more lost looking for answers from Sai than anything else in the entire episode from what I noticed. He was in a quest. 

And then when Sunny arrived and realised that he visited them at the wrong time, it was good to see Virat stopping him and family members too treating him like family. 

"Apne pati ki izzat taar tar karne par thuli hui hai" and Virat closed his eyes. It is just that he doesn't want it to look like this to his family. He doesn't want the family to think of Sai like that, doesn't want Sai to continue this which is making them speak such things.

When Kaku said "apni hi pati ki.izzat uchalne waali biwi pehli baar dekhi" Virat looked at Sai as if asking do you need such accusations. Again, when he is not for it, why not try to diffuse the situation? Why should he be staying mum the entire time? 

When Ninad told that Sai has no wajood in their house, Virat was like they will never change. He had once tried to tell them during the Ladakh trip that she is a good person and asked them to look at her without judging her, but he just have no hopes that they will ever be able to look at any goodness in Sai. 

Omi's talk "Iss badtameez aur baddimaag ladki ke saath kaun rehna passnd karega" made Virat glare at Omi. He knows that Sai doesn't deserved to be spoken this way and he also loves her, wants to spend the life with her. 

He grew angry when Omi continued to say that sharing roof with her is no less than a punishment.  Before he could respond when Omi continued that neither will she live in peace nor she will let others live in peace, Sai responded saying you could taunt me the whole day but that wouldn't change the truth, Virat was again back to his old self. He felt that Sai is not going to let it go. It was also that she was dragging it and giving them more opportunity to taunt her or bad mouth her. 

When Sonali asked Sai that when she keeps calling the marriage a deal, why was she getting affected by all these, Virat tried to look at her. He also wanted to know why she was reacting this way. He has not seen her reacting like this or stretching it so far when she has had issues with Pakhi in the past too. 

While Virat was curious, Pakhi was relieved that someone reminded her that the marriage was a deal one again. 

When Karishma suggested that Sunny clears Sai's misunderstandings, Pakhi became very angry at Karishma to have even suggested it. Didn't Karishma and Pakhi form a team? Pakhi did have an idea about Karishma's nature but when Pakhi can get Kaku to scold Karishma saying she had said that Sai has become her favourite bahu, Karishma can also use an opportunity to attack Pakhi. 

 Sai looked at Sunny as if saying "Not a bad idea, why don't you tell the truth to everyone". 

Sunny ran away as if he had received some call to try to run away from the situation. I feel it would have been better if Virat too had left with him so that we don't get to see a mute husband who can rile up the audience by staying mum. Sai would have tackled them well like how she had even before he had come. She would have taught Pakhi some lessons and left to her college. To me, him standing there or leaving, both would have been the same. 

I just couldn't watch Pakhi and her talks, the way she was shamelessly spoke to Sai with rudeness saying 

"Tumhe toh college jaane ki der ho rahi thi na toh tum please jao yahaan se" 

I am apalled at her authority with which she was speaking, she was commanding Sai with so much of hatred 😡, it has become unbearable to watch. 

"Waise bhi tum jab ghar mein nahi hoti ho na toh ek alag hi sukoon hota hai yahaan par" 

Virat looked at Pakhi and then at Sai as soon as Pakhi said that. Didn't he talk to himself at the venue too that Sai dislikes Pakhi, also prayed that Sai shouldn't say anything to Pakhi. I don't understand how can a person not address the source of the issue or should I say address the actual issue? He doesn't want Sai to react is fine but shouldn't he first try to stop the person who is pushing Sai to react in first place? How long does he think that Sai is going to keep bearing the brunt of everyone? It is like he has been calm and patient throughout and he expects the other person to also act the same way as him. He has no hopes in Pakhi which is seen, he has seen her hatred for Sai, but that doesn't mean that he would expect Sai to always ignore atrocities of Pakhi. 

 If he wants to put an end to all of these, he should have stepped in and stopped everyone rigth there. He failed big time and I know that there is more to come. It has been really very disappointing when the guy claims that he loves Sai.

Instead of responding to these people, he passes a disapproving look to his Kaku who agrees with Pakhi.

Why would Sai leave? These people have been insulting her more and more and she had decided that she will leave only when she gets answers to her questions or show her what she can also do. Pakhi said she would be at peace when Sai isn't around and Sai should let it go? How long should Sai be tolerating all these.

Sach mein paani sar ke upar hi ja chuka hai. The way they treat this girl, the way they taunt her, scold her, humiliate her, no one can take all this nonsense. Pakhi interferes in all their matters, she barges in their room any time she wants, wanted to make Virat her nominee, questions a wife's liberty on her husband, calls her selfish always, stopped a wife from meeting her husband at the hospital, obviously paanisar ke upar hi jaa chuka hai. 

And all this is either started or is stretched by Pakhi who always enjoys the plight of Sai, who always tries to put her down. I have already mentioned in this post and the previous part of the analysis, Pakhi has done far too damages and her motto is even more clearly visible to Sai after she saw Pakhi questioning Virat about the promise he had made to ber.

 Sai would leave the house if Virat has feelings for Pakhi but that doesn't mean that while she is here, Pakhi will try to make her life a hell because of the hatred she has for Sai or because of her jealousy. Sai is affected by what she saw, but more than any of those, she is tired of Pakhi's games, taunts, insults and the family ganging up with Pakhi to bully her even more. No one face this kind of a situation in their life.  

I only laughed when I heard the music they played when Sai sat on the arm chair. Virat was looking at Sai trying to understand what she wanted, why she was doing all these, why was she reactimg this way.  

"Roz roz ke chik chil se ek baat mein baat clear ho jaaye"

When Pakhi was saying that "iss ghar mein sirf aur sirf Virat ki dekhbaal karne aayi thi",Virat kept looking at Sai trying to understand why was she behaving this way, why it was affecting her so much and why does she want to ask Pakhi when she herself kept telling that she wants to leave the house and when she had said that she has no rights on him. He was only trying to understand as why was she thinking that it has become a big issue or what truth she was talking about and why was she making it such a big issue and that too in front of everyone. 

The audacity of the lady who called a wife a nurse. Sai looked up at Virat expecting he tells something, expecting him to tell that she was his wife and not some nurse but since he stood mum she spoke. I have no words for this man who stood hearing some comments against his wif and that too from a woman whom he knows hates his wife, whom he knows thinks his wife as a kaanta and who has feelings for him. I fail to understand when he keeps saying that he loves Sai. What kind of a love is this who will let his loved one get insulted with such words?  Who would even be able to tolerate such comments against their loved ones? 

As much as I hate him to have stood like that, who is to be blamed for this day? Who should be blamed for this lady to be given such an opportunity? I would say both Sai and Virat. Virat had first shared with Pakhi about the reality of his marriage, that it was a marriage of deal, Sai had let everyone know that she will leave the house once he becomes alright. This is exactly why certain things are always supposed to be kept personal and not shared with all. They are their family, he felt he was bound by a promise and wanted to let Pakhi know that he didn't break any promise. She let the family know that she will leave the house once Virat becomes alright because the family members and Pakhi accused her to have returned to the house in the pretext of Virat's health. 

Whatever reasons they had, they are paying a heavy price because of it now. 

When Pakhi spoke about the nurse thing, and when Sai looked up at Virat, it looked like he was looking at her as if saying that if was her who told everyone that she would be leaving the house, it was her who let everyone know that she had come only to take care of him. 

He also wanted to know what Sai answers to Pakhi because whatever Pakhi was asking was what Sai has always been telling then why did it matter to her. This same person told Sai in front of his mom when when she said that he doesn't need any explanation from him, that he does owe her an explanation. He wanted to explain but since everyone have been asking her why is she affected so much or why should it even bother her when she was planning to leave the house, he also started to look in the similar lines to try to understand her, to try to understand what was running in her mind. 

Whatever he was trying to do, he failed a big time as a husband yet again by staying mum. 

"Sacche pyar aur sacche parwaah ki koi keemat nahi hoti Pakhi didi"

Virat was moved when he heard that. What is the use? It looks highly selfish of him to only be looking for what he wants and failing to stop others from insulting her by calling her his nurse. 

He seems so self absorbed by his own emotions that he is not even looking at how she would have got hurt. He looked at Pakhi when she spoke that fully aware that Pakhi was spitting venom because she hates Sai because of her jealousy. 

"Virat sir ke liye mere dil mein jo keemat hai woh samajh bhi nahi sakthi"

He felt very happy and proud at what he heard. Whatever she has been asking him didn't matter, what she said meant a lot to him. Her answer made him feel hopeful. 

I don't know who does that smiley44.

Pakhi actually couldn't hear the feelings of this girl for Virat. She couldn't hear that someone else was claiming that they care for him and so much that she can't even understand or guess. The more she stays, there were chances for Sai to speak something more good which would only make Sai look good, make Virat get impressed with Sai in turn making him feel more for her and the family to also see some concern for Virat in Sai. She couldn't let that happen, she didn't want Sai to be seen as a good wife or bahu. Pakhi had even shared about Virat sleeping in the couch only because Ashwini was feeling proud of Sai and the relationship Sai and Virat shares. How can she let Ashwini or anyone start to feel proud of her again so Pakhi said 

"Tumhari aisi badi badi baatein nahi sun sakthi. Mera sar phatne laga hai yahaan pe" and tried to leave. 

But Sai wanted to get a solution to this problem.

"Humesha humesha ke liye iss mudde ko khatan kar dete hain"

"Aap Virat sir ki aisi jaasoosi karte hain, baar baar humare kamre mein aake thaaka jhaaki karte hain, acha thodi na lagta hai"

Virat was trying to understand why Sai was saying all this. He was only trying to look for answers as to why should Sai be bringing all this up when she keeps telling that she is here only until he recovers. He would obviously be wondering how does these things matter to Sai, so much that she is raising it as such a big issue and hell bent on finding an answer or solution for this issue by not even letting Pakhi go.  

"Jo poochna hai saaf saaf poocho, baaton ko mat ghumao Sai" 

"Aapka aur Virat sir ka kya rishtha hai"

Pakhi was shocked but Virat wasn't. He was trying to understand why she was doing all this, trying to understand what she was she thinking, trying to understand what she thinks as what relationship he and Pakhi shares. 

"Virat sir aap bata dijiye sabko ki aapne Pakhi didi se kya waada kiya tha"

He didn't expect her to ask him such a question and that too infront of everyone. He didn't expect that whatever she spoke to him in the bedroom, she would bring it up like this in front of everyone. 

Pakhi was shocked that Sai brought this up in front of everyone. Wasn't this the same person who was accusing Sai that she was making all tamasha of not having food only because Sai saw Virat talking with her? She would very cunningly shift the blame on Sai or try to attack her conveniently hiding the actual truth and expected that Sai wouldn't expose her truth in front of others? Unfortunately the truth also involved Virat and so he also was being questioned. He was a collateral damage in this now. 

"Kya hua Pakhi didi, chup kyu hai, waise toh aap mujhpe ilzaam lagathi hain, mujhse itna sawaal karti hain tab toh aapke paas bahut kuch hota hai bolne ke liye toh phir ab chup hain."

"Aap ek mauka nahi chodti mujhpar ilzaam lagane ka, mujhse sawaal karne ka aur aaj jab main aapse sawaal kar rahi hoon toh aapne chuppi saar li"

Virat couldn't believe that she wasn't letting it go and kept asking questions. If he was any sensible, he shouldn't be thinking that these are due to grudges. He does know that she is a person good at heart but he also thinks that she has no control over her anger. He could feel that she was asking all this because she is upset after she saw the both near the pool. He noticed a change in behavior at the venue right after he saw her at the pool and it was quite visible in his room too. It is surprising that he doesn't understand as why she would be upset or angry after whatever she heard near the pool. Didn't he notice her acting possessive when the nurse offered to give him a sponge bath, did she not let him move closer to her in their room on the bed?  Were they not about to share a kiss at the venue when she ran away feeling shy? Then why cannot he think that all this was affecting her because she has started to develop some feelings for him? Why else would she ask him about waada in the room? Why else would she be angry at the venue even when he pinned her asking what happened? Did she not ask him about the waada even then? Does this all not mean that it is affecting her? 

He did feel sorry and felt she was right when Sai told Pakhi that whatever good I do to anyone, you try to put me down always. He could see her pain and where was all this coming from. He knows that Pakhi always taunts Sai and hates her. 

"Aap poori koshish karti hai ki aap mujhe ghar waalon ke nazrein mein gira de"

He kept looking at her when she said 

"Sach bolne mein kaise ghabrana, aaj sab sach bol dijiye"

He felt that she wasn't right in forcing Pakhi to reveal the truth, she wasn't right in not letting it go but instead kept insisting on Pakhi to speak without once thinking about anything, without thinking about the consequences. He could see that Sai was assuming that both of them have feelings for each other and that is why she is angry. He could see that she was expecting them to accept that when in reality there was nothing between them, it is only Pakhi who has feelings for him and who is unable to move on. 

In all these, he lost the main subject. Yes, she was affected by whatever happened near the pool, but she was also upset because of Pakhi's behavior towards her. Virat should think that Pakhi's actions are affecting Sai too much which is making her lose her cool, which is making her stop Pakhi's vileness by bringing out the actual reason behind Pakhi's hatred towards Sai. 

Sai just wants Pakhi to admit it so that she gets rid of this jhanjhat once and for all. She wants Pakhi to open up so that she can put an end to all of Pakhi's actions once and for all. She knows that Pakhi keeps misbehaving her, humiliating her because Pakhi has feelings for Virat and she is not able to see Sai as his wife, because she is jealous of Sai, Sai just wants Pakhi to accept it and move forward. She just wants to walk away if Pakhi and Virat accepts it so that she doesn't have to go through Pakhi's nonsense everyday, so that Pakhi stops making her life hell. 

"Jawaab dijie Pakhi didi"

He wasn't happy that she wasn't willing to let if go. He knows that it doesn't work that way, no one will be able to speak up and not such things especially in front of everyone. 

"Aapko mera sawaal itna ghatiya lag raha hai toh pata nahinjawaab kitna ghatiya lagega"

He was looking at what she might have assumed about them that she spoke this. He could see that she has clearly misunderstood him, the relationship he shares with Pakhi.

He kept looking at how upset she was when she said

"Aap Pakhi didi ko jab nahi rokthi mujhse sawaal karte waqt toh mujhe kyun rok rahi hain"

He always knew that Sai has a few complaints in this house and could see that they were all coming out today. 

When Ninad asked 

"Kaun ho tun, Patralekha ko tumhare kisi bhi sawaal ka jawaab dene ki koi zaroorat nahi hai"

Virat looked at Sai to know how she felt about it. He wanted to read what was going in her head, if Ninad's statement made any effect on her or made any sense to her. He wanted to see if she has realised what she was doing. Ashwini also tried to teach her that relationship can get broken when things are spoken in anger. Virat feels the same way and he wanted Sai to stop for this reason from the beginning, he felt that by raising such questions, raising a question on another family member will only spoil relations. 

"Aai Baba aaj Sai ko koi nahi rokhega, dekhna chahtha hoon ek baat ko kitna kheench sakthi hai"

He wanted to see if Sai even realised what she was doing, does she even realise that she is wrong. 

I think it was because she kept asking Pakhi again and again as what relation she shares with Virat and asked about waada to him. As per him it was nothing because he has ended it with Pakhi, they weren't having any affair. As per him, the waada also didn't mean anything and he wanted to clarify it to her. He felt that she was making a big issue out of nothing. This is something similar to PD day issue. Virat didn't want Sai to leave the house, he was worried about her and also his feelings for her was making him behave stubborn to not let her go. She had stopped Ashwini saying let's see what all Virat sir can do to stop me, how much more he can stoop. She wasn't aware of his feelings that day, she didn't know why he acted that day or on the day of Amays incident too, and now Virat didn't know why was Sai behaving this way, he doesn't know that she is behaving this way as a  wife who has feelings for him. 

"Wow Virat sir aap janna chahthey hain ki mein baat ko kitna kheench sakthi hoon. Jaha tak mujhe yaad hai kal raat ko gusse mein aap thakiya aur chadar lekar kamre se nikle they"

When she said that he was trying to understand what she is getting at, what was she trying to imply out of this.

"Aur aapne iss baat ka poora dhyaan rakha ki Pakhindid yeh baat zaroor dekhe"

He was lost when she said that, became clueless. He couldn't believe that she was blaming him of something like that.  

"Taaki woh iss baat ka sab parivar ke saamne tamasha bana sake"

Virat looked at Pakhi after hearing what Sai said. He had just come to know what has Pakhi done. 

It should have dawned on him as how all of this started and why was Sai even angry with Pakhi. 

"Sabke saamne mujhse sawaal kar sake, mujhe neecha dikha sake"

I couldn't understand why Virat kept looking at Sai after that. One would have expected him to look at Pakhi. I think he didn't like that Sai thought that he had let Pakhi know so that Pakhi can put her down in front of everyone. He was just shocked as how could she even think he would do that. He is so involved thinking that Sai has misunderstood it all that he has again missed how affected Sai was. At that point, he should have thought and paid attention that Sai had said that Pakhi used the information to blame her, ask her questions in front of everyone and to put her down. 

Sai was angry that he left the room which led to all this. She was angry that if he had not slept on the couch this wouldn't have happened at all. She was angry that she felt bad for him whereas he was with Pakhi in the living room.  And to top it at all, he could say that Sai was dragging the issue. The issue wouldn't have even arisen if he had not left the room or slept on the couch and ensured no one comes to know that they were having a misunderstanding and he was saying that she was dragging the issue. 

But Virat has only been thinking that Sai has misunderstood even this and is doing all these due to all her misunderstandings. Sai might have misunderstood about the conversation he and Pakhi had at the pool but that only hurt her, made her stay upset with him and she was even about to leave to college but if she is asking questions from Pakhi or him now, it is because Pakhi has been attacking Sai using the information that Virat slept in the living room. Virat fails to understand this and is stuck in the misunderstanding part. He is still in the same zone as what he was when he answered his mom. 

"Pareshaani yeh hai ki isne pata nahi kya kya kahaaniyan bana li hai, kya kya galat faimiyan paal rakhi hai isne apne mann mein" 

Virat is under the assumption that everything is because of that without trying to understand Sai's hurt, her pain and her problem that she has with his family and with Pakhi.


I will cover the last bit about Samrat in another analysis if I write one. I think that only fits with the next episode. I feel that they should have ended with this and not dragged it any further. There was mo necessity to stretch it so much. 

Posted: 4 days ago

I am speechless. Take a bow. No words to praise the post that left nothing else to say. Thank you for taking effort and presenting the in depth analysis that help people like me .

Posted: 4 days ago
Originally posted by ltelidevara

I am speechless. Take a bow. No words to praise the post that left nothing else to say. Thank you for taking effort and presenting the in depth analysis that help people like me .

Please don't thank me. 

I planned to post it yesterday but I couldn't. It was too lengthy and I tried to cut it short and at the end I just posted it as such. I really don't know how you managed to read such a lengthy post 🙈. Must really appreciate you 😆. 

Posted: 4 days ago

Bhai kuch bolne key liye kuch nikal nahi raha mere muh se kya bolu.

You sucessfully calmed me down after today's disaster.

Agree to the last phrase,it's beyond irritating now,storyline needs to deviate after this fiasco.

Posted: 4 days ago

Originally posted by laksh

Please don't thank me. 

I planned to post it yesterday but I couldn't. It was too lengthy and I tried to cut it short and at the end I just posted it as such. I really don't know how you managed to read such a lengthy post 🙈. Must really appreciate you 😆. 

When it comes to your posts,length doesn’t matter and I read very fast by habit.

Posted: 4 days ago

All these expressions are useless if he can't open his mouth when it matters most. When someone image is being tarnished, one won't bother to look at others' face to gauge whose side they are on. In the end, one will only remember spoken words either in support or against. And, this is where Virat fails miserably to the much chagrin of Sai and fans alike.

Posted: 4 days ago

Loved it!

I still feel it's justifying Virat too much (I know yr view is unbiased)

He isn't a child.

He knows what he's doing.

He knows what his beast friend and family are doing.

Some conversations, no matter how difficult and disgusting- need to happen in front of family.

Like Sai said - water had gone above the head.

Sai blasting Pakhi was coming anyway, it was her poolside confession that became the catalyst.

If he cannot shut them up when they insult his wife - truly there's nothing to say about him. 

In one of my early days post I did say he was Ninads son more than Ashwinis - only defending the perpetrator (BK and Pp).

Sai as an 18/19 yr old should understand and accommodate- but the (un) 'wise' excuse for elders should get away with this level of torture.

Main thing is where were both the buas?

Last time I checked they both lived here too.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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