Imlie Written Updates 11 Jun 2021

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Posted: 13 days ago


Tripathis are arrested 

After Anu’s  complaint Police put T family in lockup.

Pankaj pleads Anu that she knows she was wrong . Anu says they should blame Imli for this state . Imli accuses  first Anu took Malini’s name n got them arrested now she is blaming Imli ? 
Anu completes formalities and leaves police station 

Kunal is waiting for Imli to come and go ahead with SK’s case . If they missed this date they would have trouble getting another date . He gets frustrated that Imli had no phone , he could not reach Aditya and also the landline also was not being attended . He wonders whom to contact He contacts Malini . She is at first annoyed on getting his phone . Later she agrees to help  KC with SK’s case .

At Police station Aditya arrives and war of words between Anu and Adi . Both accusing eachother . Police state there were charges of domestic abuse and harassment on Aditya , he is shocked .he is out behind the bars 

Imli goes to C house and seeks help from their domestic servant . Dev quesrions Imli but she refuses to talk to him . He insists she talk to him but she refuses saying she had promised his wife that she will never talk to Dev but if Anu troubled her fami,y again she will make life hell for Anu she warns Dev .

Dev is shocked that Anu had done something again to the family 

In the lock up Aparna and Aditya hug and all console eachother n support . Rupali suggests they reveal to police about Malini dating Kunal and it was she who was cheating him . And she wanted divorce but Adi refuses to do this 

Adi tries to contact help but there is no network . Soon Imli arrives and surprises the family . Anu confronts Imli . T family fumes as Anu humiliates Imli . Aditya warns Anu . Anu then starts torturing Anu . t family asks Imli to let her go. They could not stoop to Anu’s level 

Imli shows Anu the difference between Tripathis and Anu . 
ImlI then asks Afro Adi’s phone . She shows a video recording of Anu torturing Imli . Anu is shocked , entire at family is shocked . Imli tells Anu that she had no evidences against T family . But Imli had numerous evidences against Anu torturing Imli . Anu is shocked n scared . Imli threatens to file case against Anu  n out her behind the bars . Imli asks what did Anu want ?? T family behind the bars in false case or Anu behind the bars in true case with evidences ? 
Anu asks Police to release T family n takes back her charges . Police fume at Anu for filing false case and wasting police time . They warn that it was because of her husband they were letting her go with warning , other wise filing false cases was punishable . Aparna tells Anu that it was aadiNi’s decision to divorce , the T family was against it . But after what Anu did today they feel it was better for AdiNi to divorce 

 Aparna warns Anu to stay out of T house and never meet T family ever again . Aparna severes all relationships with Anu . 

At courts Malini tries to contact Aditya but her call is not answered . She impressed akunal with ehr knowledge about PD village , she explains to KC all about SK and his history , his struggles n how he turned Villager to revolutionary. Kunal feels Malini was nit so crazy after all . He decides to tell the judge exactly as Malini had spoken . He did nit need to prepare another argument . 

At police station the T family walks back home . Imli warns Anu that today she did nit show police the video recordings but if Anu bothered the Tbfamily ever again she would show the videos to Police , Anu must never forget Imli was Daughter of SK, brought uo at PD and had the blood of revolutionary. No one could stop Imli if she decides on something . 

Malini greets And wishes happy birthday to Aditya , she regrets she has brought no gifts for him, Adi says it’s OK , he wa ps happy she came herself to greet him. Malini says she had two good news for him

SK’s hearing date was fixed and their divorce date would be finalised soon. 

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Posted: 13 days ago

Morning Suta. Thanks for the update as always. 

Masala Dosa for everyone smiley36 Jo chahiye tha sabko wohi hua! 🎉 🎉 🎉 

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Posted: 13 days ago

I saw the precap first.. it’s a weird one! smiley24

Posted: 13 days ago

Originally posted by MuteButton

Morning Suta. Thanks for the update as always. 

Masala Dosa for everyone smiley36 Jo chahiye tha sabko wohi hua! 🎉 🎉 🎉 

Really what happened? And why is the precap weird?

Posted: 13 days ago

Originally posted by MuteButton

Morning Suta. Thanks for the update as always. 

Masala Dosa for everyone smiley36 Jo chahiye tha sabko wohi hua! 🎉 🎉 🎉 

Kya kya kya 

Posted: 13 days ago

Imlie saves the day. Did not see the episode yet. smiley37 Jumped to who saves smiley37

Posted: 13 days ago

In precap why is Adi behaving as if he still loves Didi ? What was that expression of Adi? Iam confused. 

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