SaiRat OS : The Destructive Power Of Silence

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Posted: 4 days ago

Hey Ghumians who are now more Ghamians. smiley37

We are all disappointed that Virat didn't accept his vaada in front of the family. smiley24
So here I am with an OS on how I would have loved to see the things happen. smiley4
Turned out such a crap writing and not at all what I wanted to write. smiley44

Still no chappals, please. smiley4 But you can send me a good pair of sneakers. smiley14

Sai looked at him disappointedly. Virat could see the anguish in her eyes. There was no point arguing with people who weren't ready accept the truth. She picked her bag and left. He closed his eyes and then reopened them. He needed to sort out the matter. He rushed outside and called his wife's name to stop her but she sped up. He ran towards her and held her hand which she jerked away immediately.

« Sai we need to talk. », he said.
« Go back inside otherwise your family will again accuse me of something. Don't you think you have done enough beizzati of me ? », she looked away suggesting that she wasn't interested.
« When did I do your beizzati ? », he asked taken aback.
« Your silence and your decision of not accepting the truth were enough to make me look like a liar and a delusional woman in front of the entire family. Thank you so much. », she said bitterly.
« Don't blame me for that now. Why did you even bring that vaada thing in front of the family ? », he asked.
« I didn't. Your best friend did. », she said air quoting best friend. « She wanted everyone to question me why I ousted you from the room. Without knowing what was going on you blamed me for everything as usual. I am so done. Now please would you excuse me I am getting late for college. », she tried to go past him.
« I am sorry Sai. I shouldn't have blamed you for creating unnecessary drama. », he apologized stopping her.
« I don't want your sorry. I just want you to let me go. », she said angrily.
« Please Sai don't leave me. », he begged.
« You are maybe not tired of juggling between your love for Pakhi didi and your zimmedari towards me but I am tired of it. I am freeing you from the zimmedari, Virat Sir. », she said with welled up eyes.
« When we got married it didn't bother you then why is it bothering you now ? Why are you so affected now, Sai ? », he asked trying to understand what was in her mind.
« I stay or not, it shouldn't bother you either. », she said.
« Sai I have my reasons but what is your reason to be so affected ? », he asked.
« You, your best friend and your family, you all treat me like a piece of shit and then expect me to be nice. », she blurted out, her words piercing his heart.
« Did I ever treat you like a piece of shit ? », he asked heartbroken.
« Not standing up for me when I am mistreated and ask me to behave because they are elders it's also kind of treating me like a piece of shit. », she stated her eyes filled with anger.
« I am sorry. », he said defeated.
« No no Virat Sir, I am sorry for being a thorn in your side. Your life will be much better without me. », she said.

She went past him and left. He watched her walk away.

It was late and Sai hadn't returned from college. He called her but she didn't answer. Worried he called Pulkit, in case she was spending the night there. Pulkit told him that she didn't come to his place. He prayed to God that she was in her hostel and nothing happened to her. He didn't go down for dinner and closed the door of his room. He needed to be alone to think. He recalled all the hurtful words of her. She was right. Ever since she was in Chavan Niwas, people continuously poked her and belittled her. For the sake of respecting the elders, he was always soft on them and harsh on her. She was right when she told him that because of him she was called a liar and delusional. He knew that he has to do something to get her back and for that he has to tell her that the vaada doesn't hold any importance because he has fallen in love with her.

Next day the Chavans were shocked to see Sai back to the Chavan Niwas including Virat. They all started taunting her that she couldn't stay away from the Chavans even one day. She turned a deaf ear and went upstairs. She came down some time later with her luggage.

« Sai, where are you going ? », Virat asked.
« Wherever life takes me. Let me know when I need to sign on the divorce papers. », she replied.
« Sai now you are stretching it too much. », he said angrily.
« No Virat Sir, I am putting an end to it. », she said ready to leave.
« There is no vaada anymore, Sai. It's broken long time ago. », Virat said out loud stopping Sai from leaving.

The entire family looked at him shocked. Everything Sai had said the day before turned out to be true. Pakhi was taken aback. Sai turned around and walked towards him slow clapping.

« What will I do knowing it now, Virat Sir ? It's a bit too late. Why are you even telling me this now ? », she asked.
« Because I love you, damn it. », he shouted.
« What ? », she said taken aback.
« I have been wanting to tell you this for so long. Since the Holi celebration. I have fallen in love with you Sai Joshi. », he finally confessed walking close to her.
« I don't believe you. », she replied taking a step back, « Because if you really loved me then you wouldn't have tarnished my image in front of the entire family. You preferred your entire family to believe that I was a liar than your best friend to be a cheater. You chose your friend over me. »
« I tried to save the image of my brother's wife. But now I have realized that the price of saving her is losing you and I can't let this happen. I am so sorry and I am sure everyone will be sorry too for believing that you were a liar. », he told her.
« You don't get it, do you ? I don't care about what they all think about me but I expected you to speak up. », she said crying.
« Why Sai ? Why is it so important for you to hear me say it out loud ? », he asked.

She turned around and decided to leave but he held her hand.

« You love me too and that's why the vaada was bothering you. You wanted me to accept it so that you can run away from your feelings. », he said using the reverse psychology.
« Wrong. I hoped you would tell me that you were unchained from your vaada. », she blurted out.
« See you love me too. », he said.
« You are right I am probably in love with you but my heart and my mind both need rest. », she said unable to understand her own feelings.
« Sai take your time but please don't leave me. », he said.
« I will never be at peace if I stay here. We need to be away so that we both understand each other. Am I just your habit or something else ? And I need to know if love is enough in a relationship ? », she replied.

With a heavy heart she left the Chavan Niwas and a heartbroken Virat couldn't stop her.


Posted: 4 days ago

Amazing OS ❤️

At least Virat said something but a little late smiley44

And Sai left 😢

Posted: 4 days ago

Maun vrat dhaaran karne ke chakkar meiin brahmachari ban gaya🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Aur reh chup Pagal ACPsmiley35

Wrong timing ho gayi na finally


Amazing OS👏

Our onscreen Sai has alienishly high amount of patience. Bcoz normal humans would behave the Sai behaved in your OS.

Edited by Devikadish - 4 days ago
Posted: 4 days ago

Thank you soooo much!!! 

Loved this os ... Gave a sense of peace from the illogical show...

Sai telling him calmly to shove it up his arse or take a stand .. 

And taking time out from the excess family drama was also lovely...

 for a change, I am not gonna ask for a part 2... This as it is can be savoured soo well. smiley31smiley31

Happy writing!!! 💗💗💗

Posted: 4 days ago

Such a beautiful and realistic story! 

Posted: 4 days ago

Superb.... loved it a lot.....

Silence is more dangerous than anything. Many times it amy create misunderstandings and do more damage... that's what happened here..

They needed break from each other.

If possible please write continuation to it....

Posted: 4 days ago

This is so beautiful... smiley27smiley27sai left chavans 

Aur chup reh upsc cheater viru smiley44smiley44

Pehle bol deta toh yeh sab naa hota

Plzz write second part also..

Thank u so much smiley1smiley1

Posted: 4 days ago

Yeah this could be the solution. They need to just take time off, atleast Sai. Get a place and live there for a while till they understand each other. 

Nice OS smiley20

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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