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Posted: 4 days ago

Hey everyone,

At last this year long journey comes to an end. In a few weeks, Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will be over. 

I made a thread on Twitter today. Couldnt hold back my emotions.

Not repeating the same post here. You can go through and say what you think! 


Posted: 4 days ago

Cant agree more than this Amritasmiley19

Perfectly penned down whole scenarios were show went wrongsmiley28smiley38

Posted: 4 days ago

forgot to mention the first episode aired on 13th july 2020 (the date itself is kind of smiley34). But nevertheless they got the success despite all of the challenges. Rollercoaster journey. You wrote the journey so well.

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Posted: 4 days ago

Yo stated everything perfectly amritasmiley20

Posted: 4 days ago

Agree what that manifestation Amrita ..we just can’t pin point one thing..makers cudnt have done anything better in this situation..

Fate had played the cards well..This too shall pass..Rrahul’s loss is something we just can put up in words..hope he has his space and gather his bearings...

RiAnsh as RraHel will be with us foreva smiley27smiley28

Posted: 4 days ago

Best thread I read today .. every thoughts of mine weaved into words here .. Thank you 

Wishing good luck for everyone smiley27

Posted: 4 days ago

Beautiful summed up the journey of immj amrita. I agree luck was always not in there favor and messy writing impacted badly to the show. 

However, the show offered the most unforgettable mashing RraHel. I really wish them as well as the cast and crew all the best for their future endeavours smiley27 

Posted: 3 days ago

You have summed up everything quite nicely.smiley27

Writing and situations were never in favor of the show sadlysmiley6. It's release was already delayed due to the pandemic and moreover lockdown restrictions and movement ceases forced them to bring in family drama. Thriller genre means outdoor shootings are must. Also they could have brought out different other angles like establishing the past stories but then ITV main toh unnecessary family drama hi bikta haismiley14

 I kinda think they started to tweak the storyline after Swardha Thigale(the first actress selected to play Ragini) left the show and chose the Naagin franchise over IMMJ2 because it did look like Ragini had a very important role to play and they had many plans for that up their sleeves. So they had to move to skip this track too and move on to other tracks. Still they had the potential and time to improvise but then writer never seemed to take constructive criticism and instead fulfilled needless fan demands AND ALSO ended few good tracks abruptly. And channel interference ki toh baat hi na karo.... What Rangu did to our showsmiley14....it never promoted the show and whenever it did, it was never appealing. PH's first and foremost mistake was to air the IMMJ franchise in Rangu TVsmiley44...... They should have released it in OTT platform or in other channels. TRP rat was another factor contributing the downfallsmiley14

And about that manhoos revenge track..... Okay actually revenge was inevitable for what Ridhhima did to Vansh..... But they could have kept it in between Riansh only. It was kinda going well UNTIL.... They finally brought in a disgusting pukeworthy third angle which was not required at all AND was against Vansh's principles which they had established so well. I feel that was the time when finally FD lost connection to Vansh's character arc... Thanks to writer's amnesia. And followed by no separation/redemption track and the 5mins apology was cherry on the top. 

Ridhhima was always shown tolerating every kinda shit thrown at her. She never took a stand against the family's constant abuses. And her stupidity and impulsive decisions were consistent. Though her intentions were never wrong, her actions always messed things even more worse. 

Besides these, many unfortunate situations also kinda affected the show- the cast down with Covid now and then, lockdown and Rra's personal problemssmiley6.

If we look into the positive side, they actually need a break especially the lead actors. My best wishes to them for their future endeavors and May Rra stay strong and healthy and recover soon from whatever he is going through right nowsmiley27

Overall the cast members tried their level best to carry on the show and we cannot deny some very beautiful and memorable moments associated with this show. I am glad we got Riansh and Rrahelsmiley27 and I really wish we get to see them together in some nice future projects.smiley27

Let's enjoy the final episodes and appreciate their hard work for one last timesmiley27

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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