Virat was ambiguous

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Posted: 7 days ago

Last 3 days .. Virat’s expression and lack of dialogues befuddled me … a lot of us practically were angry at virat .but any reaction other than smile ambiguously would have killed the story .

If he had agreed with Sai .. accepted his mistake .. this track could not be milked further .. 

also Sai virat pakhi triangle would be settled nicely ..

this was the best way .. any logical person should do that 

If he had denied the accusation.. he would be a liar 

today by keeping quiet .. he kind of accepted in front of family that there was something going on .. without totally putting besharam bhabhi under the bus 

Sai got her Bharas out .. the house folks had to accept.. she brought the unthinkable thought in the dining table ..

today when Kaku has mentioned this in front of virat .. I want to see how virat reacts ..she has given her tacit  support to virat n pakhi .. let’s see what mr IPS does 

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Posted: 7 days ago

When was he not ambiguous. He could have simply told the truth of his past and present. 

Posted: 7 days ago

I saw it like sai is just putting across the past of both and present wish of Didi.... 

And the family sort of agreeing for that is more like past is past and can't be changed so let go. This as per logic will be ok if past is truly just in the past. 

Here, Didi is mixing up past present and future as per her convenience and agreeability of virat. 

Him not giving a definite answer is to let the past be in the past and for him, he has told off the Vedi to stay away and that much should be enough. 

He does not realize or ignores that his Vedi is creating unnecessary drama in the present and ruining it for everyone and then Vedi and virat both start with the crying and I am misunderstood. 

Posted: 7 days ago

Rightly put. He is stuck between Pakhi's advances and Sai's assumptions. 

If he agrees to Sai and says he had committed once to Pakhi, it is like spilling the dirty secret out in front the family. Knowing Pakhi, she can use this to come closer to him and family will not say a word owing to her state now and their past. Once the seed is sown in their mind, it will grow stronger only...

Anyway the  secret is out now. I think Virat is doing the right thing by not giving any leverage to this discussion in front of the family and clarifying Sai in private. He should behave more nonchalant with Pakhi in front of the family. That is the only way out of this situation. Ofcourse be clear with Sai in private.

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Posted: 7 days ago

i agree with comments above. virat actually remained silent for a reason. i think something is wrong with the actor expressions and he looked confused in the epis but he knows that somewhere if he agrees with Sai in front of family next thing they will start getting Bhabhi to fully take his charge and try to put Sai down because he can see Sai is getting provoked so much about their rship now. Also Sai will leave if he agrees to what she's trying to make him confess but if he denies it then he will also lose respect in Sai's eyes thats wahy when she said aapne jhoot nahi bola, he was actually feeling some relief. plus he doesnt want to have that full chavan family involved in the matter cos they will only pull Sai down more. today's epi virat's expressions were much better but he was still annoying to the max height in the last 3 epis


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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