Episode 292 - Written Update

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Posted: 4 days ago

Episode starts with vansh asking riddhima to get out . Riddhima says fine but someone picked me up and dropped me to my room maybe someone loves me care for me 😆 Vansh sees the khada and smiles . Riddhu receives message from Thapa to sent the photograph.

Riddhu goes to sara who was swimming . Riddhu ask she needs her photograph as she need to send for forge documents . Sara poses . Riddhima gets call from thapa and she says ishani is only speaking she is sneding photo . Sara teases her that sister in law ko trap kr ryi o . Riddhima says doesnt she want new life idr mrna chahti o gya . Sara says even if she die what will happen tumare nam pr ek hor khoon . So you worry abt herself Sara throws towel on riddhima and goes . Sara comes and keep riddhu phone as she mistakenly took riddhima phone .

Ishani is taking shower when light goes off she hets scared that maybe vyom came to kill her .she goes to check someone holding candle is approaching her . She gets scared . Angre switch on the light . Ishani says what this joke . Angre says he love her more when she is scared . Ishani says uski jaan chli gyi thi . Angre back hugs and ask do you know meri jaan kb gyi thi when i married you . Ishani says stop this jaan and all . Aj se tum apni jaan ki responsibility lo and main apni . Angre ask is she ok . Ishani ask him to leave .angre is shocked at her reaction . She leaves finally seeing angre not leaving 

Riddhima and angre are discussing plans for anniversary when angre gets ishani call . Ishani is pissed that angre cut her call . She goes to look for him and angre hides .  Riddhima ask angre why are you hiding from ishani kuch hua hai , can she help . Angre says i will explain just wait .ishani again calls and she hears the ringtone and goes to check in direction when waiter calls her that food is ready . Riddhima ask angre why he is hiding. Angre replies that agr ishani hume idr dekh leti to hungama kr deti so better tha chupna . Riddhima says she is misunderstanding our relation and we need to clear it . Angre says leave it you knoe ishani she is petrol bs aag lgga skti hai 🤣🤣. She wont understand 

Vansh receives call from Thapa and inform abt ishani seeking help for forge documents . Vansh gets shocked and he ask thapa to send her photograph.

ishani , dadi having food . Riddhima sitting separately. Vansh comes and shouts and ishani that why she need forge documents . Riddhima gets shocked . Sara is smiling. Vansh ask ishani is she also planning to escape like sia z ishani shouts back that stop accusing her why will she need fake documnets . Vansh inform her thapa called him . Ishani says she dont know any Thapa . Angre is  also shocked . Vansh says wait thapa is sending me photograph . Riddhu is hell scared that sara real identity will be revealed .Vansh shows photo its of ishani  Fb shows that sara changed the photograph she threw towel on riddhu face and took her phone away . Riddhima understand its sara who did . Ishani says why will she ask her help from vansh men she could have asked her husband . She shouts at vansh that she nevee takes his help and will not take on future . Vansh  ask angre to take care of his wife he leaves . 

Riddhima takes sara to a side and ask why she did it . Sara says she helped her . Riddhima says how she helped her dont she need fake documents new life . Sara says she is not fool vansh ke admi se kam kra ryi o you wanna trap me . Riddhima says nothing of this sought she really wnana help her . Sara says she dont need help as she dont need new life etc etc . Riddhima says then why you gave me 2 days . Sara says because she wanna give same pain to riddhima as she gave me . She wanna show how much it hurts when your own person betray you . Riddhima says she never did that . That day also she went to ask help for you . Sara says what help you ran away and then police arrested him this help . Sara hands start shaking she is abt to get panic attack but she controls herself and give warning that she will kill vansh and then her revenger will completed she leaves 

Ishani shows her anger by throwing water bottles in room 🙄. Angre calms her down . She  ask how vansh bhai can accuse her she even doenst know who thapa is and how can he ask him to take care is he not my bhai . Angre says you also did wrong na why did you said you dont his help he must have felt bad . Ishani says she always took his help from childhood but after that women . She ask angre to find out who did it in her name . Angre rembers riddhima asking him abt thapa . Angre calms ishani down and assures her 

vansh is unable to sleep. He hugs a pillow but alas no help . He remember how he and riddhu use to sleep holding each other hand . Finally he get up and goes to riddhu room . He picks her up and bring her in his room and put her to sleep . And continously adore his wife

episode ends 

As we all know immj is ending in first week of july most probab 3 july as per news . We might not be attached to show but obivously to riansh / rrahel . I know we are heart broken but every beautiful jorney has an end and this is end for immj . So in these last moments lets just enjoy our riansh and last episode of immj . ❤️

Posted: 4 days ago

Thanks for the updatesmiley27

The Riansh scene has my heartsmiley27..... Pillow se kaam nai chalaa Vansh kasmiley37 and so he stole away Ridhhima from her room. Grumpy stealing babysmiley37

Posted: 4 days ago

I hope tomorrow's epi they continue from this RiAnsh scene. Want to see Riddhu's reaction to being shifted in his bed. 

Posted: 4 days ago

Thanks for the update navdeep!! 

The last precap scene wassmiley42.. it makes me happy!! 

Posted: 4 days ago

Thanks for the update Nav🤗

Grumpy baby apna personal pillow le aya 😂

Last scene was soon cute...🤩❤

Posted: 4 days ago

Just now sudhir gupta commented that it will be a sad ending

Posted: 4 days ago
Originally posted by Sraeeta

Just now sudhir gupta commented that it will be a sad ending

Please someone confirm

Posted: 4 days ago

Thanks for the update

Nice update

Riddhu had called Thapa as Ishani and  sara had sent Ishani picture knowingly or unknowingly she had saved riddhu and Ishani she deserves this Angre also know Ishani had a doubt on his relationship with riddhima vansh he misses his wife so he had stolen her while she was sleeping I really want to riddhu reaction after waking up hope we get it 

It's really shocking to know show is going off air didn't expect it to go this soon with any notification or anything I don't have any words say and know everyone is going through same but decided to enjoy till it lasts

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 

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