Biwi said I don't have himmat that's why Dost is back with Himmat Raas

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Posted: 5 days ago

That moment when Biwi tells that his sister had warned her against his BFF. smiley37
Why so shocked ? smiley22

"Is ghar mein bhabhiyon ka aapne devaaron par haq jatana purana riwaaz chala aa raha hai."
Again, why are you so shocked Veeru ? smiley22

"Aap mein 1% bhi himmat nahin hai sach manne ki."
Munna ko biwi ne phir se Mandir ka ghanta samajh liya. smiley36

The pain in her voice, the tears said that she is tired asking you about your past and your vaada and you are again on silent mode. smiley44 Tu na zindagi bhar gunga hi reh. smiley7


LOLOL the way she told Pakhi that she at least has the himmat to give muh tod jawab when questioned while she loses her voice. smiley37

I just loved how she warned her "Meri sehenshilta ki ek seema hai Pakhi didi agar aap yaad rakhengi toh aapke liye achcha hai." smiley37 This besharam aurat won't sudharo and will taunt Sai as soon as she gets the chance. smiley12

"Mujhe maloom tha aap mein sach sweekar karne ka himmat hi nahin hai. Meine socha ek akhri baar kaushish kar lete hain. Kya pata aap sach bol hi de." smiley32 Every time you refused to accept the truth, she has lost the count. Aise hurt look maat de ab. smiley7


Veeru toh is irritated by Pakhi since a long time. But is it me or Sonali looked irritated too when Pakhi said that no one took her side when Sai did her beizzati ? smiley3
Didi is funny she keeps repeating "Mein yeh beizzati zindagi bhar nahin bhuloongi." yet she does such things to get beizzatified. smiley29


"I heard your wife is taking good care of you."
Veeru was like "Haan daant aur beizzati kheela kheela kar theek kar rahi hai mujhe". smiley37

"I don't know why she is behaving like this with me." Are you f*cking serious ? smiley7
Bhai tu na aapni BFF se door raha kar kyun ki tu uski tarah delusional banta jaa raha hai. smiley44

Chalo at least there is one who believes Sai. She was feeling bad for her. smiley5 Even when Ashwini said who knows if she had eaten or not, Sonali had that worried face. smiley3 Sonali you are on right track. Please we want to see the good in you. smiley4

Just want to appreciate this girl. She looked so beautiful here. smiley42

"Teri biwi kitni beizzati ki hai sabke samne." 
"Kaku Sai college se waapas aa gayi ?" 
OMG the beizzati of Beizzatilekha has no limits. smiley37 Haan bhai tu na biwi ke peeth peeche beizzati karta rahe taki biwi ko pata na chale that you care a damn about Pakhi. smiley22

LOL he looked more concerned about Sai not coming home than Pakhi being on a hunger strike. BTW did Kaku ask Virat if he had lunch or dinner ? Because it seems like he too didn't eat. smiley23

Kaku being ok with their past, I actually feel bad for Samrat now. smiley18
When he will know that the Badi Mami he used to love is ok with his wife having a past with his brother, it will definitely break him. smiley38

This man whenever he comes makes us happy. "Sai Bhabhi ko teri chhoti chhoti baaton se farak padne laga hai. Pakhi aur teri baat karne se une farak padta hai. Tabhi toh une itna gussa aata hai. Sai Bhabhi tujhse pyaar karne lagi hai. She is in love with you, bro."
Joh baat Sunny Miya ko pata hai woh bhi saalon mein do baar darshan deke, woh baat Veeru ko pata nahin hai biwi ke saath rehte huye bhi. smiley44

Didi ne baat sun li. Where are your manners now, didi ? smiley23 Weren't you the one who told Sai that overhearing someone else's conversation is not right ? Hypocrisy much ? smiley2

Posted: 5 days ago

Seems like I look forward to your postssmiley27smiley36

Wo kya hai na hamara pyara Ghum kab kaunse jhatke de pata nahi chalta.

So your posts act like seismographsmiley36


Posted: 5 days ago

Tu Zindagi bhar Gunga reh had me rolling ... You are a riot smiley37smiley37

AYesha's voice modulation in that sehenshilta scene and her expressions were so on point.. The last three episodes have been hers...just hers...

Sonali was feeling bad one minute and then went back to bad mouthing Sai.. I hope she starts feeling tad bit bad for Sai.. Patralekha needs to be told off by some..She is irritating and even TRP audience is irritated with her... Every show has bad people changing into good one by one..Yaha Ghum ka alag hi..

Viru MAMU my gosh.. logo ko samjhana.. zindagi ki seekh..aise bade bade..dialogues maar ke.. "Sai aisa bartav kyu kar rahi hai mere sath".. Ye DUMBola kaha se aaya re.. Kaun gaya tha iska IPS ka paper likhne..Munna Bhai kya?

Posted: 5 days ago


Sounds like a funny episode....I look more forward to your posts than the wonder the TRPs are dropping if all of IF is thinking the same smiley42

now that Sunny is back hopefully he can knock some sense into Virat🤞

Fantastic post as usual and 🙏🏼 

Posted: 5 days ago

Didi always says "Main yeh beizzati zindagi bhar nahi bhoolungi" but she forgets it the very next second by blabbering something and gets beizzatified. This cycle seems never ending.



Posted: 5 days ago

Your post makes the dustbin episodes also comical....smiley31smiley31 

Didi ke sangat Ka asar hi hai veru pe 

I soo hope Sonali either stay neutral or team correct... She is a fun person if she does not have to please kaku all the time..

Bezattilekha is quite a case..... An even I feel virat also did not eat the whole day but no one is bothered about him either. Sai and virat, Dono ki kadar Nahi hai in logo KO smiley37smiley37

Also, sai accused two ppl, then y only Pakhi feels bezatti??? Even viru should feel na?? 

I dnt know who to blame for this 😂😂

Edited by MSgayatri - 5 days ago
Posted: 5 days ago

During Holi, Sunny made Virat realize that he is in love with Sai and now he is back to make him realise Sai is in love with Virat smiley36smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago
Originally posted by cheekukabeej

Seems like I look forward to your postssmiley27smiley36

Wo kya hai na hamara pyara Ghum kab kaunse jhatke de pata nahi chalta.

So your posts act like seismographsmiley36


LOL nowadays this forum gives me more jhatke than the actual show isi liye toh I enter once I have watched the episode. smiley37

Haha thank you for the compliment. smiley37

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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