Disappointed with TRP

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Posted: 4 days ago

Although there are minor flaws, overall I love watching Pandya Store. I’m attracted to storyline and drama elements. The only shows I positively watch without fail are PS and Anupamaa so today seeing PS got just 1.8 broke my heart. If Anupamaa got 3.6 (thanks to the dramatic Kavya and her antics 😂) a near perfect show like PS at least minimum deserves 2.0 trp. I’m Literally so disappointed and I strongly hope (touch wood) ki next week with this Khandar Drama, Suman-Dhara dramatic confrontation, Rishita’s atonement track i hope trp at least minimum touches 2.0 , and hopefully 2.2-2.3 please God bless this beautiful show.

Posted: 4 days ago

PS has become dramatic too, it was fresh till the marriage drama.Now It's full of negativity and ott drama.

I am glad trp has decreased 

Posted: 4 days ago

The story has regressed alot imo. They're showing very unhealthy relationships. I do believe they've changed the story due to having to change location. But they could have shown something half decent as well. They had the potential to be different and they chose not to be. So if a decrease in trp gives them that nudge, I reckon it's a good thing. 

They probably don't care about international views but sometimes I sit there watching it on TV and think that they don't deserve my views. 

Posted: 4 days ago

Actually I also don't want the show to come under scanner or struggle with low trps, but sometimes a a mild decrease is important to convey to the makers how the viewers are feeling about the show.

This is a fresh show with a lot of potential and a proper ensemble cast.they can show so many interesting things to keep the viewers hooked, they have 3 power packed couples who are at very different stages of their relationship. Have an amazing supporting cast. The only excuse now is the change of location and shooting restrictions.if that's the case the show will get back on track once they shift to Mumbai. I am hoping for that.

If after 2 yrs, they show illogical tracks to keep the story going, I can understand it but there is no excuse to drag the story at this point.

Posted: 4 days ago

Last week was drag fest , they stretched the batwara , ma ko way pata chala way  too much 

But then , a lot has been happening , change of shooting place , abrupt end to some tracks , space constraints , bio bubble etc etc and the to produce 6 episodes per week .

Hopefully new track will be better than this , pata nahi haweli mein kisski shadi Kara RAHE hai  and then maybe they will move back to Mumbai and the story around the store and their house will start 

And next week's trp may increase , this week was action packed 

Posted: 4 days ago

I don’t watch anupama on a regular basis only watched some small clips here and there but i can see why it gets trps. Family drama, anupama standing up for herself, her ex in laws standing up for her, question whether those the cheating couple will get married, how kavya is getting her karma with vanraj more caring about his family and anupama. While pandya store mainly about whether suman will find out that dhara beat up her kids

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Posted: 4 days ago

Agreed ! The cast and crew are putting in hours of their hard work . I definitely feel it is still a breath of fresh air considering the other shows on TV . I understand the anger of viewers regarding multiple things that happened , but I really believe the show has potential and like I said the cast and crew are working day in day out without even seeing their family , getting bitten by bugs, being in dust and under a lot of crap ( I know it wasnt pattar ) but to have all of that and mud on your face to shoot a scene is a lot to take . Literally taking beatings for the sake of a scene . Being in a bubble like they said away from everything and still working so that we are entertained . 

Just hope this doesn't impact the show badly 🙏Also they fix the errors like beating the shit out of her devars by atleast showing she felt bad and hurt and apologises to Shish . She has never raised her hand ever on them , so they really need to explain the out of place anger by some sort of regret .  As for Rishita parivartan I might be able to make piece with considering the situation they were in . Life and death situations does that to human beings , she was never all that bad by heart . Just probably needed some dev and her time .

This shows USP is the family bond so I get today's episode but yes we have all centred the show around shivi ( their chemistry , acting and just them makes it that way, writing of their characters  ) so the reaction of all fans have given is justifiable .

But yes I love each and every bond of the show . Not all fingers of our hands are same and these are all different characters , different humans in a similar manner. Every human if pushed and nudged in certain manner reacts in a certain way not the same . This show shows us that . Even though all our different are a part of one hand . 

The drama unfortunately is become the need of the hour for these guys I belive cuz shows come and go . Unless they do not maintain certain trp staying on air becomes a struggle . Also some drama is alright here and there I guess.

Just ranting 😛

Posted: 4 days ago

 I hope that the cast and crew who are putting in so much effort and hard work get good rewards for their efforts! smiley27

Baaki, the writers have been on sasta nasha since the danda track smiley39

I'm actually glad they got so much backlash on their dhara devi glorification and the TRPs dropped too. Hopefully they learn something from this and bring back the old charm of PS! Excepting some scenes, the last two tracks have been a disaster smiley39


Pandya Store 

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