Pandya Phamily TRACTOR! HA!

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Posted: 5 days ago


This episode was was...


THIS TRACK HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO WITH IT? This could have been used as a Rishimendra redemption arc later on...


WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US? smiley37smiley37


I want to know what the writers are taking cause I need some of that too in my life! smiley37smiley37


Were there any good points? smiley37smiley37smiley37


Good Points:

  • Rishimendra and Cheetah Dev were the stars...despite Rishimendra's 180 in 2 minutes smiley37


  • Rishimendra on the tractor smiley37


  • Dhara's chutney started...SasuMaa had the ingredients ready: 4 cups full of taunts, 2 spoons full of Gaumbi defence, 3 bowls of the gang begging SasuMaa, 5 ladles of asking for Dhara's justifications!


  • Rishimendra got credit for the rescue...which was nice but I AM IN WTF MODE TODAY! smiley37



Bad Points:

  • Ermm...the whole episode! 
  • I need something to help me forget this! smiley37


  • Yadoon Ki Baraat playing after the rescue AHAHAHAHA! Did anyone else burst out laughing! smiley37 
  • Why was Rishimendra crying for 

  • Oh look, it looks like Dhara got the credit....for something she didn't do....instead of punishment...for something she did do! smiley11


  • The Dhara Chutney was basically anti-climatic...we never got to the end!  This was us:


  • Anita-toerag got rescued....I wish she hadn't!smiley37


  • Rishimendra got accepted...except it was too soon! smiley37


Precap: I have no words... I am guessing the danda lover is getting saved...her devars ki badolat! smiley21


The writers missed out big time on a redemption arc for both Rishimendra and Dhara! And a good lesson that even elders can be wrong! smiley11DISAPPOINTED! 

Posted: 5 days ago

Even I started laughing when they played Yaadon Ki Baarat after the rescue!! smiley37smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

James mcAvoy gif is hilarioussmiley37

Waise toh saray he hainsmiley37

Agree with the dhara getting credit and not punishment. It just pissed me off so badlysmiley35smiley35

Bhabhi aap sahi thi my footsmiley7

Thanks to your gifs even that seems fuuny nowsmiley37

Posted: 5 days ago

My savioursmiley37

These are much needed respite after today's pukw worthy dhara chutneysmiley11

the gifs are damn funnysmiley37smiley37

Posted: 5 days ago

Hanasmiley32 smiley37smiley37smiley37 

Ek hi line me bolungi toh, aaj ke episode ne meri bolte bandh kar dhismiley36

I am not the one who always wants to see Shiva-Raavi scenes. I will take what they give me. I also want to see a good family story. I also look for logical things in the show smiley36 which is the biggest mistake you should not do while watching ITV showssmiley37

But where do I begin today

Shiva- Raavi- after what they went through almost near death experience, how are they able to still only limp aroundsmiley36 If I was stuck in a collapsed building like that, am not sure I would have survived, even if I survived, would have been airlifted to the hospitalsmiley36

Raavi passed out and Rishita could revive her just by spraying the water from the Kalashsmiley36 

This scene alone pushed back all the BW movies to the last place for being the most dumbest thing ever to be shownsmiley36

I could not accept Rishu baby turning 180 into a new leaf in yesterday’s episode. But today after seeing her remove the debris with all her strength and power, din’t know what to say, upar se woh tractor bhi chala rahi thismiley36 She is all in one  going to give tough competition to Dhara in deciding who is the greatest Mahaan of all times. Dhara has slight edge over her at this time but Rishu baby is catching uo to hersmiley37 

When Dev came to help them, she thought with a shivked expression, yeh yahan kya kar raha hai, yeh sab isski bas ki baat nahi haismiley36 She knows her husband woh kitna nalayak haismiley36
But one thing though, Dev is in safe hands, Rishita will protect snd take care of him fir the rest of his life, lucky guysmiley36

The way she was riding the tractor, super impressive, bandhi me dum haismiley36

After reaching the Temple, Suman, Dhara and Gaumbi cane to know what happenedsmiley36 They immediately  started Rishita and Dhara admiration club meeting  with the opening  speech given by none other than the President if the club, Mr.Shiva Pandyasmiley37

Raavi also instead of worrying about herself, she is more worried about her Dhara dhismiley36 One important thing sge safely brought her maguc kalash, which did not  have any dents and always  filled to the  brim with  water smiley36

After a  huge natural disaster, this is the only family that escaped with just superficial woundssmiley36 and that’s the power of Pandya Parivar and Dhar being their Goddess. 
They pray to her everyday and her blessings prevented them all from dying smiley36

When Dhara told them she is leaving as Suman said so, all she could come up with is “Ho sake tho mujhe maaf kar do”, that’s itsmiley36 that’s all you gotsmiley37 and Gaumbi, what kind of husband is he, didn’t even accompany her to the haveli to pack her bags or drop her till the bus stopsmiley36 If my husband ever did that to me, don’t know what I will dosmiley36

Dhara has the slowest walk ever, even babies walk faster than her. God’s sake even Shiva, Raavi, Krish and Dev are able to walk faster than her after going through so muchsmiley37

precap- Dhara is not going anywheresmiley36

P.S: I still didn’t  get an answer to 2 questions - why Rishita came in a tractor in yesterday’s episode and why am I still watching this show?smiley36

Pandya Store 

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