just somethings i want to share

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Posted: 4 days ago

ok i want to say a few things 

1) sonu IS a victim of social abuse by ahaan and dadi even before she became a victim of physical abuse by mayank. her blaming ahaan was justified.

the emotional trauma is so high that killing herself would have felt like a better choice. the abuse has passed on from dadi to sonu. if sonu had not got her way out right now she would turn into an abusive insensitive person one day (we already saw a glimpse of it). this is how it starts. 

i agree she should have told Raj but she needed emotional support to do it. she is not mentally strong to do it alone. she had just raj by her side and she dint want to lose him. 

2) i hated the rush. hate x 20 million smiley38smiley19

3) y is everyone surprised to see dadi being negative. she is black since the first week. she has literally drugged a person senseless and bribed a doctor. smiley36

4) dadi has a problem with ishqi  even after knowing that savvy is dead, because dadi is a brilliant judge of character unlike the rest. she knows that ishqi will pull ahaan away from her. dadi is a narcissist, she is insecure and needs to control people. 

5) sonu is a good judge of character too. it is infact because of the emotional trauma. thats y sonu knows how everyone will react at different things. she knew she needed emotional support and she knew she would only get it from ishqi. because she knew that only ishqi would be able to standup for her against ahaan. 

6) this whole rhea angle is such a bore smiley11

7) ahaan is emotionally immature. its going to take a lot for him to change his perceptions. its an identity crisis. he has no idea who he is anymore. there will come a point where he will just flip out of responsibilities now, something that he hasnt done in a long time. he has lost faith in himself because he couldn't save his sister. thats y at the hospital he said 'mujhe kaun bataayega ab kya karna hai' smiley38

8) raj has let sonu go off the hook. but this is because he knows since the beginning how scared and sensitive sonu is. what would he really gain by telling her y she dint tell him in 6 mnths? it would only make sonu more alone and that would prove sonu's fears right. raj is a sensible guy. what is the point in arguing with a mentally unstable person. he truly loves her. and because of this abuse and insecurity will not multiply in sonu. 

9) can we please have an ahaan monologue by the pool! please smiley13

10) mayank will not go scot free. i have full faith. 


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Posted: 4 days ago


I agree with each and every single point I swear..right from the first to the last!!!..and that ahaan wala point can be explored more deeply...đź’—đź’—

Posted: 4 days ago
Originally posted by Castle_of_hope


I agree with each and every single point I swear..right from the first to the last!!!..and that ahaan wala point can be explored more deeply...đź’—đź’—

thank u smiley27

yes ahaan wala point. lets explore it smiley36

his whole being has been uprooted. all his beliefs stand null n void now. clean slate. deep down his faith in dadi is broken too. we saw it yesterday when he argued with dadi. he always listened to her willingly but yesterday he only listened to her our of obligation. 

a few more obligation scenarios and he will see exactly where sonu was in her head. 

Posted: 4 days ago

Dadi stopping ahaan going after mayank was wrong.  Giving wrong message to other victims in similar situation to keep quite.  Bringing in what society will say and her marriage will break, blackmailing you will see me last time blah blah.

In fact ahaan should have involved police to encourage victims to make their voice heard.

Gul Had a good chance to help victims not just in what sonu went through but domestic abuse (sarla and dadi’s taunts can take a mental toll)

Posted: 4 days ago

Beautiful post smiley32 I agree to each and everything here smiley20 My only problem is Sonu still hiding her dating Mayank fact from AHAAN. What's your take on this? Apart from this I get where she is coming from and you are absolutely right Sonu is someone who understands things better than Ahaan and Sonu knows what is good for her unlike Ahaan. 

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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