Shiva/Raavi/ShiVi Drabbles and Snippets

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Posted: 5 days ago

Hello all, 

Welcome to my random musings on all things Shiva, Raavi and ShiVi. Just bits and pieces I think up of between conversations on the forum and real life situations. Might eventually write them up on more detail or leave them as they are. 

As always no reason to copy someone else's work but if it's similar:

A) we obviously share the same thought process

B) I didn't intend to so drop me a line and I'll acknowledge! 

I'll try keep them all indexed here if I can 

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Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted on EDT 17  around Page 50-70 when we were talking about Shiva's feelings. 

Something that came to mind thinking of the aftermath of this whole khandar falling apart:

Shiva never wanted to feel that helpless again. Watching her fighting for her breath made him panic and it was all because he couldn't lift the columns off them. He'd tried pushing them off but all his hard work had bore no fruition and only when Krish and Rishita bhabhi had come with the two men to help take all the rubble off had he managed to get her up. 

She found him outside, uncaring of his wounds, body dripping with sweat. He was crazy for punishing himself. Who apart from him would think to do that many push ups after the day they had. She tried stopping him but it was as though he could hear no sound and see no sight apart from the demons in his head. As he kept going, she placed a hand over his shoulder and what she saw was a man possessed; a madness that only she could soothe.

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Posted: 5 days ago

After the above post my mind actually went to something slightly more 18+ 

Again posted on EDT 17 Page 50-70.

A few weeks later, Raavi had had enough. Shiva had been disappearing every day for hours. One night she cornered him just as he'd come into the room to find out what exactly he did when he left. Ignoring her, he took of his vest to change and that's when she saw, he'd become even more muscular than before and the tugging below her navel went into overdrive. Her hands itched to touch him but she'd never tried before when he was unclothed. There was always a first and it seemed tonight was going to be night for a lot of firsts for her.

I will conquer this whole tagging system again and edit to show the post on here.

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Posted: 5 days ago

Kahan pe maine pura chaan maara

Posted: 5 days ago

Oops sorry edt 17...they're movng too fast to keep track.. Around the 50-70 page mark i think 

Posted: 5 days ago

They had their heads together and were whispering secretively. Eyes on them, thoughts going through the mind did not bode well for anyone involved. Noone else seemed to notice and neither did the one who's back the eyes bore into. 

Then their eyes met and a frown appeared, almost as a mirror image, one with anger the other with worry, followed by some more whispering. She would find out eventually what they were talking about, if not from him then from Rishita and then there would be repercussions for hiding things from her. 

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