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Posted: 9 days ago

Just watched yesterday's episode and Sonu and Kartik weresmiley29smiley44

Especially Kartik, his opinions were smiley29.

And let me clear, this post is not against girls opening up and voicing their matters and what I will be writing will be for both girls as well as boys.

Now let's discuss the episode. 

Starting with the fight scene, it was good, but it could have been executed in a better way. 

Sonu Ahaan confrontation 

All things Sonu said about fearing her brother was total rubbish for me...

She didn't have the courage to tell her brother and family about the matter. She didn't even discuss any of her problems with her husband. 

She hid many things from her family, and according to me, it's not because of pressure of being perfect, it's her nature to be hideous and blame others for her matters, to save herself.....Selfish Sonusmiley7

But Sonu pointed out one point, which is true that in society always girls are blamed....and that's why they try not to bring matters in light.

 What Kartik said was also lame, because it was not Ahaan's fault- it was Sonu jo apne muh me dahi jamake baithi thi...

I knew that Ahaan would have supported her if she had courage to tell the truth because being sanskaari and respecting family values doesn't mean that he will not support his sister. 

Perfect hona koi bandhish nahi hai aur na hi honi chahiye...

It depends on you, whether you consider it as a burden or you feel that your loved ones are expecting something from you.

Bade hamara bura nahi chahte....isliye vo chahte hai ki hamare saath bura na ho aur ham alert rahe.

Par aaj ki generation iss baat ko nahi samjhti...

The next scene where Dadi was stopping Ahaan from punishing Mayank..

I understood dadi's viewpoint, what dadi said is the sad reality of our society where girls are blamed for every matter. 

And Ahaan could have secretly punished Mayank without highlighting this matter in front of other people. 

About Rhea being pregnant, I feel she was never a good girl and she can never be like that. 

When Rhea was introduced as a good girl, I preferred her more than Ishqi, but writers butchered her character. 

If she was a working woman and had the audacity to voice her opinions, she would have been much better than Ishqi. 

Ishqi bohot bolti hai...aur use society(samaaj) me decently behave krna nahi aata..

I know Ishqi is good at heart and she is a selfless person, she took blames for Sonu many times, but her way of doing things, her actions are not good.

Itni bhi samaaj seva acchi nahi ki dusre ke liye aapke saath bura ho...

She should have told Ahaan about Sonu's matter. 

Sonu ke baare me agar Ahaan ko Bata deti to zyada sahi rehta....par fir serial na banta smiley36

Jaise business ki image aur brand image create krne me saalon lag jaate hain...lekin image ruin hone me 1s nahi lagta....

Usi tarah ek insaan ki image bhi matter krti hai.  

Now Rhea is smiley11.

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Posted: 9 days ago

And one more point I forgot to add...

Whenever Jagrata track flashbacks are shown where Ahaan said "aise kapde pehnegi to aur kya hoga".

 I know this statement was very wrong because clothes have nothing to do with the behavior of other person.

But, they never highlight his positive side where he said, that whether a boy or a girl, she/he should have enough decency to know what to wear as per occasion.

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Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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