Making your place on your own terms

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Posted: 8 days ago

Ok, so I guess the ultimatum angle has been put aside for nowsmiley36......the turn of events today went in another direction.....Adi-Imlie are still debating the when/how of telling their truth insteadsmiley36.....doesn't look like things have reached any breaking point for any ultimatums to be issuedsmiley36......they are both resigned to their usual limbo for the most partsmiley36.

Anyways, that aside.....a decent episode in terms of Adi-Imlie I guess. They got a conversation even if much of it felt repetitive in tone.....Imlie repeated her usual fear of not wanting to rock the boat of this happy T family that looks united and together in the pictures that are up on the that she dusts daily as the maid in the house. So basically Imlie's mind is still in that maid mode ki she's not destined to ever be a part of those family pictures, she can't picture herself in those photos and neither can the T family......toh basically the same point she was repeating even before Adi brought her home from the lodgesmiley36

For a second there, when Adi started off with his "I thought you were just making excuses but now I can see what you fear", I was like hey bhagwaan ab is point pe bhi yeh Imlie ke defeatist mode ka saath dega?smiley36......but thankfully he tried to pull her out of it a bit with saying that CIRCUMSTANCES will not decide her place in this world, but SHE will.....Adi deals in absolutes as his point is that this is the truth and his family will HAVE to accept itsmiley36. What he gave Imlie in this scene was understanding.....the way he said, "Hum samajh rahe hain ki tum har nazariye se is baat ko dekhne ki koshish kar rahi ho".....I guess Imlie needed that reassurance from him that her fears are not illogical smiley36.....well I'm not going to get into the broader situation of the other illogical things she's thinking.....but I appreciated the attempt at communication and give and take in this scenesmiley1

I would like to see Imlie also giving Adi understanding again's long overdue now. Can't remember the last time she actually understood HIS perspective on somethingsmiley36. But today, even if they were in disagreement as usual, there was that moment in the scene with the Ts where Adi wanted to tell the truth and he looked at Imlie for support but he could see she wasn't there yet....her eyes were communicating her panic and refusal clearly so he let it go again even if he was unhappy about it. 

The little morning scene they got with Imlie handing him his tiffin was also a nice touch of routine/ Imlie hesitatingly asking for his saath in going to KC ka office (chalo thoda toh saath ka matlab samajh aa raha hai ladki ko aur har kaam akele nahin karne chalismiley36) and then Adi continuing on his mission to establish the "Mrs. Tripathi" title in Imlie's head with yet another "Bye, Mrs. Tripathi" todaysmiley36.

As for the rest, I dunno where exactly AC ka tamasha is going with her attempt to jail Adi and the Tssmiley36.....but for now it does seem to be bringing out Imlie's protective instincts big timesmiley36.....there is no pleading from her side....Imlie seems to be treating it as warsmiley36......aaj toh shockingly DIDI bhi nahin lagaya Malini ke naam ke peechhesmiley3smiley37......must be a random blooper....warna toh marte dum tak chalega Didi jaapsmiley36.

Maybe this will make Imlie find her answer about where exactly her place is in that family portraitsmiley36....but chalo aage dekhte hain if Imlie ka tashan with AC in the precap is again just for a token scene ya kuch purpose bhi serve hoga. The least the makers can do is let Imlie rescue her own goddamn family, mansmiley36.

[email protected] Adi threatening AC even from inside the jail cell ki dare you say anything to Imliesmiley36.....There is this strange sense of Adi-Imlie being beyond caring ki koi un dono ke ek dusre ke liye care ke baare mein kuch bolega.....even AC ke cheap taunts don't seem to intimidate Imlie that much nowsmiley36.

Posted: 8 days ago


I am a happy  bunny today caz I could sense that  team feel today m be it in the precap  or the other conversation too despite it being  the repetitive  things content wise.   I will savor  it until i can  one never knows ab yeh kitna last karega.. I had to laugh at imlie ka Achank se firse  but hum toh naukrani  and am not destined for it.. uhh girl weren't just moments ago you were willingly exercising  your bahu right but ok khair pata hai apni imlie Duggal saab hi haismiley37 I did appreciate the fact that there was this mutual ground today in terms of saath adi refused to listen but she forced and went but listen idc.. I liked her exercising  her haq in that way still knowing how to get to him inside despite his uppari ghussa and being fed up behavior.. imlie ke doubts are fine but baat wohi hai ke address them more deeply then this.  I was also like OH NO OH NO at adi ka hum samjh rahe hain I was like great ab he will buy this too  to prolong this but phir maari adi  ne 4th gear and came to the point ke jagah  hoti hai bas banani  padti  Hai.. you can't  just wait for the world to do things for you again wohi ke khud apna haq cheenana  padta hai . I really liked that understanding  tone too that  again fine I am here to listen and plz feel free to open up  jo bhi hai bolo.  Yes about time imlie starts getting his POV's too but usme samay lagega *sigh* I guess I will take it as of now. The communication through eyes was I guess my fav of the night such a tiny moment but said a lot and then the way adi just turns his face  a mix of so many  emotions and his majboori again  creeping up ke caz imlie is not agreeing beautifully done though blink and miss.  The domestication of lunch scene and bye Mrs tripathi was sweet as ever I was like aww ab bata bhi do kya rakha  hai dabbe main but i guess that was me going ahead of everyone .. abhi itne Naseeb  ache nahi huye humare. I found her asking him to   join her so cute  it makes sense  and it had a bada pyara feel to it ke yes we are a team and we need to go with it and their private the mrs tripathi moment and imlie again flying caz of that.  Ek dum itna cute ho jaati hai when he calls her that I am enjoying her starting to enjoy it from him caz itni dafah  ka biwi biwi toh work nahi kar raha tha but now she is Starting to accept the title it makes it concrete for her and I like the playfulness  with which they go ek dum organic  flow of it  bohat pyara hota hai  so far. 

Ac ki bakwaas ke liye I have no faraks  to give just like imlie ka go ask Malini and that fierceness in her tone.. I had to laugh  at BK being vigilant  ke behan chup kar ja we need you out smiley36akkal ko haath daal humara future  tere pe depend karta hai.  I want imlie to rise to the occasion and protect her family show her Sherni mode.. 

So much word about ADI  Imlie  havingno faraks to give for dunia  ki and AC ki bakwaas and bindaas being so fiercely  protective of each other AC ne imlie ko bola toh adi ghuraya  and usse aashiq bola toh imlie  aa gayi apni pe. I need to see this more  smiley42smiley41 come on Imlie do it for us do it for adi.. it is time imlie gets elevated a bit more make it the neev of her starting to solidify  her position more not that it is weak now  caz I loved BK ka defense  again ke imlie ne  bola nahi matlab yeh nahi we Don't  know but I want more fierceness from both sides.  This family needs to be ONE .  Ek jhut  that gives me a high..

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Posted: 8 days ago

Caps on the precap.....

[email protected] Aparna's shocked expression at Imlie ka yeh wala roopsmiley37......and Adi ka proud expression dekho ki that's my girl showing what she's made ofsmiley36

Posted: 8 days ago

Nice review Ay

The ep was okayish. Ab toh aadat si paadh gayi hai Tripathi's ka Ott drama dekh ne ki. I loved Adi-Imlie scenes too...thankfully they didn't mention didi in their conversations today. I really like them behaving like a normal couple....that bike scenes was beautiful. 

The best thing abt today's ep was that didi got only 3-4 minutes ka screen space. I just can't bear her nautankis anymore.

Aur ye Anu bhi weird hai I thought she'll put only Adi in jail for committing bigamy...but she toh put the whole family only inside 🤦🏻‍♀️. Ghanghor ajeeb hai ye aurat. 

The precap is nice. Anu's nonsense is slowly bringing the old Imlie back. Kal saare Tripathi's ko front row seat milegi to watch the drama they missed the last time. I saw pride on Adi's face seeing his jhalli giving back to the 🐍. But end mai toh didi hi aake sab ko bachaengi aur maahan ta ka sihasan grahan kar lengi 😑.

Posted: 8 days ago

A decent episode today, Adi is frustrated he could not tell the truth but when he tells the truth, he wants Imlie to be with him and just looking at her, he knew she is not there yet, and as he said after the diya scene, he was ready to wait for her.. Hope the wait is not long now. 

Finally a good Adi-Imlie conversation, where Imlie shared her fears and Adi listened, understood and told her what is right. Sach Suraj ki tarah hota hai, kabhi na kabhi samney aa hi jaata hai. From the mud scene, Imlie is at least trying to understand where Adi is coming from and not cutting him off like what she used to do earlier. 

Loved the morning after scene, a simple domesticated scene. I think he will keep saying 'bye Mrs Tripathi' everyday. Adding it to their good morning and good night wishes smiley1

Wohoo precap is fantastic, how fierce is each other in protecting the other. As Adi told Meethi and Satayakam, Imlie sabki haq keliye ladthi hai aur yet tho family hai, iss sabke liye kis hadh tak ladegi, ee sab front row seat se dekhenge. This would cement Imlie's role in the family and hope Imlie also understands it and some of her fears will be gone. 

I do not think Malini or KC will be involved in this. It is too early for KC to know Malini/Adi/Imlie relationship. if he comes to know about it, there is not mystery and he wouldn't go after Malini. And the divorce lawyer is anyhow, use less, I think it will be Imlie who would do something to bring her babusaheb and family home.

Posted: 8 days ago

Maybe belatedly, but it may strike Imlie that these relationships are no longer salvageable now with the entire T family getting thrown in jail over false accusations from Malini (not Didi todaysmiley36)'s mom. 

The photos she's staring at on the wall are already fading into the past and there is no possibility of sustaining those smiles after the family has been slapped with such charges in the name of "torturing" Malini......Tripathis ko bhi sochna chahiye ki jis bahu ki itni pooja ki, ab usi ke naam pe jail jaana pad raha haismiley36.....iske baad bhi agar inhein lagta hai their family is complete only with Malini, what to say smiley36.

For now, I'll enjoy Imlie taking charge in whatever way she toh useless hi rehti hain in front of her Mom mostly so I hope Imlie is allowed to save the Ts on her own termssmiley17

Posted: 8 days ago
Originally posted by AreYaar

Caps on the precap.....

[email protected] Aparna's shocked expression at Imlie ka yeh wala roopsmiley37......and Adi ka proud expression dekho ki that's my girl showing what she's made ofsmiley36

Hahaha adi ka aur jiyo  meri  jhalli  he must be cheering in his head ke iss baar tod hi do isma haatgsmiley37

Aparna ji  is like o re daiyya  this is not what I meant when I said duniya daadi seekho

And iss sab main bechare BK is the only one concerned ke behan tu andar  na aa jaana  phir hunra kya hogasmiley37smiley37smiley37 he reminded me of the famous Jail scene of oberoi parivaar  sabke sab chudhane ke liye andar with his  nah inlie beta nah abhi nahi time mauka dekh kesmiley37smiley37smiley37 BK have high hopes from his jhalli too.. plz SM hum sabki umeedein  rang laayein🙏🙏🙏

Posted: 8 days ago

Thanks for the write up AY. Definitely a better episode today I thought smiley20. I told you Adi is going to start calling her Mrs Tripathi more smiley36smiley36

 Adi Imlie convo about family pictures was good and good to see Imlie at least being up front a bit about her fears and  Adi in all understanding mode instead of getting frustrated smiley36 they are not in promo clothes (thank god for that because that shirt didn’t suit Adi smiley36) so not sure how and when we get ultimatum. 
 Precap and police drama can go different ways - but I am still hoping it’s Imilie who somehow solves the issue -as I said in the other thread she will make Anu take her complaint back by threatening her about the assault she went through. Maybe I am thinking too much - but I just don’t want didi to be the savior smiley6

 Or- Imilie takes KCs help without didi and Ts finally get to meet him smiley36 - but I really hope it doesn’t go that way. 

Both Sumbul and Gashmeer looked better I thought- better rested and better clothes - especially Sumbul smiley1


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