Imlie Written Updates 10 Jun 2021

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Anu blames the Tripathis 

Aparna gets emotional about Malini being snatched  from T family accuses Adi of not informing them in advance .Adi says he knew all were very hurt but he did not  want to proceed with a relationship which was going tk become ugly in future . He did not wish tk get influenced ,Mao he was telling them now 

Malini would always remain a good friend of theirs .

Tau ji states this was the first time any one was taking divorce .

Rupali accuses the family of not doing as per their own statements that they did everything for the children’s happiness . Why did AdiLie’s happiness not matter to them ? Why they wanted AdiNi to suffocate just like Rupali and her husband .

Adi states he had another reason for this divorce .

Aparna is distraught that AdiNi marriage was falling apart even before one yr of marriage l

Pankaj asks Aparna to stop fighting to save  AdiNi marriage as it was a lost war now .

At C house  Anu confronts Malini over the guy who had come to drop her .Malini regrets her mom had seen Kunal and now  she would have to lie about him yet again. Malini asks if this was KC ? 
she asks her not to commit the same mistake that Adi was doing ?? Anu refuses tk allow Malini to go this way .

Malini asks what was she going it do ?? Force her to remain in this marriage ? To live in a marriage where her partner did not love her ?? To spend  the entire life just like her mom Anu yearning for husband’s love ?? Anu glares at Malini and she apologises to Anu .
Anu says she was not wrong , Dev was . Dev’s illegitimate daughter was breaking up Malini’s marriage and that girl’s mother had broken up Anu’s marriage .

Malini requests Mom not to take out her anger on Imli , that girl was innocent . If Anu was worried she should not be as Malini now had KUNAL in her life and she was very happy . Anu hopes she was correct , asks Malini to wash up an have meal . 

At T house Imli comes to Adi and wants to say something, but Adi will not listen anything . He had promised SK that he will give Imli her full right and he was working towards that goal everyday and he was very close to it ,  Malini had moved on with her new partner . But Imli was now trying tk search for new excuses for not moving on .

Imli then shows Adi family fotos displayed on the wall . They were very happy pictures , none of those pictures had Imli in them . They would not accept a servant girl as their bahu , the family will fall apart . All happiness will be gone , 

Adi says he understood Imli’s point of view . He agrees Imli did not have a place in those fotos but she had to find her place in them herself , the family had right to know , if years later they learnt from som either source they would be shattered .

he bids Mrs Tripathi good bye before leaving for office , Imli is all smiles .

At C house Anu calls up police station for filing police complaint .

She lands up at T house and accuses T family for the divorce . Aparna argues that she had come to know this today only .

Anu accuses Adi of misleading Malini for last 7 years and now after a few months of marriage he got bored of her m started EMA with this servant girl ! Did he intend tk sped the entire life with this servant girl ? Tau ji shouts at Anu for humiliating Imli .

Radha declares they could raise questions on Malini’s character too . Anu states Malini was alone and there was none in her life .

Anu then summons the police who were waiting outside and had warrants on the name of T family for mental torture, harassment and domestic abuse of Malini . Adi too had warrant on his name . Imli protests vehemently , Pankaj asks Imli to stay out of this or she will land up behind the bars .police forcibly take T family with them under arrest .

Imli confronts Anu for doing this to the family . Anu states Malini had shed tears because of this T family and had shed blood because of Imli . Now Anu will make the pay in the same coin . T Family will pay for Malini’s tears by spending the rest of their lives behind the bars .


The entire T family is behind the bars . Imli Anu confrontation is going on just outside the lockup .  Anu tortures Imli and accuses Imli of her lover fuming because of her , Imli the tortures Anu in the same way and Adi n Pankaj ask Imli  not to indulge in such actions to let  Anu go . 

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Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks smiley31

Good episode todaysmiley41. Hated how imlie feels guilty because of apus rondhu behavior in the beginning going ga ga over ghar ki beti malini. Immediately followed up by a lovely adi imlie scene where both open up to each other and express their fears. Precap seems like a build up to have imlie approach  kc ji to fight to do the t family rihaaee from jail after doing dhulai of chudail.

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Posted: 5 days ago

Good morning darling. Thanks in advance.dekhte hain adi keya sach bol pate hain aur nehi.waiting patiently.👏👏👏👏

Posted: 5 days ago

Thanks a ton Suta!! smiley31

Just got uploaded! 

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Posted: 5 days ago

It's a nice epi. 

Adi didn't told truth.

Loved AdiLie convo.  

Bye bye mrs. Tripati.smiley36

Tripatis arrested  

Precap adi +ts in jail . Anu Imlie face off. 

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Posted: 5 days ago

Precap is 💣. Aati hoon baad mein smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

Pre-cap mein maja aa gaya! Kya pakda imlie ne! smiley36

Posted: 5 days ago

Is the episode good? Yet to watch it smiley36


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