ShiVi OS: Serendipity

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Posted: 4 days ago

Serendipity (/serənˈdipədē/)


DEF: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way

“A stroke of serendipity touched us when we both married. Though I didn't know it then, I do now. You are my good luck charm. Regardless of what disaster falls upon us, I know you'll be there. Forever and always."

Notes: Episode 117, if you just look at ShiVi scenes, was not too bad. It was emotional. It was a step of progress in the right direction. And, it is symbolic of how their relationship will progress in the future. This is simply a re-write of how it could be taken differently.


"I'll accept everything you say. I'll accept every accusation you put on me. But I will never leave you alone, understand?"

Raavi's eyes were wide as she stared at Shiva's struggles. Though her Chattan Pandya could fight gundas and cut logs without a worry, he struggled today, trying to remove the pillar from their legs. His fingers clenched around the stone as his jaw clenched.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered the moment where he stood up and left her tied to the chair. Seeing his retreating back that day had broken her completely. Though she didn't like her marriage, she had taken their vows seriously. Not just for her future, but also for her Mausa-Pa's happiness. She would stand by him—through happiness and sorrow.

But when he left her tied to the chair, she felt a fear of abandonment. She was angry that he didn't even have an ounce of care—especially since she had pushed her hate aside to make their marriage work. She was disappointed that her bad luck carried forward, giving her a husband that could never love or respect her.

Though they were enemies, they had a silent promise of protecting each other. When he was in danger or in trouble, she would step forward. And when she was facing hardship, he would step forward. That day, he had broken—no, she incorrectly assumed—their long promise. 

"S-Shiva," her heart remembered the accusations she hurled at him that day. Jungli. Gawar. Bewakoof. "A-actually," she swallowed the heaviness that was building up in her throat. How could I accuse the one person who stood by me from childhood? Who knows everything about me from my likes and dislikes? "S-s-s-sorry," she wanted to reach out to him. To hug him and feel safe in his embrace, but she knew she didn't have that right. Not when she doubted the one man who vowed to stay by her side.

Shiva paused and took a deep breath. His lips pressed together for a moment, as if he were trying to repress his initial thoughts. Turning to her, he mumbled, "If you can't come up with a comeback, just accept your loss." His gaze was directed to the ground as the wind gently blew his hair. "You know... you don't always need to come up with a comeback. Sometimes silence is enough," he glanced up, his warm brown eyes falling on hers.

A sob was trapped in her chest. That was enough. His one gaze of silent acceptance. She averted her gaze. H-he quickly accepted my apology? Tears welled up in her eyes as she listened to Shiva's struggles. Why did I ignore all the signs? Why did I just pay attention to what he said or did not say to me? She used the back of her palm to quickly wipe away the tears that were trapped in her eyes. When were you this stupid, Raavi? Out of everyone in Somnath, you believed him most. You trusted his heart. How could you leave him alone?

She winced and let out a small cry when the pillar changed its position—this time pressing directly on her ankle. As she pressed on the area, she felt the pillar change positions once more, this time in concordance with Shiva's yell. 

She turned to him and watched him stumble as he attempted to stand up. Just as she was about to turn away, he turned to hold his hand out to her. Her eyes widened as she glanced up at him in wonder. He brought his hand closer to her and she gave him a small smile in response.

She placed her hand in his. For the first time. Even during our wedding and the puja—she glanced at him as he interlocked his fingers with her. His calloused warm hand perfectly represented him. Hard and tough on the outside, but a complete protector on the inside.

He pulled up her, causing her to tumble into his arms. She grabbed onto his kurta as ebbs of pain shot up her right ankle. Be strong, Raavi. You're fine. You CAN do this! She masked her pain as quickly as she could, but perhaps she was slower than she originally thought. The next second, Shiva carried her with his arms. Her hands clenched onto his kurta even tighter, "B-but you're hurt."

His warm eyes landed on her face again. After a long, bated moment, he muttered, "Worry about yourself first, chipkali." He took his eyes off her and observed his surroundings. "The kalash," he turned to her and adjusted his grip. Gently lowering her, he instructed, "You can hold onto the kalash, right?"

She nodded her head. She looped one arm around his neck as she reached for the kalash with her other hand. Once she had a good grasp, Shiva stood up again, glancing at the ceiling every now and then to make sure it wouldn't collapse on them.

"Five minutes," he muttered as he took his first step. "In five minutes, you will be safe."

Raavi nodded her head as she rested her head on Shiva's shoulder. If Shiva makes a promise, it'll come true. She glanced down at the water in the pot. Luckily, even after the disasters they faced, the water was still there. She closed her eyes. Bholenath, if Shiva and I are able to make it out, I promise... I promise to take care of Shiva the best I can. I want him to trust me in the same manner that I trust him.

But perhaps Bholenath himself wanted to test her more. Just when she thought they were close to making it out, Shiva stumbled, causing him and her to fall to the ground. Her fingers tightened around the kalash. Even if she didn't make it out alive, she hoped, for Shiva's sake, that he would be alright. 

Please, please, please... the water should still be there. The Pandya family needs to be happy. Because even if I am not there, his family can shower all the love they can for Shiva.

She glanced up at the kalash and noticed how Shiva's fingers were wrapped around the kalash as well. Glancing to the side, she noticed Shiva was looking at her. Her lips curled upwards, "W-we did it! The kalash," she couldn't help but cough.

Shiva glanced up at the kalash, "Yes... we did."

She noticed how his eyes went to the ceiling. She glanced up in the same direction. The cracks on the ceiling began to ripple across. With wide eyes, fear enveloped every part of her body. We're done for. This is it. I'll never be able to taste Dhara-Di's food. I'll never be able to seek Gaumbi for advice. I won't ever become friends with Rishita. I'll never be able to hug Krish... And Shiva. I'll never be able to make it up to him. I'll never be able to atone for my mistakes.

Her body clenched as she shut her eyes. Please Bholenath... protect us... I don't want to die, not yet. Just as she made the silent prayer, warmth enveloped her. She opened her eyes and noticed Shiva's worried face. S-Shiva was her last thought as she felt a crushing weight on top of her. Whatever pain she felt multiplied by hundred fold, and at this point, breathing became challenging as well.

"S-Shiva, tum theek ho?" she whispered as shooting pains traveled across her body. Considering how hurt she was, she was more worried for Shivaespecially as he had taken the brunt of the fall.

She felt mild relief when Shiva slowly pushed off her, "H-ha. Main theek hoon."

She tried to take deep breaths, not for herself, but for Shiva. But in the process, she couldn't help but lose herself into coughing fits. Her total body buzzed with pain that she didn't even catch the words Shiva was whispering to her. T-the only words she heard were Chattan Pandya and she couldn't help but curl her lips in the slightest.

Raavi... she felt her consciousness slowly disappearing. G-get up... aren't you a fighter? D-don't you tell everyone that y-you are Somnath's best? Her eyes opened, trying to search for Shiva's face in the midst of everything for support. H-how can you be Somnath's best Raavi? If you aren't even trying to get up yourself? H-how can you claim to make it up to Shiva... if you are just giving up like this,

Raavi felt Shiva's crushing weight on her once again and bit back the tears. I... I can do it... I can get up. She squeezed her eyes shut as a burning pain traveled up her body despite Shiva doing his best to get off her. Her throat closed as tears welled up in her eyes. R-Raavi... bear through the pain... just five minutes... that's what Shiva told you didn't he? F-five minutes is e-enough.

Feeling a gentle caress, she opened her eyes slowly. S-Shiva? His lips were right at her ear, bringing her back to consciousness. 

"H-hey," he muttered tiredly. "G-get up."

She wanted to respond to him. Even scream at him. But the words were trapped in her throat.

"I won't let you die that easily," his fingers combed through her hair as she closed her eyes, enjoying the gentle feel. "G-get up... chipkali," his voice was louder, more urgent.

Raavi...Raavi don't do this... Shiv—Shiva is there... waiting for you. You've hurt him enough... just tell him,

Raavi used the little strength she had to clench her fists tight. Swallowing back whatever was stuck in her throat, she muttered, "I... I won't." Taking a gasping breath, she shook her head as she tried to reassure herself, "I won't die so easily... I won't." 

She felt Shiva's gentle pat as a wave of strength passed through her. 

"Stay strong."

Her vision started to become cloudy and she wondered if she had thought those words or whether Shiva muttered those words.

Happy thoughts Raavi... happy thoughts. Think about all the happy thoughts you've ever had in your life. T-think about the time Maasi-Ma bought you that ugly yellow dress... t-think about how Shiva poured watermelon juice on your dress... so Maasi-Ma was forced to buy you a new... prettier dress. Think about how... S-Shiva didn't dare to pour juice on your new dress and h-how you spent the r-rest of the day reminding him of how beautiful you were.

Think back to the time S-Shiva fell into the w-water... think about how you overcame your f-fear and jumped into the water without a second thought. T-think about how you pulled him up... all by yourself with no one's help... remember back to the time when Krish called you a s-superhero for being so brave. F-for being stronger than S-Shiva for once.

O-or what about the time Shiva built you that swing just s-so you wouldn't go to the Pandya house s-so often. Think back to how he patiently swung you on that first day... listening to your every wish. Pushing you so you could t-touch the sky, t-twisting you while on the swing s-so you could spin like a top, p-putting a cushion on the seat so you could swing f-for as long as you wanted... just so you wouldn't come to the Pandya house.

"Stay strong," feeling another pat, this time, she couldn't ignore the buzzing in her head. "I'll do something, Raavi."

S-Shiva, her throat closed up again as she was losing the will to take a breath. G-give me the strength. P-please.

Her vision started to become clouded with white spots. T-taking shallow breaths, her eyes rolled, "Y-you, y-you were right. I'll go... I'll go today," out of your life so you can get the happiness you deserve. So you wouldn't have to worry about this chipkali panauti...

"I... I won't let you die so easily," she stirred... wondering whether what she heard was right... or whether she was imagining everything considering all the cloudiness.

"Hey, get up," she was gently startled awake by Shiva's palm on her cheek. Her eyes took in the darkness and the swirling leaves. "I won't let you die so easily," she couldn't even start a smile. Her lids dropped on their own accord. "You still need to fight with me. H-hey chipkali," his voice cracked as another burst of pain shot through her body. She wondered how they were so synchronized... even when she was so close to death.

P-Please be fine, Shiva. B-Bholenath... I've lost a lot in this life already... when I h-have to leave... let me take away a-all of Shiva's unhappiness. I-I don't ever want to see him in p-pain. I-I don't ever want to see him worried f-for anything. 

She stirred when she felt his gentle pats on her head again. She took a painful, shallow breath.

"H-hey chipkali... R-remember the time you stole my lunchbox? Just so you could taste Dhara-bhabi's cooking?"

She did remember that memory. It was back when there were just twelve years old. Shiva had constantly boasted about his bhabi's cooking, but whenever she went to his house, he would either hide or eat all of the food.

"H-how did you like the dabeli?"

She tried to imagine the taste of dabeli... but found that she couldn't. Something was wrong with the memory. Something didn't make sense. Chickpeas. Her tongue rolled against her teeth. Ch-chickpeas... S-Shiva's favorite dish. She stirred with happiness as she remembered this little factoid despite her mind buzzing with the cloudiness.

"It's... It's not d-dabeli," she took another shallow breath. "D-Dhara Di m-made c-chole," her eyes opened for a moment. She thought she saw his shadow... but she wasn't too sure. Not when the pain clouded every sense. She didn't even know if he was the one asking her the questions or whether she was the one imagining all of this.

"Y-you've proved to be blind as always," some of the warmth was lost as Shiva moved away from her. She instinctively tried to move towards him, to capture whatever little warmth he had, but her body was stuck frozen to the ground. "It wasn't chole. It was dabeli."

D-dabeli? She tried to recall even a sliver of the memory but found that it was difficult. Every time she tried to, she could only see the chole and nothing else. T-there has to be a reason I c-can only remember the chole... she saw a flicker of young Shiva eating chole with a big grin on his face. O-oh... y-yes... Shiva's favorite is chole.

Despite all the pain, she felt a slight tingle to her cheeks when she felt Shiva's hard thumb brush along her cheek. She tried to capture whatever warmth she could by turning her cheek towards the thumb, "I-It was definitely c-chole," she felt his thumb drop to the angle of her jaw as he gently cupped her cheek. "I-I know because it was your f-favorite."

"Y-you know so much about me," his voice sounded choked and she wondered what expression he had on his face.

She tried to move her head, in a simple nod, but didn't know how successful she was. She felt a single drop of watermaybe her tear, slide down her cheek. Shiva's thumb brushed her cheek, and when she opened her eyes, she could see Shiva.

She offered him a small smile, "I-If we make it out of here... I'll make you chole," heaviness shrouded her eyes again as her body was screaming at her to give up. "I-I p-promise," she moaned. "A-as an apology."

"I thought I told you that I don't care about apologies." She felt Shiva's gentle pats, but unlike before, her eyes weren't cooperating. "And I thought I told you that I would never leave you alone!" He cupped her cheeks, "If I promised you that I would never leave you alone, you need to promise me that you will never leave me alone."

The buzzing in her head slowly became muted. 

"Raavi... why would you think Ranveer will live happily without his Deepika?"

She felt him tugging at her hair. First gently, and then a little more forcefully. But it was funny... normally that would hurt her. She would've yelled and pushed the hand away, but right now, she felt like it was child's play. It barely caused her any pain.



"R-Raavi... talk to me please. Yell at me. Hit me. Just p-please don't leave me alone. Y-you can't... I won't allow you to... p-please... open your eyes. I want to tell you a secret. And I think you'll like this secret, too. When we were little and it was your birthday... remember the jack-in-the-box toy I gave you? The toy you threw away after the clown popped out? Well... I'm not that selfish to give you a gift that you would hate. Underneath the jack-in-the-box, I put—,"

Raavi's tiredness won over and she fell into a deep slumber with complete whiteness surrounding her. The pain that riveted her body was finally muted. She thought she would be happy. She thought she would finally be peaceful. All the burdens in her life were gone now. But she was none too happy or peaceful.

Even though she would finally be able to meet her parents, she couldn't help but have a heavy heart. Her sparring partner... how could she go a day without annoying him. How could she go without making sure she cooked at least one meal for him. How could she go without making sure he wasn't hurt?

B-Bholenath... please. I don't want to go yet. I want to try at this marriage. I want to understand why Mausa-Pa was so adamant on me marrying Shiva. I want to see what Dhara Di meant when she said Shiva could love like no other. P-please. Give me a chance to be with my bhoothnath again. Give me a chance to understand why I am so lucky to marry Shiva. I won't ask for anything else... just give me this one chance...

She flinched when she felt a drop of wetness. Wetness...

"Raavi!" she grimaced when she heard the scream. The buzzing and confusion returned. "Uth!" her body was shaken. "Don't blame me for what I'll do next!" her body was shaken again, this time more forcefully.

Another drop fell on her cheek. Before she could ever wonder if it was raining, she felt Shiva's hand squeeze her face and tilt her head upwards. The exact next moment, she felt a warm softness on her lips.

Warm air rushed into her body.

Suddenly, the warmth left her body again. She felt gentle pats on her cheek. "Raavi, Raavi, uth!" His thumb caressed her cheek, "P-Please Raavi. O-open your eyes... if not for me... then for Maami and Mama. P-please."

She felt his lips on hers once again and when he blew his air into her, she opened her eyes, almost getting blinded by the light. She felt another drop of water and realized that it wasn't rain at all. Shiva's tears... He moved away from her and wondrously muttered, "R-Raavi?"

A blissful smile spread across his face as the last of his tears dropped on her face, "Y-you're awake?" his voice was breathless as he shut his eyes closed, "Y-you're awake. You're really awake."

Happiness filled her. Something she didn't even fully understand it. But now that she was awake, she could imagine her future with him. One where he ate her chole. One where she and him insulted each other. Fought with each other. Made memories with each other. Protected each other.

"I-I told you didn't I," her voice croaked. "I won't die so easily." Her hand reached for his head. She gave him a small smile as she took slow breaths, "I'm a chudail," her fingers gently grabbed at his hair, "who'll haunt you for the rest of y-your life. Even if you tried to get rid of me, it won't be possible."

Shiva stared at her with glossy eyes before he let out a relieved sob, "Chipkali."


"Maami Ki Behen Ki Beti."





"Fire bomb."

"Raavi," he rubbed his thumb across her cheek.


"D-don't ever try to leave me," he choked. "Understand?"

She closed her eyes and nodded her head, "Understood."

A stroke of serendipity touched us when we both married. Though I didn't know it then, I do now. You are my good luck charm. Regardless of what disaster falls upon us, I know you'll be there. Forever and always.

Posted: 4 days ago

Hope you all enjoyed my take on the story! This was certainly the most challenging piece I had written as I began to break down towards the end of it (I'm a bit of major softie for those of you who don't know me)

If, by any chance, you like my work enough to read/want to be notified please like this message and I will somehow notify you as soon as I post a chapter.

Please just follow this key so I don't spam anyone unnecessarily:

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Thank you again for reading the work!

Posted: 4 days ago

I almost forgot. @ML, I'm tagging you as you mentioned it was alright!

Posted: 4 days ago

This was so beautiful… lovely…

Posted: 4 days ago

So beautifulsmiley42

Wish u wrote the scene instead.

I loveddd it🌹🌹🌹

Posted: 4 days ago

This was so beautiful and moving smiley27 Loved every bit of it!

Posted: 4 days ago

this - is the first fanfic that has every made me so emo that I'm this close to balling my eyes out

I don't even know what to say, how to react

so I'm going to leave my res here, recollect, and come back smiley19


everything from the first line to the last was just so beautiful and heartfelt smiley19

I found myself actively reading each and every single word so I wouldn't miss something smiley42

Raavi's inner thoughts were probably my most favorite - especially when she admits that she wants to give this marriage a chance and wants to make it up to him

it was so pure and innocent - their whole interaction was a lot more devastating and a lot more relatable in your version

it was as if you were the one who had originally written the concept and scene and it came to life

thank you so much for this smiley31 it was truly amazing 

Edited by SlytherInMe. - 4 days ago
Posted: 4 days ago

Loved it loved it loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautifully written 🥰🥰

So emotional 😢😢😥

I loved "B-Bholenath... please. I don't want to go yet. I want to try at this marriage" part.....I teared up reading this part 😭😭😭😭 

Amazing update dear 🙏😘😘

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