Analysis on waada confrontation - part 1

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Posted: 5 days ago

Hello everyone

As you all know, I give neutral views, support and criticise both the characters. I know some are upset with Virat and some with Sai but let's try to look at the bigger picture. 

Below is my analysis of the scenario based on the understanding of the characters. It is not to justify or defend any character. I have tried to look at the whole thing from both Sai and Virat's pov.

It is a really really long post. I had written some analysis of some past episodes too but couldn't post it since I couldn't finish writing it for the entire episode. Have added them to this analysis since whatever is happening is not a standalone thing. 

Can I please request not to bash any characters. I know some are upset with Sai and some with Virat. The whole purpose behind my post is to understand the position of both of them and what role has Pakhi played in creating differences between them yet again. 

I know that Pakhi was the one who pushed Sai to bring this thing up in front of everyone. I understand that Virat's silence and a few words from Virat also pushed Sai to ask more questions. I also know that Sai need not have brought the topic up in front of the family. Have covered even a part of Virat's position. This is an analysis based on the episodes 211 and 212, so Virat wouldn't be in picture much in this analysis. 

Let's see how it started. Many would have read my post on Pakhi's intentions to have started this. If you had not, I would request that you read it. We all do know what Pakhi wants, it is Virat. Virat's feelings for Sai is making her desperate to get rid of Sai and Pakhi will use her knowledge about everyone in the house to her advantage including Sai's nature and insecurity. 

Let's look at how it started. 

"Canteen se khaa loongi, aur paise kahaan se aayenge tere paas, Virat se hi legi na?" asked Kaku. 

"Mujhe Virat sir se paise lene ki ki zarorat nahi hai, na hi college ki fees ke liye, na hi apni kisi zarorat ki fees ke liye aur na hi canteen se khana khane ke liye" replied Sai. 

"Acha phir tumhe intezaar kis baatka hai, na tumhe Virat ke paise se koi matlab hai, na uskey ghar ke logon se, tum chakli kyun nahi jaathi." spoke Ninad who couldn't tolerate seeing Sai in the house at all. 

Sai got hurt and angry hearing what Ninad spoke. She could see how much they hate her and want her out of the house at any cost even when they have seen that it was Virat who brought her to his house, who wants her to take care of him. 

"Tum aaj ke zamaane ki independent aazad ladki ho, apni zindagi apne tarike se jiyo na, shaanti se aur humein bhi shaanti se jeene do" added Omi. 

"Omi Kaka aap chinta mat kijiye, aapki yeh iccha bhi jaldi poori ho jayegi" snapped Sai.

Sai up until this point was clear that she will leave the house. 

What changed in Sai in the recent past?

She wanted to leave the house when she entered but kept getting carried away by her emotions in getting attached to Virat and also whenever they were about to share some moments. As she had herself said at the pool to Virat and Pakhi, she had forgotten what kind of a marriage she had got into. She had forgotten that she wasn't supposed to consider herself as his wife, look at him as her husband and not expect anything from him as a wife. 

Isn't it true? She kept uttering the words husband and wife so much that even Virat teased her in front of his mom and brother saying

"Yeh mere pati hai, mein inki patni hoon". 

She kept telling that even after they returned to CN, she took care of him, started to get concerned about him, took liberty on him by even asking Pakhi how did she enter their room this late in the night, why she couldn't wait till the next morning and she also started to call the room their room after Pakhi left which even Virat had noticed. She had started to act like a true wife though she kept chanting that she will leave the house which was only a reminder to herself that she cannot stay back forever in the house which can never become hers as far as she knew and also a house where she was ill treated, humiliated and ousted from. The chanting were only on her lips, her mind and heart was filled with Virat, his thoughts, her feelings for him, her care and concern for him.

What happened now that she was upset?

 All of these came to a halt when she witnessed Pakhi claiming that she and Virat used to love each other, were planning to get married. All her emotions and thoughts for Virat came to a halt with the information that he had indeed promised Pakhi that he wouldn't let any other woman in his life. This was something she had rightly guessed but was not accepted by Virat. At that time, he had denied that whatever she thought was not true when she had said that he had feelings for Pakhi, but had not denied when she asked if the person whom he made waada to was Pakhi or not. That was answered now. 

She was in pain, was hurt but didn't know why it affected her so much. Him giving a promise to someone else that he wouldn't be able to give a place in his heart was not something she wasn't aware of already. She knew it, she asked herself before she fell asleep on the floor that she knew it even before she got married but why was it affecting her. She wanted to ask him a lot of things but refrained from asking thinking she has no rights to ask him and that is when she said if it was Samrat, he would have had rights to ask. 

Their confrontation in their bedroom after the party

Below was my first reaction when I first saw the scene of Virat in the room after they returned home from the party.

Has Virat gone mad that he thought that Sai is lying on the floor because his family asked for kids? Did he think Sai didn't let him touch for that reason? Has he forgotten, he himself kept asking why she was behaving like that with him a while back, asking why she upset, she didn't even eat  cake from his hand?

Virat's pov when he saw Sai lying down on the floor

As much as the last sentence is right, I could see his concern. The guy was worried if she was lying on the floor because she felt uncomfortable to share the bed with him after what they had just heard. It is true that a lot of other things happened before they reached home, it is true that he could see changes in Sai's behavior ever since she saw him and Pakhi at the pool, and that he was worried about what she had heard, how much she had heard, what opinion has she formed about him after whatever she has heard, how much has she misunderstood him but he was also genuinely worried about how she was feeling after the elders of his family brought the topic of the kid. It was this worry which overtook the other one and he couldn't help but think if she lied down on the floor for this reason since no fight ever had compelled her to do this in the past. He was in a state of confusion if she had not let him touch her arms due to what she just heard or because of whatever happened at the event venue. 

State of Sai at that point of time 

Sai seems to be trying as much as possible not to confront him, not to question him. As she had herself said, she is not even aware of why whatever she heard was affecting her so much, how and what would she ask him. She was shattered, hurt, feeling restless and at the same time feeling helpless since it was a known fact but she had forgotten all of these for sometime, had forgotten the terms he had laid during their wedding for sometime and got carried over by her feelings for him, by her care and the fact that he was the one family she had. She is in a state where she is not able to let it go, not able to stop herself from expressing her hurt, her disappointment but also felt bound by the fact that she had agreed to these when they got married, is restraining herself from questioning him since she feels she has no rights to.


He tried to know what was bothering him and tried to say that she must have misunderstood when she wasn't willing to talk to him. Sai then asked him as soon as he uttered the name of Pakhi

"Aapke liye waada kya maayine raktha hai"

He replied

"Mein apna har waada poora karta hoon Sai"

"Phir uss waada ka kya jo aapne Pakhi did se kiya hai. Uskya kya? Woh waada bhi toh aap hi ko nibhaana hai"

"Aur agar mein iss ghar se nahi gayi toh phir aap woh waada kaise nibhayenge"

She was hurt, confused as to where they stand. 

What was bothering Sai? Why did the waada bother her? Why did she feel betrayed?

She had thought that she was his wife, he was her husband and he had also started to behave with her like a husband in many ways, she could see him enjoying the attention she was giving him when she was showering care on him, he said that he would miss her when she works in the kitchen, kept asking her to stay back saying he doesnt want her to leave the house, even did nautanki in the hospital to make her stay back, he called her before going to the mission, he called out her name in the hospital the first time she had gone to meet him, had told that he wanted Sai to stay back with him, told the doctor that she was his wife, even told her that he had given her name in the hospital records, was thinking about her immediately after he got shot and all of these made her forget everything else but was making her think now as how can any of these be true, how can any of these make sense when he had promised to someone else that he can't give a place in his heart to any other girl. She got hurt, felt betrayed and that is why she even told Ashwini that he had hurt her, cheated her and does all ajeeb things which a person shouldn't do. She could see that he was also getting close with her but couldn't understand how can that happen when he has promised to someone else. She couldn't understand as how they both can be together when he has done ajeeb thing like giving a promise to someone else that he won't give place to any other girl. She didn't know how can they share this kind of relationship when he cannot afford to give a place for her in his heart. 

She even clearly stated the promise she was talking about. She asked him as what will happen to the promise he made to Pakhi which was he can't give place to any girl in his heart.

"Aapne Pakhi didi se yahi waada kiya tha na ki aap kisi aur ladki ko apne dil mein jagah nahi denge. Toh phir uss waade ka kya??"

But he replied  that he is surprised that the person whom he got married was asking him about it. 

"Main kisi se shaadi nahi karoonga woh ladki pooch rahi hai jisse maine shaadi ki hai"

Sai was asking based on whatever condition he had set while getting married and he somehow could not even relate it to the past, to whatever he had spoken before and during their wedding. He couldn't even remember what he had expected from her at the time of their marriage which was reminded by her to him in the latest episode. Anyway, Sai did tell him that too, reminded him that he said that he was taking her responsibility until she doesn't become independent and he made faces when she said samjauthey waali shaadi rather than clarifying it. 

And she was so crystal clear when she said

"Humari shaadi ek samjautha hai"

"Humari ek deal hui thi"

"Isiliye ek patni ke taur par mein aapke dil mein jagah nahi bana sakthi" and asked how can he break the promise made to Pakhi. She had asked him a direct question but he didn't want to talk about it.  

Virat's reaction when waada was brought up

"Kya bekaar sawaal pooch rahi ho mujhse. Tumhare is behuda sawaal ka main jawaab nahi doonga mein"

She asked how can he give place to anyone in his life breaking his waada. Well, wasn't this something that he was avoiding? She has asked him the question on his face and he doesn't know how to answer it. He doesn't see that waada important now because he has moved on, because Sai is important for him. Even then he didn't open his mouth and tell her that but instead he was asking if the person whom he was married to was asking him all those. 

How was waada irrelevant to Virat

He became uncomfortable when she brought up the waada and as how he can break it.  He is way past these all these, doesn't think that way anymore. He actually thinks that nothing can be more important than the promises made to her during the wedding which has actually made him break his promise made to Pakhi confidently. The marriage let him open the connection that he felt for Sai. He could come in terms with the unknown feelings that he had for her even during GC days after the marriage without making him feel guilty or conscious that she is lot younger than him. Why he feels that she shouldn't be asking these is understandable because he has clearly understood that the whole promise is ethically and morally wrong, he has understood how wrong he was to have given such a promise in first place, how a married man cannot fulfill such promise to a woman who is now married. 

How was waada always significant for Sai?

But were they not conditions that he had set during their marriage?  Were they not things that he had tried to make clear again and again right after they got married too? Didn't he keep calling her his responsibility? Didn't he even not ask Pakhi to guide her? Didn't he not say that he wouldn't have even got into the position during the DIG incident if he had never gone to GC? Doesn't it mean that he would have been happy if he never met her or got married to her? Didn't he not say that she won't be able to understand the love oops frienship he had for Pakhi? Didn't he not act a mute spectator even back then when Pakhi was spitting venom on Sai or talking rubbish about Sai, when she was questioning what he had gained in his marriage, when she was saying that he was suffering due to his marriage, when she said that he made a mistake by marrying a selfish girl like Sai witbout thinking about his own future? There were a lot more instances that had happened which I am not going to list but the list is endless. 

He had conveniently moved on but had kept hurdles after hurdles directly or indirectly for her to not able to move past the conditions he had set during the marriage. And when she kept having insecurity either because of him or his friend, she did move on unknowingly only to be brought back to the reality during the latest encounter of Virat and Pakhi at the pool. Yes, she had misunderstood as how he was doubting or worried of, but he also didn't clarify it to her saying that it is not like how she thinks or that those words are not true now, or by clarifying to her that he values her more than the promise made to anyone else. 

Why is it so hard for Sai to move past what he spoke during their wedding?

Whatever be the reason he feels that her talks are rubbish or the thought of this whole promise even disgusts him, sickens him, but he had already told her all these while getting married to her. He kept reiterating these during the wedding and after their wedding too. It is so etched in her memory that even though she had forgotten and carried away for a short while, she still remembers all of them, every word spoken by him clearly. 

She had forgotten it for a shortwhile but was brought back to reality after she heard their conversation near the pool and wouldn't be able to let it go off that easily because even though it was forgotten, the person whom he had promised to (Pakhi) was questioning him about his credibility, the person whom he had promised to keeps trying to show her position in his life, she keeps trying to exercise her rights on him and now that all is open in front of her, now that the truth as to whom he had promised has come out in front of her, how should Sai be reacting?

He cannot deny that he had promised to Pakhi now, unlike the last confrontation that they had. 

The thought that they were moving ahead in their life, thought that they were leading some kind of blissful days made her forget that he had told her that he had promised someone else but that has all come to an end, all looks like a dream that could never come true. 

The time that things could have been sorted

He might be embarrassed when this was all brought up by his own wife whom he has started to love, her thought that he shouldn't move on with his own wife shook him. He is in a phase where he had been planning to confess his feelings, take their journey forward and she has told him that she can't even live in this house or stay back as his wife because he is committed to someone else, because she expects him to keep his promise. The only solution for all this is to come clean with his past, to share about his past, the waada and the significance of all those now in his life. It was the time he had to open his mouth and let her know about his changed feelings. He didn't clarify it and she misunderstood it again.

Misunderstandings should be cleared at the right time. He had been asking what she heard, how much she had heard, why was she behaving differently, also that she might have misunderstood him, and after she has told him what was bothering her, after she has questioned him about his waada and has related it with her staying back in his life, in his house, why can't he just clear the misunderstandings? Is that not why he was behind her asking her what she heard and has been behind her that she needs to hear him out before making any opinion of him, before assuming anything, before misunderstanding him. 

Yet another misunderstanding 

When he said he can't answer to such stupid questions of her, how else will a wife who was in that position can understand it as other than thinking he doesn't find it necessary to answer her. She would only be made to think as why would he want to answer her, she is no one to him, he doesn't feel it is necessary to answer to her questions because she has no rights to question him. 

"I am sorry yeh sawaal karne ka mera toh koi haq hi nahi hai. Mera kahaan haq banta hai aapse kuch poochne ka haan Samrat dadahote toh baat aur thi unkahaq zaroor hota"

This shows that she would have wanted or liked to have the same rights as that of Samrat. It shows her that how she wished that their marriage was also a real one and not a deal one. Instead of trying to understand her yearning to be in the same position as that of Samrat to be a real spouse, to have rights to question their spouse, he got lost that she had brought up Samrat all of a sudden. When will he get the cues, understand what she wants or why is she upset? He couldn't even get it when she asked him direct questions, how is he going to link these statements?

 Sai has issues with his relationship with Pakhi but doesn't think that she has rights to or thinks he feels that she has no rights to ask him because of the way he was not willing to answer to her questions. Even though she thought of Samrat immediately because she has understood the pain of another spouse who is involved in this mess, Virat didn't even get a clue that she was affected by these and that is the reason she was even upset with him. 

The bringing up of Samrat or her saying that Samrat might have left the next day of marriage because he would have come to know about him and Pakhi didn't go well with him. 

"Bechare jab woh waapas aayenge aur unhe pata chalega aapke aur Pakhi didi ke baare mein toh unpar kya beetegi

"Kahi aisa toh nahi ki Samrat dada ko pehle se pata ho aapke aur Pakhi didi ke baare mein. Isiliye woh shaadi ke agle din woh chale gaye"

"Tum kehnakya chahthi ho Samrat meri wajah se lapata hai

Mera Jeeva meri wajah se ghar waapas nahi laut raha hai?

If only he knew that it is actually true, his brother did leave the house because of him and Pakhi, he isn't returning to the house because of them and their relationship  

"Haan mein yahi keh rahi hoon aur mujhe lagta hai" started Sai who was smart enough to connect the dots as why Samrat might have left the next day. 

"Mujhe pata hai tumhe kya lagta hai. Mujhe nahi lagta ab mujhe koi bhi safaai dene ki zaroorat hai" 

He couldn't take it anymore. He didn't even want to think about it, didn't want to think if it could be true, he couldn't believe that he could be a reason for his brother to leave the house and not return. Sometimes truths are bitter and when it is heard from someone else's mouth it sounds even more bitter. This is not even a truth but a guess, a speculation and he didn't like the idea in first place to even think about it if it can be true or not. He then lost it, started to become restless. He wanted to know how could she even accuse him of anything, wanted to know what actions of his can make her think that way or misunderstand him" 

"Kya shaadi se pehle maine tumhe yeh sab baatein nahi batayi thi, batayi thi na? Tumhe ek baar bhi aisa laga ki tumhe lekar main apni kisi bhi zimmedari se peeche hat raha hoon"

"Maine Pakhi aur mere rishthe ki maryaada nahi rakhi?"

Why did Sai feel that he didn't when he asked the above question? What all had happened in the past? 

And there she snapped, felt disgusted at the mere mention of Pakhi's name too. The girl was so much affected by Pakhi that Virat can't even imagine how much Pakhi had been playing in their life, how much Pakhi has been interfering in their life which has made Sai feel so hurt, so upset and insecured. Virat seems to be a person who lives more in that moment alone and doesn't really looks at things in a wider picture. He doesn't connect to things and view them, he doesn't consider everything that has happened to come to a cocllusion. Sai was leading a life of a wife who was made to look at as a 3rd wheel everytime by his ex. She felt facing humiliation and was never accepted by his family as his wife. Her status or position in his life was always questioned. Even if Sai spoke about the deal, it was later. 

She had witnessed Virat and Pakhi talking at the terrace on the day they got married. Virat had let Pakhi know the truth of their marriage, he was the one who told Pakhi that he was only taking Sai's responsibility, he was the one who told Pakhi that he has no feelings for her and Sai can never become his wife in true sense, he was the one who even told her that Sai will be in his life only until she becomes a doctor. 

When the same thing was spoken by Sai when Virat was aksing Pakhi to get Sai ready for the reception, Virat didn't want her to talk in front of a 3rd person and Sai asked him right on his face if it was not something that he had already shared with Pakhi. She had even used some words that he had spoken about her by them when she was trying to convince Kaku and others to have food on the day of their first rasam when Virat and Pakhi shared a glance. She was made to look like a 3rd person inspite of being his wife during the Ladakh trip too. He didn't react as how any husband should have when Pakhi had asked for his dresses to be packed along with hers too. 

He had not reacted in the way he should have or condemned Paakhi's actions or advances towards him many times. 

Have covered some under the heading "How was waada always significant for Sai?" above. 

So when he asked this question, she obviously didn't agree with him and turned her face which angered him even more. He could see her disagreeing with him which meant that she didn't trust him in a way and it really bothered him. If only, he had tried to recollect what all had happened so far, if only he had tried to think as why she disagreed with him, he would have also known her pain, her hurt and her insecurity. He only looks or thinks what he wants to, the pleasant things. Sai only looks at what she has been able to and not beyond that because everytime she looks past all the negative things, she falls hard on the ground with something or the other. 

Exactly when all of these started?

He then decided to leave the room. 

"Kahaan jaa rahe hain, apne best friend ke paas"

"Mujhe aur gussa mat dilao Sai"

"Yahaan sach bolne se logon ko gussa aa jatha hai"

He was already upset with her behavior in the party, then upset that she wasn't talkig to him, then lied on the floor instead of bed, brought up waada, asked him how can he break the promise, how can he give place to any other girl in his life, also told him that their marriage was a deal and at the end said Samrat must have left after knowing about him and Pakhi. All of these hit him real hard, he grew mad, took his pillow and walked out. 

He didn't think about the repercussions of this action of his. He wasn't in a state to think anything straight and slept on the couch in the living room without giving much of a thought that he would be giving an opportunity for any 3rd person to get an idea that they were having issues, give others a chance to question Sai, give others a chance to discuss about their relationship. 

When Ashwini said it is between husband and wife when Pakhi brought it up that Virat slept on the couch, Ninad said that it is, as long as it stays in the room, not when it has come out of their room.

So who was at fault? Who even gave an opportunity to the person who kept eavesdropping a couple's conversation which they were having in their room? 

As much as I blame him to have given an opportunity to Pakhi, I would also say that it was a normal or a natural reaction for him to have walked out that way. We cannot scrutinise every single action but that is only valid when it happens in a regular household, not when it is CN where there are people who keeps hunting reasons to attack Sai. He could have been mindful before doing it. I have a mixed feeling about it.  

Coming back to the conversation in the living room the next day morning, so Sai did tell Omi that she would leave the house and his wish would get granted soon. 

Who made it an issue? Who dragged it? 

"Sai ki tamasha karne aur khana na khaane ki koi aur hi wajah hai jo ise andar hi andar khaye jaa rahi hai"

Pakhi had her own motives behind starting the fight with Sai. 

She started to spit venom saying that Kaku was right in saying everything has been happening as per Sai's wishes, she entered the house with a pretext of taking care of Virat and started to rule the house. She had very smartly shifted the blame on Sai that Sai was happy until she saw Pakhi and Virat talking to each other. 

She made it look as if Sai was making the whole thing a big issue, Sai was looking at them having a conversation as if they had committed a crime. She became successful gathering attention and sympathy from the family members for herself. All she wanted was to keep maintaining support for herself from those people and did the same yet again so that she can continue to live in this house without being questioned whenever she tries to meet or talk with Virat.  

She had unnecessarily provoked Sai who was trying to avoid whatever she had witnessed the previous day, whatever she didn't want to think about or talk about. Sai walked away from Virat too when he said that they must clear the misunderstandings saying she was hurt and that he cannot heal the pain he has given to her. Sai wanted to talk the previous night but he left the room in anger, and when he wanted to, she wasn't ready. She wanted to walk out of the house, wanted to get some fresh air, divert herself, walk away from all kind of thoughts that kept disturbing her but Pakhi wanted to rub salts on her wound well aware of the fact that Sai was affected by the talk between her and Virat.  She heard her questions to Virat in the room and decided to play with her feelings to get rid of her as soon as possible by provoking her. She knows about Sai's nature, her anger, knows that she will make mistakes. Was it not something that she said after Virat left the room. She recollected what  Bhavani had once said that 

"Sai ke taur tarike aise hai na ki aaj nahintoh kal woh zaroor aise harkat karegi jiski wajah se woh Virat ki nazron mein gir jayegi"

And Pakhi said "Abhi yahi mauka hai Badi mami ki baaton par amal karne ka" and she landed up with turmeric milk in front of Virat. She started to show that she cares for him and Sai doesn't even care but none of her words or manipulation helped her. Virat asked her to stay away from him and asked her to not compare herself with Sai. 

So now, she started to manipulate the family by acting like a victim and started to provoke using a tool that could make Sai lose her cool. 

Status of a wife being questioned or challenged time and again

When Ninad and Omi tried to tell Sai that she can't control Virat's actions and that they all have been in his life much before her, so has more rights on him including Pakhi, Sai's pain was so visible in Sai's anger. 

Sai's problem was clearly visible when she said

"yeh baat main kabhi nahi bhoongi kyunki Pakhi didi mujhe yeh baat kabhi bhoolne hi nahi deti. Koi mauka chodti kahan hai mujhe yeh baat yaad dilane ka"

Pakhi never leaves a chance to show Sai her place in Virat's life. Pakhi never leaves a chance to claim more rights on Virat. As Sai had once said Pakhi shows her love for Virat openly but ever since she returned to Virat after he got shot, she could see a change in Virat's behaviour towards Pakhi and a huge change in behavior towards her too which made her forget who Pakhi actually was to Virat but as usual when Palhi confessed her love near the pool, by questioning Virat to have broken the promise, by calling him a cheat, she has reminded Sai yet another time as who she was to Virat. The mere thought that he had promised to Pakhi that he wouldn't give place to any other girl in his life will only make her think that he had loved Pakhi so much that he had made such a promise, it would make her think as how important Pakhi is in his life, how much rights Pakhi has on him even when they are married to two different people. 

I had written a post about this once, have shared it in the comment section. 

Pakhi had made Sai's foul mood look like a very silly one by conveniently hiding what they were talking but by just saying that Sai got upset seeing them talking. Sonali even started to question Sai as how stupid it looks for her to get upset over such a small thing. 

"Iske paas bolne ke liye kuch hai tabhi toh bolegi yeh. Yeh jo daava karti rehthi hai ki Virat ki dekhbaal karne aayi hai, woh sab iska yeh natak hai"

"Aise jathathi hai ki Virat pe bas isi ka haq hai"

Height of Pakhi's intervention : Pakhi ridiculing Sai Virat's marriage 

Sai understood what Pakhi was trying to do. She could see that Pakhi was trying to convey to her that she actually does not have any rights on Virat, she keeps letting her know that she had only entered the house to take care of him, it was to let her know that she has no rights to even get upset with Virat even after whatever she heard because she might be the wife of Virat but is not a real one. 

Even then Sai stood quiet and Ashwini defended Sai saying how good a person Sai is and that she was a responsible wife. 

When Ashwini called their marriage a kaamiyab shaadi, Pakhi couldn't take it. 

Pakhi was highly irritated to hear praises of Sai and also to hear that she called Sai Virat's marriage a successful one. She showed her true colours by speaking 

"Woh do dilon ka mel nahi balki waqt aur haalat ka khel tha. Woh shaadi sirf aur sirf ek samjhautha thi, sirf ek deal. Haina Sai? Yahi toh kehthi rehthi ho na tum baar baar. Sab log jaanthe hain, sab ne suna hai. Kahi woh sab tumhara jhooth toh nahi tha aur agar nahi toh phir tumhe toh koi farq hi nahi padna chahiye ki Virat kisse baat kar raha hai kisse nahi aur main toh koi ajnabi bhi nahi hoon, hoon toh iss parivaar ka hi ek hissa na"

And Sai turned her face at that point. 

Pakhi's agenda : indication as to what she wants

Pakhi who had no rights to talk about Virat and Sai's relationship has got so much courage to talk all the above. She was trying to put down Sai, make her feel inferior that her marriage was not out of love but was a deal one. She wanted to tell Sai that Virat didn't marry her because he loved her but he only took his responsibility. All of these would have always hurt Sai but wouldn't have affected her as much as it had affected now when she saw some changes in their relationship, when she had unknowingly grown close to him, when he had started to make her feel that he likes her, wants her in his life, when he was flirting with Sai, moving close with her physically, about to kiss her at the venue too, after they had reached this point in their relationship where both started to show their care for each other openly, started to be comfortable with each other's proximity. 

Pakhi had attacked Sai saying she shouldn't care about her and Virat, indirectly asking her to mind her own business and not get in between her and Virat's relationship. It was clearly seen that Pakhi wants Sai to let Virat and Pakhi to live a happy and peaceful life. 

"Agar kaamiyaab shaadi hoti toh phir kal raat Virat apne kamre mein sone ke bajaay iss couch pe kyun so raha tha? 

Pakhi felt very relieved and satisfied when she had hit Sai where it would start to make a difference when Sai was shocked to know that Pakhi knew that Virat slept on the couch.

Pakhi Virat's relationship, usual or unusual? 

"Kitna bura lag raha tha mujhe ki woh couch par soyen hain lekin ab pata chala ki woh wahaan akele nahi balki Pakhi did bhi unke saath thi"

Sai got very very hurt thinking that she felt sorry for Virat whereas he was with Pakhi. 

She had once seen Pakhi offering water to Virat after be returned from work, as if waiting for him to return,  Pakhi trying to feed Virat in their own room after Amay's fight, she had herself asked Virat if Pakhi would bring bis foodnor she should to which Virat yelled Pakhi's name and left the room, she has seen Pakhi openly getting excited to travel with Virat to Ladakh, Pakhi had even told that Samrat was no one to her and that she wants to go for sightseeing with Virat, she had come to their room saying she wants to talk to Virat in private, she keeps coming to their room with one or the other excuse and in one such time Virat and Pakhi left the room together, Pakhi and Virat came out together on the day Sai was ousted when Kaku went to call Virat, Pakhi held Virat's hands and pulled him in during the neighbour drama. There has not been a time where Pakhi had not tried to get close to Virat or where Pakhi was not with Virat when Virat was alone. That was why she had even told Virat, that he can happily spend time with his friend after he had ousted her from the house. 

How common are these for a girl to let go off everytime she faces it? If Pakhi was his real bhabhi it would have been a different case, she knows the past of Virat and Pakhi and how was she supposed to ignore all these? It not only kept happening in the past, it is happening even now. Pakhi is trying to show her rights on Virat every now and then. Pakhi had dared to even make him a nominee in her bank account when she should have rightfully tried to make her parents or her mother in law a nominee. 

And now Sai comes to know that Pakhi was with him when he had come to sleep on the couch and on top of it Pakhi shared about Sai and Virat's personal life in front of everyone.  

How it turned from a personal affair to a family one?

"Jab baat sabke saamne aa chuki hai, toh badon ko ismein dhakal dene ka pura haq hai"

Sai looked at Pakhi angrily as what she had even done. Sai was angry that Pakhi had brought out whatever was between her and her husband in front of everyone for them to question. 

This would have never happened if Virat had been mindful or if Pakhi never opened her mouth with evil intentions.

Sai opened her mouth when they started to accuse that Sai drove Virat who was sick, away from the room. She then clarified that she didn't ask him to leave the room, he left the room on his own will. She felt it was so necessary to even clarify to Kaku that she lied down on the floor and not on the bed when Virat was sleeping on a couch. She did tell that she wasn't even aware that he was sleeping in the living room. All these clarificiations have become so necessary for the girl because she has faced a lot of accusations and taunts in the house. They are all people who will keep falsely alleging her or taunting her even if she clarifies now. Their behavior has affected her so much that she ensures that she doesn't give them a chance to taunt her. She wakes up at 4:30 in the morning to finish all the work before she leaves to college, she was trying to take Virat to the room out of concern and also because she knows what these poeple would speak or how they will blame her for that too. Is this exactly not what is happening now? 

Pakhi's fear: urgency to drive Sai away from Virat's life 

When Sai had said that she wasn't even aware that Virat slept on the couch, Pakhi didn't let it go at all.

"Tumhe pata bhi kaise hoga, tumhe Virat ki paravah thodi na hai. Virat sir ki dekhbaal karne aayi hoon, aisa dekhbaal karogi tum uski? Usey aise couch par sulakar?"

Pakhi had questioned Sai's care and concern for Virat. She kept trying to prove that Sai is a horrible wife, that Sai doesn't care about Virat, that Sai didn't return to CN to take care of Virat and that she returned for her own selfish reasons, and that Sai wants to exercise her rights on Virat and rule the house, getting all her wishes fulfilled. 

Pakhi couldn't tolerate Virat's love for Sai. Didn't Virat say that when Sai has done so much for the family, how can he not fall for her. Sai and Virat had even invited Devi and Pulkit home secretly and the couple worked as a team, Sai managed to convince Kaku to accept Devi. Pakhi could see the growing fondness for Sai in Virat after all this. Virat had even refused to be Pakhi's nominee and had told that it would make sense if Sai made him her nominee. She had witnessed Virat trying to get close to Sai right before this conversation. And then came Sai showing her care to take Virat to the hospital, when Virat had told Pakhi that it is upto her whether she wants to be dropped by him or not. 

Sai had even exposed the truth of Bhavani and others on the day of Harini's birthday. It came in as a shock that Virat arranged the birthday party. Sai and Virat had managed to convince Kaku to attend the party against Kaku's will. She again witnessed Sai and Virat's almost kiss at the venue. She heard family's talks about Sai and Virat as the next couple who could give them a grandchild. She noticed how Virat said that it was his and Sai's personal matter. 

She could see that Sai's good deeds were making Virat fall for Sai more and more and she wanted to somehow drive Sai away from the house, from Virat's by hook or crook. 

Even then Sai replied calmly

"Maine unse nahi kaha tha, woh khud apni marzi se gaye the, itne bade toh hai jo apne faisle khud le sakthey hain"

Hurt of wounded sherni coming out as daggers

When Ashwini said that she never saw Virat lying down on the couch, Sai couldn't let it go. She wanted to now counter attack Pakhi. It disturbed her that Pakhi knew it and she had her suspicion that Pakhi knew it only because she has been spying on Virat. 

She now wanted answers to her questions from Pakhi. 

"Kamaal ki baat hai na Aai, ghar pe kisi ne unhe sofe pe sote hue nahi dekha, yahaan tak subah hone tak mujhe bhi nahi pata tha woh bahar hall mein so rahe hain, lekin aapko pata tha Pakhi didi, kyun?"

She had exposed her real colour by saying that Pakhi keeps spying Virat's actions all the time. When a wife can be questioned by a 3rd person, why can't the 3rd person be questioned by a wife?

"Ya toh Virat sir ne khud aapko bulakar ye baat batayi yaa phir aap Virat sir par har waqt nazar rakthi hain"

Even Karishma agreed with Sai when she said that because Karishma has also noticed Pakhi's interest in Virat, she has noticed how in the pretext of reading book, she kept waiting for Virat to return from work, offered him food and water. She knows that what Sai was saying was the truth and felt that Pakhi who was playing games so far had now got caught. 

"Jo kuch bhi hua aapko ek samajhdaar insan ki tarah ek pati patni ke niji mamle mein nahi bolna chahiye tha, usse door rehna chahiye tha. Lekin jab aapne bol hi diya, beech mein taang ada hi de hai na, poore parovaar ko bata dijiye ki kya karan hai ki aap baar baar Virat sir aur mere beech mein aa jathi hai"

Now Sai wanted answers. Pakhi poked a wounded wife. She poked Sai at a wrong time when her emotions were running high. Pakhi wasn't fully aware about Sai's feelings for Virat.  When Sai herself has been trying to understand or come in terms with her feelings for Virat, how would Pakhi know? She played a game at the wrong time. Sai was not the Sai who used to get upset or angry, she was the wife Sai now, in real terms. Pakhi kept questioning Sai's position in Virat's life, demeaning their marriage, demeaning Sai's care for Virat, accusing her of returning to CN for her own selfish motives, then how long will Sai remain silent. Whatever Sai spoke or asked her was a result of Pakhi's own actions. It was not just a result of her provoking Sai that day, it has been a hurt, a wound that had always been within Sai that burst out now. I am taken back to the day when the same kind of thing happened with Virat. When he had burst out on the day of Amay's arrest when he was disappointed and upset with his position in Sai's life, Sai not accepting him as her husband, when he felt that Sai keeps telling that she never married him out of love and when he felt something for Sai but couldn't place his fingers on it. 

Sai is in the same position now where she is not exactly aware of her feelings for Virat and is upset, hurt, disappointed, unsure of her position in Virat's life, reminded of Virat's conditions that he had set during their wedding, reminded of the waada for which he had said she can't be his real wife and at the same time she was standing in front of the person whom he had given waada to, who had recently even questioned Virat about it which Sai had seen , she is in front of Virat's commitment he once spoke of who was giving her not just a tough time but making her life a hell by questioning her position as a wife in Virat's life every now and then, who is hell bent on throwing Sai out of Virat's life. 

Since it is a really really long post, I am posting them in parts. I thought that I can post this now so that people can read since my next update is going to take a long time. This is to give an idea about how the whole fiasco started, will be posting my analysis on the other episodes too, hopefully by tonight. 

Have tagged those whom I usually tag. Apologies to those whom I had forgotten to tag.

Edited by laksh - 5 days ago
Posted: 5 days ago

If you are interested. Caution - a really long post. 

Posted: 5 days ago

If you are interested.  Warning - a really lengthy post. 

Posted: 5 days ago

Thank you for taking out time for such a extensive post. Honestly made me feel better because I had given up hopes on the show with the past 2 epis. Everything seemed like rinse and repeat but your analysis highlights many things which I didn't think about. 

I hope Sunny talks sense into Virat because Sai the wounded wife is talking not the one who just wants to answer back or something.

Am looking forward to the Sairat private conversation about this whole vaada tamasha. 

Posted: 5 days ago
Originally posted by Sairat_fan7

Thank you for taking out time for such a extensive post. Honestly made me feel better because I had given up hopes on the show with the past 2 epis. Everything seemed like rinse and repeat but your analysis highlights many things which I didn't think about. 

I hope Sunny talks sense into Virat because Sai the wounded wife is talking not the one who just wants to answer back or something.

Am looking forward to the Sairat private conversation about this whole vaada tamasha. 

Will give my analysis on the other two episodes as well. If we look at it from a bigget picture, many things makes sense. It is disappointing to see a few things but it is in their nature which is what they should work on or change. 

Posted: 5 days ago

You covered every point in detail ...

Posted: 5 days ago

It is really good laksh as I always say. On our first watch we are rightfully disappointed but we fail to notice the bigger picture and the actual nuances and highlights of the episode. 

Reading neutral analysis like this gives a different perspective and makes it a interesting watch.

Thanks for this

Posted: 5 days ago

Amazing analysis as usual Laksh. 

I loved how in depth you could show all the 3 leads POV for the past 2 episodes.

Its great that we have you in forum to share a neutral review of the episode with us, whereas TRP audience just will be misunderstanding the leads unnecessarily (esp Virat who doesn't mouth too many dialogues.)

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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