Sairat OS ~ Distraction

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Posted: 5 days ago

Hey everyone! I've been following the show from start, but pretty new to the GHKKPM Forum. 

The current track is quite upsetting, so I've wrote an OS on a lighter note as a diversion from all this fiasco! 


It was a normal evening. Sai closed the windows of her enormous bedroom to prevent the breeze from entering in. She was in no mood to enjoy the pleasantries of nature; in no mood to give an answer to her husband's inquisitive look, who just returned from work.

Virat: Sai?

Nope. Not a word. 

Virat closed the door behind him, not forgetting to bolt them up right. He doesn't want anyone to barge into their privacy.

Virat: Sai??

Her big eyes darted towards him.

Virat: Why are you closing the windows?  Mausam achi hai na? 

Sai: Haan achi hai! But I'm closing them to avoid any distractions.

Virat: Distractions? 

Sai: Haan! I have my final exam due in 2 days and I don't want anything, or for that matter anyone to distract me.

Virat: Anyone? Matlab?

Sai: Arrey Virat Sir, is that even a question? Don't you know Pakhi didi's day is incomplete without taunting me? If not the door, she would try to taunt me through the window. So it's just a safety measure you see!

Virat laughed at his wife's response. He shook his head and made his way to freshen up. Just then he scrunched his eyebrows as realisation hit him.

Virat: Ek second...Am I also one of your distractions?

Sai who was holding a pile of books placed it on her study desk and turned towards her husband, hands folded.

Sai: Maybe!

Virat: Oh Mrs.Sai Virat Chavan you have no idea what you have dragged yourself into. 

Sai looked rather puzzled at his response.

Virat: Had you said 'No' I would have remained a good boy letting you study in peace. But....

He left for the washroom nodding with a grin, leaving behind a flabbergasted Sai.

She was seated literally in front of a mountain of books. Medicine isn't easy after all she thought. As she was referring a couple of books she heard the washroom door open. She needed an answer from her husband for that mischievous grin of his. Turning towards him,

Sai: Virat Sir aap kyun....

She gulped the question. Stupid! She thought as she had forgotten the question seeing her shirtless husband, wiping his face with a towel.

Virat: Batao Sai. Kuch poocha?

Sai: Kuch nahi.

She turned to her books in a swift motion, cursing herself "Concentrate you idiot!"

Virat: Unable to concentrate Mrs. Virat?

'Mrs. Virat' the words colour her cheeks red every damn time. He moved towards her throwing the towel on the bed.

Sai: Kya? My concentration is perfectly fine. Aap fikar mat kijiye.

Virat leaned down, folded his hands on her chair from behind. His nose brushing her silky hair, in taking the lavender scent. He descended a little below, his hot breath blowing away the tiny sweat at sensitive spot below her ears. All she could do was fiddle the poor little pen she was holding. Her emotions are a mess now. A hot mess! 

Virat: Sachi? Thik hai. 

He took a step back and proceeded to get ready. Ah! A sigh of relief for her, she thought. 

Virat: Oops!

She turned to see her husband half buttoned up in a white shirt.

Sai: Kya hua Virat Sir?

Virat: Yeh button toot gaya.

He said holding up a button with a sad face.

Sai: Arrey! Why are you whining like a kid for this small matter? Koi aur shirt pehano.

Virat: Favourite shirt hai yeh mera!

Sai: Bappa! Fine I'll sew it before I go to sleep. Just wear something else for now.

Virat: Nahi! I will wear this shirt only.

He stood determined folding his hands. 

Sai: Thik hai! Wear that only.

She turned to her books.

Virat: Par yeh button...

Sai closed her fists, banged the table slightly and got up, moving towards her husband.

Sai: What do you want?

Virat: Could you please sew this button for me now?

Sai: Abhi? Nahi...I have to study Virat Sir!

Virat: Chal thik hai! I'll ask someone else then.

Sai: Who?

Virat: You know, the one who is more concerned about me than you and can sew it perfectly than you.

Sai: Pakhi Didi??? How dare you??? You know what, I can sew it better than her. Let me prove it now.

Sai hustled and fetched the sewing kit from the cupboard. She carefully threaded the needle, while biting her lower lip which made Virat's heart skip a beat. "Uff yeh ladki!" he thought.

Sai: What are you staring at? Chalo remove your shirt.

Virat: Nahi!

Sai: Nahi matlab?

Virat: Arrey what if the other buttons come off while removing it? You can't spend the whole night sewing buttons you know. 

Sai glared at her husband and his silly excuse. She wasn't in the mood to argue so she went near him and proceeded to sew the button.

Sai: Don't move else I'm gonna prick you hard with this needle.

Virat nodded in agreement. She started sewing the button and realised that Virat was holding her waist. She looked straight into his eyes demanding and answer for his action.

Virat: It's just for support. A safety measure you see!

"Clever man" she thought and smiled, not meeting his eyes. 

As she was engrossed in the sewing process, Virat couldn't take off his eyes from his beautiful wife.

Eyes; those big round eyes full of expressions, unsaid desires and lots more. But something's troubling them. Ah! That one strand of hair floating in front of those eyes.

Sai was not even aware of that; dedicated girl she is! He took the opportunity to let his fingers slide that single strand of hair behind her ears, making sure his touch lingered till the bottom of her neck. Sai's blush was back again, which was noticed by her husband. He had a sense of pride seeing that. He…only he can make her blush and that thought put a smile on his face.

After sewing the button, she bent a little and used her teeth to cut the remaining thread from his shirt. The act made her to brush her lips on his chest involuntarily. "Damn Virat!" he cursed himself since he couldn't stop his blush this time.

Sai: Hogaya!

Virat: Itni jaldi?

A clear tone of dejection in his voice.

Sai: Kya?

Virat: I mean you finished it so fast. Quite the skill you got!

Sai: Kyunki main Sai hoon na!

Both shared a laugh.

Virat: Waise, I was talking about Aai earlier.

Sai: Kya?

Virat: She's the one who is more concerned about me and pretty good in sewing too!

Sai just flashed her smile; the innocent one. She started buttoning up his shirt, not meeting his eyes. His eyes are a major source of distraction. 

Or for that matter his hands too, which kept tightening his grip on her waist. She struggled hard to find her voice in this state. This proximity is driving her insane.

Sai: Virat Sir?

Virat: Hmmm

Sai: Virat Sir??

Virat: Hmmm

Sai: Chodiye mujhe.

Virat: Hmmm

The distance between them start to minimise as he lowered his head. His eyes fixed on her lips. Her eyes trying to figure out his desires. He didn't kiss her, not yet. Just a brush, a mere brush of his lips on hers made her heart racing. She mustered the courage to speak up. She can't let her distraction take over her. Never! And before she could speak Virat let go of her and stepped back.

Virat: Thank you! Now carry on with your studies.

He said in a nonchalant manner and went to brush his hair. Sai was rather surprised. She brushed off her thoughts and proceeded to study.

She took a book from that pile and tried to focus. Tried. 

Virat: Sai! Sai!

She rolled her eyes turning to face him.

Sai: Ab kya hai Virat Sir?

Virat: Have you seen my case file, the blue one?

Sai: Nahi!

Virat: But I kept it here! 

He said pointing his cupboard.

Virat: Where is it?

Sai: Arrey mujhe kaise pata chalega?

She pouted and continued staring at her book. After tossing out almost everything from the cupboard Virat was unsuccessful in finding that file.

He made his way near Sai's study table.

Sai: Kya?

Virat: I'm searching for my file.

Sai: Here?

Virat: Yes!

Sai: There's nothing here apart from my books.

Virat: Maybe the file crept between your books. Galti se.

Sai frowned and crossed her hands.

Sai: Thik hai! Carry on with your investigation Mr. Virat Chavan IPS.

He searched for the file but it was nowhere to be found.

Sai: Hogaya? Can I study now?

Virat frowned. But he has to find that damned file. He knelt down beside her and started to search the drawers attached to the table.

Sai: What are you doing?

Virat: Looking for my file.

"Bappa!!!" Sai rolled her eyes.

He stretched his right hand across her to get access of the other drawer, his elbow caressing her stomach in the process. Sai shrieked.

Sai: Virat Sir! Yeh aap kya kar rahe hain?

Virat: Arrey kitni baar poochte ho? I'm looking for my file.

Sai: Your file is not here. Aap uthiye!

Virat: Ruko yaar!

He continued his search or should we say teasing his wife. Finally the file was found and so was Sai's relief.

Virat: Mil gaya!

He exclaimed happily. Before leaving he bent down to whisper in her ears. His lips brushing her ears this time, undoing the little control she had.

Virat: Stop stealing my files Mrs. Virat. You know how dedicated I am when it is about my work and I don't want anyone...anyone to distract me.

Inches apart from her, his eyes were speaking a different story. She gave a stern look as a response and he simply winked. He sat on the bed, looking into the file that caused all this ruckus.

Sai felt her concentration decreasing in an alarming rate. "Nahi Sai! Concentrate! Concentrate!" she repeated to herself.

Virat: Kuch kaha?

Sai: Nahi!

Although her eyes were fixed on her book, all she could think about is her insanely handsome husband. She sighed, closed her book and got up from her chair. She made her way to her husband who was absorbed in his case file. At least he seemed to be kinda trying to focus unlike her.

Sai: Virat Sir uthiye!

Virat: Kyun?

Sai: Uthiye!

Her voice was louder now. He stood up without questioning more. 

Sai: Come closer.

Virat: Kya?

Sai: Arrey aao na!

He smirked and bridged their gap.

Sai took his hands and encircled them around her waist. Her own hands holding his neck.

Virat: What are you doing Mrs. Virat?

Sai: Coping up with my distraction.

Virat: And how do you plan to do that?

Sai: Aise...

She closed her eyes and moved a bit forward initiating the long awaited kiss. Virat tightened his hold and proceeded to kiss her too. A slow, feather like kiss which turned to a passionate one as time passed. They broke apart looking into each other's eyes, smile plastered on their lips. They seemed to be drunk. Drunk in love and desires. He kissed her again; this time a brief one.

Virat: I think you coped pretty well Mrs. Virat!

She smiled whole heartedly. The smile that made him fall more in love with her.

Virat: Accha! Now go and study. I won't be distracting you anymore.

He shuffled her hair playfully; took his files and exited the room.

Okay this is pure fluff. I kinda lost touch in writing since it's been ages I wrote a fanfic. Anyway hope it was worth a distraction from the current track.

Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome. Cheers! Stay safe! :) 

PS: Please bear with my Hindi. Not a fluent speaker.


Posted: 5 days ago

Superb...Amazing OS....Romantic.....

Really loved it.....

Naughty Mr. Virat distracting Mrs. Virat.....and finally getting successful.......smiley36 

Enjoyed reading it...

Keep writing more....

Posted: 5 days ago

This was so romantic, beautiful, sweet and kind of hot at the same time 😍😍

Absolutely loved it ❤️❤️

Posted: 5 days ago

Aww too cute! Virat bothering Sai playfully is so sweet. And they kiss. Haayesmiley42😍♥️

Posted: 5 days ago

Insanely awesome OS..... Such a pleasant distraction from the current situation in Ghum..... Can't tell you how lovely this is.... Many thanks for such a beautiful story!! 💕...please do write more... 

Posted: 5 days ago

Hiii Amritha... I m Sweta

Welcome to ghum forum 😊😊

Me too new  here....

Coming to os it's beautiful 😍 smiley20smiley32

I literally imagined the scene and Neilsha performing this smiley42smiley42

Sairat r each other's distraction smiley36smiley36

I really loved it...smiley27

Thank u so much 

Keep writing more ... 😊😊😊

Posted: 5 days ago

This is superb and sooooo romantic!!!😍😍😍😍 Both Navra and baiko are drama queens BUT I loved is sooooooooooo much!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤❤❤

Posted: 5 days ago
Wow this was too beautiful. Naughty Virat and his bold wife Sai I seriously enjoyed reading. Thanks for this. Please write more🙏

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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