Clap for Fateh and Chappals for Jasmine *spoilers Jun 10*

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Posted: 5 days ago

Just when I was about to give up on this show, came to a mind-blowing episode. smiley41 I really wish that nobody finds Tejo soon and that will give time to all these toxic people to think about their behavior. It was good to see Fateh get worried when he realized the gravity of the situation. And that line towards the end, where he promised to find Tejo no matter what smiley43 I absolutely loved how Fateh stood up to Jasmine and took a firm stand for Tejo. I loved how he said that she has no identity of her own if not for Tejo. It's ironic how Fateh has more faith and trust in Tejo than her own sister. I hope the makers don't ruin this build-up in the next episode.

Coming to Jasmine smiley44my God she is a grade-A ***hole. She only cares about herself and can go to any length to prove herself right. On one hand, she remembers giving her Chooda to Tejo and she blames Tejo for conspiring against her on the other. How come suddenly she is going crazy about Fateh? I hate it when she keeps mentioning that he was ready to be her slave for his entire life. Is this her perception of love? smiley5 That one person just wipes their entire existence for the other in the name of love. I wonder if I am sadistic because more than Fatejo romance I wanna see Jasmine suffer and never even getting a visa appointmentsmiley36

Fateh's mom smiley7 that woman is so heartless. She can see her son's pain but not the reason for it and keeps blaming Tejo for no reason at all. Her husband should put some sense into her. Thankfully, at least Fateh's sister supports Tejo and asks Nimmo to keep her mouth shut. 

Posted: 5 days ago

I am still not clapping for Fateh. Jasmene par to bas bhadas utari usne.

But his attitude to Tejo is totally rude. He still  keeps on blaming Tejo for every crap in his life .

Will see how he redeems himself once Tejo comes back. 

I still feel Fateh is Dogs tedi  poonch.Kuch bhi karlo tedha ka tedha hi rahega

As for Jasmene well she is bird brained  when it comes to maturity but a monster when it comes to selfishness . Am expecting even more lowly things from her  in future 

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Posted: 5 days ago

It should be watched on repeat, finally the confrontation I was waiting for, i know its not as we expected jasmine deserved much more but its a start, but i am not celebrating as of now because we know itni jaldi fateh right track pe ni aane wala, abhi to bhut waqt lgega uska dimag shi hone me..  

And that jasmine, god I am hating her more and more each day, 

Eagerly waiting for the next epi... 

Posted: 5 days ago

i feel like this cvs trap, before only this episode, i had decided to quit udaariyaan but with this confrontation, i got back to it. this is just their trick to get us back, i bet (though i hope i am proven wrong) that fateh will again start blaming tejo and chanting jassmine. and for god sake, this support he gave, i don't give a sh*t. ironic for him to say that jassime is wrong to blame tejo when he himself blames her. i want a proper redemtion track for him.

Posted: 5 days ago

That's why I said that I am afraid that I spoke too soon and I hope Fateh is not back to square one smiley44

Posted: 5 days ago

I want Tejo to no found at least for 2 days or more and fateh, gurpreet and nimmo gets earful from khushbeer and at Sandhu house more to jasmine from all family members and fateh 

And even if they found Tejo she doesn't come back to both house ignoring pleading of virks and sandhu

Posted: 5 days ago

What exactly is tejo being blamed for? I seriously don't understand this? It's just writers forcefully trying to create a narrative where tejo can be emotionally and verbally abused and humiliated by people as that is the most commonly used ITV trope to get ratings, but it doesn't make sense in this show as there is nothing to blame tejo for, and especially doesn't make sense that fateh blames and insults her. Jasmine hai hi selfish so her blaming anybody but herself is no surprise to me when she's blaming tejo for jasmine herself deciding to ditch fateh. 

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Posted: 4 days ago

Originally posted by kendra

That's why I said that I am afraid that I spoke too soon and I hope Fateh is not back to square one smiley44

Fateh - he is a swinging pendulum. 

Unless CVs completely redeem his character, neither am I going to applaud him for his fury towards Jas nor am I going to forgive him for what he did to Tejo.



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