Anupamaa Written Update 09 Jun 2021

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Episode begins with Vanraj  feeling happy that he saved anu . As she sits in the wheelchair , the family expresses concern . ‘Kavya watches them with jealous fury .. at the welcome Anunwas receiving at Vanraj showering his attentions , Vanraj hugging n comforting Anupama when she fell . Kavya is taunted by Rakhi that new bahu was ignored while exbahu was getting all the attention n care . Kavya asks Anu her well being n asks her tk get well soon as only then Vee would be relieved for going on HM 

Vanraj asks Kavya ti mind what she was talking , Kavya retorts back that she had to wait for Him to leave Anu and be free to have their HM . Baa feels disgusted and asks Kavya not to behave like teen Abeer’s and get excited for HM publicly before grown up kids . Kavya argues that she knew she was talking publicly but she was left with no choice !! Vee hardly had time for her , he was always with his family n Anupama , she she had no choice but to discuss about their HM in front of them 

She asks Bee his choice destination. Vee feels embarrassed and shouts at Kavya ti stop working leave , Kavya tries ti argue but baa shouts at her in angrier mode .

Kavya glares back n is taken aback and walks Away .

 The Shah family is fed up with Kavya and they enter their house (Anupama’s house ) and they have a celebrations with cake cutting and showering Anupama with they affections and al are happy Anu had returned after fighting off Cancer 

Advait arrives to join the celebrations briefly, share the cake . He informs them that after her reports arrived further treatment would be planned .

Vanraj returns to his house with Kavya , they have a confrontation .. Kavya wants to rejoin her work as Van had no job and she did not wish to lose hers . She fears her bosses would not grant her leaves again n again .Also she feels once they returned back to Ahmedabad there will not be a problem of the family meeting Anupama frequently . Also Van would not have to face her frequently , Vanraj gets  enraged and states he would never leave Anupama at this juncture when ehr needed help with ehr treatment , also asks her to go back where ever n when ever she felt like , he refuses tk accompany her leaving behind Anupama n his family here , he would be happy after she left as there would no more be drama like the one she created over HM today .

Kavya is shocked Vee refuses tk accompany her , and was plainly more  inclined towards Anu  and his family. 

Van feels insulted by Kavya taunts over his unemployment. He calls up those offices /companies where he had applied . But he meets disappointment .Toshu notices his dad’s condition and offers to help him he informs there was vacancy at Dave institute. Vee vehemently declines the offer .

Kinjal and Kavya have a scuffle over the sharing of mixie . Kinjal gives Kavya a mouthful and walks away with the mixie as it was needed for Anupama. 
Rakhi  is appalled that her daughter had tk see these days , she had to fight for a mixie . Rakhi is further taunted by Kavya that she was her Saas and Kinjal better respect her . Rakhi follows Kinjal n watches her learning mango chutney from Anupamaa. 
Later she accuses Anupama of turning Kinjal into a slogging maid servant to the family just like Anupama herself . She refuses tk allow Kinjal become another Anupama. Anu feels insulted but assures Kinjal, Nandini and Kavya were very capable and could balance house work and office work . . 

Rakhi decides to employ a 24 hrs maid servant in the Shah  family so that Kinjal is relieved from doing the chores for the family .


Anupama gifts a picture of the Shah family to Dr Advait when it’s time for them to return back to their own house . Dr Advait loves his gift .

Anupama requests Him tk send them off the same way he had welcomed them .. like lord Krishna .. playing the flute .

The family departs in their cars . 
Vanya’s car has been decorated by Advait with flowers n marked “just married” much to Kavya’s delight n awkwardness for the rest of the family .

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Posted: 5 days ago

Wow, thanks a lot for the update..

Is it true that the doctor is leaving the show?

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by ven

Wow, thanks a lot for the update..

Is it true that the doctor is leaving the show?

Yes, his track got over.



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