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Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by manny136

Dev is such a delusional clown lol

He is a clown, and he's a coward云

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by bhavna101

All she did was cry and take Rishita's side云

Both of them should just adopt rishita and start singing yaadon ki baraat with her only云

How dumb can they be.. Who's saying that rishita k sath jo hua wo sahi tha? They are hell bent on proving their actions right ki jo dant pad rhi hai ya jo galati ko hai wo beje mein gussta he nai hai.. Kya he parents bante wo acha kia jo bachhe nai kiye..

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by SlytherInMe.

I won't be surprised if Raavi Krish Shiva and Dev are trapped in that building for extended period of time and are separated and can't see each other so to console each other one of them will start singing yaadon ki baarat and the rest will join in giggling 不不不不不

they will become distant memory while singing the song 不不不


Aisa nahi hoga!

Shiva will do whatever it takes to reach that temple to save his bhabhi maa不云

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Rudhita18

Why you guys hate dhara sooo much .I know her OTT bhasan are too much to bear ........but the hatred here towards her is a bit more

We don't hate dhara because she gives OTT bhashans. We criticize her because she has taken advantage of Shiva and Krish's devotion towards her and has physically abused them by inhumanly thrashing them with a stick, and the makers are presenting her as flawless, and making each and every character except Suman defend her obviously wrong actions. She is also heavily biased towards Dev and Rishita, ignores all their mistakes, and takes Shiva and Raavi for granted. 

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Mountains_Lakes

But sickle one still stands true. They're wearing different clothes for the sickle scene, so we have hopes that Janu will come with Gundas.

Sabhi ko Jaanu ke aane ki umeed hai不

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by mpks1

But she twisted, rather the writers twisted it saying, she did this all for Rishita

Shilpa Choubey (I am taking this name, as KD mentioned her as the main writer of the show, today in live) doesn't  remember the promo she wrote,  as the reasoning today seems to be completely off

They should ask us fans, we will tell them the exact dialogues, scenes and will help them with continuity as well. Sab kaamchor writers

For some reason, I feel like that dialogue may have been changed for sympathy considering the backlash Dhara got fir Dandas. This was the scene they were shooting around the time that episode aired

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by mpks1

Mami is Somnath ki sasti  spy不

Somnath ki sasti James Bond 不

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by Transference

Is it me, or did anyone else found the Dev, Shiva and Raavi scene pretty symbolic? 

Dev cribbed that how both of them left him alone, and Shiva gives it back, saying that we didn't know for how long you would have argued. 

Shivi were 歹

For me, the heroine of the show is Raavi. Her mind and soul are so pure that anyone would be lucky to have her. Dev had the most brutal luck, and Shiva doesn't even realise that he is the luckiest man in Somnath. 

The Jal scene was so beautiful. The ritual makes them uncomfortable always. 

Btw, seeing Shiva smile on Raavis Dhara Bhakti made me realise that his idea of romance is Dhara Bhajan too. The house is a mandir 不

And that dialogue "jab galti humne ki toh saza unhe kyu mile" and then shivi eyelock

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by mpks1

Raavi was so cute today with all that non stop rambling poor Shiva

He's gonna enjoy all this one day

And the day she doesn't talk like that, he would be worried - aaj meri iss chipkali ko kuch hua hai kya?

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