Different fan fiction

Posted: 2005-07-06T10:51:06Z

Ok well, guyz i started another fan fiction cuz i came up wit this idea of a story last night.

Angad: well, he lived in nannital, but he really wants to become a singer so then with the help of his uncle who live mumbai, he becomes one of the greatest singer of that time. However, in the process of becoming a great singer he loses sight of what he believes in his values etc.

Kripa: Well, lived in nanital as well. however, she has never met angad but she too want to become a singer and she never loses sight of her dream etc.

Naina aunty: Well, i showed her as a good people in the beggining but that might change. Angad mom who wants angad to become buisness man like her brother and help in the company.

Kartik: Well, angad brother but he always support his brother abd always will.

Abhay uncle: well, he is the uncle who brought angad to mumbai and helped in becoming a singer he is one of top in the country for music company.

Mishty: Well, she is the daughter of abhay uncle and later will like kartik.

Prithivi: Well, he is  the son of abhay uncle and later will like jia.

jia: well, she is the sister of kripa and she wants to become a lawyer cuz she like to debate and she wants to be like her chachu.

For now i am only introducing those characters but as new characters pop up introduce them too. yep awesome.

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Posted: 2005-07-06T10:52:37Z
Clap Great intro. Please continue.
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Posted: 2005-07-06T10:57:34Z
ww too good continue it
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Posted: 2005-07-06T11:12:24Z

Angad was packing his things to go to mumbai. today was his flight to mumbai. Today was his first step to becoming a singer, he couldn't wait. Ofcourse this was all possible cuz of his uncle abhay uncle, a fmaily friend.

Naina: Angad,, are you sure you want to go? it's not easy.

Angad: I know mom but you have to try atleast. Look mom if i can't become a great singer, i'll come back and help in the company.

Kartik coming in the room: Angad, my bhai good luck.

Angad: th anx bhai. well i gotta be going now, my flight is in less then an hour ok bye.

Well, angad said bye to everybody and left for the airport. When he got there, wow, there was a long line. He started hurrying cuz he didn't want to miss the flight. He ran, he bumped into someone.

Angad: Sorry. i am in hurry

Kripa: it's ok.

Well, after angad was signed in and ready to get on the plane, he felt happy finally. As he sat in his seat he felt less stressed for now.

Kripa walking up to the seat to find someone was sitting in her seat: hello, umm who ever you are, this is my seat.

Angad: Are you talking to me.

Kripa: who else????????????????????

Angad: well, my ticket says 29B.

Kripa: Well, so does mine.

Kripa called over the airhostess, and told her the problem.

Airhostess: can you wait i have to go check.

Kripa: ok

Angad: hi, my name is angad.

Kripa: Well, my name i s kripa, frm nanital.

angad : oh really me too.. Thats awesome.

Kripa : mmmmmmmm, yea.

Airhostess: hello looks like we have misunderstanding atucally kripa your seat is 28B, mistakenly we gave you 29B.

Kripa: ok.

Angad: Wow, you're sitting next to me.

Kripa thinking: Who did i get stuck wit. Look at him clown face.

Angad thinking: ooo this is gonna be fun mmm.l.

Kripa: excuse me.

Angad moving his foot aside to let kripa in so she could sit in 28B seat.

Kripa: Look, don't bother me and we'll get along just fine ok?

Angad (sleeping): mmm

kripa: ok long flight.

Angad falls on kripa shoulder while hes sleeping.

Kripa tried to move his big fat head but it didn't budge.

Kripa checked her bag one more time to make sure she bought the admission acceptance to the abhay music company. She checked everyywhere but she couldn't find it. Suddenly she remebred she left it on the table.

angad: mmm

Kripa thinking: what will i do now.


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Posted: 2005-07-06T11:14:58Z
oh wow too good brilliant please keep continuing
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Posted: 2005-07-06T14:02:07Z
i'll update latez. yep awesome.
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Posted: 2005-07-06T14:05:55Z
Its really good, please continueClap
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Posted: 2005-07-06T14:14:00Z
nice stry!! plz cont!! ClapEdited by Indian101 - 2005-07-06T14:14:35Z
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