Nine years of madhubala: Hoping season 2 with rishbala alive

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Posted: 1 years ago

Happy occasion is there as madhubala serial has completed 9 years visti as rishbala had a awesome magical chemistry they are one of the iconic couplessmiley1

Story was such that it make us glued to the story thier story has a spice a charismasmiley9

Vivian becomes my crush after seeing him as RK

the motihari to mumbai track from rishbala first child birthsmiley14


But the ending of rishbala is not good at all they don't deserve such a tragic end and rishbala ending can be much much better its still not to late madhubala deserve season 2 with continuation

Like how can they die like this this is unfair because

1. Rishbala had a dream to had 3 children two girls one boy, madhu wants to see them grow and rk wants to provide them all facilities even during krk track madhu mention itsmiley27

2. Making them dead is like showing a msg guruji ki bad predictions mein believe karo aur apna pyaar bhul jao yeh wrong msg dete jo follow karte hai na jee sakte hai aur na hi jeene dete hai believe in god but not be too much over superstitious in believing these things modern times making this prediction correct is wrong msg to pplsmiley24smiley24smiley24,it can be shown that whatever happened to balraj was just a coincidence 

3. Madhubala its not only just a love story its a emotion with rarely any other serial havesmiley42

4. Rk ne kaha tha ki madhu ki maut par bhi uska haq hai kyunki voh sirf uski hai toh Pam-Nikhil ko yeh haq kisne de diyasmiley7

5. All characters in madhubala were good and close to our heart but RK was in different level the anti hero, grey shades, acting, love obsession his unique ness his charm live loving, clever, never bowing down in front of anyone and dialogues with attitude makes us fans idolize RK with the attitude he has unlike other romantic heroessmiley43


The pain of our hearts started from episode 489 onwards it was just like a horror movie episode for us, even though rishbala was alive the bomb was like a ghost to us mixed emotions i had from angry anxiety and sadness seeing the bomb ticking like how can this happen remembering a scene where rk received first aid box gift from madhu b4 opening bittu warned it can be a bomb and how rk happily said ki bomb mujhe dekh sharma jayega and another seen where a flowers send to his house and how sikky gets panic that it might be a bomb and all escaped down, life loving person like rk and innocent yet strong madhu doesn't deserve such death at all in other serial where there is unhappy ending of couple mostly protagonists were aware like this is thier last and dies and such life loving couple getting unknowingly death is unfairsmiley7smiley7smiley7 then the next episode it is not horror but most painful episode where rishbala are at the montage but in serial they show thier lifeless bodies with arms having tattoo madhu and other having nailpolishsmiley38smiley38smiley38, from bittuji screaming to how wardboys taking them and reporters watching them how there lifeless bodies first separated by mob then come close together and buttiji watching helplessly is most crying episodeand reporters saying the dialogues make us like 1000s of poisonous needles are pricked in our heart rishbala doesn't deserve such a endsmiley38smiley38smiley38 and next episode another painful things happening like bittuji having thier ashes and rk mansion having memories of rishbala auctioned abhay kapoor trying to remove rishbala memories is heart brokening after that seeing bittuji having two children and radha tells madhu having surname devkinandan is another heartbrokening thing rishbala 3 children dream and rk want to provide facilities and madhu taking care of them none was there,if anyrhing was thier was radha doing havan for rishbala is heart brokening smiley38smiley38smiley38the dream of having happy lifes having three children teaching permanent lesson to dipali and send her to jail is incomplete rishbala doesn't deserve such ending,

After rishbala it show other ml and show had gone to a deep pit from high in cloud, because of Vivian comeback from deep pit it touches the land but sad thing is it never reached that high cloud again abhay kapoor got what he deserve but pam and nikhil are roaming freely then new pair rajbala is introduced to us Vishti ki acting toh acchi thi par unke characters mein voh charisma nahi tha aur na hi usse idolize kar sakte hai jaisa rishbala mein tha na hi story mein bollywood backdrop se rural village backdrop kar diya, if this was a social drama then village backdrop track had been successful but bollywood backdrop se village politics make it boring, also where was padmini trishna and roma at least they should have shown also why didn't pam-nikhil got punished harshvardan ko toh mob attack kiya unko toh usse kaddi saza milne chahiye thi


Ending aise honi chahiye thi

They celebrate a happy valentine day and holismiley43smiley43smiley43

They don't need to introduce harshvardhan kapoor, After rishbala first child birth, dipali again conspire against madhu with secretly meeting paabo, they try to create problems still seeing rishbala happy makes them angry and show madhu pregnant again with twins this time again paabo try to kill madhu but rk caught her and she is sentenced to prison, then dipali with help of guruji try to do again and kidnap thier daughter first rishbala blame each other then they unite after finding truth and dipali and guruji goes to prison as positive characters like shamsher padmini goes to jail and vamps doesn't go to jail is not fair dipali and paabo(who tried to kill madhu) deserve a prison scene and save thier daughter know that actors don't wish to play parents but at least in last episode it takes a short leap and show madhu giving birth to twins-one boy and one girl and with thier still milk feeding infant daughter they pose for a family photo and rishbala dream of having 3 children fulfiled, as actors dont want to play parents and thats the end and though then madhubala off air by may 2014 then we cherish that rishbala can peacefully live with their children visit thier dreamhouse more, radha can give karvachauth sargi to madhu this time, rk without any tension can celebrate madhu birthday and rk is not kidnapped on his birthday and rk continue being super star and madhu dream of caring for her children fulfiedsmiley42smiley42smiley42

If harshvardhan kapoor is introduced, and bomb then after bittuji sees wardboys taking them out, and cries after few months then harshvardhan/pam/nikhil whoever is culprit was partying that thier property will be ours they see rishbala smiley4smiley4smiley4just like shamsher saved padmini by throwing thier dummies to fool balraj and shocked to find them alive flashback happen it showed rk gets alerted seeing man in redsmiley2, and all escape to safe place and farmhouse blown and , the dead bodies turn out to be dummies and rishbala payed wardboys for thier work and rishbala escaped to thier dream house to plan against kapoors smiley2smiley2and the kapoor family gets arrested then what written above in bold red happenssmiley20smiley20smiley20


Hopes for having rishbala alive is very high reasons

1. Wardboys when taking out bodies thier faces are not shown only arms are shown whenever a main character died in madhubala thier dead body is shown confirm to be dead like balraj, sultan, abhay kapoor but rishbala faces where not shown in other nautanki films show like ddij and rangrasiya how fl confirm died in ml arms

2. After facing several problems they deserve a happy ending

3. Hoping they have  but this is different type of redux like in some serial

redux like in ishqbaaz they time traveled back to june 2016 from june 2018

In FIR just like junior madhu they shown jwalamukhi chautala, chandramukhi chautala's daughter but it after showing it for some months they show that there 20 year leap was just a dream of constable gopi

Shakti serial we believed harman was dead in august 2019 when fl died is shown we thought they have sad ending but fl comes back and harman also comeback survied the fall from mountain and been in coma for years

Saathiya serial when ahem died and gopi got jaggi and when it ended in 2017 we r like convinced that gopi ahem have sad ending unexpectedly ahem comes back alive in season 2 in 2020smiley20smiley20smiley20

In khichdi season 2 they show protagonists children same age as season 1

So like FIR serial 20 year leap turn out to be a dream of any character of madhubala and start from where it left after krk track like shakti and saathiya they have happy ending

 Hopes are very high that wishing madhubala season 2 come and start where episode 487 left

Rishbala doesn't deserve such ending ever since the news come out even they were close to us in television they seemed very far away, bappa have saved them many times they face hardships but do hardwork to overcome thier problems than why in that track they were shown killed, padmini ne kitna struggle kiya hai madhu ko balraj se bachane ke liye uski jaan bhi leli phir bhi madhu ke saath aisa hua, there were several serials where couple had tragic end and it was heartbreaking but we accept it and move on later that some serials might have one and lead couples might get thier dreams fulfilled and accept ending of thier life, but rishbala is one of unique gem couple created in indian television they deserve to get revived hoping season 2 where rishbala turn it be alive from either whatever happened in episode 487 onwards was dream of any character or rishbala escaped in time from farmhouse and reach thier dream house to avoid being caught and get kapoors arrested


Posted: 1 years ago

I want it all to be a dream like FIR

Posted: 1 years ago

It can be rebirth where they knows their murderer and we get revenge in RK style. 

Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by Snowdrrop

It can be rebirth where they knows their murderer and we get revenge in RK style. 

This serial is most passionate and realistic serial with dream love story, Snowdrrop I am glad to see your opinion but making post krk tracks a dream of some supporting character is much better

Bcz till now from start to end i had seen various romantic serials thier lead character's charming and sizzling chemistry and other supporting characters where some of them r my favourite too what makes madhubala different is

  1. Baaki story mein romance the, youthfulness or freshness, interesting bhi tha par shayad hi madhubala ki tarah charismatic story, ishq, junoon, aur high level ki goosebumps feeling hoti thi story mein
  2. Baaki serial mein yeh acha lagta hai ki hero ki the way they love heroine and how handsome they look and how they stick to the character but unlike RK we rarely see any main lead character in indian television we idolize RK's grey shades, acting to make character alive, style of passionate love, life loving, clever, never bowing down or falling weak in front of anyone and dialogues with attitude even Raja Kushwaha can't beat RK

In case of rebirth as i consider madhubala serial as a emotion and realistic serial closer to our hearts it means approx 20 years there is

  1. no rk madhu in story for other protagonists in such long period
  2. rishbala's remaining family doesn't deserve that sadness and struggle 
  3. murderers alive for a long time
  4. superstar's death in such a horror way and thier fans getting upset we don't have thier movies in near future
  5. Seeing rebirth seems a little bit fantasy genre in realistic romantic serial
  6. The dreams(mentioned in above posts)  and debts(like paabo getting arrested for her deeds, the guruji mystery, etc) issi janam mein hona chahiye
  7. Rebirth means spreading wrong message to audience to believe predictions ki iske saath rehna acha nahi hai aur iss karaan log apna pyaar unki lifeline sacrifice karde aur paabo/guruji ko baate iss tarah baate sach ho jaana is unfair
  8. Madhu ki maut par bhi RK ka haq tha toh iss janam mein ho kissi aur janam yeh haq kisi aur ko nahi milna chahiye

So, post krk track dream or whatever i written above post in red should happen is much fair

Posted: 1 years ago

Hoping madhubala season 2

Rishbala happy ending hope bappa fulfil the wish

Edited by Rossalinne - 1 years ago
Posted: 1 years ago

Against MIL wishes who was angry with her that time and difficulties in health madhu was facing that time determined madhu fulfiled karva chauth ritual for RK's long life they don't deserve death, they deserve a long life madhu's hardwork can't go waste like this

Posted: 1 years ago

In this episode RK was telling madhu aboat thier dream house what they will do there and having 3 kids, can't be shattered like this

In this episode one of the best RK dialogues that possessiveness that madhu's heartbeat, breath and death are all in his hands, then why pam-nikhil its not fair, hope madhubala 2 with 20yr leap a dream of some character

Posted: 1 years ago

Vivian is hinting about somethings.

Bala Madhubala Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 

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