RoSid One Shot

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Posted: 6 months ago

Hello, RoSidians!!smiley31

Hope you all are doing well. 

I guess it's been a long time since I've posted anything here after moving to the new FF section. So, I'm here with an OS. I'm not at all in the mood to write and literally forced myself to finish this piece that I've started a few days ago. Thus, I don't know what all crap I have written in there but please do bear with itsmiley36 

One Shot in the next postsmiley9

Posted: 6 months ago

"The number you're dialling is currently busy__" Sid groaned at the same response he was receiving since evening.  

He was literally losing his calm. The workload at the office was already getting on to his nerves and now even his Roli has decided to mess with him. 

When he returned home from the office this evening, he found Roli missing. He tried calling her number but she wasn't answering. 

He knew she was mad at him. Or maybe even upset too. But, it doesn't mean she can disappear without any information, right? He felt frustrated. He was so used to her presence in his life now that a second without seeing her would make him lose all the sanity. 

Relaxing his mind, Sid again dialled her number. And much to his relief, the call was answered. "Hello, Roli. Where are you?". 

"I'm not Roli. I'm her brother" a chuckle whispered into his ears from the other end of the call. 

"Give the phone to your sister now" Sid said like almost threatening. And he heard some disturbance on the other side before the call got ended. 

"What the heck!" Sid felt like killing someone with the rage burning inside him. Out of his anger, he raised his phone to throw it to the ground but just then it's beeped with a notification. 

"I'm sending divorce papers to you. Kindly sign it" read the message from.. Roli. 

"Roli..." Sid had to suppress his anger after reading the message. "I'm gonna deal with you now" he stared at the message as he made up a plan.


"Are you serious, Roli?" Sid stood before her as he looked at her in disbelief. 

"Yes" Roli's nonchalant response made Sid furious. 

"So, you want to divorce me for such a small issue?" Sid didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 

"It's not any small issue, Siddhant Ji. You forgot our wedding anniversary!" Roli stared at him. 

"Well_" Sid paused as he searched for words, careful to not offend her when she was already being Hitler. "I was engaged with some office work so, I__ forgot" the last word was almost unheard by Roli as he slowed down his tone with her glaring. 

"Exactly what I'm saying. When you are so engaged with your work then why don't you just get married too with it? Then you don't even have to worry about remembering any anniversaries as you have super memory about your work schedule" Roli demanded, with her hands on either side of her hip. 

"Roli, I__" Sid was immediately interrupted by Roli. "No more excuses, Siddhant Ji. I'm really done with you and your excuses for not being able to spend time with me and for forgetting our anniversary. That's why I have decided to divorce you and giving you the freedom to do your office work without being worried about me". 

"Will you just stop talking about divorce, Roli?" Sid literally yelled at her. He knew she was upset and he was the reason for it. There was a lot for him to take care of at the office for the last few weeks, which made it difficult to spend some time with his Roli. And worst of all, in between all these, he forgot their wedding anniversary that passed two days ago. He had no idea that his dear wife had planned the entire day to make it special for him. But, by the time he got home later at midnight and realised it was their anniversary, the day had already passed.  

Sid tried to apologise but Roli was too mad at him to give such a chance. And her anger got doubled when Sid left to the office the next day early morning without minding to inform her. She felt broken at his ignorance towards her. She knew he was busy with work. But, her mind failed to reason with her heart that craved for his attention. 

And as adamant as she could be when she was mad, she flew to her maternal house without informing him. When Sid found it out, he could not spare a minute to go to her, keeping all of his works aside. For him, nothing was and never will be as important as her. 

"Can we just let it pass this time?" Sid looked at her, expectantly as he wanted to end the tiff between them as soon as possible. He could not bear any differences between them. Neither does she. However, she was too stubborn to let it pass now. 

"No. We cannot" Roli declared as her final decision and stormed out of her room. 

"Roli, please listen" Sid followed her to the hall only to find a young guy waiting for her there. 

"Hey, Roli!" The guy seemed super excited as he wished Roli, cheerfully. 

"Rohan! How are you?" Roli reached the guy with a broad smile.

"I'm good. What about you? Looks like you forgot your friend and the Vrindavan after getting married" Rohan complained. 

"Shut up! How can I forget you?" Roli slapped his arm, playfully as they continued to talk about the olden days. 

Sid, who was watching them enjoying their talks, began to feel jealous of the guy. He grabbed Roli's brother, Goutham, who was passing by, and asked "who is that guy?". 

"He is Rohan, our neighbour, jiju. Also, he is Roli di's best friend since childhood. Di used to make him scapegoat all the times and he would not even complain about it because he used to like Roli Di. You know what happened once.." Gautham was interrupted by Sid. 

"I guess you have said more than I've asked for" saying so Sid let him go. But, now he got more jealous after knowing the guy used to like his Roli.

A few minutes passed by but Roli and Rohan were still chit-chatting among themselves, making Sid annoyed. He tried to call Roli but, she would not bother to look at him. 

Losing his patience, Sid went straight to them and sat beside Roli, wrapping his arm around her and pecking her cheek, leaving them both dumbfounded. 

"I think you may have to leave now" Sid looked at Rohan before turning to Roli as he continued "I have some personal things to do with my lovely wife". He pinched her nose with his usual charming smile playing on his lips. 

"Um... I.. got some work" Rohan got up embarrassingly and disappeared as quickly as he could. 

"What are you doing, Siddhant Ji?" Roli pushed Sid away as she looked around the hall to see if anyone were watching them. Luckily, there were none in the hall except them. 

"Just trying to make you understand how much I love you" Sid took her hand in his and kissed on it. 

Roli promptly took her hand back from his hold and rushed to her room before anyone could see them in such a close position.  

Sid again followed her to the room and found her fuming in anger. "I'm not going to talk to you. Just go and do your office work". 

Roli turned her back at him, crossing her arms across her chest, like an angry kid. Taking a deep breath, Sid moved near her and tried to back hug her. But, she shoved his hands off. 

"You know what all I have planned for our anniversary? I wanted to spend the whole day with you. Create memories of us. But, you..." Roli's voice was quirky due to continuous sobs. 

"I'm sorry" Sid rested his head on her right shoulder as he felt extremely guilty of hurting her. He knew the day was so special for Roli and yet he would end up messing with it every year either by forgetting it or by being busy on the day. 

When she finally left shoving him away, he back hugged her, so tightly as they remained like that for a while, feeling each other's  presence that they missed from the past few days. 

"I missed you" Roli broke the silence as she spoke amongst tears. 

"I missed you even more" Sid replied as his grip around her got tightened. If it was not for the unavoidable office work, there was no way he could let her miss him. 

Sid broke the hug and made her face him as he cupped her face. "I'm sorry that I forgot our special day. I'm sorry for not spending time with you. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for everything. Please, forgive your buddu husband, Roli. I promise I will never repeat this again". 

"You won't get my forgiveness so easily, Siddhant Ji" Roli stared at him with a grim face. 

"I knew. That's why I have come prepared" Sid went to his bag, fetched an envelope and handed it to her. 

Roli opened the envelope with anticipation. Her frown soon turned into a bright smile as she looked up at him. 

"Tickets to Mumbai for us?" Roli looked at him, surprisingly. 

Sid nodded, "for one full week". He moved close to her as he took her hands in his, "for the whole next week, your Siddhant is all yours. It will be only us and nothing else". 

"You mean we are going to Mumbai next week? Only the two of us?" Roli asked for confirmation. She was still in surprise. 

"You wanted to spend time with me, right? I'm just making arrangements for the same" Sid said coolly. 

"Well planned. But, I'm still not going to forgive you so easily" Roli replied. 

"No problem. I have a full week to pacify you" Sid pulled her into a tight a hug as he nudged his face in the crook of her neck, rubbing his lips against it. 

"Siddhant Ji" Roli laughed, shyly as she felt tickling and hugged him tightly. She could not tell how much she missed him and his mischief acts to tease her.


A/N : That's it for now. Hope you guys liked it. Would love to know your views on it. Kindly share in the comment boxsmiley9

Posted: 6 months ago

Awesome super cute os.

Roli anger is justify.

Sid got jealous from Rohan 🤣🤣

Super adorable os love it 🥰🥰💕💕

Posted: 6 months ago

Awesome OS... Roli is angry on Sid... Sid got jealous from rohan... Eagerly waiting for your next stories... 

Posted: 6 months ago

He has that one week to repair the damage. Better get some plans in place.

Posted: 6 months ago

Nice OS , now surely want more from you after reading this smiley39

Roli's anger were justified , why won't she be angry when he forgot their anniversary moreover left to office next day too... Roli asking divorce but Sid trying to pacify her was a nice attempt but this time Roli is not in a mood forgive him... Sid jealousy with Rohan was fun and when he asked about him to Gautam , his reply was fab .. Sid's dialogue "I guess you have said more than I've asked for" this one shows his jealousy and the way he made Rohan to leave smart ... Sid apologizing sincerely was a lovely moment and his plans for one week was awesome but Roli still didn't forgiven him and Sid saying he has full one week to pacify her that's nice plan ...

now want another OS on how Sid is gonna pacify Roli in those one week smiley39

You should give that... please smiley43

Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by Shivi72

Nice OS , now surely want more from you after reading this smiley39

now want another OS on how Sid is gonna pacify Roli in those one week smiley39

You should give that... please smiley43

Greediness tho dekhosmiley37

@bold: You write that onesmiley15smiley39

Posted: 6 months ago

Originally posted by Confused_Soul

Greediness tho dekhosmiley37

@bold: You write that onesmiley15smiley39

Abhi aapne meri greediness dekhi kha hai smiley37smiley39

Naah naah I won't... but want from you smiley36

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