Happy Birthday To The Very Tiny Girl - Zoah aka xbeyondwordsx

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Posted: 5 months ago



One day God saw this tiny girl...on double check, a very tiny girl 


and noticed that she was always alone.

God knew that it was for the best. 

Giving such type of secluded conundrum like creatures acolytes, 

can cause drama. 

The streaming on illegal sites type. 



She had not many friends and her only love was...to read. 

Such a big nerd she was.


God took it upon himself to help her finally.

He didn't have much to do as it is, given how everyone now is a content creator, so he went to her and said: -

"What is your name, young lady?"

- You can’t expect God to remember everyone’s name.🤷‍♀️

She looked at him astonished and amazed, 

but then realized, he didn't fit the character sketch and replied snootily: 

"My name is Zoah, not Zoey, not Zo...ZOAH."✋


The days went by and Zoah was still alone, naturally, 


so God, tired of seeing her sad and wanting to DO something or else give up being supreme troublem..err..power, went to take a ride in the 'circle of angels' and a few of them in particular struck him.

““What are their names?” He asked an angel,  clearly wasted on sasta nasha .

"Sorry, no formation without incentive." Only to turn and see it was God himself. 

"I need some exponentially angelic angels to befriend Zoah the tiny-"

"You mean, very tiny, sir."

"Ah! Yes. This job has come to mean a lot to me on a personal level."

The angel sensed a melancholy. But realized she didn't have the power of reason and left it there.


“Yes, sir. That teddy bear look a like is Nidhi (who’s busy chewing on her wings). She can entertain Zoey erm Zoah” She answered him.

“You see that girl in spectacles she can very well be a twin of Zoey...erm Zoah from another mother. Just like Z....oah, all she does is Work & Read (occasionally chitchatting)...they have name issue in common too...we call her Daya and we don't ask why”.

“The one baking is Parm. Zoah loves to bake too, they can have a bake off all day long. Healthy competitions” replied the angel.

“This one here, eating Biryani is Nabila.” The angel said with a slur, for her mouth was watering like a flooded dam, "she's for comic relief."

"We also have one empath, Mani, you can spot her by the lake o taking a nap. She can be utilized for moral support."

“We have a few newbies down near that cave of conspiracy. SamBam, Mahi vey and Leenaaa without the extra As. They have insightful inputs to boost Zoah’s interactions”

"And, that one flying overhead is Appy. She's the mother hen. Zoah might need some normal company afterwards." 

God was impressed by the line up. He gathered them all and explained the task at hand.

They were given a mission of vital importance. 


“Be friends with Zoah. Show her how wonderful it can be to be with other people. Encompass her in companionship. Be her group.”🔥🔥🔥🔥

But would they ever succeed?


Well actually they did 🤦‍♀️

Zoah found in them the people she could vent out to.

She loves books, books and more books and now has an audience to showcase her obsession. 



Her streak for casual violence and love for baking, especially avocado brownies is now getting out of hands.



She is sensitive and emotional person, always ready to listen to anyone, and to give support and love to anyone, like…pineapple pizza🤨...so when her delicate persona overpowers, the angels are there to distract her. 


God thought he was doing good by giving Zoah friends who could obliterate her loneliness and make her life wonderful. But he didn’t count on how weirdly frenzied and a total nonsense this coming together will become. 

If he is now pulling his hair out, there’s no one but he himself to be blamed. 

And while his is at it, the divine angels would like to wish:


Title Credit : .iridiscence.

Writeup: WildestDreams & 18shabbo 

Color Coding: 18shabbo 

Tags: The Jahapanah…18shabbo

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Posted: 5 months ago

Wishing you the happiest birthday Zoah!smiley31

May God fulfill all your wishes and give you all happiness. 

Loads of love and hugs!smiley27


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Posted: 5 months ago

Partner!!! My Twin...My other half.

Umm...are we still any of these?

I have to say, lately it feels like I've been replaced with your kitchen. smiley24 

As if it wasn't bad enough I was competing with all those books....smiley23

But my dear fellow bookaholic, 

I love you anyway...even when you disappear on me.

Here's wishing you a very happy birthday!

May you be blessed with happiness and good health always! 



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Posted: 5 months ago

Happy birthday Zoeyyyyy! I’ll be right back 🤣

Posted: 5 months ago
Happy birthday Zoah di! Loads of love! <3<3<3
Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Birthday, Zoah!smiley31

Have a great year ahead with lots of love and happiness

PS: Beautiful thread everyone<3

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Birthday Zoah. smiley31smiley27smiley31 

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When I think of exceptional people I know,

You're right at the front of the line.

It's not for your power or status or wealth;

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May your birthday be filled with all you desire;

You're a person I really respect and admire! smiley27

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Happy reading dear. 🎂💐 My warmest birthday wishes. 🌷

Posted: 5 months ago

Happy Birthday Zo!!! smiley31

Hope you have a great day and even great year head. Stay blessed and stay safe.😇❤🥰 I hope you get all that you desire whether its hundreds of books or Nidhi ki shaadi 🙈smiley37

Hilarious write up, great work everyone  smiley42

Nabila... your tags... will they marry me smiley43smiley37

What.. Nidhi didn't do the write up.. it drips of Nidhi's sarcasm though smiley24smiley36

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