Somewhere Over the Rainbow #34 With Prats in our hearts

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Posted: 6 months ago

Set the rainbow free - Too over the top for my liking but I do love the general idea...maybe without the tulle and gems!~Beautiful Double Rainbows~Rainbows let my emotions know that its okay to be of wild array. :).

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This is "Members Only" CC  where   Love rules! smiley27

Friends Are Like Rainbows, Always There To Cheer You Up After A Storm. For more inspirational quotes click this pin. Please Re-Pin. #quotes #inspirationalquotes #successquotes #quotestoliveby #quotablequotes #inspirational #inspiration

Welcome to our new home, dear friends,  where friendship   

and positivity , good vibrations ,love  and respect for everybody, rules...smiley27

We all come here from the different places of ExYu countries, and Europe. Our friends from India, Fiji, Pakistan, UK, USA and Bulgaria joined us...our sweet sisters that share our love, and our dreams about Prats Star and SidYusha. smiley10smiley10

We met here on IF, and become friends ...smiley31smiley31smiley31

We all just fell in LOVE with that magic that SidYusha always used to create when they were together.

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We all love to chat and laugh, but most of all, we all just love Pratyusha Banerjee Heart

We are a bunch of BIG DREAMERS , huge fans of Prats,and we love to have a place where we can chat on our language about everything that is going on with our favourite Embarrassed and we got a permission from Mods to do that Big smile THANK YOU Heart

We love Prats and support her in everything she did, were completely mesmerized with her in her first show, BV where she conquered our hearts as Anandi. We cried with her, laugh with her and fall in love with Shiv, with her, such a powerful actress she is, our Queen of Expressions. StarClap

We loved her in her second show, HHN, where she was amazing as Saagarika, and proved once again that she can enact brilliantly in different role, and that she has sense for comedy, and was truly awesome in all seduction scenes. She proved once again that she can make everybody around her shine with that special light, when touched by the magic of our sweet enchantress. 

We loved all of her episodic roles, as well, where she did a great job, againStarShe truly did such an amazing job in her first negative role, as Mohini in SSK. She enacted a role of dayaan with the same power and conviction, as she enacted Anandi in the epic show...She was simply magnificent. 

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SidYusha will always have a special place in our hearts and our memories, because of that amazing chemistry they used to share as our AnSh, a couple who brought all of us together, here on IF.StarStar

Thank you Madi for those beautiful gifs Heart

Posted: 6 months ago

And this is who we are, and what we believe in, an amazing bunch of girls...Big smile

I know this girl and I'm glad she's one of my people.Silver Fairy


smiley10Abhinav ;  smiley10Avyakta ; smiley10Bikica_Biki ; smiley10cygnet9 ; smiley10charu.j  

smiley10Dragica ;  smiley10...Hanna‚Ķ  ;  smiley10itpostaff  ; smiley10Kety76 ; smiley10lishu_  

smiley10 _M-A-N-U_ ; smiley10nn027 ; smiley10nehageet           

smiley10Reenatyzed  ;  smiley10riya_ss9 ; smiley10seetha74  ;  smiley10Sneha...Love

smiley10sweetayu  ; smiley10Sutapasima ; smiley10Tulasi14  ;  smiley10VerboseG

smiley10vibraj  ;   smiley10Viswasruti  ; smiley10zgvp

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Posted: 6 months ago

In loving memory of  our special, unique and unforgettable Friend & a member forever...Seetha Heart...Empress of the Words and a sweet Enchantress with the kindest are her words...

She loved Pratyusha so much, and here are her words about her:

She is an ideal character for me and A Diva !

Whenever i watched her action ...always feel that she is the epitome of the talent !

What a beauty and what a way of emoting the feelings in different situations !

Today's episode ...she presented in a commendable manner ! See her screen presence ...her musical voice ...every word was clearly heard ... excellent control on pitch and pause system!

She is born for stealing the show and for  grabbing  the attention !  

Compassionate actress ... with commendable acting  skills!

There is a natural aristocracy and a rustic beauty  in her .

There is a plethora of talent ...a unique personal and interpersonal skills ,... as an actress she displayed it in different occasions!

No  other actress can or ever will compare  herself with our highly talented Pratyusha  

Seetha was always present in every place that she loved, with all her heart,  her kindness and her beautiful words,  especially here Over
the Rainbow. She loved this place and she filled it with her beautiful posts...and though she used all her "now" moments, there are so many of this "4ever" moments, to last a Lifetime ...she will be here, always present, in all our thoughts and memories... on every page of this and all the future every post...she will be with us forever Star Rumi | Love with heart and soul | Quote  Miss you <3

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Posted: 6 months ago

1) Only members of this CC can post here.
    Samo clanovi ovog CC-a mogu pisati ovde

2) You can talk about anything you want here
     Ovde mozete pricati o cemu god zelite Big smile

3) Pravila  IF's COC & Chat Club Forum rules se moraju postovati!

Pravila ukratko:

Zabranjeno je nazivanje glumaca pogrdnim imenima, kao i komentari o njihovom izgledu ili privatnom zivotu.
Zabranjeno je bilo kakvo vredjanje i napad na bilo kog clana IF, kao i razlicite fan grupe.
Nemojte postavljati poruke koje su povezane sa  seksualno uvredljivim materijalom .
Nemojte postavljati poruke koje imaju svrhu da vredjaju I izazivaju svadju. Nemojte koristiti izraze u postovima koji se smatraju vulgaranim, punim mrznje , netrpeljivim i uvredljivim.
Nemojte postavljati postove u kojima se neko licno napada, vredja, preti, I koji ne postuju  druge clanove .

Nemojte postavljati poruke koje su sve ispisane velikim slovima.
Nemojte citirati vise od tri poruke u svom postu .
Nemojte prelaziti preko 150 stranicaBig smile

Posted: 6 months ago


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Posted: 6 months ago

Thank you Brankasmiley31

Congratulations for the new ccsmiley27smiley41smiley40smiley31

Posted: 6 months ago

Congratulations girls on the new CC, thank you Madi for ending the earlier one so beautifully!smiley27

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