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Posted: 29 days ago

I know how crazy this sounds, I don't know how the idea came to my head, but I decided to write it , here is os mix between " Ayaan " from Qubool Hai and nirali Raakla from aapki nazron ne samjha ❤️! I did not know where to post it, but I decided to post it here because I do not think that someone uses an Qubool Hai  forum !


Death was never easy, no matter how many people we lost, the pain does not diminish but rather increases, especially if it was a person you love or someone you were involved in his death, in his case the pain was in its most severe stages, he lost someone dear to him and because of him as well, he is fully aware that what he did He was wrong. He was so cruel to her that she had to run away from the house. Perhaps if he had not acted with her in this way, perhaps she would have been alive! Many thoughts were wracking his mind while his heart was crying out of his eyes. At least, she is dead, she is gone and left him forever! Why is he crying this heartburn? Wasn't he himself who told her that he would not love her at all? Has he appreciated its value after losing it? He spent the whole night crying over her, and he may have cried more than her family! Since last night he was sitting on the floor with his hand in hand, his eyes were red from crying, and his voice was only a wailing, he used to remember all the situations that he had gone through, their quarrels, their friendship, she was a friend of him more than his fiancée, he loved her deeply as a cousin and the best friend To him, but he never loved her as a wife or as a life partner, now he regrets more than ever about this, perhaps he began to absorb even if he denied this that he loved her or at least liked her!

- ayaan , mera beta , are you okey ? He heard his mother's voice rising from behind the door , he knew she would never leave him alone, so he wiped his tears and got up and opened the door so that her heart could reassure him

- What happened to you? I asked Sherine in dismay ...

- Nothing ammi ... he said in a wailing voice, he really did not know in any case it happened, but he looked like a drug addict, his red eyes and swollen eyelids, he did not sleep for a moment, the pain and sadness in his heart ....

- Will this pain go away? He asked his mother

- It will disappear with the passage of time, time will heal all the wounds

- humiara ! Humiara , she used to cover all my wounds, she took care of me, feared for me, prayed to God to protect me, my mother, I will never get past her, why did it happen? I was living in the hope that I would find her alive, why did you find her when she was dead? I was built in anticipation that she had lost a memory and that is why she did not know who she was, so she remained missing for a long time, but dead? I never counted this, he said in a trembling voice ... 

- but Ayaan .... 

- leave me alone please ! 

 She closed the door and left him there sad with flashbacks ! 

 After 6 month :

 He was stuck in traffic, between himself and himself was cursing the matter that pushed him out of the house, today his father's aunt will come to bless a picnic on the occasion of her engagement, so he had to run away from the house in order not to meet this annoying aunt, indeed she was annoying! Every time you meet him she talks about marriage, saying when we see you as a groom and if he gets married, you will say when we ever see you, he always hated this kind of annoying woman! His grandmother is also trying to marry him, but at the end is closer than anyone and she has the right to do so. Nobody understood the heartburn and pain in his heart. He is still grieving about Humaira’s death, he is still in a state of mourning for her, and today he realizes how much he loved her. Him everything! If only she's dating! Finally, the traffic light became green, he drove off in a car, hurrying, not paying attention to the passers-by, his speed was causing him to hit a girl, had he not slowed down at the last moment, he would have hit her already! He stopped a car in awe and went down to check on the girl

 - Are you okay ?

 - Do you think I am fine? She answered him without raising her head

- I apologize to those I realized that I was over-speeding

- - You daredevil always like this! She said it in an angry tone and finally raised her head, there was the shock! It's Humaira! The girl in front of him is Humaira! He did not believe what he saw, it was she! But unlike his girl Humaira, she wears modern clothes, and her hair looks shorter too, but she is! The same beautiful features, the same brown eyes, if they were alive, where were they all this time? He asked this question inside himself, and before he found the opportunity to speak with her , A young man had come to her, calling her "Nirali"!

- Nirali? Ayaan exclaimed voice

- Are you okay dear ? Raakla asked his wife, while she was just shaking her head, in front of a mirror from ayaan's eyes. They were this girl embracing the young man who accompanied her. He was shocked, what happened to his girl? Why are you hugging this strange young man? And in the origin of this young man?

- Humaira, are you okay? What are you doing here ! Everyone thought you were dead, and what about the body that we buried? My God, they made mistakes. You were not, you are alive. Thank you, God. Thank you. Both Nirla and Raakla sounded amazed at the words of this stranger.

- Who is Humaira? Instead of apologizing for doing an acrobatic show, Raakla said angrily!

- And who do you think you want to talk to me like this? Then what is your business? She is my fiancée, and I talk to her in a way that I would like, " ayaan answered him, then took the girl’s hand and continued saying "Humaira, come, we will go home, we will talk there, my God, we have been crying for you for months while you are still alive! Thank you, God. Thank you, you saved me even in this case, thanks to you, that aunt will be silent, he said it spontaneously! I pulled her hand from him and said with resentment " Excuse me ? Who are you to hold my hand? You have to at least respect that I am a married woman! Shameless! "

- Look at me well, I don't know what you're raving about, but it is better for you to go from my face before I hit you, Raakla said angry!

Ayaan did not know the young man’s words at all, but her words were like thunderbolts in his ears!

- Humaira, what is happening to you? Couldn't you know me? I am your fiancé, ayaan, you are my fiancée, Humaira! And then who is this man that you accompany? You justify everything to me? And why basically didn't you come home? Where did you spend all this time?

- Hai ladka ! Stop harassing me, I do not know who this Humaira you are talking about, my name is Nirali, and I am the wife of this man whom you described as strange, if you are looking for someone, go search the police stations and hospitals, do not disturb people's comfort!

 He did not understand what was happening around him, she is in front of him, but she denies knowing it! She claims to be another girl named Nirali and she is married! He was really broken when he saw her holding the other guy's hand and going in front of him, he had found his girl but he lost her at the same moment, but it was really not his girl, it was not his Humaira was Nirali ....

Posted: 28 days ago

It's amazing one.smiley1

You have connected both the story so wellsmiley32

Edited by Bhavisweet03 - 28 days ago
Posted: 28 days ago

Oh thank you smiley1 , I do my best to write something nice smiley36


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 

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