Pagdandiya ki Aafat

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Posted: 8 days ago

Two pretty good Adi-Imlie scenes today againsmiley36.

First scene being a continuation of yesterday's chai pe baat cheet.....Adi stating the obvious that no one will be able to stay happy like this, they have to hurt Malini once by telling her the truth. Imlie continues to resist and asks him why he's saying all thissmiley36...that if he talks like this, toh Malini ka kya hogasmiley36. Adi pivots to saying, you tell me what YOU you want me to forget you and basaao ghar with Malini? smiley36.....Imlie retreats, the shutters come over her eyes as she looks down and nods a yessmiley36....Adi persists..."Kya tum humse pyar nahin karti"? Aaj toh DIRECT puchh liya Babusahib ne finallysmiley36.....Imlie continues in mute mode, unable to get the words out but managing to shake her head to indicate a "no"smiley36.....but Adi now knows her well enough to smile ruefully saying, "Jhoot bol rahi ho tum...kyun jhoot bol rahi ho?" adorably touching and bittersweet was this bit....their understanding now is beyond a token yes or no....he knows what's in her heart even if she can't gather the courage to say it right now. He counts all the obvious signs of her love for him starting from the way she drew that sketch of their marriage, then her joy at him staying the extra day in PD....but Imlie being Imlie, once again cuts him off right as he's about to complete the sentence with "Tum humse pyar karti ho" na Adi ko pura bolne diya tha apne liye and now when he's stating HER feelings, she cut that off toosmiley36. Once again, Imlie retreats to her usual stance that she cannot destroy Malini's happiness for the sake of her own. Adi once gives her a tormented sigh that she's not getting it.....then he again states the obvious with a very determined look to Imlie...telling her that Malini will never be happy because her happiness is attached to Adi and he won't be able to give her what she wants. 

I liked the conclusion of this convo....they stared at each other in a silent clash of wills for a bit....both stubborn on their stances....until Imlie asks him, "Toh ab kaa karein" and he goes, "Filhaal chai pee lete hain"smiley37....what a way to switch gears after a heavy Adi and his twisted sarcasmsmiley36....when Imlie questions him that is this the time to joke, he again laughs in rueful sarcasm that it all feels like a cruel joke from Kismat only that they are all in this let's leave it to Kismat to see what happens next.....haha this is the standard way to wrap up many heavy duty Adi-Imlie convos....woh post gunshot hospital convo was in a similar vein....sab Sita Maiyya pe chhod dete when they can't reach an agreement on their views, this is what Adi says to wrap up the convosmiley36

Then there was scene 2.....a totally different space and mood from the firstsmiley36. Contrary to all expectations where you'd think Imlie showing up with a candle in a dark room would be all "mood lighting", Adi literally got SPOOKED seeing her standing there like a ghost at firstsmiley36....I love that we get these irreverent bits in between all the intense/emotional bits in their scenes.....haha lightens things up a bit. 

So the banter kicks off as Imlie asks him why he got scared like she's some bargad ke ped ki which Adi retorts that she is Pagdandiya ki AAFATsmiley37....haha these two.....itne intense almost confessions ke baad shaam ko aise lad rahe hainsmiley36.....but then when Imlie is about to leave after placing the candle, Babusahib decides it's time to flirt insteadsmiley36.....pakad liya Imlie ka haath and bol diya, "Hum andhere mein darr gaye toh"?smiley37......Imlie still had her wits about her enough to return the banter with a "Pagdandiya ki aafat ko apne paas bulaavat hain"? which he responds ki hum TUMHEIN paas bulaa rahe hain.....aafat aaye toh aaye, humein koi darr nahinsmiley36....waah waah Babusahib ki dialoguebaazi dekho zaraa smiley36

Even though he suddenly upped the intense flirting quotient, it is after he makes Imlie sit beside him that he switches gears....either cuz she looked a bit nervous or because he was actually curious all along to know why she was crying after listening to Rupi di's rendition of "Tere bina zindagi se"smiley36.....and as they always do, they turn the scene towards an earnest conversation. Imlie tells him that he is like the sun to her (finally direct analogy de di Adi ke naam ke meaning spreads so much light everywhere but it has to set one day.....she lived a lifetime in those 3 days with him in PD...but the sun doesn't even stay back to give light to Sita Maiyya,  so with what right can she stop him?...Adi asks what he should do, should he sink in the ocean? which she says, no, the Sun never just takes its light elsewheresmiley36. Iske baad ka random dialogue I couldn't make sense of cuz they randomly inserted shots of Didi walking back into the baaki kal samjhenge. 

As an aside, also liked how Adi managed to tell Nishant in his own way that he is trying to support the partner that God has chosen for himsmiley1. Also liked the brief SK-Mithi scene as she tries to apologize. 

Posted: 8 days ago

Boop * 

These 2 nasmiley42 inpe pyaar aa gi jaata hai caz yeh bain hi aise  bedhadak  se bindaas  se.. I loved  the follow up to the conversation with adi cutting to the chase right  away no gol Mol seedha to the point what do you want then since you won't  let me  break that  Vachan   should I leave you  don't  you leave me to which this girl dil pe patthar rakh ke shakes her head caz keh nahi sakti woh takleef bohat zyada hai and he instantly replies with stop lying  I know you are lying caz you do care you do love me and you can't lie I know and she stops him again in mid ke hum sirf yeh chahte  hain ke I am not the reason of kisi aur ki unhappiness. And then ofcourse his super soft kyon jhoot bol rahi ho .. one  can see his helplessness and trying tomgive her the understanding at the same  time ke stop.lying just tell me to straight well honey hum ab  kuch nahi de sakte no matter what šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø tumhare   kehne pe bhi nahin. That is beyond  his control now  so am glad he told her too that she is in delusion too  if she thinks ke iske sacrifice kar dene se malini ko uski khushi mil jaayegi .. to the super adi imlie  style ab kya karein... chai Peete hain and go.woth the flow..smiley37 so typical of them .. it is moments like.these that just add a different  type of zing, spice to their scenes.. the total uncertainty of ab kya karenge even when we know ke conclusion toh reach hoga nahi smiley36

The 2nd scene was such fun too haha at adi ka 0 to 100 to 10  yeh itna unpredictable kyon haismiley36

 Dil ucchal  ke moonh  main aa gaya at his sudden I would be scared stay hahah imlie ke bade nerves hain ke phir bhi she cracked a joke hahah but Babusahib went all shareef then and calmed down made her comfortable and apne pg handhold se hi kaam.chala lia. THANK YOU SMšŸ§æšŸ¤£

It was adorable and word about these chote chote moments adi miyan ka sar dard bhi ek min main chala gaya after  the scare from.imlie and he instantly felt light and in mood to joke around .. hahah the bargad ke ped ki chudail and PD ki aafat kya mast title dete hain yeh ek dusre ko šŸ˜…  very very sweet and old world kind of scene.. woh ek Shaam ka sukoon feel in them just holding hands under the candle light looking at each other.  Bohat pyara tha woh bit with her sun analogy..  suraj kabhi doobta  nahi bas kahin aur chala jaata hai.. honey  aap iss suraj  ko kitna  hi kahin ajr bhejein yeh aapko hi light dega.. I had to laugh  at adi ka once again  toh kya doob jaayein hum phir .. rofl I mean she isn't  giving him much choice as such other then doobna hi.. with constant pushing away.. haha

But overall lovely  am very happy esp loved the first scene more conversation  wise and 2nd more caz of the ease and comfort level wise. 

Very well done for me.

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Posted: 8 days ago

Nice analysis as always!

Lying comes really easy to Aditya now smiley36. Gaadi kharab ho gayi thi - without blinking an eye. That was a pretty decent conversation between Aditya and Nishant. Both of them unintentionally talk about their truths. To whatever extent they can. One about his disease/ lost love and the other of his fight for love. This Pallavi is going to make an entry sometime soon isnā€™t she. And Imlie is going to be the one bringing them together isnā€™t she

AC is trying to resolve her issues through Maliniā€™s marriage. If Malini had even an iota of sense, she would catch on to it and stay away from her mom as much as possible. But woh hai nahin toh honge bahut saare tamashe. I do not even want to go into how fictional Maliniā€™s thoughts are about her own efforts in trying to find the ā€œtruthā€. Bakwas. 

Daadi ko koi chhutti par bhejo - Aditya toh ab roshni se bhare room se bhi darega 

Aditya and Imlieā€™s continued conversation got as much closure as it could i.e it was never meant to get any in the first place. It was always going to be about allaying Imlieā€™s doubts regarding their relationship. Only Imlie can come away saying a No and a Yes in a span of two minutes while trying to lie to Aditya about her love for him. She cannot lie to him as much as he cannot to her. 

As for the batti gul scene - we were talking about how they handle the bedroom reentry and it was just as we thought it would be. So beautiful. And his invoking of drowning again albeit in the context of being the sun was so hilarious. His death cards crack me up every time. Can we for once not get Malini in between an Aditya/Imlie scene? Ya use agle 100 episodes tak jhelna padega?

Rupali will misconstrue Imlieā€™s pain. But she will also be the one to support her when the reality is revealed. It is going to be not a very good equation in between these two periods. 

Waiting for caps of the candle scene for my vachan nibhao post smiley36. Pliss to upload when you get time. 

Posted: 8 days ago

"Kya tum humse pyar nahin karti"? 

"Tum jhoot bol rahi ho...kyun jhoot bol rahi ho"? 

His torment when she cuts him off again

And finally the "Ab kya karein? Filhaal chai pee lete hain" bitsmiley37

Edited by AreYaar - 8 days ago
Posted: 8 days ago

Love the title AY - pagdandiya ki aafat.. so apt.

The emotional moment when Imlie asked -  ab ka karein BS? What do we do now in this situation? Both at an impasse over the next steps as people are going to be hurt and relationships destroyed. Imlie could not bring herself to admit that she loves Adi and that she would be fine with Adi leading a life with Malini. Just nods her head nay and aye... her heart too full to speak, cannot utter those words. Adi sees through her silence and does not buy it. Asks her what she wants - tell me. finally Imlie gathers the courage to announce that she cannot be happy on someone's ashes. her belief and vishwaas, in SM and all that she knows will not allow her to put her happiness first at any cost or another's cost. Filhaal chai peete hain was classic Adilie.. a light end to a heavy scene.. that can be pulled by these 2. 

A small chat between Nishant and Adi today where Adi says he is trying to do right by the partner chosen by Bhagwan himself. He also comes to know that Malini called the house and not him..

Mithi-SK was also full of angst and hurt feelings all around. 

Dadi advising Malini to have a baby that will improve things between Adi n her, an end to all her problems. Can she not see that her own parents are miserable together and bringing a child into this world with unresolved issues is going to make it worse.

Adi keeping an eye on Imlie and deep in thought, watching her, seeing her reaction to Rupi's singing. Then ofc the lights went out and we have the andhere.. mein... convo.

Imlie hesitating to take the candle to Adi's room.. sudden realization n apprehension of entering his room when he is alone n in the dark. Some instinct has kicked in.. knowing the mood of her BS. smiley37

But in true Adilie ishtyle.. it is lightened when Adi is scared by Imlie showing up with a candle.. chance pe dance... not wanting to lose the moment yet again to spend a few minutes with her. he is trying to assuage the craving to spend every waking minute with her. 

Now help me understand why did Imlie announce that she is leaving after placing the candle.. was she giving a hint of HAQ to Adi here, who grabbed her arm and was all flirty with what if I get scared and dont care if any aafat or chudail comes. he makes Imlie sit on the bed next to him and she becomes all shy and bothered. The transition is amazing.. from playful to shy to serious... man .. these 2 can flip switches in a second... smiley36 Adi wants to know her every thought and asks why she cried when Rupi sang.. Adi's words put her at ease else she was squirming, at a lost of words. The words that Imlie uttered, looking so serene and breaking inside, it felt like that to me.. that the sun has to set in a day, cannot spread light all the time.. the hand holding... oh man when Adi decides to get romantic, he is like a runaway train, no stopping him.. smiley43 Didi decides to return home in the night.. probably to propose Dadi's great idea and to implement that.. thathastu.....smiley37

The sindoor qutub minar makes it appearance tomorrow. 

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Posted: 8 days ago

Ye dadi ne naya tota palwa diya malini kosmiley36

Poor BSsmiley36

Ab bachche do lakar ke smiley36malini kosmiley36

Kaha bhagoge smiley37izzat in khatrasmiley37

Posted: 8 days ago

Lovely analysis as always AY! Loved how they handled her  bedroom entry was so Adi Imlie smiley36 No cliche stuff and I loved it! I think BS decided to talk about Rupi Di because Imlie got nervous with the closeness smiley36 so he had to divert her attention. It was just so cute .

 I donā€™t even know what to say about Dadiā€™s advice to Malini lol. BS better watch out smiley36

Posted: 8 days ago

Lovely review AY

Could not stand a couple of things today. Dadi advising malini ki bachcha paida karoge though thisre insaan ke baare mein sochoge and it will bring you both togethersmiley5. Kachra type advice for a marriage where the husband has realized he never loved his so called gf of 7 years. And even more annoying cause it does a tremendous disservice to the bachcha jo abhi paida hogasmiley7 and will have to live through the agony of a broken home. Look at malini. She is a standing example of a child who is still suffering from her parents broken marriage. It does a tremendous disservice to malini herself living in a loveless marriage. 

Didi ka bhooth ki tarah bhatakna last scene me was scary.smiley36


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