8th April 2021 episode

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Follow IF rules and have fun.

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Symbolisms if any

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notes part - Page 6  balance later

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Next  Episode precap 

For those who don't have zee 5 app

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Looks like today is a regular episode, same precap, no promo


Dikvijay has arrived home. Whole family is there including Birju and ramu. He says the bahu of rajawat family has been kidnapped. The entire police of jaipur should be searching for her. 

Veer says I am going to meet rani. The kidnappers asked me to come alone. Whatever we do we have only 18 hours. Veer leaves. Nandidni looks scared.

Next scene

Veer is waiting for the kidnappers. He looks at his watch and says "time is running out. where are the kidnappers"

kidnappers come and put a black bag over his head. They put him into a van and take him away.

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Overall reaction:


MISSING MEGHA. Veer was handing out promises and hugs today like pieces of cake on his birthday. smiley36 I feel so bad for him!!! smiley19

Veer is truly demonstrating the role of the eldest child. He has to be the mature one, even if on the inside he is breaking. Kudos to Fahmaan for depicting that.

Vikram was trying to cheer up Veer and started crying himself. Ugh this is so heartbreaking to watch now. smiley19 "Everything will be fine right bro? Mom and Bhabhisa will come home right?". Veer hugged Vikram and said "I will fix everything Vikram, I will fix everything like it was before, I promise." (promise 1). smiley19

Then again in front of Vijay, Veer said "No matter what happens, I will save Rani. And that kidnapper, I will fix him up such that his soul will shake just by looking at Rani. I promise myself that." (promise 2) Isn't it dangerous to promise things like this in front of a police officer? smiley36

First time I saw Veer and Ramadheer hugging each other. Cute. Love how Veer is handling the elders. He just knows what to do to soothen their feelings. In his hug for both Vikram and Ramadheer, he placed his hand on their head. He does the same thing to Rani if you remember. smiley42

It was cute how he told Ramadheer and Birju to stay quiet on the kidnapper call. He trusts himself only. smiley42 "Kaka listen to me, whoever did this, I will make their life hell. This is my promise to you." (promise 3)

The kidnapper-Veer calls are interesting to watch though disgusting. Veer is so vulnerable smiley19 "Hello Rani" ahhhh smiley38smiley19smiley19

The water scene was absolutely disgusting. Veer was suffering seeing Rani suffer. The way he yelled "give her water" and then apologized knowing the kidnapper's extent. UGH I CAN'T WATCH THIS. What kind of vile character are they turning Jai?

But I kind of chuckled at Jai's dialogues, "stop wasting your time and do the task you are given. Then you will get whatever you want coconut water, juice, cola, shola, baraf ka gola." smiley37 What the hell is wrong with him. How is he a "prince" of any kind. smiley11

Veer remembering Rani's health and her injection needs was cute. Clearly doc-patient relationship is overpowering husband-wife here. smiley36 But why the heck would Jai agree to this? He is a budbak in Rani's terms. smiley44"Come alone, no hanky panky" smiley37smiley37

"Nothing should happen to my wife" smiley38smiley19smiley19 Now let's see what twist this brings for the ME.

Veer seems to have completely forgotten about Ranisa. He didn't even go visit her in jail. I know he talked over the phone about getting her out. But all his attention is on Rani. Interesting how the dynamics change. smiley42

So Rani doesn't know who the kidnapper is. Odd, I would have thought she connected the dots. When Rani said "Dr Sahab will come, he always comes", I remembered all the batman moments. smiley37 "And when he comes this time, our relationship will strengthen even more," odd dialogue to share with some random kidnapper? The kidnapper would give no crap about this. So that dialogue was for us girls. smiley36

Thanks CVs for giving Nandini some guts and not butchering her character fully. "If I am this important for you, then you have to listen to me. You have to leave Bhabhisa", good job girl. smiley32 Jai was so ticked off there, he even went off on her, "am I a bathroom geyser that you can turn me on or off anytime? And now you are so worried about your Bhabhisa huh?". smiley7 Slowly his truth will come out in front of Nandini. She also said his intentions are right but his methods are wrong. Hope she sees his intentions were never right to begin with. smiley7

Jai blackmailing Nandini back was gross. Now even Nandini will be scared to reveal the truth unless the circumstances become unbearable.

THANK YOU CHAMPA FOR BLACKMAILING JAI BACK. You are a hero for this. smiley37

Jai is being trapped from all corners. He is pretty dumb, what else can I say. smiley37 His first mistake was to tell Nandini. Then his second mistake was to hurt Rani in front of Veer. His third mistake was blackmailing Nandini about going to jail. His fourth mistake was being an idiot to let Veer come give the injection. His fifth mistake was to make things so obvious that Champa found out. smiley37smiley37

For fun:

  1. Ramu Kaka was still worried about Ranisa and her not getting to know about Rani. What love smiley37

To CVs:

  1. Thank you for giving Nandini some guts. She can be grey but she doesn't want to hurt her family/anyone.
  2. If you don't make Jai suffer, we will go bonkers. smiley7
  3. If you want to keep Jai around, don't ruin his character further. He is a villain but he was never this vile. This villain turns into a pussy cat in front of Veer and yet he has guts to torture Veer's wife in front of him?
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Written Update

Episode begins with Vikram brings samosa for Veer and talks like Rani. He says if Veer didn’t eat it then he will complain about it to Rani. Veer recalls how he used to eat samosa with Rani. Vikram pleads him to eat samosa and feeds him. He says he talked to Vijay about Rani and Police doing their work so soon they will find her. He says they need not to worry about Rani because she is strong enough to handle them. Suddenly, he breaks down in front of Veer. Veer hugs him and console him. Nandini overhears their conversation and thinks she can’t see Veer like this and decides to talk to Jay.

Nandini calls Jay and asks him to leave Rani. She says he can’t even imagine what’s happening in her house. He says he is doing all this for Rajeshwari only. She says to him that she can understand that his intention is not wrong but his way is wrong. He tries to convince her but she doesn’t let him say anything. He asks her that why she worries about Rani. She says to him that her concern is her family and Rani is her family’s happiness. She asks did he ever thought what will happen to him if anyone find out the truth then. He says he will end up in jail and he may even reveal her name to Police. She gets shocked hearing him. He says if Veer got to know that she is involved in Rani’s kidnap then he will cut all ties with her. He says after Rajeshwari’s release he will leave Rani for sure and disconnects the call.

Vijay assures Ramadheer saying that they will find Rani soon. Ramadheer says seems like kidnapper is such a dangerous person and pleads him to do something. Vijay says to him that his special team searching her so he need not to worry. Ramadheer asks him to not inform Rajeshwari about Rani’s kidnap.

Later, Vijay visits Veer and discuss about Rani’s kidnap. Veer says to him that kidnapper should not know that police searching Rani. Kidnapper video calls Veer and reminds him about the deal. Veer says to him that he want to talk to Rani. Rani asks for water. Veer hears her voice and tells the kidnapper to give water to Rani, but he refuses. He tortures Rani by dropping the water bottle in front of her. Veer is vulnerable seeing this. Kidnapper tells Veer to not waste time in useless things.

Veer wonders how he is going to save Rani. Rani says to Kidnapper that she knows that Veer will come to rescue her. Veer tells Vijay that he has to save Rani no matter what. Veer recalls about Rani’s accident and remembers he need to give injection to Rani today.

Ramadheer asks Veer about Rani’s kidnap. Veer asks Ramadheer to trust him saying he will save Rani. Ramadheer says to him that he trust him completely. Veer informs Kidnapper about injection saying he need to give injection to Rani to save her life. Kidnapper tells Veer to come alone.

Champa calls Jay and asks him to give 5 lakhs to her. She says she knows that he is Rani’s Kidnapper so if he wants her to not reveal the truth to anyone then he has to give 5 lakhs to her and disconnects the call. Jay wonders how Champa got to know the truth.

Courtesy: Telly Express

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Fahmaan Khan Megha Ray Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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