Vani FF: The Phoenix (Thread 2 Update pg 2)

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Posted: 7 days ago

Okay, so since the forum has been closed, I'd be updating the remaining chapters on this thread. Comment away your thoughts on the chapter. I'm gonna look forward to reading your comments. Love you guys for still following my story. Also, let me know in the comments about the previous chapters.

Chapter 92

Nikhil grabbed Bani by her throat. She was already stabbed by a dagger which was laced with venom from vultures. It didn’t help that Bani wasn’t completely in her senses. It would take a litter longer until Bani can completely regain her senses. She was slowly getting up from the effect of alcohol.

“Abh tumhe khatam karke main apna maksad pura karunga. Tumhe maarne ke baad Veer ki dhal toot jaayegi.” Nikhil growled.

“Nikhil….” Veer stood in his cheel form there. His wings were missing but the menacing look on his face was familiar. His fists were clenched. It was a moment when the Parikshit Family showed up to support Nikhil.

A fight broke out. All the Singhanias fighting against Parikshits. Veer dashed up towards Nikhil. Nikhil flew up. Veer couldn’t fly. Nikhil dived down towards Veer to attack him. Veer dodged it. He took a turn and grabbed Nikhil in a headlock. Nikhil flew up. Flying in a swirling motion was making Veer lose his balance. He fell down. His eyes staring at Nikhil who laughed while flying in the air.

“Pata hai tum mein aur mujh mein characteristic difference kya hai? Tumhare paas itni akal hai hi nahi.” Veer taunted Nikhil. Veer pulled out Gandhak patthar from his pocket. Nikhil could try and take the position forcefully but he cannot be what Veer is by blood.

The greatest trait of Garud vansh is their never-ending courage, determination, and will power. They’ve made their mind to do something, then they will do it. Everyone believed that stealing Amrit from the gods would be impossible but Garud did it. He did steal the pot of Amrit from Amravati and bring it down to earth. He brought it for his step brothers-cousins. Yet, didn’t let even a drop of it reach them. Veer embodied the trait. That is why the very sky would bend to his will.

The wind blew violently around the place like it was a storm. The wind blew so violently and in a fashion that it was impossible for Nikhil to fly in that wind. It was so unbalanced that his wings couldn’t maintain the balance. It blew in a zigzag fashion.

Nikhil fell down to the ground. Veer was about to attack Nikhil when he was tackled by Nikhil’s brothers. Veer twirled his dagger and stabbed him.

“Tumhare bhai ne mere pankh cheen liye but yeh bhul gaya ki panje abhi hai. Ek cheel jiske pankh nikaal liye ho, woh zyaada aggressive hota hai. Jab itni takat na ho usse ladne kit oh panga nahi lena chahiye.” Veer growled. He attacked viciously with his talons. Deep gashes were left on him. Veer crashed him against the bar counter.

When the whole situation seemed to take a bow towards Veer’s victory, Nikhil knew he has to run. Nikhil kicked Veer and took off flying. Daksh and Ponky tried to follow him but Veer stopped them.

“Daksh, Ponky, chodo.” Veer told them.

“Veer bhai, seriously? Humne aaj tak use nahi choda jisne humari family ko hurt karne ki koshish ki hai. Aaj chod rahe hai? Kyu?” Daksh felt angry. It was long overdue now. He wanted to avenge all that Nikhil had done to Veer.

“Har cheez ka ek time hota hai, Daksh. No one is leaving them. We’re just prepping for a hunt. Jo ladai chod ke bhaag jaaye woh Veeranshu Singhania nahi. Aur jo bewakoofi na kare woh Nikhil Parikshit nahi. Haath lagega hi at some point. But the important thing here is that kal humare Tapish bhai ki shaadi hai and kal koi gadbad nahi honi chahiye. Let’s not ruin this for him.” Veer told them.

“Aise hi kitni baar humne use jaane diya hai, Veer bhai.” Daksh complained.

“Exactly… I can’t believe you just let him go? Jis Veer Singhania ko main jaanti hun, abh tak toh uske ghar pe jaake uski chutti ki hoti.” Vanshika agreed.

“You’re drunk. So, that is invalid.” Sam teased her.

“Excuse me? Tum ho kon commentary dene wale. And by the way, tum yahan kyu ho? Could have gone with ex-girlfriend. Badi Khushi tumhe use dekh ke.” Vanshika commented. Sam laughed.

“You don’t have to be jealous.” Sam commented. Vanshika grabbed his collar.

“You can’t decide what I feel.”

“Kahin se jalne ki smell aa rahi hai.”

“You have every right to be jealous. Matlab koi kaise apni ex ke saath itna chipak sakta hai.” Ponky commented. Bani smiled and held Veer’s hand.

“I think you’re already high.”

“I’m not high. I’m just tipsy.”

“At last, Meera di ki bachelorette party is ruined.” Vanshika complained making a sad face.

“Nahi. It was a great party. I had lots of fun.” Meera assured.

“I thought it would get better.”

“Abhi toh best hoga ki hum sabh ghar chale. Pehle hi bohot ho chuka hai.”

“Okay…” Bani smiled. “I’ll see you tomorrow, V. Kal late mat aana.”

“Haan. Pakka.”

Tapish took Meera back home. Veer looked at them. A grin came over to his face.

“Tapish bhai, control kar lena. Bake k din aur bacha hai.” Veer teased him.

“Shut up.” Tapish retorted. All his brothers laughed together.

Veer threw his bike keys to Sam.

“Dhyaan se le jaana.” Veer told Sam.

“Veer bhai, I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to go on a bike. She totally drunk.”

“V, Sam tujhe bike pe ghar chod aayega. Theek hai na? Acche se pakad ke baithna.” Veer told Sam.

Vanshika laughed.

“Hmhh… This is a trick. Main agar pakad ke bhi baithu toh yeh phir udd ke chala jaayega apni chidiya ke paas.” She laughed. Veer laughed.

“Babe, tera aur Ayesha ka koi comparison hi nahi. After all, main tere side pe hi hun. Ayesha ka plan hum dono milke flop karenge, deal?” Veer asked.

“Deal.” Vanshika smiled. She hugged Veer. “I’m really happy to have you. Tujhe pata hai na. Tu mera sabse accha dost hai. You’re one of my closest friends. Someone I really love and care about. Apna khyal rakha kar. I don’t ever want to miss you.”

“Oye, achanak senti ho rahi hai.” Veer laughed.

“Okay. Bye. Good night.” Vanshika said. It was almost adorable how she said good night. Sam sighed and sat on the bike. She sat behind him.

Veer and Bani sat in the car. Veer drove them towards home. The car was silent. Veer turned around and saw that Bani was asleep. Veer smiled looking at her. She was adorable as she slept. He took her home and got her to sleep. Bani held on to him and refused to leave.

“Don’t go.” Bani murmured. Veer smiled and wrapped her in his arms. A smile came up to her and she slept comfortably. The sound of his heart beating slowly lulled her to sleep.

The morning came up. She woke up to see the Veer was gone.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit…. Aaj toh shaadi hai!!!” Bani exclaimed jumping up awake. She ran towards the bathroom. Quickly brushing her teeth and taking a shower, Bani came out. She was greeted by a gorgeous sight. Her husband standing by the mirror. He wore his trousers. His kurta put on the bed.

“Good morning, sweetheart…” Veer grinned at her. She was lost staring at him. It made Veer grin. He quite liked the reaction.

“Distract mat karo.” Bani complained. Veer stalked towards her.

“Itna hot pati ho toh distract hone ka haq hai tumhe. Aur agar meri gharwali itni hot hai toh mujhe bhi thoda hona chahiye.” Veer teased her. His fingers teased the edge of her towel that she wrapped on herself.

“Veeranshu…” Bani tried to get him to stop but the smile didn’t leave her face. Veer closed up the space between them and pushed her against the cupboard. Bani couldn’t help but smile.

“Main kya karun. Main tumhe dekhta hun aur tumhari taraf kheecha chala aata hun. Mera pyaar hi kuch aisa hai.”

Veer put his hands on her waist and pulled her closed to him. Bani tried to escape but Veer grabbed her hand. Bani pushed him over the bed. Veer pulled her along with him. She fell over him. Veer quickly pushed her under himself. He stared into her eyes. His eyes tracing her features. Slowly going down to her lips. Veer bit his lips softly and winked at her.

“Amazing. Tumhe ijazat kisne di hai itna hot dikhne ki?” Bani asked. Veer chuckled.

“Meri billi mujhe meow?”

“Main naagin hun billi nahi.” She winked.

“Na. Tum jungli billi ho. Jispe mera dil fida hai.”

“Hmmm…. Tabh toh soch lo. Kehte hai jungli billiya nochti bhi hai.”

“Toh maine kab mana kiya. I’m all yours.”

Veer kissed her. Bani wrapped her arms around. His hands teased her legs. Kissing down her jaw, neck, till the edge of her towel over her chest. Bani sighed and grabbed his hair. She pulled him up and kissed him.

The lust-hazed make-out session was interrupted by a knock on the door. Veer groaned in frustration.

“Bani!!!” The twins. He growled.

“I swear to god!!!” Veer got up, irritated and opened the door slightly. “Kya? ABhi busy hai baad mein aao.”

“Haww… kya kar rahe ho. Hume jaana hai.” The twins teased.

“Main apni biwi ke saath time spend kar raha hun. Bani baad mein aayegi. So you two can shoo away.”

“Par maa ne kaha hai ki Bani ko saath mein leke aana.”

Veer gave a look and his eyes turned golden. His cheel eyes flashing. The twins moved back.

“Ya toh tum dono khud se jaa sakte ho ya phir main khud 10 minute mein tumhe gayab kar sakta hun.”

“Veeranshu…” Bani got up. He pointed her to stay there.

“Oh, no, sweetheart. Stay there.”

“Aaj shaadi hai. Bohot kaam hai.” Bani got up. Veer growled.

“Thanks for nothing.” Bani took out her clothes and dashed into the bathroom. Veer opened the door and walked to the corridor. “Saalon…”

“Haan, Veer bhai?” Daksh and Ponky looked up.

“Agli baar yeh dono yahan aaye toh tum dono ki duty hai ki yeh dono mere aur Bani ke room tak na aaye. Har koi aake disturb karta rehta hai. Chain nahi hai iss ghar mein kisi ko.” Veer commented irritated.

He walked down the stairs. The fruit juice jug was kept on the table. Veer mixed a bit of Vodka in his glass and drank the juice. Tapish was on his laptop typing away. He drank juice in between.

“Tapish bhai!!! Aaj toh aapki shaadi hai aaj toh break de do.” Veer pulled away the laptop.

“Veer, important email hai. Bas abhi khatam ho hi jaayega.”

Veer chuckled. He noted that Tapish was nervous and that’s why he piled on work to distract himself. Balwant walked and patted Tapish’s back.

“Hota hai. Hota hai.” Balwant laughed.

“Kuch nahi hai.” Tapish tried to reach for the laptop but Veer didn’t let him take it.

“Tu hum sabh mein se sabse patient hai. Problem hi nahi hai tere saath. Tension lene ki zaroorat nahi hai.”

Veer looked at Balwant and Tapish. Veer grinned. Balwant was going to handle it. Veer got up and left, leaving Balwant and Tapish to deal with that. Veer returned to his room and saw Bani was almost ready.

Bani had packed a bag. The wedding hall was selected. Bani was going to be with Meera for most of the day and then the Singhanias would join later.

“So I’ll see you in the evening.” Bani told him.

“Aaj kal time hi nahi hai tumhare paas mere liye.” Veer complained. Bani laughed.

“Bas thode din ki baat hai. Phir toh time hi time hai.”

Bani left. Veer wore his kurta and went down. Sam walked up to Veer.

“Plan kya hai?” Sam asked him.


“Mujhe bewakoof nahi bana sakte ho, Veer bhai. I’m very well aware ki aapne kuch plan kiya hai. Aise hi aap Nikhil ko kabhi nahi chodoge. Especially not after what he has done to you and Bhabhi. Kuch toh hai aapke dimaag mein. Aap khud batado ya main pata laga sakta hun.”

Veer grinned. Veer looked around.

“Mere saath chal.” Veer took them to the basement room. He opened the door to show the empty room.

“Shukla!!” Sam exclaimed.

“Exactly. Jab hum sabh waha chale gaye the Nikhil ke saath deal karne ke liye toh Reyansh ya uske kisi beton mein se koi yahan aaye the. Shukla ko yahan se nikala. Ek last battle bacha hai.”


“Shukla ne pichle 30 saal iss backplan ke chakkar mein bitaye hai. Jo mujhe usse nikalwana tha.”


“Naaglok aur Cheel dono hi Naagmani ke peeche hai. Sochne wali baat hai ki agar cheel Naagmani haasil karenge bhi toh use kaise karenge? Naagmani mein uski ek potent energy signal hoti hai jisse connect karke hi woh kaam karti hai. Naagmani agar meri baat sun bhi sakti hai toh uska reason hai ki Bani and I are twin flames. Isiliye Gandhak bhi Bani baat sunta hai aur Naagmani meri baat sunti hai. Remember Rishi aur Kartik ne kaha tha ki soul energy ke khud ke signals hote hai. While 90% of it is similar for a species, 10% difference hota hai jo unique hota hai sabh mein. Twin flames mein that 10% difference reflect karte hai. Twin flames are the perfect mirror image. That’s why that 10% ka reflection perfectly mirror image jaisa hota hai. That mirror image dono patthar recognize karte hai. That is how Naagmani can recognize ki main Bani se related hun and it answers to me. Vice-versa happens with Gandhak. But kisi aur cheel ke saath woh recognition hai hi nahi. Then how will they ever secure Naagmani to listen to them.”

“The only other way is using blood magic and runes. Uske liye kisi naag ya naagin ka khoon use karte hai and attach it to a rune and activate it. Use activation se Naagmani control kar sakte hai. But uske liye periodically you need to keep the blood magic activated rune alive.”

“Exactly. But if I tell you ki ek aisa ek cheez already hai jo yeh kaam kar sakta hai toh? Pure Naaglok mein Naagmani sabse zyaada powerful object hai. Naagmani se pura naaglok control mein aa sakta hai. You can get close to immortality with it. It gives a lot of power to the ones who hold it. If Gandhak is a sky stone, Naagmani is an earth stone. Bas. Yeh baat Markaat ko pata tha. So, he had entrusted it as a backup plan. Ki agar use Jay ya Chandrakala use Naagmani nahi dila paaye toh ek backup plan hai use paane ka.”

“Yeh baat Shukla ko pata tha?”

“Haan. Tujhe kya laga aise hi maze mein use zinda rakha hai? Mujhe shauk nahi hai kisi gaddar ko paalne ki. Itne zinda rakha hai aur acche se dawat khilaayi hai taaki bas mujhe woh raaz bataye. Aakhir hai kya yeh.”

“This is something Bhabhi has to worry more about. Unhe pata bhi hai? But iss sabhse exactly hume kis baat ka fark padega? I mean, with all due respect to Bhabhi, this is exactly her headache to stop.”

“Tujhe sach mein lagta hai Nikhil itna mehnat karega Shukla ko azaad karane ki for no reason? Na. Nikhil iss raaz ko Shukla se niklwa ke khud takatwar banna chahta hai. Nikhil itna bhi bewakoof nahi hai. Use pata hai agar mere paas pankh bhi na hue toh Gandhak patthar hai mere paas aur abhi I have that ability to command all the avian creatures to listen to me. Iss factor ko counter Nikhil tabhi kar sakta hai jab uske paas isse zyaada takatwar kuch ho. Gandhak ko counter karne ki takat Naagmani mein hai.”

“Basically he is going to use this to control Naaglok and become powerful.”

“Haan. But that isn’t it. Koi gut feeling hai ki isse badhkar bhi kuch hai uss raaz mein. Shukla apni jaan ki baazi nahi lagayega sirf Markaat ko help karne ke liye. Kuch aur bhi hai. Iss raaz ko jo jaante the woh Markaat aur Shukla the.”

“But Bhabhi would definitely know about this, right?”

“Bani ko toh pata hoga.”

“Toh Bhabhi se kyu nahi puch sakte hai?”

“Sheshnaag vansh ke naag-naagin are life bound to protect this secret. Apni jaan ki kasam khaayi hai uss raaz ko kisi ko bhi na batane ki. They swear in ki kabhi kisi ko bhi yeh nahi batayenge. They’re protectors of that secret. Isiliye Bani nahi bata sakti hume even if she trusts us not to misuse it.”

“Basically, Nikhil ke paas opportunity hai agla Markaat banne ki?”

“Exactly. That is why it is a threat to all of us. Ek baar Nikhil ko takat mili, hum sabh seedha upar jaayenge.”

“Toh kya soch rahe hai?”

“I don’t know. Mujhe lagta hai ki ek, hume Nikhil par nazar rakhna padega. Maine already Kakot ko iss kaam pe laga diya hai. Kakot already Nikhil aur Shukla ko dhudhne nikla hai. In addition, I’ve set several birds on that task to find them. Kisi ko bhi mile toh mujhe pata chal jaayega.”

“But Shukla kyu Nikhil ki madad karega? Shukla is a backstabber impossible hai ki he is going to be loyal to Nikhil or the Parikshit Family.”

“Un dono ke beech kon jeetega usse mujhe fark nahi padta because dono hi case mein humari gardan pe talwaar ataki hogi.”

“Veer bhai, but agar Markaat ko pata hai toh kaise? If this is a secret that is guarded by Sheshnaag vansh then how did Markaat get to know?”

“The secret is passed down from one protector to the next. The first one who knew this was Nageshwari. Nageshwari ko possibly Sheshnaag vansh ke original naagon ne bataya hoga jab Nageshwari ko insaani roop bhi nahi mila tha. Nageshwari ne marne se pehle kisi aur Sheshnaag vansh ke naagin ko bataya hoga. That was passed down to their first born. Aise hi karke, yeh raaz pass down hota hai. Ek lifetime mein yeh raaz sirf ek hi person ko batayi jaati hai. Toh ek time pe do log na ho jinhe yeh raaz pata hai. The last person who knew this one would have been Bani’s great grandfather. Kushal Kashyap’s father or mother. Jab Bani paida hui thi toh they recognized her as Adi-Naagin toh isiliye yeh raaz pass down hua hi nahi tha. Because Bani was imbibed with that secrect.”

“Toh Bhabhi kise paas down kar sakti hai? I mean, let’s be honest, your kids might be both Naagin and Cheel. So, how it be possible to share a secret that belongs to naagvansh?”

“Asaan hai, after Adi-Naagin, the responsibility of protecting Naagvansh belongs to Naagrani. So, she’ll pass it to Bela.”

Veer shrugged his shoulders.

“But important yeh nahi hai. Important yeh ki hum uss raaz tak pohochenge kaise?” Veer added.

“Do you think ki hume island pe koi clue milega?” Sam asked.

“Isiliye soch raha hun ki hum dono chalte hai wahan. But I don’t want to speak to anyone else about this. Tujhe pata hai dad kaise hai. Even if I want to trust him, I can’t. Dad ko kab konsa keeda kaat jaaye uska bharosa nahi hai. Especially since yeh raaz bohot hi zyaada important hai. Tujhe pata hai ki main apne baad sirf tujhpe aur Tapish bhai pe yakeen karta hun. Jitne kam logo ko pata ho utna better hai. Tapish bhai se kehta but aaj toh unki shaadi hai. Koi issue nahi create karna chahta.”

“Ek kaam karte hai. Abhi toh sabh kaam mein busy hai. Hum dono island jaate hai abhi kyuki it would be almost difficult to catch us. Abhi decorators aayenge ghar sajaane. Toh we’ll be able to leave.”


Veer and Sam both got on the car and drove away to the port. They took the boat to the island.

“Kahan se dhudhna shuru kare?” Sam asked as they moved ahead.

“Library mein dekhte hai. Wahan kuch toh clue milna hi chahiye.”

The two went to the library.

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Chapter 93

The people were impressed with the whole wedding preparation. People were busy eating and taking photographs with the bride and the groom. Ahana too had come to the wedding.

“Congratulations.” She hugged them. Sam smiled at her. She smiled. When she walked to him, Sam hugged her.

“Missed you.” Sam told her. Slowly, Sam had learnt to let go of that pain he held. It had never felt lighter. To be able to honestly express what he felt. “Aapko dekhe bohot Khushi hui.”

Ahana smiled brightly. Nothing had felt better. To be able to see her son made her happy. After several years of having a strained relationship with Sam, the fact that they were building a better relationship made her happy.

“Thank you ki aap yahan aayi. Bohot accha laga ki aap hai yahan.” Meera said with a smile. Ahana gave her a gift.

“Tumhare liye hai. Singhania Family tradition hai. Apni bahu ko gift dete hai. Meri liye tum meri bete se alag nahi ho. Tapish ki kismat acchi hai ki use tum jaisi ladki mili hai.” Ahana told her. Meera took it with a smile.

“Thank you, chachi.”

Kashyap Family also gave her gifts and took photos with her. Shreya gave her a necklace.

“I hope ki tumhe apni zindagi mein sabh kuch mile. Humare family mein maante hai ki this brings positivity and good luck. Tumhari saari wishes puri ho iss wish ke saath tumhe de rahi hun.” Shreya said to Meera.

“Thank you. It means a lot to me.”

“Okay okay…. Abhi ek Family photo lete hai.” Ponky gave the camera to Vanshika. All the Singhanias gathered with Meera and Tapish. Vanshika took the photo and smiled. Sam had also taken a lot of photographs with his camera. His photography was amazing.

After several photographs, Veer walked up to Sam.

“Mila?” Veer asked. At the island, Veer and Sam had gone to different spots so they could find something in a short time. Sam took out a piece of old paper and gave it to Veer. They were talking in whispers.

Bani was talking to guests when her eyes fell on Sam and Veer. The two seemed to be talking in whispers. She saw Sam give a paper to Veer. Curiosity filled her. She could easily note Veer’s expression that he was talking about something to Sam. It was a bit odd. Bani walked towards them. When they saw her, quickly they brought a smile to their faces. Veer hid the paper is his jacket. Bani noted that.

“Kya ho raha hai?” Bani asked.

“Kuch nahi. Hum dono decide kar rahe the ki Tapish bhai ke holiday kaise plan kare.” Sam answered. Bani caught the lie but acted normal. She couldn’t understand why they were hiding stuff from her. What was even going on. “Bhabhi, hum thode se busy hai. Kuch kaam kar ke aate hai.”

Sam dragged Veer with him. Something smelled fishy to her. Balwant had earlier called her in the afternoon asking if Veer was with her because he couldn’t find Veer at home. Cheels don’t go out a lot during the day. So, it was odd that Sam was gone during the morning. Veer was still able to handle the sun but Sam would get weaker. Why would Sam risk getting weaker and go out during the day?

Some of Veer’s business partner walked up to Veer and Sam. They started talking. Bani went to Ponky and Daksh.

“Suno. Ek kaam karte hai. Thoda sa boring ho raha hai. Toh gana bajate hai. Nothing gets better than dancing on weddings.” Bani suggested.

“Exactly yahi main aur Daksh bhi soch rahe the.” Ponky agreed. They started playing music. Everyone started to dance with Ponky and Daksh. They pulled on Veer with him. Veer put his jacket aside while dancing. Bani took the chance and took the paper out of the pocket. She excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She opened the paper and saw familiar map. It was an old map made long long ago. She knew exactly what place it was showing. Lal Tekdi Mandir.

“Veeranshu aur Sam Lal Tekdi Mandir ke baare mein kyu pata kar rahe hai?” Bani was surprised. “Ho kya raha hai? Kahin Veeranshu aur Sam to huss raaz ko pata karne ki koshish nahi kar rahe?”

Bani trusted Veer and Sam but then she knew it was also her duty to protect the secrets of Naagvansh. Even if she trusted him explicitly with all her secrets, this one was something she wasn’t at a liberty to share with Veer. It was entrusted to her by Sheshnaag vansh’s original naags. Passed down to Sheshnaag’s chosen family members to guard the secret. Bani wondered.

“Kuch samajh nahi aa raha. Kyu Veeranshu aur Sam Lal Tekdi Mandir ke peeche hai?” Bani wondered.

She came out and saw Veer was a bit stressed. He was looking for the paper. Bani took a deep breath. They can’t work like this is secrets. She was going to be honest with him and she was expecting Veer to be honest with her.

“Veeranshu, ek minute.” Bani took him to the terrace. She showed him the paper. “Ho kya raha hai, Veeranshu? Why are you looking for this?”

Veer sighed.


Bani nodded her head warning him to be honest. “Nahi, Veeranshu. Bani, nahi. Adi-Naagin hun, Veeranshu. You’re not expecting to act dumb, right? Tumhe bhi pata hai tum kya dhundh rahe ho aur mujhe bhi. Sawaal yeh hai ki kyu?”

Veer took a deep breath.

“Veeranshu, tum aur main humesha ek dusre se honest rahe hai. Toh aisi kya baat hai jo tum chupa rahe ho? Aur kyu?”

“Bani, tumhe mujhpe yakeen hai yan ahi?”

“Veeranshu, baat yakeen ki nahi hai. Tum mujhse apni jaan dene ko kahoge toh I’ll do it in wink of an eyes. Tumhe bhi pata hai. Sawaal toh yeh hai hi nahi ki tumpar yakeen hai yan ahi. Sawaal yahan mere duty ki hai. I’m expected to protect this. You know that. Irrespective of what it is, I cannot let anyone know about this.”

“Markaat ko pata tha iske baare mein. Tumhare hi kisi Naagvansh mein se kisi ne bataya hai. Specifically someone from Sheshnaag vansh. Several years ago. Yeh raaz Markaat se Shukla tak pohocha hai.”

“Shukla toh basement mein toh -” She looked at Veer’s expression and realized that Shukla has escaped. “What the hell!! Kaise nikla?”

“Jo attack tum par Nikhil ne kiya tha, it was a façade. Parikshit mein se koi aaya tha humare ghar aur Shukla ko chuda ke le gaye. Abhi Shukla Nikhil ke haath hai. Shukla aur Nikhil, dono hi humare dushman hai. Dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. Dono mil gaye hai. I’m sure ki Shukla aur Nikhil iss raaz ke peeche gaye hai. I have no idea what this paper means. Mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki tumhe pata hai par tum nahi bata sakti kisi ko.”

“Veeranshu, tumhe yeh kab pata chala? About all this?”

“Kal raat ko. Tumhe chadi hui thi toh bata nahi paaya. Subeh batane waala tha par… uske baad tum busy hogayi. Toh maine aur Sam ne decide kiya ki hum khud hi koi rasta nikalte hai. Maine already Nikhil aur Shukla ki location pata karne ka plan kar liya.”

Bani ran her hands through her hair. This was going to mess up several things.

“Kisi bhi haal mein Shukla ya Nikhil waha nahi pohoch sakte hai.” Bani exclaimed. Kakot came in flying.

“Kuch pata chala?”

“Shukla, Nikhil aur uski family sabh Airport ki taraf nikle hai.”

“Damn it….” Bani exclaimed. They must have found out. “I need to go.” Bani told him.

“Bani, you can’t go alone.” Veer told her. “Kya lagta hai tumhe? Nikhil, Shukla aur sabh bina kisi tayyari ke chale gaye honge? If they’re taking a flight, Then jo bhi yeh raaz hai yahan Mumbai se juda nahi hai.”

“Veeranshu, main tumhe nahi bata sakti par yeh jaante hue haath pe haath dhare nahi baith sakti. Iss raaz ko bachane ki zimmedari mujh par hai. Aur tumhe bhi pata hai main apni zimmedaari bohot acche se nibhati hun.”

“Bani, tum tum… nahi jaa sakti akele. Tumhe kuch hua toh… no, Bani, I can’t risk your life.”

“Apni zindagi ki kasam khaayi hai ki aakhri saans tak uski Raksha karungi, Veeranshu. Agar na bacha paayi toh I’d probably give up right now.”

“Bani, are you mad?”

“Tum itna bharosa toh mujh par kar hi sakte ho, Veeranshu. Agar main Shakura ko handle kar sakti hun toh inhe bhi kar lungi.” Bani answered. Her tone was clear in her determination. Bani quickly went down. She told others that there is an emergency and she has to go.

Veer went up to Sam.

“Sam, we got to get on to this quickly. Kakot ne kaha ki Shukla, Nikhil aur uski family ko Kakot ne airport mein dekha hai.” Veer told Sam.

“Give me 5 minutes.” Sam pulled out his phone and called someone. “Hello… haan… I need you to do something for me…. Suno, mujhe abhi pata karna hai ki Nikhil Parikshit ki flight kahan ki hai…. I know this is not legal but jo maine tumhari liye kiya that is also not particularly legal…” Sam rolled his eyes. “Haan… pata karo aur batao. Main line pe hi hun.”

Sam looked at Veer and nodded that he’d find out.

“Okay. Thanks, yaar. I’ll see you later.” Sam cut the call.

“Flight Ahemdabad ke liye hai.” Sam told Veer. Veer racked his brains to think where possibly was an important location of Naagvansh in Ahemdabad.

“Lal Tekdi Mandir. Damn it…. Yeh baat pehle dimaag mein kyu nahi aayi. Naagvansh mein teen hi mandir hai jo bohot hi important hai. Ek, Naaglok ka Naageshwar Mahadev Mandir, Naag Mandir aur teesra Lal Tekdi Mandir. Lal Tekdi Mandir toh humesha se hi infamous raha hai uske raaz ke liye.”

“Toh kyu ruke hai yahan. ABhi chalte hai? Ud ke jaaayenge toh teen ghanta mein pohoch hi jaayenge.” Sam insisted.

“Kisi ko bhi shaq nahi hona chahiye, Sam. Agar abhi flight pakadi hai toh they’ll reach only by early morning tomorrow. Bani bhi abhi nikli hai. Toh use bhi almost utna hi time lagega. Hum abhi nahi nikal sakte kyuki ghar pe sabhko shaq ho jaayega. After this whole thing is over, we’ll take off quickly.” Veer made a plan.

“Okay. I’ll be out on alert.”

It was almost early morning by the time all the rituals were done and everyone went to their own business. They left Meera and Tapish in their room. Sam closed his room from the inside and flew out of the window to Veer’s window.

“Acche se pakdo, I’m going to fly really fast. We’re already late.” Veer held on to Sam, hanging on his back. Sam turned into a eagle and flew. The hi speed flying of eagles. 160 kmph. Veer had never felt how it would feel to a human on the back of an eagle flying it its top speed. The powerful wings soaring through the clouds.

The flying was still fine but his heart burst out of his rib cage when Sam started diving. They flew at the distance that they could see well. Human can’t see from that distance very well but since they were cheels, they could manage to see from that distance. In their eagle form they can see from higher.

“Thoda aage. Just keep flying, I’ll tell you.” Veer told Sam. Sam flew ahead. Out of all the cheels, Veer, Tapish and Sam had the best sense of direction while flying.

“Bas. That. Woh mandir dikh raha hai? Woh” Veer told Sam. Sam dived down at top speed. Veer’s legs went a bit numb when he landed on the ground.

Sam started laughing at Veer noticing how Veer stumbled.

“Thode din ude nahi toh land karna bhul gaye?” Sam teased.

“Shut up.” Veer hit him on his head. The two went ahead further into the temple. At the stairs of the temple’s entrance, the two saw, Nikhil’s two brothers Vikram and Ajit lay dead. Inside the temple, Nikhil had Bani in a trap. She was in her human naagin form.

“Bani ko chodo.” Veer warned in a threatening tone. When Nikhil didn’t follow, Veer attacked him. Shukla stabbed him from the back.

“Maaf kijiye Veer baba par yeh apne upar aapne khud laaya hai. Mujhe itne dino tak band rakha tha. Iski saza toh bhugtni hi padegi.” Shukla exclaimed. Veer turned and kicked Shukla. That crashed him right against the wall. Sam tackled Nikhil who tried to go towards Veer.

“Apne turn ke liye wait karo, Nikhil bro. Aayenge aayenge. Tum par bhi aayenge. Relax. Tumhe bhi joote khaane ka mauka milega.” Sam taunted him. Nikhil tried to attack Sam. Sam ducked and punched him on the face. Jaw cracked. He kneed him on the gut and smashed his head against a pillar.

“Nikhil tum aage badho. Iss sabhko chodo.” Reyansh told Nikhil. Reyansh, Vineet, and Sahaan tackled Veer and Sam. Bani was trapped.

Bani clenched her fists, her temper hit. The temple started shaking. Nikhil instantly tried to balance himself.

“Mere zinda rehte toh tum wahan tak nahi pohochoge.” Bani challenged. Her energy started crackled. She projected her energy in high amount. It started to crack the magic bubble Nikhil had trapped her. When the bubble blast, it was like a bomb going off. Nikhil looked at Bani who didn’t feel a bit of worry at the whole temple shaking. She picked up the knife from nearby and pointed it at Nikhil.

“Tumne kya mujhe koi maamuli naagin samajh rakha hai?” Bani asked. “Main Adi-Naagin hun. Sarvasresth Adi-Naagin. Tum jaise keedon se haar jaau itni kamzor nahi.” Bani hissed violently at Nikhil. “Tumhare do bhaiyon ko maar chuki hun. Agar iss raaz ki Raksha mein tum sabh ko maarna pade toh bhi koi mushkil nahi hogi.”

Nikhil tried to attack Bani but she moved aside and threw him against the pillar of the temple. Nikhil fell right at the base of the Shivling. Bani grabbed him by his throat. She threw him away like he was some rag doll.

“Adi-Naagin, maaf kariye par iss mandir mein aap kisi ki jaan nahi le sakte. Mahadev ke iss mandir koi bhi naag-naagin kisi ki jaan nahi le sakte.” The pandit stopped her before she went for the kill. “Hum yahan Raksha kar sakte hai par aap unhe jaan se nahi maar sakti.”

“Pandit ji, maaf karna par iss mandir ke raaz ki Raksha karna meri zimmedari hai aur jab tak yeh raaz ise pata hai, tabh tak yeh raaz bilkul bhi safe nahi hai.”

While Bani was arguing with the pandit, Veer and Sam were fighting Shukla, Reyansh, Vineet and Sahaan, Nikhil picked up the trident nearby and stabbed Bani with it.

“Aaahhh!!” Bani winced in pain.

“Bani!!” Veer exclaimed. Veer grabbed Nikhil’s throat. “Apni hadd paar kar di hai.”

Veer’s eyes burnt up in his anger. Nikhil tried to attack him with a dagger, Veer pulled out his talons and countered the attack. Gashing on his chest with the sharp talons. Shukla and Reyansh tackled Veer. Nikhil punched the temple priest and tries to kill him but Bani defends him. But Nikhil pulls out the trishul and Bani starts bleeding profusely. He kicked her exactly where she’s hurt, worsening the injury.

Nikhil moves and pushed the Shivling revealing a secret passage.

“Nahi!!!” Bani exclaimed. Nikhil jumps into the passage. Bani, even with being injured, turns into her naagin form and follows him. Shukla goes behind Bani. Bani used her magic to automatically close the passageway. Shukla had already entered. Veer used his ability to control birds. All the birds nearby flew in and attacked Reyansh in a flock. Reyansh turned into a cheel and tried to defend himself. Veer managed to get into the place right in time. The moment he got inside the Shivling returned to its place.

Reyansh, Vineet and Sahaan tried to push the Shivling but it refused to move. Bani had shown up exactly in time when Shukla was doing the rituals that would allow the Shivling to be moved. The thing was that it would move only once in 50 years. Now, that it was moved, the next time it can be moved was after 50 years. Only Adi-Naagin can move the Shivling without the ritual. It was because she was Bholenath's favoured naagin. The one that he himself was pleased with. Hence, the only one who had the ability to move the Shivling at her need was Adi-Naagin.

There was a passageway. Bani knew she had to do whatever it takes to save the two things in the secret room from getting into Nikhil's hands. Or Shukla's.

The passageway was dark. Bani was at a disadvantage because she could only rely on her heat sensor vision. Cheels could easily see in the dark because they were creatures of the night.

Bani grabbed Nikhil. Nikhil elbowed Bani on her injured.

"Aaah!!" Bani winced in pain but refused to let go of Nikhil. He attacked her scaled with his talon. The pain was terrible. Bani was in her snake form. Nikhil had attacked exactly where the lungs would be. Shukla showed up. He saw Nikhil in Bani's grip.

"Shukla, nikalo mujhe yaha se." Nikhil told him. Shukla laughed at Nikhil.

"Aur apne haath se yeh mauka jaane dun?" Shukla asked.

"Shukla, Shukla... itni bhi kya jaldi hai. Zara apne Veer baba se thodi baat kar lo." Veer blocked Shukla's way.

Veer and Shukla fought with each other. Bani could feel the injury on her lungs. The oxygen reducing in her lungs and blood pooling down. The injury that had occured due to the trishul and the other was her injured lungs.

"Veeranshu..." Bani was getting out of breath. Veer turned to Bani. SHukla and Nikhil escaped ahead into the secret room.

"Bani, you can't loose like this. Don't give up. Khud ko heal karo. I don't care it hurts a lot. I need you. Tum nahi toh main nahi, Bani. Iss saari ladai ka matlab hi nahi hai."

"No, this is more important, Veeranshu. I can't heal myself like this Par iss mandir ka raaz agar un dono mein se kisi ke haath laga toh sabh khatam ho jaayega. Tum aur main toh phir se janam le sakte hai ek dusre ke liye par again yeh unke haath laga toh sabh khatam ho jaayega. You have to stop them."

"Just shut up, Bani." Veer's panic kicked in. His worst nightmare. Veer picked up Bani in his arms and followed ahead. He took out his jacket and tied it around her injuries to stop the bleeding.

Bani told him a short to reach the place. There were two passageways to enter the treasure room. Veer and Bani reached there and closed the doors so that Nikhil or Shukla can't reach. Veer put Bani down to sit against a stone.

"Bani, you need to heal yourself." Veer told her. Bani nodded, agreeing to try. Veer looked around the place. It was like an underground cave. The cave had carvings. Veer took a fire torch to see what exactly was carved. He saw the carving of Sheshnaag hatching from the egg. After a while, his 1000 brothers were hatched out of the eggs. In contrast, were the two large eggs of Vinata which wouldn't hatch. Sheshnaag would keep looking at the two eggs in curiosity. They just refused to hatch. It was inherent in Nagas that they were violent and venomous. Sheshnaag would often feel disgusted at that tendency of violence and how it reflected on him. He confessed about it to Rishi Kashyap, his father. Rishi Kashyap began teaching him everything he knew. Then finally gave him the suggestion to do a penance to Brahma and he would help Sheshnaag. Even though his mother tried to convince him not to go, Sheshnaag left the place to do penance. Several years of penance and Sheshnaag pleased Brahma. He gave the ability to control his violent tendecies and gave him the ability to control his hunting instincts. Hence, Sheshnaag would never hurt any creature out of the necessity to hunt to survive. He told Sheshnaag about Lord Vishnu. Sheshnaag did penance to Lord Vishnu and pleased him. Since then, Sheshnaag received the name of Ananta. The one who would be there forever.

He later heard about kadru cursing her children to die in a snake sacrifice because they first refused to listen to her. Vinata was indebt to Kadru now. Kadru would get Vinata to do whatever she pleased. The nagas would often mistreat Garud and Vinata. Sheshnaag felt angry at how their brothers and mother treated Garud and Vinata. After a few years, as Vasuki grew up, he too felt that what they were doing was wrong. After a while, Vasuki left behind his mother and brothers and took shelter with Shiva.

Tired of the mistreatment, Garud asked Kadru what it would take to get himself and his mother free from her. Kadru told Garud to bring the amrit for her. The amrit which was present in the heaven. If Garud would bring the amrit and give it to her, she would free him and Vinata.

Garud managed to steal Amrit from the heavens. Right then Lord Vishnu came to Garud. He explained to Garud that he cannot take amrit because Nagas are inherently violent. They would attack more and more people just because they had the power if they became immortal. Garud explained his own predicament to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu suggested to Garud that he takes Amrit to her and ask her to free him and his mother. After that he could hand her the pot and suggest her to take a bath before she would drink amrit. Indra would come and take away the amrit before Kadru and the nagas had the chance to drink it. Garud agreed to the plan and did so.

While Indra was taking away the amrit, a few drops of it fell on the grass. The nagas tried to lick it over the grass and their tongues got slit.

Several more drops of Amrit had fallen together in a leaf bowl. The only one who noticed it was Sheshnaag. Knowing how the nagas had gone to so many lengths and did so much to get Amrit. Knowing how dangerous it could be if the drops of Amrit got into wrong hands, Sheshnaag took it and hid it here.

That was the infamous secret that in this temple. Veer felt something was there. The whispers of Lal Tekdi Mandir in his memories as Aakesh. Veer closed his eyes.

Aakesh was around 5 years old. He was with his mother. His mother had already found herself in the sanctuary of the devotion to Lord Vishnu. He had entered the temple out of curiosity as to what led his mother into his devotion. Eager to see that light. There was an old man at the temple.

"Aakesh..." The old man chuckled at his sight.

"Ho kon tum? Aur has kyu rahe ho?" Aakesh asked. Aakesh saw a painting in his hands. He was putting the painting in the temple. A painting of Sheshnaag. "Ajeeb insaan ho tum. Ek naag ki tasveer yaha rak rahe ho. Saare cheel naagon ke dushman hai."

"Sheshnaag toh murti mein bhi hai? Yahan se bhi hata doge?" The old man laughed.

"Aap mera matlab samjhe hai par na samajhne ka natak kar rahe hai. Karna kya chahte hai?"

Aakesh noted that this wasn't an ordinary painting. There were some runes near the painting. The scene wasn't familiar with any story of Sheshnaag he had every heard. Aakesh was confused.

"Yeh tasveer adhuri hai." Aakesh pointed to the missing stone on one of Sheshnaag's several heads. "Yahan par yeh nahi banaya aapne."

"Uss phan par mani nahi hai."

"Mani? Toh kya yahi Naagmani hai?"

"Nahi. Iss sansaar pe pehle chaar naagon ke sar par aise patthar hote hai. Uske saath hi apne ande se baahar aaye hai. Humesha se hi rehta hai unke sar par. Kehte hai ki isse Naagmani ko kaabu kar sakte hai. Anant Sheshnaag, Naagraj Vasuki, Naagraj Takshak, Naagraj Karkotak. Inn chaaro naagon ke sar par aise patthar hote hai. Un chaaron naagon ke phan ke patthar ki thodi si shakti Naagmani mein hai. Isiliye isse naagmani ho kaabu kar sakte hai."

"Toh yeh patthar hai kahan?"

"Naagon ke rehne ke staan mein. Naag mata Kadru ke paas hai."

"Woh kahan hai?"

"Narmada nadi ke paar."

Veer opened his eyes in shock. "Bani, ek minute. Iss mandir ka Kadru se koi relation hai? Has to be. Kyuki yeh toh Narmada ke paar hi hai."

Bani looked surprised. It was rare that anyone could be able to related Kadru and this temple.

"Haan. Kayi saalon baad jab iss baat ka ehsaas hua ki unhone kya kiya hai. Tab apni galati sudharne ka tareeka dhundh rahi thi. Tabh Maharishi Kashyap ne unhe suggest kiya ki Bholenath ki tapasya kare. Agar Bholenath unhe maaf kar de toh unhe shaanti mil jaayegi. Tabh unhone aur naagon ne yeh mandir banaya tha. Mata Kadru ne hi yeh Shivling yahan rakha tha. Isiliye yeh mandir hum naagon mein bohot important hai."

"Sheshnaag ke phan par ka ek patthar nikla tha. Aur woh patthar Kadru ke paas tha."

"Tumhe yeh kaise pata chala? Naagvansh mein bhi kisi ko yeh baat pata nahi hai. Unhe pata hai ki yeh mandir Mata Kadru ne banaya tha par Sheshnaag ke phan ke patthar ke baare mein kisi ko bhi nahi pata."

"I almost wouldn't have remembered it. But I don't know kaise yaad aaya. Aakesh ko bataya tha. I remember being told about this when I was Aakesh. Around 5 years old. Island ke Narayan Mandir mein ek painting hai which shows that missing stone on one of his hoods. Aur uski thodi si shakti Naagmani mein hai. Which is why they would share the same runes."

"Veeranshu, tum mujhe dara rahe ho. Tumhe yeh sabh kyu pata hai?"

"Jab meri taajposhi hui thi tabh the mujhe ek cheel ne bataya tha. Woh cheel shayad last Cheel Rajkumar ka advisor tha. Which why he knew about Naagmani and the related stones. Jab unhone mere haath Gandhak patthar diya, tabh unhone mujhe bataya tha. There are supposedly two stone. Both of them have runes and have got a part of their energy from somewhere else. Jaise Gandhak patthar at some level has Garud's energy to it. If I'm not wrong toh yahan ka raaz itna important isiliye hai kyuki yahan jo last few drop of Amrit bach gaya tha woh hai aur woh patthar hai jo Sheshnaag ke phan ka hai."

Posted: 7 days ago

Awesome. mind-blowing. The way u explained the story. Wow. Loved it. Waiting to know what happens. 

Update soon 

Thanks for the thread

Posted: 7 days ago

Awesome. Mind-blowing. Waiting for the next update

Posted: 7 days ago

Amazing yrr .please update soon

Posted: 7 days ago

Awesome update...

Just amazing...

Continue soon...

Posted: 6 days ago

Amazing part Loved IT ❤️💕💞✨💫

Posted: 6 days ago

This is amazing..but I don't like how villains keep hurting vani grievously. 

Nevertheless power packed chapters..waiting for the next chapters. 

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