*|| PKK Written Update 6th April 2021 ||*

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Posted: 8 days ago


*|| PKK Written Update 6th April 2021 ||*

The episode begins Mayura tells Shankar (Omkar's father) about she may know where Tara is and leaves from there. Manjri tells Omkar to pay the ransom and get Tara back. Mayura comes home and Megha is there too looking all tensed. Mayura asks Megha I know everything in front of her parents and dadi. Megha says what are you talking about? Mayura says I told you not to come in between me and my daughter. Mayura tells her that you wanted 40 lakhs that is why you kidnapped my daughter. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Megha tells Mayura it isn't a small amount. Megha says I demanded the money from you Mayura as Sanjay has lost all investments and I am pregnant. She says I asked you to give me money, Mayura says yes I wanted to settle the money with the bank lenders. Dadi says why didn't you tell us? 

Mayura dresses up as Nayan and comes back to Omkar's home. Police officer's constables questions Nisha's parents and given them every details of Nayan. Omkar requests for a arrest warrant on Nayan. Mayura's father gets worried. Mayura gets interrogated by the police and Manjri. Mayura says why would I want to be greedy when I work and earn myself. I didn't kidnap. She hears Nisha's parents getting beaten up and Mayura screams saying she couldn't harm Tara as she is her mother, Manjri says Mayura is her mother. Mayura removes her glasses and washes her face. Omkar and Manjri are shocked. Mayura says Tara is my daughter and I am her mother, I didn't kidnap my own daughter. Omkar says wow, I was already doubtful how you and Tara had deep connection and now I was correct all along. Police asks Omkar who is she and Omkar says yes she is my wife whom I left 3 years ago. 

A neighbour drops off a little girl to Mayura's home, Mayura's father says this is my granddaughter Tara. Tara wakes up and he gives her a chocolate. He calls Mayura and Manjri picks up the phone and Mayura's father says Tara is here at our house. Manjri hangs up and all go over there. Tara sees Omkar and Mayura and recalls her as Angel maa. Omkar takes Tara in his lap and Mayura tells this all was Omkar's trick. Omkar tells Mayura he will file a case against her but first he will take his daughter from here. Mayura pleads saying you can't keep my daughter away from me. Mayura cries and falls. Omkar tells the inspector that Mayura has mental health concerns and shows him the reports. Megha comes and asks Mayura not to worry and she has talked to her lawyer friend and he will find out a solution. Mayura hugs Megha and apologizes to her. Megha forgives her and congratulates her for her pregnancy. Megha says I will meet my friend and check. Mayura says we will arrange the money some how don't worry. A lawyer comes there and sends a notice for Mayura. Mayura's father opens it and reads it, saying I have to stay away from Tara otherwise I have to face the law. 


Mayura goes outside and sees Omkar thanking someone for telling him about Mayura's plan and for kidnapping her He says Mayura is a criminal and no child will be safe with a criminal. Mayura then sees Megha who helped Omkar with kidnapping and also informed her the truth. She gets shocked. 



Posted: 8 days ago

Thanks for the update Prii .


Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka 

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