7th April 2021 Episode

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Overall reaction:



I want to just smack Jai. He is such an idiot. Why would he reveal that he kidnapped Rani in front of Nandini? smiley44Also didn't he technically reveal he was talking to Nandini in front of Rani? smiley29

Love how Nandini subconsciously said "bhabhisa". In anger when she referred to Rani as "Rani", it was weird. "You are not helping him, you are confusing him Jai." Good job Nandini. I liked that she stood up for RanVeer even for a few moments.

This woman continues cutting Jai's call in frustration. Now cut him permanently girllll, we are with you smiley40

The Rajawat house feels so shaken up. I can feel it through the screen. smiley36 It feels hollow and empty without someone yelling at the servants and without a chirpy young woman running around. Okay come back now both of you cuckoos. smiley36smiley39

DV is in Delhi to save Ranisa, cute. I love how he asked about Veer, Vikram, Nandini AND Rani. I don't know why it just gave me internal satisfaction seeing a FIL caring for his DIL. smiley37 I am starting to like DV for no reason now. smiley37

The way Rajmata ji cried for Rani, damn. I was in awe. Rani has really made her place in the house. Rajmata didn't even cry that much for Ranisa.

Finally Birju too came back in line. He was sweet with Vikram and Veer. He realized they only want the best for Rani too (at least now). Hope he uses his brain and continue thinking about whether the kidnapper has some relation with the Rajawat household. Because Veeru is a gone case under the pressure.

I loved Veer today. I complained about Veer not suffering enough yesterday but it was well covered in today's episode. This is what I was expecting. Not a full breakdown but just fear and vulnerability.

In the dining table scene, I love how Veer thought of what Ranisa and Rani have eaten. "Sorry for being rude, but at this point I can't think of anything else except Rani and Ranisa." Veeru said Rani again first. smiley42smiley42

But omggg it broke my heart seeing Veer searching for Rani in the room. Viku that was a very bad joke smiley36 Don't tease our Veeru like that. smiley38

It was cute how Veer transitioned from smiling remembering the samosa date to angry young man "you know I don't like jokes and especially not at this time". Rani's side effects. smiley42 But nonetheless the brothers' scene was too adorable. I love how Vikram and Kiara were just caring for everyone today.

The last scene with RanVeer's telepathic communication was so cuteeeee!! smiley19 Veer said "My heart is very nervous" and Rani said "My heart is very nervous too Dr Sahab".

Veer also told Birju to take care of Ramu Kaka and call him if Ramu Kaka needs anything at all. Even with the things going on, he didn't forget his responsibility. He is the bestest boy nowadays smiley38 Veeruuuuuu smiley27

Kumud's scene was too much. She spoke way out of her place, though only thoughtfully. Looks like CVs are preparing for the next track. smiley36 BUT CAN YOU GIVE VEER A BREAK PLEASE!

But that scene was nice, it moved Rajmata-Kumud's relationship a little ahead. Rajmata recognized Kumud's pain. They bonded, "all you wanted was this family's happiness". When Rajmata asked Kumud how she could make such a mistake (kid out of wedlock), Kumud said "I can't tell you this. I am bounded by some promises. I won't be able to lie to you and can't tell you the truth. I can only ask for forgive. If possible, forgive me for what I did to Ranisa." This secret is getting interesting. The CVs have given us a new task ladies!! New theories to think about smiley37

But to be honest, I felt like I saw more love in Kumud's eyes for Ranisa than I have ever seen for DV. smiley37

Wow I love seeing Ranisa suffering. smiley37smiley37  She forgot she was in jail while she ordered the inspector.smiley37 The jail ladies were so sweet in a way, helping to remove hair from the food. smiley37 This is too much fun.

I thought being in jail would help her come down to earth. Hope we see some change in her behavior post jail.

To CVs:

  1. Gargi ji was awesome today!! Kudos to her.
  2. How did Viku know about the samosa date? Viku are you spying on RanVeer like us? smiley42smiley36smiley37
  4. Please make Jai suffer for what he is doing!!!!!
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The whole house is shaken up smiley19






I kinda like Veer's angry look. Just look wise smiley37



Watching Veer in the bedroom scene was soo sad smiley19 How he got so excited thinking he heard Rani. smiley38











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Originally posted by rekha02

Vikram says bhabhisa will be back soon na.

Vijay and Veer. Vijay says whoever has done this knows each minute of what ever is happening here . Jai Singh says u have 36 hours to free ranisa or u get your wife's dead body. Veer says I will find Rani no matter what and will make this kidnapper pay so that henceforth he won't ever dare to lay eyes on Rani . Veer makes a promise to himself that he won't spare this kidnapper .

Jai Singh is crossing all limits

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Fahmaan Khan Megha Ray Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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