~ Vashma-Uday (VashmAY)DT#15~ Main Yahaan, Tu Wahan Zindegi Hai Kahaan

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  • "Koi Vashma Baig kisi Uday Pratap Sahani se Mohabbat kare, logo ko objections hai....."  : Shagun Pandey
  • "Uday Ko Ushki Vashma Se Koi Alag Nehi Kar Sakta....." ~ UDAY
  • Mannatein mangne ka dil karta hai, Tabeez bandhne ka Dil karta hai, dil karta hai har upar wale k dar pe sar jhuka k humare ek hone ki arzi maang lu, sayed Qubool Ho Jaye..... ~ UDAY  
  • Pyaar sab kuch sikha deta hai Amrit, mil jaye tho kuch aur na miley tho bohat kuch ~ Vashma 


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Originally posted by ujwal_v


Upset Cry Sticker - Upset Cry Tears Stickers

Posted: 9 days ago

Originally posted by Abjini

Tag karne se kuch nahi hota hai Ujwalsmiley24. By tagging Shagun, Sony uncle is maybe trying to pacify Vashmay fans so that they will not permanently stopped watching the showsmiley21. They are maybe tagging Shagun so that Vashmay fans will not lose hope for Vashmay and feel that Shagun is very much part of  post leap  and will continue watching their  showsmiley39smiley26. Only after getting poster of Uday's post leap look then only I will believe that Shagun is very much part of the show post leapsmiley14. I don't have any trust on SSP and Sony unclesmiley35 

Tick Tock Wait GIF - TickTock Wait Waiting GIFsLets See In The End Kanan Gill GIF - LetsSeeInTheEnd KananGill LetsWaitAndWatch GIFs

Shagun Pandey Anchal Sahu Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 

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