6th April 2021 episode

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Posted: 11 days ago

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Posted: 10 days ago


Overall reaction:


Cute episode. The trio, Veeru-Viku-Birju, are awesome! smiley42 Such a pleasure to watch even their fighting hehe. smiley36

"Rani and Ranisa, I will bring both of them home Dadisa", I loved how Veer said Rani's name first. smiley9

"To save me you crossed all limits Rani. Now it's my turn. I promise you that I will bring you back to our home. As long as I am here, you won't get even a single scratch Rani. Just wait for me. I am coming," how cute Veeru. smiley9 But she already got scratched/cut with a knife smiley36 okay okay I won't make fun of anything in this track smiley39smiley37

Veer is such a royal, really royal kahin ka. In front of outsiders, he is sooooo posh. In front of that laundry dude, he acted so high-class. After the laundry dude gave the phone number and address, Veer just straight up said "you can go now" smiley37 Then when he showed up at Suraj Singh's house, he straight up was like "you live in Jaipur and don't know Veer Singh Rajawat?". PRIDEEEE. But cutie just expected him to know when he said "where is my wife?" smiley36

But I have to say I wish Veer's scenes showed more vulnerability, especially his scenes alone. For the world I get his strictness and royalness, but when he was alone, I expected more feelings. Even on the phone call when the kidnapper cut Rani's hand with a knife, I wish he freaked out a little more (like how he was in that yelling at Rani scene).

"This is not a family, it's a black hole. If you enter it once, you are gone for good", lol BIRJUUUUUU my boy smiley37smiley37 I just love his analogies. Also I am kinda adoring angry Birju. He gives it back to everyone. The Rajawats could use some hearing back once in a while smiley36

Loved how Vikram entered the Birju-Kiara fighting scene. Made a batman entry like his bro. Nice smiley37

And then even better, I just love how Veer behaved like the parent among all the fights. I can't get over the fighting, it's too funny for some reason smiley37smiley37

Birju suspected someone from the house because the kidnapper didn't ask for money. I have to say Birju understands people fairly well. Just he loses control when he gets hot headed.

Ranisa's jail scenes continue to crack me up. The other ladies in jail are true heroes as per Rish smiley37 But note that Ranisa's ego has not gone. smiley39

Kiara getting softer towards Viku smiley39smiley39 FINALLY GIRL LEAVE OUR VEER ALONE.

To CVs:

  1. Veer said Rani's injuries were not fully healed. WHAT INJURIES? You guys have been forgetting to draw on the injuries in the last couple of episodes. smiley37smiley37
  2. Nikhilesh is too good! Loving his fighting energy smiley37
  3. Why is DV in Delhi? For Ranisa's case?
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Nandini phones Jai and asks why are you not answering the phone. He says I am keeping an eye on Rani. She asks are you saying you kidnaped bhabhi sa. He says yes, you asked me to do something. If you want her out in 48 hours keep this to yourself

Ranisa is shown removing a hair strand from a plate of rice. Rani is shown asking Dacter Shahab for help. veer says whoever is behind this master plan will have to pay.

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